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Gay happy ending

Contents 4. were the world mine(2008) 5. straight-jacket(2004) 14. another gay sequel: gays gone wild!(2008) 16. sasha(2010) 20. (i) (2004) 21. eating out 2: sloppy seconds(2006) 22. eating out: all you can eat(2009) 24. (2011) […]

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Albus dumbledore gay

Contents Fantastic beasts director: dumbledore will have ‘sensual’ gay scenes Gay dumbledore is going to happen in fantastic beasts and we’re 100% here for it Why devoted ‘harry potter’ fans feel betrayed by j.k. rowling […]

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Uppity_homo’s deep well of enthralling gay erotica

Contents Liam’s stories Gay possession stories Gay erotic illustrations Douglas benjamin’s sexy gay transformation stories + pics It has been a while… Body snatcher remote The adventures of jim and zim…2 The adventures of jim […]