My boyfriend is gay but I don’t want to break up Is that wrong?


‚ Family Individual‘ phasing out gay jokes

( CNN) It was a joke on the program, today „Household Guy“ manufacturers claim they aren’t joking.

Sunday night’s episode of the Fox animated series was everything about skewering Head of state Donald Trump.

In the show, the main character, daddy Peter Griffin, chronicles his time as Trump’s latest press assistant.

But put amongst the sight gags and Trump objection was Griffin telling the leader of the totally free world that „Family Person“ is „trying to terminate“ gay jokes.

Exec manufacturers Alec Sulkin as well as Rich Appel informed TVLine there’s some reality to that.

“ If you look at a program from 2005 or 2006 and put it alongside with a program from 2022 or 2022, they’re mosting likely to have a couple of distinctions,“ Sulkin claimed. „Some of the things we really felt comfortable claiming as well as joking about at that time, we now recognize is not appropriate.“

Appel kept in mind that the society has altered considering that the Seth MacFarlane-created series debuted in 1999.

He said that far from „us reacting and believing, ‚They won’t allow us (state specific points)'“ the program has transformed also.

“ The environment is different, the culture is different and also our views are different,“ Appel said. „They’ve been formed by the fact around us, so I think the show needs to shift and also evolve in a great deal of different methods.“

“ Dating a Trans Lady Is Gay.“

A real lady is naturally female, and also anything otherwise would certainly be an outright disobedience upon wombyns‘ rights and also the institution of heterosexuality, as well as various other sexualities.

Indicators your partner is secretly gay?

„He tries to tell you that he’s gay.boyfriend secretly gay You need to listen carefully.“ LOLZ!I purchase 1 as well as 2, maybe 4. The rest, I hope, are for laughs.

this is good.! i defo agree with number 6I have found that Straight kids don’t typically bitch exceedingly/ court kids do

Gay Guy and also Improving Our Dating Experience

If you’re gay, single, and also reviewing this, you have actually possibly had your share of dating incidents as well as dissatisfactions. We go across through dating apps as well as mentally unavailable guys in hopes of locating love with little to no success. It can easily end up being a vicious circle of …

Connection Connection: Should I wed an individual who thinks gay people aren’t normal?

Geoff Steurer is the co-author of “ Love You, Dislike the Porn: Healing a Connection Damaged by Online Adultery,“ host of the Illuminate Podcast as well as designer of online partnership courses, such as the Count On Structure Bootcamp. He is a qualified marriage as well as household therapist in private method in St. George, Utah. He focuses on working with couples that wish to rebuild their connections from crisis to link. He concentrates on dealing with individuals and also couples managing the effect of sex-related betrayal. He has actually been wed to his other half, Jody, since 1996 and also they are the parents of four children. Follow him on Instagram as well as Facebook. The opinions specified in this short article are Steurer’s very own and might not be depictive of St. George News.

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A chance example of gay males

Data are presented from a nationwide likelihood example of men spoken with by telephone as well as asked their sexual preference. Of these men 3.7 percent reported that they were homosexual or bisexual.boyfriend secretly gay Homosexual/bisexual guys were compared with heterosexual ones on the demographic variables. This example generated bigger numbers in those groups which appear to be underrepresented in the common examples drawn from the gay world. These groups include those with little education, married males, older men, minorities, and those staying in villages. It is suggested that probability samples which do not draw directly or greatly from the gay world for homosexual participants acquire a broader tasting of those having homosexual feelings or actions.

Could my boyfriend be secretly gay?

Very long tale short, me and also my OH have actually been together for two years. We have a one year old child. He never pesters me for sex, never ever truly checks out various other girls as well as never talks in a sex-related way. There’s me believing this is terrific that I’m not being plagued for sex. Also a very long tale short, his Instagram is logged in on my phone. He never messages any person, however I can see who he was been browsing and 100% of them have actually been males who enjoy mosting likely to the health club And exercising. What has actually stimulated me to compose this article is that I saw he searched a man that stars in a daytime drama we both started enjoying together a few days ago. I’m seriously believing that he’s gay. What are your ideas?

Did you mean to publish this on the maternity board? Might be much better in partnerships …

I comply with tons of attractive ladies on Instagram. Due to shared rate of interests. I additionally look up female celebs on there in some cases.boyfriend secretly gay I am not gay. Exists another thing?

May not be BUT. i would be thinking Gay as well as well as it does occur but i hunch if he gets set up sufficient when you make love then he cant be completely gay right? uncertain however i would certainly Possibly have a speak with him? possibly just state your a bit concerned as it does occur which you prefer to understand.

Request this to be moved to the relationship online forum. If he is keen on obtaining fit he may be seeking inspiration in those men.

Signs that inform you your spouse or guy might be gay

Marriages are easily being aborted these days. Sometimes, in spite of being wed for a number of years, pairs split. Amongst several reasons, one might be that a better half or a partner comes to know her male is gay and that they hid the reality.

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Straight eye for the gay person: composing queerness

Making use of the job of Didier Eribon as well as his theorization of the construction of gay male subjectivity, this article analyzes various „texts,“ extensively specified, that grapple especially with straight men trying to stand for male homosexuality: Norman Mailer’s essay, „The Homosexual Villain“; the Bravo truth television collection Child Fulfills Child, and Michael Griffith’s narrative, „Hooper Gets a Perm.“ These texts represent attempts by straight writers to come to grips with queer experience in manner ins which relocate the imagination of queers beyond easy stereotypes or uncritical explorations of the sexual „various other.“ In the process of checking out these messages, the complying with concerns are attended to: What takes place when a straight guy attempts to stand for a gay man? Does he „get it right,“ and is such a concern also beneficial? Extra specifically, what is the value in having straights imagine queerness? Is such a picturing possible? Is such preferable? And, if so, what are the contours of such an imagining-as well as its opportunities as well as constraints, pedagogically, directly, and politically? Ultimately, I contend that the straight visualizing of queerness uses abundant possibility for mutual understanding; additionally, attempting to comprehend what enters into the production of those representations tells us a lot regarding exactly how queerness distributes in our society as a topic, a figure of discussion, opinion, and depiction.

Butch, femme, or directly acting? Partner preferences of gay men and lesbians

Generally, gay men are rather feminine and also lesbians rather manly, yet there is variation within each group. The writers examined the consequences of this variant for gay men’s as well as lesbians‘ charm as romantic partners. In 2 researches the writers examined individual advertisements. Homosexual individuals were more probable than heterosexual individuals to discuss qualities connected to sex typicality and most likely to demand sex-typical than sex-atypical partners. In 2 researches the writers assessed partner preferences straight. Generally, gay men liked guys that defined themselves as manly instead of womanly, yet this choice was weaker amongst men who rated themselves as fairly feminine. Lesbians favored females that explained themselves as feminine looking however did not discriminate against ladies calling themselves masculine performing. The writers talk about implications of the results for theories of sexual preference and also the change of sex-atypical homosexual individuals.

The straight men dating guys and also the gay males who love them

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Dating Professional And Also Millionaire Gay: Premium Sites As Well As Apps

There’s no reason why you ought to go through this life alone. You can discover rich gay guys who are single anywhere. However, online dating permits you to get to know them a little bit before you consent to meet personally. With so many options for dating a gay millionaire, young experts, and extra, it pays to understand which websites and applications need to be utilized. Matchmaking online permits you to manage more of the details and discover love at last.

“ No woman desires a secretly gay boyfriend, every dude wants a covertly gay sweetheart.“

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Eva Marcille’s Boyfriend Slaps Back at Cases That He’s Covertly Gay

Gay reports are virtually unpreventable once a celeb reaches a particular level of popularity, so it’s no surprise that Michael T. Sterling, climbing Atlanta political leader and also guy of actress and design Eva Marcille, is getting concerns regarding his sexual is unusual, however, is exactly how he’s selecting to react. The attorney resolved a report by Media Takeout implying that he’s privately gay with a lengthy Instagram blog post slapping back versus the reports– but except the factor you may believe.

After MTO urged that Sterling looked „really comfy at LGBT occasions,“ Marcille’s guy called the chatter site out for purposely estranging LGBT allies by spreading out incorrect reports. “ You indicate to intimidate and also embarassment me away, as well as other straight males that are similar, from sustaining the LGBT area, our siblings and also sisters in humankind, lest you will attempt to classify us as ‚gay‘ ourselves,“ he composes. „It’s an outdated strategy that seeks to separate at once when we should be supporting one another more than ever. Let me be unequivocal, I will not pull back from supporting my siblings and sis that are LGBT.“

Well said, Sterling. Eva is a fortunate woman certainly. Ideally, remaining in a mature relationship will certainly indicate she can stay away from the dramatization she experienced while she was with her baby’s father, Kevin McCall. Get the most recent with BET Breaks, above.

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Harriette Cole: My sweetheart is gay. How could I not have understood?

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have actually been going out with this pleasant guy from my secondary school for a year now.

During coronoavirus, whatever got odd since we have not been able to see each other. During one of our lots of „talks“ on Snapchat, he informed me that he does not want to date any longer due to the fact that he’s gay. What? Never in all the time that we have actually been with each other has he done anything to make me assume he is gay.

I’m surprised. It’s not that I have a concern with gay individuals, yet exactly how could I not have understood?

We used to spend a lot time together. He was so considerate. We were close, however he never tried to make me make love with him. I thought that was him being a gent. Now my entire sense of exactly how to understand if someone really likes me like that is damaged.

I thought I loved him just to learn none of it was true. I am so crazy, yet I do not understand what to claim or do.

DEAR DECEIVED: I’m sorry that your guy did not end up being the man for you. It seems like you 2 are close friends as well as potentially even shut. It additionally sounds like he has actually been facing concerns regarding his identity.

5 indications that your sweetheart might be gay

So do you sense that your guy is gay? Have you learnt through individuals around just how your partner acts funny in the existence of other guys? If you have uncertainties about his sexuality, after that you have actually come down on the ideal web page.boyfriend secretly gay Before we tell you what to do following, allow us tell you that it is alright to occasionally wonder about such things. But if you are doubting only due to the fact that he obtains as well emotional or he takes way too much time to take care of himself or he just likes looking excellent, after that you are incorrect because that does not make your guy gay. So first simply clear your mind and also get over these extremely silly stereotypes about gay people. We will certainly give you 5 indications that inform your person could be gay. Make your verdicts based on this.

It is typical for each woman to obtain irritated when her boyfriend looks at other females. Nonetheless, now you need to be annoyed or worried when you man checks out various other men. There is nothing to be loosened up regarding this. As well as there is a lot to bother with if the hot men you simply saw has actually been erased from your memory however not from your guy’s.

Gay men provided straight guys connection advice as well as they ‚d be stupid not to follow it.

Gay guys additionally tend to develop much deeper relationships with straight women, so they get the within scoop on what they really want from relationships.

According to a recent question uploaded on Reddit, gay guys as well as straight women often want the same point: a guy that’s emotionally readily available and fairly well-dressed.

To assist right males with their partnerships as well as life in-general, Reddit customer OurOhnlyHope positioned the concern „Gay Male of Reddit, what advice do you have for Straight Men of Reddit?“ on the online forum. Given that it was initial uploaded, the thread has actually gotten over 11,000 actions.

12 Things I Dream Someone Told Me About Dating as a Gay Man

3. If you date someone with the exact same name as you, you should both dress up like the twins from The Shining as well as say everything in monotone unison.

4a. The same goes for your top 3 preferred tunes on The Fame Monster, if you favor Prue or Paige, and what period of Britney was the most effective.

8. If you go residence with somebody as well as they do not have a DVD of The Adversary Uses Prada, don’t fuck them.

To Straight Guys Who Don’t Get ‚Gay‘

If I have actually listened to that once, I have actually heard it way too many times, typically from hyper-masculine straight guys who possibly relate black and also muscle with heterosexual maleness, even though I have actually constantly considered myself to be a 5 to 7 on a.

u201e No woman wants a covertly gay guy, every man wants a covertly gay girlfriend.“

Variant: I don’t desire any kind of gay individuals hanging around me while I’m killing youngsters. I simply do not wish to see it.

In reaction to a pupil’s inquiry: „You do not desire the Democrats in power, so does that mean you want a dictatorship?“; after her address „Liberals Are Incorrect Concerning Every Little Thing“ at Indiana University (23 February 2006).2006

In an interview regarding guide.“ Camille Paglia on her questionable feminism (at 10m35s), CBC Information: The National on YouTube, 7 Might Women, Free Men (2022 )

— Larry the Cord Guy American stand-up comedian, actor, country music artist, voice artist 1963

In Brasu00edlia, on 25 April 2022. Fierceness as reactionary president Bolsonaro says Brazil needs to not become ‚gay tourism paradise‘ The Independent (26 April 2022).

Resource: undated quotes, Renoir– his life and also job, 1975, p. 64: Renoir’s statement to Vollard describing the Stylist musicians’s Monet, Sisley and also Pissarro.

This wholesome dating story includes a lady, a gay man – and his straight twin

When 23-year-old trainee Jillian Druzgala worked up the nerve to come close to an attractive guy at Uni, she had no other way of recognizing that the fulfill adorable moment would certainly quickly be going viral on Twitter – and also for all the best reasons.

Attending the College of Iowa, Druzgala detected Derek Donnellan in the common dining hall as well as decided to stroll over as well as offer him her mobile number.

Nonetheless, when he ultimately texted her, it wasnt the message lost been wishing for.

boyfriend secretly gay

But it did have a silver lining.

I wished to state that I appreciate your self-confidence to be able to find up to me and give me your number, you are really quite!

However I am gay BUT I am an identical twin and hes straight if youd like his number or Snapchat, he composed.

so yesterday i offered my number to a charming man in the eating hall … LMFAOOO a screenshot of the message on Twitter, Druzgala wrote: So the other day i provided my number to a charming guy in the dining hallLMFAOO.

The trainee quickly shared a follow-up, revealing that she had actually met up with Dereks twin, Scott, and the two of them got along truly well:

Went to lunch with the sibling, she created. His name is Scott. Will be socializing once more after thanksgiving break.

update 2: derekjdonnellan are now good friends we will certainly likewise be socializing after thanksgiving break as well final and most wholesome upgrade came when she tweeted a picture of herself with Dereck – saying both had actually additionally ended up being close friends because the experience.

derekjdonnellan are currently close friends, she tweeted. We will certainly also be hanging around after thanksgiving break also.

What to do when your boyfriend informs you he’s gay

Prior to permitting on your own to believe that your life has been spoiled, placed yourself in his position. As opposed to allowing both of you proceed living a lie in a partnership with someone who is not themself, be as accepting as you can.

Think, for a minute, about the quantity of strength as well as guts he needed to muster up to inform you the fact, knowing that it would certainly disrupt the life you have actually built with each other. It might not really feel like it, yet this establishes you both totally free and opens your course for the love that’s meant to be yours.

You do not require to be his extremely heroine or be a saint by his side with every waking minute. Yet a word of inspiration like, ‚It’s going to be fine,“ can make all the distinction for the both of you.

This matter is in between you and him, so don’t stress over what your friends and family might think. It is, quite honestly, none of their service. Coming out regarding one’s sexuality is an extremely personal decision and you could be the initial individual he’s telling. He additionally might not be preparing to inform anyone else right now, but his purpose is to let you recognize what he’s experiencing so the two of you can deal, make amends or concern excellent terms initially before opening up to others.

The Top LGBTQ Dating Websites and Apps: 14 Ideal Gay Dating Websites

Scruff enables you to send exclusive nude albums (or face pics if you’re not out) as well as you can also „woof“ at people you think are eye-catching– it’s at the same time kinky and also degrading. You can also release a traveling agenda with your destination city, arranging hookups upon arrival. Damn.

Likewise, apps like Grindr have areas for trans as well as non-binary people, helping them to remain secure from analysis.boyfriend secretly gay Gay men can additionally filter people according to their „kind“, whether you enjoy twinks, jocks, dads, otters, or anything else.

While HER and Grindr are well-known apps in the community, you might intend to try eHarmony as a gay dating website because of its brilliant algorithm, 80-question personality test, as well as wealth of significant gay fans.

I Dated a Closeted Gay Guy

He was cute though not quite handsome. Respectful however not precisely well-polished. Smart but not always intelligent. He had a friendly however figured out behavior; his glasses streamed well with his smile, stabilizing his „geek“ appearance and also vibrant looks.

Advice For The Single Gay Man

Complete the form as well as among our matchmakers will certainly connect to you to chat regarding your choices. We just collaborate with a handfull of customers annually so you can rest assured that this is not a match company that utilizes high stress sales strategies. We can review your needs and also supply simple transparent answers.

Nothing can compare to the fulfillment we feel when we help a customer locate love. There can be no job much more satisfying. Myself and also each of my intermediators just thrive when we see the happiness our clients radiate; but an effective „suit“ to several companies frequently means something as simple as someone you work enough with to date for a while. It takes a lot even more than that to find a long-term link. That’s why we work hard to find more than your suit.

Exactly how to Make Your Gay Crush Like You Back

It’s irritating as a gay male to have a crush on an additional man that doesn’t like you back.

As a gay close friend of mine informed me long earlier, „Here’s the offer. That guy you have a crush on is among …

Can seduction make straight men gay?

The short article elevates the concern of altering sexual preference: Can a guy whose previous sexual method has been almost exclusively heterosexual adjustment his technique to homosexual after being attracted by another male? To those that think that homosexual choice is homosexual positioning, an inherent organic predisposition, the answer is an unquestionable „no.“ Contrary to this action, the writer provides 3 situations in which the males change from heterosexual to homosexual relationships (exclusively in two instances) through a sexual encounter started by another male. The writer credits part of the change to the gay freedom motion which rescued homosexual need from the concealed, restricted, and also outrageous. The proof that these males experienced an authentic modification in sexual preference, shows that life-long, unique homosexuality, as expressed by gay unsupported claims, is extra a statement about the society in which it happens than the „significance“ of homosexuality. The writer wraps up that putting the question of „What do I such as?“ prior to the inquiry of „Who am I?“ would enable extra sex-related freedom for those curious about going across the line that splits sexual orientations.

Have You Ever before Had A Crush On A Gay Man?

The other day I was having a Facebook conversation with devoted Single-ish reader Kim, who occurs to be a Broadway actress.boyfriend secretly gay I was wishing she would certainly give me some juicy information on love behind the curtain, yet according to her „dating on Broadway is difficult as a result of the entire every guy is a flaming homosexual‘ point.“

I could not discover a good image for today’s topic, so right here is among me and also a man I satisfied at Matt’s celebration on Saturday that happened to grow up 5 minutes far from me in the boondocks of Washington State. It’s a little globe, individuals.

I hear my single sweethearts articulating similar sentiments at all times – you know, „all the excellent guys are either taken or gay“ as well as comparable nonsense. (For the record, I concur there are lots of cool gay guys running about, yet I think ladies often exaggerate the lack of eligible straight males.) Anyhow, it stands to reason that much of you must have stories about unwittingly crushing on someone from the other group. Have you ever had styles on a person only to discover he was gay? Do any of your gay close friends have tales about being appealed by participants of the contrary sex? As well as do your gay buddies provide great dating recommendations?

P.S. This whole blog post is just an excuse to link to „Pink Triangle“, my favored Weezer song.

The 5 Dating Do n’ts for the Single Gay

Right here are a couple of guidelines that every wise gay man ought to remember to remain on top of his game and out of a dead-end partnership.

When it pertains to dating, all the rules in the book fly right gone when you meet the best plus one. But up until then, it can look like a revolving door of turns down until your find your Mr. Right. Thankfully, there are a few standards that every smart gay man should keep in mind to constantly stay on top of his video game and out of a dead-end partnership.

Plus you might wish to conserve some points to speak about just in instance you face the feared uncomfortable silence.

To be safe, simply keep it in between the two of you until you make sure he’s a caretaker.

The boundaries of dating versus simply resting together are very easy to cross. So if you are searching for something more than his Tuesday night normal, wait a beat prior to hitting the sheets.

Who cares if you prefer to view Genuine Homemakers than Sunday night football, anyhow? Do not stress, you aren’t the only one.

If you do not recognize that you are better off being happy by yourself than miserable with the incorrect man, after that you need to take the time to get to know yourself. If you do not understand your worth, after that you can never ever make certain if you are somebody because he makes you happy or if you are just unhappy alone. Break every regulation in the dating handbook if you want, so long as you never ever examine just how much you are worth.

My guy thinks he could be gay. Could it be a symptom of OCD?

Exactly how do I get my partner to conquer his embarrassment, speak to a doctor, and confront the opportunity that his feelings may be real?

I’ve been with my partner for almost a year, and also a few months ago he informed me he has extreme and (to him) shocking feelings that he might be gay. I would certainly check out kinds of OCD that can zone in on thoughts regarding sexuality, as well as assumed it seemed like that. He had actually been to a GENERAL PRACTITIONER a couple of years before and been given the exact same diagnosis, however he declined CBT as well as really did not take the medication supplied.boyfriend secretly gay It appears to me that he believes that the reality is that he is gay, however is supressing that reality and really feels anxious and also worried. I’ve tried to urge him to speak with his medical professional once more but he really feels self-conscious. The major trigger appears to be that, if he’s strolling down a road, guys stand out to him extra. My feeling is that counselling would be practical. Does this appear like the best alternative as well as exactly how can I persuade him it’s an excellent idea? I’m additionally stressed that OCD can be a little misinterpreted.

u2022 When leaving a message on this page, please be delicate to the fact that you are replying to an actual person in the grasp of a real-life problem, that wrote to Personal Lives asking for help, as well as might well watch your remarks right here. Please think about particularly just how your words or the tone of your message might be perceived by a person in this circumstance, and also be aware that remarks that appear to be turbulent or disrespectful to the individual worried will be removed.

I’m a gay man, and now I am feeling drew in to females

Mariella replies What’s regular? A lot of our practices is conditioned by our formative experiences as well as later conditions that it’s hard to separate what we began sensation and also what developed in the process. I have actually recognized parents announce their child is gay at the age of three and also others stay callous their kids’s sexuality with the adult years. I’ve seen girls develop from Barbie-addicted pink princesses to tattoo-covered teenagers with numerous piercings. As for young boys, if I had a pound for each show-tune lover in other words pants who developed into a heterosexual institution rugby captain I would certainly consume at Nobu every night as well as still have modification.

After a years of my mailbag, there are couple of shocks left in the terrain of the human heart. Uncovering digressions from what we regard to be „the norm“ is what makes opening my inbox an once a week treat. As a species we are definitely not set in our means. In addition, as quickly as any one of us comes to be complacent concerning the status quo, along comes a life occasion to check our incredulity.

You say you have actually always understood you were gay, yet the circumstances you describe won’t have offered you much possibility to test the alternatives. It’s long been my concept that in secondary education and learning single-sex schools are great for girls, for whom young boys are a disturbance, as well as dreadful for young boys that later on take years to reconcile themselves to females as buddies as well as equals. Simply consider Boris Johnson if you desire a prime example.

My sensation is that an absolutist position on sexuality isn’t strictly required, and also absolutely not till you are well right into their adult years.boyfriend secretly gay Culture might submit its citizens right into neatly identified boxes, but among our most interesting qualities is our capacity to form change. Some suggest that life is complicated sufficient without leaving our sexuality available to interpretation. For others it’s one of the most foreseeable of their impulses and also, unchallenged by destiny, entire lives can be played out devoid of variance from their picked normality.

You do not have to attempt the physical act with both sexes to recognize for certain what you choose, but the reverse of what you think to be your all-natural proclivity is potentially a positive surprise. Like interest itself, your sexual preference might seem overwhelming– till it passes and also something else takes your fancy. I’m not claiming all heterosexuals are in fact bisexual, however I certainly believe most of us are capable of a similarly profound sex-related experience in a same-sex intermediary. What you ultimately select– if you do choose– should surely be the person that feels right, not the individual boasting the proper genitalia?

Gladly a lot of us are greater than the sum of those basic parts. Who we make love with, how we like our sex and that we fantasise about when the lights are off are often mysteries also to those closest to us. In a lot of cases we’re estranged from our needs ourselves, self-delusion being as powerful an impulse as any type of other.

As residents of a „“ society we try to provide our brains and not our physical wishes regulate over our actions. The alternative– a craze of bacchanalian cavorting with whoever takes our fancy– is exactly what monotheistic faith was invented to stay clear of. Checking Out the British Museum’s Pompeii exhibition with my children this week, predictably, what they were most interested in was the licentious behaviour worshiped in much old Roman art and also iconography.

We are certainly a much less carnally indulgent culture. However conclusively partnering with one sex or an additional has evident defects when examined comprehensive. What you’re confronting is truth nature of human sexuality, a state of flux that hinges on nurture, fate, condition as well as personality. I suggest you try not to injure any person at the same time, however unwind as well as enjoy discovering what help you.

If you have a dilemma, send a short email to To have your say on today’s column, go to Adhere to Mariella on Twitter @mariellaf1

My <b>boyfriend</b> is gay, but I don’t <b>want</b> to <em>break</em> up. Is that <em>wrong</em>?