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Why do so many gay men with beards enjoy ‘sucking face’? An exploration of the connection between gay culture, facial hair, and intimacy.

This article delves into the deep-rooted connection between gay culture, facial hair, and intimacy, specifically exploring the allure of “gay-beard-suck.” It examines the psychological, cultural, and sensual implications of the link between beards and sexual desire in the LGBTQ+ community. […]

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Exploring the Taboo World of Fisting in the Gay Bear Community

This article delves into the taboo world of fisting within the gay bear community, exploring why this kink is becoming increasingly popular and what makes it so appealing. It highlights the importance of communication, preparation, and care when practicing fisting, while acknowledging the risks involved. […]

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BOYS! BOYS! CHILDREN! Launches New Magazine Devoted to Gay Art Photography

BOYS! BOYS! CHILDREN! Magazine is a new publication that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the male form through stunning visuals and thought-provoking themes. The magazine’s focus on inclusivity and diversity creates a supportive and inclusive community for queer artists around the world. […]

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Billy Gets Bulked: A Compelling Gay Muscle Growth Story by V L Vance

This article tells the story of Billy, a gay man who defies societal expectations and transforms his body through hard work and dedication. Through his journey of self-discovery and physical endurance, Billy reclaims his sense of masculinity and challenges stereotypes about queer identity. […]

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Gay mormon porn

Contents Why mormon men love “church ball” and are scared of homosexuality The mormon church will now allow same-sex couples to baptize their children In a stunning reversal, the church said it will also no […]