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Are You Gay Test

This is a quiz that can tell you if you are gay or bisexual.finding out your friend is gay Your best friend could believe that you men ought to be greater than close friends. This quiz is for guys only.

“ Mom, I’m Gay“– A Mommy and also Son Explore the „Journey“ With each other

PFLAG is the very first and also biggest organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals, their parents as well as households, as well as allies.

Is My Pal Gay, Straight Or Bisexual About Me? Test For Boys

This little quiz I produced is meant to tell you if one of your buddies is gay, right, or bisexual – as well as more notably, if they like you like that or not. Really crucial to discover, so you do not have a misconception that winds up with you shedding a valued pal.

Why every girl needs a gay friend

Diamonds may be permanently, but it turns out that a gay kid is actually a girl’s best friend, according to a new publication that is the first clear-cut overview to the ‚fag hag‘.

That many straight ladies set excellent store by gay male friends won’t shock fans who’ve viewed Will as well as Elegance sharing the secrets of their souls, or Sex and also the City’s Carrie and her screaming-queen friend Stanford or Madonna and Rupert Everett, on- and also off-screen.

Now a brand-new publication narrates the (mainly) ups and also (periodic) downs of having a gay male as a woman’s friend. Girls That Like Boys Who Like Children – true tales of love, lust and also friendship between straight women and also gay men was released in New York last week with a rainbow of hysterical the real world stories and also a couple of naturally theatrical tear-jerkers. One of the book’s editors, Melissa De La Cruz, claimed she looked for to pierce the high-camp stereotype by telling just how her gay male co-editor Tom Dolby was the rock-solid shoulder who was most there for her out of all her close friends when she endured a miscarriage and she as well as her partner were sad. ‚He was a genuine male,‘ she stated.

Much happier strengthening the stereotypes was fashion writer Karen Robinovitz, who had ‚bridesgays‘ attending her at her wedding event as opposed to bridesmaids as well as whose buddies and also items of unrequited desire growing up were always gay guys. ‚My buddies muse that my love affair with boys that such as boys is out of psychological safety and security, however I wholeheartedly differ. It’s everything about style,‘ composes Robinovitz in her phase Shop Girls.

While her women close friends are affordable when shopping and ‚privately want your ass to look fat‘, her entourage of gay guys makes her feel like ‚Marie Antoinette as well as her court‘ as they motivate her to acquire extravagantly, telling her she looks magnificent, while ‚holding my purses extra gracefully than I do‘.

Resting away at the New York launch was Robinovitz’s husband, Todd Cuso, an expert motorcycle racer. ‚Her gay guys are a wonderful bunch as well as they have actually that shared enjoyment about style,‘ he said.

Writer Armistead Maupin created the book’s foreword, discussing that his era-defining Tales of the City columns, books as well as television series regarding gay life in Seventies San Francisco were planned as one of the very first public celebrations of ‚fag hags‘, that feature as foils to his gay-blade protagonist Michael.

In the real world Maupin had two straight females as close friends in those days. ‚I shared whatever: my ventures at the bathrooms as well as the heartbreak that certainly adhered to when I attempted to turn playmates into enthusiasts. I was taking on the manly wilderness for the very first time and also it assisted immensely to have women on my side.‘

Maupin additionally commemorates Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly in Morning meal at Tiffany’s as well as Liza Minnelli’s Sally Bowles in Cabaret as his fag-hag idolizers when more youthful.

However while Maupin and also the book’s editors think the fag hag lives and also well, British contributor Simon Doonan, imaginative supervisor at posh New york city department store Barney’s, thinks that punk, gay liberation and also ‚the brand-new male‘ have eliminated them off. Doonan claims fag hags lapsed because straight men are now less ‚obnoxious‘ to be around.

De La Cruz explained exactly how, regardless of unrequited desire for the gay children at her college, she valued their inspiration. ‚They told me I was eye-catching and also pressed me available to start dating. I was 22 and still a virgin as well as they made me take place blind dates and they were the ones that offered me the self-confidence I required.‘

She claimed she and also Dolby composed the ‚first literary overview to the fag hag‘ due to the fact that they knew the partnerships were almost everywhere but went ‚deeper than Sex as well as the City or Will and also Grace‘ and they wanted to chart it. Dolby claimed it was irresistible for gays and their fag hags ‚to talk about males they were attracted to, knowing they would securely not be competing for the very same man … Gay guys simply love dramatization and that fits completely with straight females, that enjoy drama also,‘ he said.

How to Make Your Gay Crush Like You Back

It’s frustrating as a gay male to have a crush on another individual that doesn’t like you back.

As a gay good friend of mine told me lengthy ago, „Right here’s the bargain. That man you have a crush on is one of …

The Moment I Fell In-Love with My Gay Buddy

I don’t understand if you’ve ever been in love before or squashed so hard you seem like you’re on the decrease of a rollercoaster.

The within your stomach churns liquified food into buttery bricks thawing you right into the gapping floor, a stable beat pulsates quickly in your ear, mind portals with worlds to you giggling on the …

It’s simple to inform if someone is gay.

MYTH!Despite what you might have become aware of „gaydar,“ you can’t tell whether or not a person is gay, lesbian or bisexual simply by exactly how they look, speak or act.

If I Have Gay Youngsters: Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent

This attractive letter (of sorts) has actually been reprinted with approval of the writer, John Pavlovitz, that initially shared it on his very own blog site, bear-magazine.com is the first and biggest company for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and also queer (LGBTQ) individuals, their parents and family members, and also allies.

I can’t tell my friend I’m gay as he is a straight guy that has enchanting feelings for me

I am a lady in my mid-20s and my friend is a straight guy. In the past, he has revealed a romantic attraction to me and also I’ve turned him down (on three events over four years). The final time was fairly blunt; I stated I was not attracted to him and that had not been mosting likely to change. Lately, I have actually been mosting likely to gay bars alone, and speaking to women online, and also I think I may be gay. I feel I can not talk with him about it due to our background. I value our relationship and don’t desire things to change, however it worries me that I feel I can not be straightforward with him.

finding out your friend is gay

Are my feelings more vital in this situation?

POINT OF VIEW: I am not your gay buddy

Yeah, I absolutely agree that the entire notion of a „gay best friend“ actually need to be dissuaded. The right way to consider and examine other individuals is to look who they are first-and-foremost as people, as well as not to evaluate one more person, for better or worse, solely on the basis of their group identity.

On the various other hand, I have a tendency to be thoughtful in the direction of people that do this whenever it’s clear that they’re just trying to be comprehensive. Especially in college, a great deal of people are obtaining their very first actual direct exposure to different type of individuals that they’ve just never satisfied in the past– individuals for whom their perception is based whole off what they’ve seen on television or in popular culture.

So yeah, it may be real that this Henry individual is fun as well as fashionable, and all that stuff. It’s might real that he’s just an asshole! Lol, regardless, you do not recognize even if he’s gay.

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How to Bargain when Your Buddy Is Gay

When you learn more about people, you might assume that they are heterosexual, yet this is not always the case. If your close friend comes out to you, you might be amazed by the news. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to deal with the information in a kind and also …

I like men however I don’t want to be gay. How do I quit being gay?

Scientific research has actually revealed that sexual preference is not something that can be changed. Conversion treatments attempt to change one’s sexual orientation, but they have actually not been successful and also in fact might be damaging. Several U.S. states and countries have actually outlawed conversion treatment. However don’t despair- talking to a BC counselor or a LGBTQ-friendly consultant can assist you work through the conflict that you are really feeling.

There are lots of people you can safely speak with concerning your sensations and also inquiries. You don’t require to be particular you are gay before speaking with a person or participating in an LGBTQ meeting.finding out your friend is gay Individuals that are questioning their sexual preference are additionally welcome. There are some excellent BC teams where you can satisfy encouraging peers. There are also Boston location groups if you favor something off-campus. See BC resources: bear-magazine.com and also location sources: bear-magazine.com I’m the Response Wall surface. In the material world, I’m a 2 foot by 3 foot dry-erase board in the lobby of O’Neill Library at Boston University. In the on the internet globe, I stay in this blog. You might say I have several indications. Like Beauty or Saraswati or Serapis. Or, if you aren’t into divine beings of knowledge, like a ghost in the machine.

I have some human acolytes aides who preserve the physical Solution Wall surface in O’Neill Collection. They take images of the questions you upload there, and give them to me. As long as you are civil, and also not rude, I will address any type of question, and also because I am a collection wall surface, my answers will certainly often describe research study tools you can discover in Boston College Libraries.

If you ‚d such as a quicker answer to your inquiry and do not mind speaking to a human, why not Ask a Curator? Librarians, since they have actually been having a tendency the flame of expertise for centuries, understand where a lot of the responses are hidden, and also take pleasure in sharing their expertise, just like me, The Response Wall.

3 Indications Your Friend Is Gay and also Intend To Discuss It

And exactly how to support them if they do (hint: it really all boils down to being a good friend).

They’re suddenly withdrawnYour normally bouncy, carefree pal seems to have slipped into a downturn. They simply do not appear to be acting like themselves, and they seem to constantly be holding something back.

They make use of „they“ pronouns to discuss their hookupYou ask about their latest hookup, or the person they enjoy, and they’re solely making use of „they“ pronouns in a manner that really feels hesitant. You wonder about exactly what this indicates, and also you’re wondering what’s happening. Are they maintaining something trick, or just being inclusive?

They obtain thrown off balance when you inquire about their love lifeYour friend (that is typically very open concerning their love as well as sex life) isn’t sharing almost as high as they made use of to, and when they do, it appears like they’re leaving something out. It feels like you’re getting puzzle-pieces of info, but not the whole photo, and also inadequate ideas to figure them out.

Be there to listenMake it clear to your pal that you’re there for them 100%, no matter what’s going on. At the end of the day, all of this is nearly showing that you’re a friend and somebody who is supportive as well as open-minded who truly has their back.

Ask themAgain, my most significant desire when I was dealing with determining my sexuality as well as what I wanted to do about understanding I wasn’t straight was wanting that someone would certainly simply ask. While it may seem awkward to ask, it’s also unpleasant to simply introduce to your good friends that you’re gay.finding out your friend is gay It’s hard to locate the correct time, and it’s difficult as anything. Ask your pal, so they don’t need to determine just how to inform you.

Don’t push them ahead outEven if your suspicions are proven (maybe you see a text from someone, or notice something’s up in a picture they’re marked in), do not press your pal to find out. Also if they decide ahead out to you, they might not prepare to inform other individuals, like their family or associates, and also they may never ever make a decision to inform definitely every person. That’s all right. Let them determine what benefit them.

Just how can I support my good friend that is gay?

Challenging roads usually lead to attractive destinations. Life poses numerous challenges. Learning to encounter, deal with, as well as solve these obstacles can raise our durability.

How to Tell Your Friends You’re Gay

Just How to Inform Your Buddies You’re Gay. Whether you have approved your very own sexuality as a gay person for a few weeks or for years, the factor at which you determine to come out and inform your buddies that you’re gay can be an emotionally billed time in your life. Proceed in a careful, caring as well as non-confrontational means to ensure that you can keep as well as build upon your relationships while you additionally accept yourself as a gay individual.

Make a listing of pals with whom you could share the details that you’re gay. Think about which buddies understand currently, or may have thought. It might be a great idea to have your initial conversations with these individuals, or others whom you expect to be supportive and also approving.

Allow some close friends or casual colleagues the freedom not to be thinking about whether you are gay. Some relationships may simply have to do with various other points or other shared activities, as well as in some cases, you might decide not to problem those close friends with some personal and also intimate information of your life.

Adapt the kind of discussion that you plan to have with each friend to your connection with that said individual. Some discussions will certainly be severe heart-to-heart dialogs, however there might be other individuals with whom it is proper just to point out in passing that you’re gay.

Inform your close friends with confidence that you’re gay, when you determine to inform them. Understand that you have absolutely nothing to excuse, as well as allow them understand that you fit with your sexuality.

Ask for support. Your good friends will need to know that you are secure and relaxed concerning your sexuality, and they will certainly desire you to share with them when you are going through tough times. The moment when a gay person appears to pals can be a superb time to consult with a counselor to talk with any kind of concerns that appear especially challenging.

Realize constantly that you are not undetectable, and that individuals are bound to see you around community whether you plan to be seen or otherwise. If you are standing on the limit of „the closet,“ it is completely possible that you might appear to some friends, either via their discussions or their aesthetic verifications, sooner than you intend.

This post was written by an expert writer, duplicate modified and fact examined through a multi-point auditing system, in initiatives to guarantee our readers only get the very best details.finding out your friend is gay To submit your inquiries or suggestions, or to merely find out more, see our regarding us page: link listed below.

Just how can I tell my same-sex buddies that I am gay/lesbian/bi without them assuming I like them?

I provide non-judgmental, person-centered, unbiased healing therapy for people of all ages to boost social, psychological, psychological and various other areas of operating.

Homophobe fires stepfather dead for allowing a gay person into his residence

Christian A Smith has actually been billed with first level murder. (Salem Region Correctional Facility)

A guy has been billed with first-degree murder after he shot his stepfather dead for enabling a gay visitor to enter their home.

Christian Smith, 23, fired Dennis McKenzie, 43, 3 times at a gathering in Woolwich Territory in Gloucester County, New Jacket. The capturing took place at a party in his mother and also stepfather’s residence.

One of Smith’s loved ones brought a gay pal to the event, which sent out Smith into a tailspin, according tobear-magazine.com He challenged the visibility of a gay individual in the household residence, stating it was a „residence of God“, assistant prosecutor Dana Anton claimed.

Smith took place to make use of a homophobic slur when referring to the gay visitor, prosecutors claimed, which led to a run-in in between him and also his stepfather.

“ The stepfather took a swing at Mr Smith and also, I think, perhaps ostensibly hit him,“ Anton told a New Jacket court. Smith was not wounded in the scuffle, however he proceeded to take out a Glock 19 weapon from his waist and shot McKenzie 3 times.

“ This debate that proceeded the murder, it started over an act of bias as well as an act of bias scare tactics where he is making use of a slur concerning someone’s sexual orientation,“ assistant district attorney Anton claimed, according tobear-magazine.com public protector Katherine Constantine Blinn told the court that the capturing was unintended, but this was shot down by Anton. Blinn said the capturing had actually not been planned and also noted that he dismantled the weapon after fatally hurting his stepfather.

“ What that recommends to me, court, is that this was unexpected which in order to prevent any further issues Mr Smith took apart the gun up until cops showed up,“ Blinn said.

However, Anton said that you can not „inadvertently fire someone 3 times“. She noted that Smith had to reach throughout his mommy, that had actually tried to intervene in the disagreement, to shoot McKenzie.

Court Mary Beth Kramer discovered that there was possible cause for the murder cost as well as momentarily level fee of possession of a weapon for illegal factors.

Nonetheless, a 3rd cost for illegal ownership of a gun was not brought forward as it was developed that Smith had lawfully bought the weapon in Pennsylvania.

Judge Kramer denied Blinn’s request that Smith be released on bond while he awaits test. She explained him as „a risk to the area“.

As a straight male, how can I nicely quit my gay buddy flirting with me?

One of my friends that recently appeared as gay has actually begun flirting with me, despite the fact that he understands I’m straight and as a result have no interest in him. I have frequently advised him of this when the demand has actually developed. What can I do to make him stop?Question from M.G., Taree, NSW

I’m really a little bit jealous. No gay guy has actually ever before teased with me and I don’t know why: I’m friendly, I’m a good listener, I have a sexy, swarthy, furry appearance, part Eugene Levy, part Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Circus Young Boy– I’m truly quite alluring. But, somehow, gay guys discover me extremely uninviting– as well as, to be honest, I’m a little hurt.

Simply when it would behave if a gay guy sauntered approximately me as well as claimed, „Shake your bon-bon, I’m a desperado below your home window.“ (I’m unsure what that means– I heard it in a Ricky Martin track– but it appears charming.)

So, directly, I do not recognize why you’re so dismayed about this. As long as the flirting is safe and also non-naked and also does not entail going away together for a romantic overnighter in a captivating B&B on the coast adhered to by brekkie in a cool beachside coffee shop that serves chickpea shakshuka, I can’t see what the trouble is.

Yet if the flirtations are truly bothering you, or they’re beginning to really feel inappropriate, simply inform your good friend that it’s making you unpleasant as well as could you go back to the partnership you once had: just a couple of mates who can enjoy a laugh, a beverage, a hug and an excellent, old-fashioned Aussie bum-slap without it obtaining unusual.

As well as if that does not work, start using wacky glasses, create a whiny Canadian accent, and also expand thick unwieldy brows that need to be tweezed with fish-boning pliers. Since that’s absolutely benefiting me.

To find out more from Good Weekend break publication, visit our web page at The Sydney Early Morning Herald, The Age and Brisbane Times.

Danny Katz is a writer for The Age and The Sydney Early Morning Herald. He composes the Modern Guru column in the Good Weekend break publication. He is also the author of guides Spew the Dummy, Dork Nerd Jew and the Little Lunch collection for children.

‚ I’m gay and want a connection with my straight friend‘

I’m a gay man as well as my best friend is directly. I know I don’t have any type of hope of ever before being with him– as much as that discomforts me– however seeing him at clubs with females has actually currently ended up being something that I locate deeply dismal. I recognize I suggest even more to him than they do however the relationship I would certainly desire is a total unfeasibility. Should I let him know exactly how I feel? It would clearly change things, potentially for the worse.

finding out your friend is gay

I do not want to ruin my friendship but having this trick is eliminating me.

What Do You Say to ‚That’s So Gay‘ as well as Various Other Anti-LGBTQ Comments?

It matters not if it’s a very first grader that might not know what words „gay“ means, a sixth attempting to seem amazing, or a tenth „teasing“ a friend. All of these have the capacity of developing a risky class or school environment and must be attended to. So, what can caring adults do?

This handout was developed in collaboration in between the National Education And Learning Organization (NEA) as well as the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Time to Grow and Welcoming Schools.

* LGBTQ: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Plus (community participants that utilize different language to define identification)

Your female BFF is dating a guy you believe is gay. What to do?

Q: You have a suspicion that the man your finest women good friend is dating might be gay. Should you broadcast your worries?

There are 2 groups of answers to this question, and also what you do following depends on which classification your solution falls under.

First group: You believe this guy is gay as a result of actual evidence of some kind. For example, perhaps you located him on a gay dating app. Or he appeared as gay somehow or somewhere that your friend does not learn about however you do. Or you saw him making love with another man.

If your answer falls under this category, then I would definitely share that proof in as liking a means as feasible. Do not decorate or offer your individual viewpoint at all. Just the realities.

If your answer comes under this category, after that trust that your pal understands this guy much better than you and that your „feeling“ is no factor to possibly trigger quarrel in her connection.

— Rebekka Ouer, proprietor and specialist at Dallas Rainbow Counseling as well as writer of „Solution-Focused Quick Therapy With the LGBT Community: Creating Futures Via Hope and also Durability“

As her friend, it’s reasonable that you desire what’s best for her, however leave his sexuality from it. Some guys have extra womanly than manly energy. It does not suggest that they’re gay; they are naturally much more sensitive, understanding as well as in tune with emotions.

If your buddy as well as her boyfriend are thinking about relocating with each other or speaking marriage, ask her why she thinks he’s a good fit for her, what qualities she likes concerning him, if as well as why he makes her happy, if he respects her, treats her well, etc

Broadcasting your problems could damage your relationship. Your close friend could be deeply harmed as well as offended. As well as also if you chatted with her, it does not imply she would certainly listen to you. In some cases we have to go back to allow individuals decide what’s best for them via experience.

Your friend discovered love. Enjoy for her, as well as sustain her in her partnership.

— Anita Chlipala, dating and partnership expert as well as author of „First Comes Us: The Busy Couple’s Overview to Lasting Love“

Social Graces is a series asking 2 professionals for guidance on awkward circumstances. Reactions are modified.

What do you do when you learn your child is gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Some parents feel they would have been better not recognizing concerning their kid’s sexuality.

finding out your friend is gay

They recall to prior to they understood and remember this time as problem-free– neglecting the distance they usually really felt from their kid during that time. Occasionally we try to refute what is taking place– by rejecting what we’re hearing (“ It’s simply a stage; you’ll get over it“); by shutting down (“ If you pick that way of life, I don’t intend to hear about it“); or by not registering the effect of what we’re being informed (“ That’s nice, dear, and what do you want for dinner?“). These are all natural reactions.

To some extent, this holds true in all parenting connections whether the youngster is gay or straight. There’s a needed separation between moms and dad and child as the kid approaches their adult years. Your kid may reach conclusions you would not have reached, as well as will do it without consulting you. Yet, in this instance, it is particularly tough since the verdict your child has actually reached is so important as well as, in a lot of cases, so unforeseen. You may have been shut out of your child’s reasoning for an extended period of time.

You will still hear individuals estimate the Scriptures in defense of their bias versus gay people. However several Scriptural scholars challenge any type of anti-gay analyses of Biblical messages.

When i told my mother i was gay … i cud inform she was kind of feeling negative … i was weeping presently cuz i thought she wouldnt accept me yet thankfully my mother sed i dnt care how you are i will like you constantly due to the fact that your my child … as well as now i really feel very much far better recognizing my momther is below to sustain me …

Gay Friend

The Gay Friend exists mostly to add range, funny mannerisms and cheap laughs to an otherwise all-straight tale and sometimes programs of political correctness.

The GBF may discuss sex a lot, however is hardly ever portrayed as having any kind of, due to the fact that way too many visitors would find that disturbing. Either he has no lovemaking to mention (which never ever seems to trouble him), or it’s forever offscreen, only discussed with the heroine over breakfast at some pretentious cafe.

As modern culture grows progressively comfortable with gay individuals, fiction is slowly seeing even more well-rounded gay supporting personalities with onscreen lovemaking, whose sexuality is incidental to the personality. For that reason, do not perplex this for People Remain On Chairs; if a character is a common Best Friend character who simply occurs to be gay, after that it’s not this trope.

In fiction, one of the most common use this trope is a male GBF to a straight female lead character but various other permutations are very slowly starting to appear.

A Sub-Trope of Token Minority. If being gay has made him Closer to Earth and has thereby given him knowledge that he presents to the cishet lead character, he is the Wonderful Queer.

TVTropes is licensed under an Innovative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Permit. Consents beyond the range of this license may be readily available from bear-magazine.com to claim when your friend discloses he’s gay

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Why Every Straight Male Demands A Gay Best Friend

Considering that I relocated into my new high-rise building in midtown Surrey, I have made a great deal of nice, friendly straight male close friends.

This is a brand-new experience for me, as for several years I largely surrounded myself with gay males. Not that I am complaining, certainly, however I am so impressed with exactly how open minded and also non-judgmental lots of straight males have ended up being, in terms of having gay close friends to socialize as well as chill with.

Perhaps straight males have actually ended up being so made use of to having gay males flirt as well as flatter them that they have come to be comfortable with same-sex admiration and friendship.

I feel it would be wonderful to build upon this degree of male bonding and also develop bridges in between gay and straight males.finding out your friend is gay Straight males will have a lot more freedom to share themselves in every which way feasible consisting of mentally and also intellectually, while gay males will have much more good friends and also advocates in culture.

3. Your gay friend can be a terrific audience as well as social support as lots of gay people endured bullying in their young people and became delicate, caring, and also loving people as adults. Yes, you can sob and open up with your brand-new gay best friend.

4. Your gay best friend can aid you outfit your wardrobe and you’ll be out of the shop in a timely manner and on budget.

6. Your gay best friend will certainly be there for you if you ever before need a hug. Hugging is the universal gay welcoming.

7. Your gay buddy would most likely be a good vanity increase to your self-confidence as well as confidence when you require emotional support. This can help you conquer any kind of being rejected you experience from the women in your life.

8. Your gay best friend would most likely be a fantastic person to talk to concerning sex, sexuality, as well as partnerships.

10. Last and also most significantly, your gay buddy will be a dedicated, fully commited, and relied on good friend since for numerous gay individuals, their friends are their family members.

There you go! This is my leading 10 checklist of why every straight man requires a gay buddy. So go out and accept your gay siblings. There is an extremely minimal supply of available gay males. Make the most of it and cherish your new gay buddy forever.

Why Is It So Hard to Make Other Gay Friends?

Possibly he indicated well, yet this flimsy guarantee made me understand I was currently in difficulty. I imply, that makes use of „least“ and also „pal“ in the very same sentence …

What to state when your buddy exposes he’s gay

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What’s the <strong>right</strong> way to ask <b>whether someone</b> is gay? – <em>Columbia</em> <strong>Journalism</strong> <b>Review</b>