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Incredible documentary about world’s first gay and inclusive rugby club is coming to amazon prime

The documentary follows three central characters involved in the Steelers team. (YouTube)

A documentary following the world’s first gay and inclusive rugby club – the King’s Cross Steelers –is heading to Amazon Prime Video.

The inspiring and trailblazing film follows the King’s Cross Steelers as they compete against 60 other LGBT+ clubs across the world.

After debuting at a number of film festivals includingPrime Video from 16 April.

focuses on three central figures including Nic Evans, a gay female coach and former international player for Wales who discusses the misogyny she’s faced in a male-dominated sport.

Another is Birmingham-based rugby superfan Simon Jones battling his own demons after recently coming out as a gay man, and drag queen Andrew McDowell who inspires others to live as your authentic self.

The team announced the release of the documentary, the rights to which were recently bought by Amazon Prime Video, on their official Twitter page, saying: “We can’t wait for everyone to share the highs and lows of our 2018 tour and the impact the great game of rugby has on these four amazing individuals.

“Get the popcorn and clinking beer mugs in, maybe the odd tissue too.”

It marks a directorial debut for former Steelers player Eammon Ashton-Atkinson, who wrote, filmed, edited and narrated the Amazon Prime feature.

He says: “This story isn’t just for rugby fans, or even gay people. It’s a story for anyone who has felt like they don’t belong or isn’t living the life they want to be living.

“I hope this film inspires people to try something they may have been afraid of giving a go before. The fact that Prime Video will beam this documentary into homes across the UK is incredible.

“If this helps one person who may be suffering with their mental health, or helps someone from the LGBTQ+ community feel like they belong, then making this film will have all been worth it.”

The Steelers first formed in 1995 when there was nothing else like them in the sport and few straight teams would even agree to meet them on the pitch as it was the peak of the AIDS crisis.

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Eammon told : “By being there, playing rugby, it showed people that not only can gay men be good sports players, but they’re just like you and I. It really did a world of good smashing stereotypes.”

He added that he had to tell the inspirational story of the Steelers following Israel Folau’s homophobic rant where claimed that “hell awaits” gay people, because LGBT+ people would be listening to those harmful words.

The sydney convicts are australia’s first gay and inclusive rugby union club. we were formed in 2004 and are the most successful club to have competed in the bingham cup, the world cup of gay rugby. we’ve won the bingham cup six times, most recently in 2018, as well as the bingham bowl, plate and shield. each year we also compete in our local nsw ‘subbies’ competition.
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