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The Dangerous Pseudoscience of Anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council and Its Influence on Trump’s Team

The Family Research Council’s dangerous anti-LGBTQ agenda has gained increased influence in the Trump administration. The organization’s promotion of harmful and discredited pseudoscience, such as conversion therapy, has led to policies that promote discrimination and harm towards LGBTQ+ individuals. […]

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Unpacking the Controversial ‘Family Guy’ Episode Featuring a Gay Poltergeist

This article takes a closer look at the controversial “Family Guy” episode featuring a gay poltergeist and explores the various LGBTQ+ themes tackled in the episode. It examines the impact of the episode on media and the conversations it sparked about representation and responsibility. […]

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Contents Albany Baptist Church advances with ‘gay conversion treatment’ event in spite of backlash from LGBT neighborhood A Pronouncement on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Satisfaction Month, 2022 MTV: Europe Songs Awards to counter […]