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A Complicated Love: A Straight Father, a Gay Son and the Struggles of Acceptance

A Complicated Love is a powerful story of a father’s struggle to come to terms with his gay son’s identity, and the journey they take together to overcome the obstacles of acceptance. The article delves into the complexities of their relationship, the impact of societal norms, and the importance of love and understanding in the face of adversity. […]

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The Gay Side of Nature: Exploring Homosexuality in the Animal Kingdom

Uncover the fascinating world of same-sex behavior in the animal kingdom as we explore the diverse expressions of love and relationships among various species. From lions and giraffes to penguins and bonobos, witness the remarkable examples that challenge societal norms and highlight the rich tapestry of nature’s diversity. […]

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Ancient gay sex

Contents Abstract Legal position Social situation Abstract The present article explores the sexuality in ancient Egypt. In particular in this article are presented the ways of concubinage (marriage, concubinage, adultery), the incest, loves of the […]