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Supreme Court backs gay, transgender employee protections – Fox News

The Supreme Court ruled that employers cannot discriminate against employees based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. This landmark decision is a significant victory for the LGBT community and a step forward in the fight for equal rights and protections in the workplace. […]

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Unpacking the Enduring Relevance of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Flyin’ High (In the Friendly Sky)’ Lyrics and Music

Unpacking the Enduring Relevance of Marvin Gaye’s Flyin High (In the Friendly Sky) Lyrics and Music explores why the haunting melody and deeply personal lyrics of this iconic song have resonated with listeners for over 50 years. The article delves into the song’s legacy and enduring impact, examining its themes of addiction, hope, resilience, and social justice. […]

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HRC Responds to Anti-LGBTQ “First Amendment Defense Act

The Human Rights Campaign responds to the reintroduction of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which seeks to undermine LGBTQ rights by allowing discrimination under the guise of religious freedom. The HRC is calling on Congress to reject this dangerous bill and continue to fight for equality and inclusion for all individuals. […]

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Record Number of LGBTQ Candidates Elected in 2022 Midterm Elections: What Does This Mean for LGBTQ Rights?

The 2022 midterm elections saw a historic number of LGBTQ candidates elected to political office. This article examines the implications of this progress for the LGBTQ community’s fight for equal rights and representation in the political arena. […]