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Gay places in Japan are often only for Japanese and foreigners are generally not welcome. Mainly because very few Japanese speak any foreign languages, foreigners look different und often are bigger. Remember all you have read about Japanese customs and manners. It is essential to behave to be accepted. You will often be met by a sign saying "Japanese only" or similar. Simply try another bath house. The saunas are often places for cruising only with lockers, shower, darkroom and cubicles. Remember to be very tactful and polite, take off your shoes at the entrance, never go head on and cover up your private parts unless it is a nude night. Many premises have theme nights (underwear, swim wear, nude etc.) that have to be followed. Bring your own condoms as the Japanese ones are smaller than the western ones (logically).

Gay tokyo: travel guide to tokyo’s best gay bars, clubs and hotels

Tokyo ranks as one of our legit favourite destinations ever! It’s clean, extremely safe, the people just impeccable, foodgasms galore and a fantastic gay scene with over 300 gay bars in Shinjuku’s Ni-Chōme district!

Put it this way, Tokyo is so fabulous, even the gorgeous Queer Eye Fab Five team made it over here and filmed a few episodes exploring the queer culture of Japan.

We’ve visited Tokyo several times over the past few years and experienced the best Tokyo’s gay scene has to offer. We’ve put together our LGBTQ travel guide to Tokyo based on our first-hand experience to help you have a fabulous holiday there.

Two men charged after having sex at public bathhouse in tokyo

In Japan, public bathhouses, known as sento, are used by people of all ages, from very young children, accompanied by a parent, to the elderly. While some people simply like the ease and convenience of using a public bathhouse, which can save on water bills and cleaning at home, others like to visit the sento for the purported health benefits of their waters, which are sometimes sourced from natural hot springs, while others have no choice but to use the local bathhouse, given that some apartments in Japan don’t come with baths or showers.

Then there are others who appear to confuse the bathhouse as a place for sexual activity, which is not its intended purpose. That’s what’s been happening at one particular sento in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, where two men were caught engaging in sexual acts last November. The two men, both in their thirties, were subsequently charged with public obscenity and admitted to the charges, saying they were aware that they would be causing trouble for the establishment, due to signage on the premises, but they “succumbed to temptation”.

The men say they had no previous acquaintance with each other, and met at the public bath on the day of the incident. The sexual activity was said to have taken course over about 20 minutes in the open-air bathing area, while the door to the area was unlocked and about 15 guests were using the inside baths.

▼ This TBS News report shows the facility where the incident took place.

The manager says he has reported around 40 such incidents of sexual activity between gay customers on the premises to police in the last four to five years. He also said the establishment has been a public bathhouse for the past 70 years and expressed his disappointment that the sento has now become labelled, through the internet, as a place for gay people to meet up for casual hookups, even though sexual activity is prohibited by the management.

Sex at the sento has become such a problem that the manager has posted a sign on the wall that reads: “LGBT customers without morals or standards are not permitted.”

The manager went on to defend the signage, saying he doesn’t believe all members of the LGBT community would take part in such activities, but the sign was put up to help prevent incidents from occurring, so that all customers would be able to bathe peacefully at the facility.

The sign, however, goes into quite a bit of detail, saying:

“Shibuya Ward has enacted its ordinance on same-sex partnerships but at this establishment LGBT customers without morals or standards are not permitted.”

A list of prohibited behaviors follows, covering things such as: “inviting acts“, “intense looks“, “following around“, “making out“, and “touching“.

“The signs shouldn’t be addressed to gay people, they should be banning all public sexual acts without any mention of sexual preferences.”

“Don’t gay people who have sex at public baths realize they’re giving their community a bad name?”

“I used to have to patrol the bathing areas when I worked at a sento and whenever I found gay men having sex, I’d tell them to go to a love hotel.”

“I’m gay but I’ve quit going to public baths for sex. It’s not the place for it.”

“It’s inconsiderate to others who use the baths for bathing. There are plenty of other places where you can cruise for sex.”

— Need a soak? Amazing interactive map lists every public bath and day-use hot spring in Tokyo

— Onsen in Nagano will now welcome foreigners with tattoos, as long as they patch ’em up

— Miniature sento bathhouse range is this season’s must-buy gacha capsule toy collection

gay onsen 2W2FDh

24 kaikan – asakusa

Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

The origins of 24 Kaikan gay sauna began here in Asakusa; hence, older and rather run-down facilities, here. The place has fewer staff than its siblings, and the cleanliness can slip sometimes.

Clients are more mature men and their admirers. Much of the action takes place in the wet area. Rooms are available for overnight rent. Open 24 hours.

bar, restaurant, steam room, sauna, relaxing cabins, dark room, jacuzzi / hot pool

Explore gay rooms & rentals in ikenotaira onsen, myoko, niigata, japan

With misterb&b, experience a more welcoming world. From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ-friendly hotels, you have the option to stay in the heart of gay districts as well as other neighborhoods in the places you visit. A loft in Soho, a shared room in BarcelonaLe Marais or in Chelsea, experience misterb&b in all gay travel destinations! Activate the connection option on your profile and connect with other misterb&b travelers at your destination city or hotel! Problems with misterb&b? Please refer to our Help Center. misterb&b is not affiliated, endorsed, or otherwise associated with Airbnb.

gay onsen 83IGMC

Huang ding – reported closed

Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

This adults-only hot springs has become very popular with local gay men including many good-looking, friendly guys and plenty of bears.

Huang Ding features a number of hot pools, set at various temperatures. There is a dark steam room where most of the action takes place.

The changing room is a bit of a squeeze, and on busy nights you might struggle to find an empty locker. There is only one toilet. Entrance fee NTD250 for the public facilities.

From rural volcanic springs to city centre sexual spaces

Ancient Japanese hunters are said to have stumbled across bubbling mineral hot springs as they chased their wounded prey. Instinctively drawn by the soothing waters, the dying animals led them to these onsen [hot springs], and birthed the ancient belief that animals were the Gods’ messengers.

Volcanic Japan is studded with springs that are renowned for their healing properties, which gained popularity when Buddhism arrived from neighbouring Korea, bringing with it rituals of cleansing and purifying the body.

In comparison to European spas, onsen weren’t segregated by gender. I encountered one that was mocked up to look like an ancient Japanese Edo village (complete with wooden storefronts) and the visitors: a mix of students, tourists, and locals, were all dressed in informal, hired yukata[summer kimono], and walked barefoot on the tatami mats, which lined the simulated street.

We plunged into the gurgling pools. The water was milky and pungent but immediately intoxicating. We hopped between still water and turbulent, eventually making our way outside to bathe under the dark night sky, it was glorious.

The Japanese bathhouse is addictive. Arriving in Kyoto (a city close to, but not actually containing any onsen) I instead took to the waters of the Sentō. Sentos are public baths: the onsen’s pragmatic, urban counterpart.

Every neighbourhood has its own, to ease the deep freeze of Japan’s winter. And to accommodate the workers of Japan’s relentless office culture, sentō open from late afternoon until the early hours. They’re no fuss but certainly not no fun. They’re made up of a variety of jacuzzis, showers, whirlpools and tubs. Almost serenely quiet, the pervading atmosphere is welcoming, but never intrusive. Locals bring their jumbo bottles of shampoo and shower gel, their own towels, toothbrushes and razors, all signposting the sentō’s indispensable nature.

Shorthand as it is for gay sex, the sauna is the bratty brother of onsen and sento. The debate over niceties like gay marriage rights haven’t even reached the shores of Japan, but then again, neither has the Anglo-American mania for incessant homophobia. Many Japanese gay bars don’t allow foreigners in, so the sauna has become a meeting place for wanderers to mingle.

The sauna I visited was open 24/7, and was populated by men in towels wandering around like hungry ghosts. The pot-bellied pursued the untouchable twinks, the twinks chased the hunks, the hunks hunted the kinky daddies, in an endless carousel, round and round, in and out of the steam rooms. Unsurprisingly the facilities here were the least conducive to bodily restoration!

By 4am the place was almost exclusively populated by the heavy-eyed. Upstairs, the beds were packed, traffic-jam style, with hundreds of sleeping guests. A few lost souls, orphaned by the train service (which doesn’t reopen until dawn) crashed on the floo.

Even in the sauna itself (the nominal excuse to visit) guests snored, and sleepwalkers staggered in and out. The bath tubs and showers, in which sleep was actively impossible, became base camp for a more genteel kind of getting to know you, involving more traditional formalities like the exchange of names and eye contact. Kinda romantic.

Removed from the obsession with commerce, and the abundance of technology that typify Japan’s big cities, stripped, quite literally of societal insulation, Japanese bath houses offer up a casual, relaxed, and occasionally explicit insight into this most rarefied of cultures. Whilst it’s probably unnecessary for the casual visitor to take quite such an immersive plunge as mine, dipping a toe into the onsen is an essential experience for any visitor keen to understand more about the land of the rising sun.

gay onsen ar9gdE

How safe is tokyo for gay travellers?

Short answer, extremely safe! Whether you’re straight or gay, Japan is one of the safest places on the planet: crime is low, people are extremely respectful, particularly towards foreigners visiting. At no stage did we ever feel unsafe in Tokyo.

As a gay couple travelling in Tokyo, we repeat, we felt just as safe. Whilst Japanese society is very conservative towards LGBTQ rights, they are extremely respectful towards foreigners and Japanese people will do their absolute best to make you feel welcome. Getting a double bed was never an issue in any of the places we stayed in Tokyo, whether a local guesthouse or a hotel.

The gay neighborhood of tokyo

The gay area of Tokyo is mainly congregated in Shinjuku’s Ni-chōme (Area 2) where all the action happens. Shinjuku is a major transport, located in Central Tokyo, towards the west of the famous Imperial Palace. The station itself is like a mini-city, with over 200 exits, serving over 3 million people daily, making it the world’s busiest station.

Shinjuku is so big that it’s directly connected to 5 other nearby stations, so definitely plan ahead where you’re heading exactly before coming here, otherwise you’ll get completely lost. We advise downloading the Tokyo subway map on your smartphone or view it here.

Ni-Chōme is a small area in Shinjuku, forming the hub of the gay scene. Our local Japanese friends nickname it “Nicho”. The 2 closest metro stations to Nicho Tokyo gay scene are:

gay onsen B7ge4Tp

Gay hotels in tokyo

Over the years, we’ve visited Tokyo several times together and stayed in quite a few places. These are our favourite gay friendly options both in Shinjuku and around below. For a more in-depth guide, be sure to check out our 10 .

The metro system in Tokyo is very easy to use and everything is displayed in English. However, it gets very busy! To avoid the queues at the ticket machines and save money, pre-order a Tokyo metro pass which will give you unlimited access to all Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. Hotel delivery is included.

Gay bars in tokyo

Shinjuku’s Ni-Chōme is famous for having the world’s highest concentration of gay bars with over 300 crammed together into unremarkable blocks. If this is your first time in Tokyo, we highly recommend you join this tour with a local gay guide, who will show you the best gay hangouts in one evening. We’ve listed below our favourite gay bars in Tokyo.

gay onsen cky59W

Gay clubs in tokyo

We’ve set out below the main gay clubs in Tokyo we enjoyed the most, located in Shinjuku. For more up to date information about the latest gay parties taking place in Tokyo including Circuit-like events, we recommend checking the listings on DailyXtraTravel. You can also join this tour with a local gay guide, who will show you the best gay hangouts in Ni Chome.

Gay onsen in tokyo

Onsens are the traditional Japanese bathhouses, where men and women are separated and nudity is kind of obligatory. There are several different baths to bathe in, of varying temperatures. Aside from the traditional onsen, there are also a few gay onsens to check out, mainly owned by the 24 Kaikan brand:

gay onsen CtiuU4

Gay travel agents in japan

If you’re looking for a gay-friendly travel company to organise your trip to Tokyo and the rest of Japan, we’ve partnered with Out Asia Travels, an excellent gay-owned travel agency, who offer tailored tours and itineraries.

These guys are locals, passionate travellers and have a real insight of Japanese culture and the gay scene across the country. They are offering our readers an exclusive 5% discount for bookings of 7 days or more when you quote NOMADIC5 in your enquiry.

Before you go

We’ve put together some handy hints and tips to help you plan your own trip to Tokyo. Read on to find out everything the gay traveller should know before they go.

How to get there: It’s most likely that you will be flying to Tokyo which means you will arrive at Narita International Airport which is about 60km east of central Tokyo. The easiest way to get from the airport to your accommodation is with a stress-free private airport transfer.

Visa requirements: Citizens of 68 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and most EU countries coming to Japan for tourist reasons don’t need a visa to enter. You will need your passport and proof of onward travel though. Make sure you before travelling to Japan.

Getting around: Within the city of Tokyo, you will mostly be using the metro system which is very easy to understand with everything displayed in English. It can get very busy though, so we recommend pre-ordering a Tokyo metro pass which will save you money as well.

Power Plugs: Japan uses two main types of power plugs; type A which is mainly used in China as well as North and Central America or type B, which will also work with a type A plug. If you are travelling to Japan from a different country to those mentioned then you will need to bring a travel adaptor with you.

Travel insurance: make sure you get travel insurance before your trip to Tokyo because you never know when you might run into trouble, whether that’s from illness, theft or even just flight cancellations. We have been using World Nomads Travel Insurance for ages and can’t recommend them highly enough. They provide comprehensive cover and it’s easy to make a claim online when you need to.

Vaccinations: In general you don’t need any specific vaccines before travelling to Japan, apart from being up to date on routine vaccines such as measles. If you are planning to visit any rural areas in Japan then you may want to be vaccinated for Japanese Encephalitis. Make sure you always check with your doctor if you might need vaccines before travel.

Currency: The currency used in Japan is the yen, abbreviated to JPY. $1 converts to around 110 Japanese yen while €1 is worth about 122 yen.

Tipping culture: Many Japanese people believe that good service should be the standard, so tipping is not customary here. You may tip if you wish but do not be surprised or offended if it is refused. Also, never just give cash from your wallet or purse, make sure you put it in an envelope first and then hand it to the person with both hands.

Internet access: Free WiFi is usually offered in hotels, airports, train stations, restaurants and cafes in Japan, but not everywhere. Paid WiFi hotspots are more common, so if you know you will be needing to use a lot of internet during your travels to Tokyo then you may like to rent your own portable WiFi device during your trip. We’ve written a detailed guide on renting pocket WiFi in Japan here if you want more information.

Online privacy: While Japan is relatively progressive by Asian standards, you still may like to keep your online history private, especially if you plan to use gay dating apps like Grindr or Scruff. We like to use ExpressVPN when we travel as it’s reliable and affordable.

Accommodation: Whenever we travel to Japan, we use to find accommodation with the best prices. Their system is easy to use plus they offer free cancellation on many properties. The 24/7 customer support is also excellent.

Sightseeing and adventure: is another great company we love, with so many fun activities to choose from in locations around the world, and especially so in Tokyo! The online booking process is very simple and they also have fantastic 24/7 customer support.

When to visit: The best times to visit Japan would have to be either in spring for the beautiful blossoms or autumn for the magnificent foliage. Tokyo’s Rainbow Pride takes place in April or May so you may wish to time your visit for then as well.

gay onsen ETqyeFr

Travel gay community reviews and discussion leave review

“They charge 2900yen after 9pm. Its really 80% men with bellies over 40yo. 20% are trannies and cross-dressers. No action in the wet area. The Japanese men didn’t want anyone but themselves and cross-dressers. Im a young fit Asian guy and not one looked at me (not that i wanted them to) I was there for curiosity since I was staying in the area. Layout/Floor-plan is confusing, nothing in English. Wet area is so small and narrow, all the porn shows are bears, all you see are bears. Cross-dressers roam the floors. Mostly rooms and small common areas. Not worth it. Id go elsewhere. Guy at front was nice though and showed me where to go. Didn’t ask me for passport. It was decently clean. I’ve seen worse.“

“was there late on Friday night, nearly empty, lots of trannys, not so friendly, . FrJapanese guy told me the clientele has really gone down hill.“

“My advice… Take the train to Ueno. There is one 24Kaikan in Ueno.“

7.1 based on 1331 reviews. | Convenient location. Great for the gay scene & nightlife.

8.4 based on 251 reviews. | Central location. Modern rooms Close to the gay scene.

8.71 based on 39 reviews. | Gay men only resort. Clothing optional.

8.33 based on 4427 reviews. | Boutique choice. Great location, in the ‚Art Triangle‘.

7.3 based on 257 reviews. | Walk to The Bund. Historic building Great value.

9.0 based on 179 reviews. | Luxury Choice. Very chic Historic 1930’s mansion.

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gay onsen ezVWw3

Travel gay community reviews and discussion leave review

“Most of the buildings were demolished when I went in Apr. I mourn the loss.“

“We tried to go there Sunday 8-apr 2018 and they were closed. No lights on. A paper sign on the door reads in Chinese that they were not able to renew their lease.“

“I went there last March 30. Is it close on a certain day or its permanently closed?“

“Enjoyed my stay last Thursday. There were a number of guys early afternoon and more guys went in after 4PM. Mostly Asian guys there and good for sightseeing and some fun. Had my share of fun and sauna area is covered from inside so no one can see.“

“The best part is the concept itself of a men-only spa mostly visited by gay walking naked. Lot of sexy guys. However, the facility urgently needs some reforms to make it more comfortable, pleasant and up to the level of neighboring spas. I could not understand the spa don’t offer towels as part of their service. I had to pay T$100 for a hand towel. The pools should have more comfortable seats. Also I found the steam room too hot. I planned to stay there 3 hours but only stayed for 1h45. The locker room is very small.“

“Went on a Saturday afternoon. Good amount of guys. Varied in age and look. Some quite sexy and others so. No attitude and most seemed friendly. Though there was little to no action. Mostly a few stroke offs here and there. Not quite the place to get heavier action or privacy happening.“

“And I certainly was not disappointed. I was in Xinbeitou on Monday, sightseeing, and I thought Huang Ding was near, so I took a taxi. How wrong I was LOL (didn’t realize it was in the mountains). The kind driver took me to the wrong street and it took more than 30 minutes to find this place. I arrived at 3.30pm and it was drizzling, I thought the place would be deserted. When I entered the locker room I was greeted by a cute pair of buns and immediately I knew it was worth the trouble haha. Most of the guys were handsome and have nice bodies. A couple of the hot ones were a bit shy and covering their junk while walking. A local guy was nice enough to take me to the nearest MRT station using his motorbike. I’ll definitely go back on my next vacation to Taiwan.“

“I can’t speak highly enough of this facility. I honestly thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Truly stunning naked Taiwanese men lounging about in pools, showering, walking about, and maybe doing other things. Best eye candy I’ve seen in many a long year. The hands on fun was pretty impressive too. Small gripe is the smoking area is not cleaned regularly or properly, so the smell emanating from it was disgusting. Staff are friendly and helpful.“

“We weren’t quite sure what to find when we decided to go there but it was honestly a very pleasant surprise! The staff was rather kind, and the place itself, although a little dark and basic, was just a great place to relax, to flirt and a little more. It was 5pm on a Thursday when we visited Huang Ding and it was reasonably full – 20 to 30 guys, all gay, a rather young crowd, the vast majority of which locals. We felt pretty at ease although we don’t speak Mandarin. Definitely a good place to go to have some fun! The only drawback is that it’s a bit isolated but accessible by bus or taxi (170 NTS from Beitou stn)“

“I went on a Friday night, and I found the crowd to be mostly young local Taiwanese. A lot of them were hot! Imagine relaxing in a pool, when a hot one just arrives and descends then so conveniently places himself opposite you. There’s 1 big pool, then towards the hallway, smaller pools. Then towards the back there’s this steam room where you’ll have to see to find out ;p. I enjoyed it so much, I went back on a Saturday and it was even more packed with guys (and hot guys ;p ). Even if you just play it nice, it’s quite an experience to be relaxing in a hot pool, with glistening bodies all around you. Everyone was chatty and having nice conversations, like this was a weekly community thing. I wish I could speak Mandarin so I could join in too.“

“Been there last Sunday. Very friendly staff, lots of people. Towel available for rent. In beginning a bit awkward being first time in fully naked surroundings. Lots of not-so-subtle glances, nothing aggressive, great place to relax and to take in the ’scenery‘.“

“Had a great time here on a weekday afternoon. Easily accessible by public transport (frequent buses). OK, it is not "gay" per se, but the clientele is 99% gay. They have converted the women’s baths, and combined it to make the men’s baths larger. They do not offer public bath for women anymore, unlike all the other hot springs in the area. The dark steam room right at the very back is certainly very happening. Lots of fun and groping going on there. Certainly different to visiting a gay sauna, but no less fun (unless you are intent on f**king, cos there is no room to do that)“

“Went on a summer Sat afternoon, was there from 4-6pm or so. Total about 30 guys, fairly broad range of ages and body types. Me and 2 other Caucasians, rest were Asian. Very discreet atmosphere, and could easily be mistaken for a straight hot springs. The only action is in the dark steam room all the way at the back. But don’t expect too much. Once you overcome the inherent shyness, you face the problem of the overbearing heat. I think they crank up the heat and steam to ensure no one stays in the room for too long. Just too hot!! Had to take a break and use the cold water spray in the room, but managed to have some quick fun there. But there seemed to be a decent range, so if you’re patient, flexible an don’t have too high of expectations you should be able to enjoy your visit here. Even if you don’t get any action, the view is always nice, and the water is good and you will be refreshed from the experience.“

“Some reviewers apparently didn’t find the dark steam room – it’s at the end of the somewhat dark alley with lots of benches and chairs to relax, just before you reach the massage area. There is another steam room with an all glass front that is appropriately bright during day time and hence not the preferred dwelling place of, uh, shy guys… 😉 It seems that the visitors are younger and cruisier later at night. The wide range of rest places make it pleasant to take in the eye candy and to wait for a flirt to develop.“

“The description needs to be changed "There is no dark steam room anymore. It’s glass. So no action takes place". Having said that I really enjoyed the atmosphere. There’s not many places you can go where everyone is walking around completely naked. It’s fun just to look. For sure 99% visitors are gay but as others have said – it is not a gay owned/run venue and it is not the place to go if you’re looking for sex. It’s not that difficult to find. Easy to take the Metro to the nearest station and then hop in a taxi for 140 TWD. But sure it is not in the downtown Redhouse district so if you’re short on time it may not be worth while“

“Nothing special there besides a hot bath, but it’s so hard to get there. It’s not worth that much of a huddle… oh and no fun, go to Aniki instead for that“

“I went with my BF (I am a white bear and he a Taiwanese) twink. First off it was crazy crowded. We had to wait 15 minutes for our number to be called to go in the dressing room. Don’t wear socks. The lockers are super crowded and difficult to use.. The facilities on the other had were vast. There are three totally different areas of springs and pools and you cannot see them from the others. You must go exploring. The steam room was a joke because it was so full of guys giving handjobs. Head that you couldn’t even get in or move. It was almost all gay guys there and it seems to be the Betiou place to be, but there is no action really. And it is not officially gay. It’s a straight business take over by the gays. There is a woman’s sauna on the other side. Fun on a cold rainy night or before clubbing, but if sex is what u want, go to Aniki or Rainbow or Grindr.“

“There is a better experience for that in Taipei Aniki for that. Or go to Kawayu Hot Spring instead. This is not a gay place and you should seriously not waste your time going on that mountain.“

“I have been there yesterday. It’s a totally normal on send run by a family. I couldn’t find no signs of "gay lifestyle" were few Asians who looked in my direction. But I’m a European in an onsen… that’s all. There is no action, no place for action. The steam room is more a small cabin then a room. I wouldn’t go there a second time if I need action. A sauna would be better.“

“The hotspring is absolutely gorgeous, the scene that you think can also been seen in an award winning gay film turns into a reality here. Guys all of ages and sizes come here to see and be seen. Facilities are very clean and there are multiple pools to choose from. The steam room is where all the action goes on, there is really no need to be discreet as this is not a gay~friendly hotspring but it is a pure gay hotspring. If you love seeing fully naked beautiful guys around you, this is a place you shouldn’t think about skipping. Even the gay saunas can’t match the crowd here and I am referring to both the quality and quantity of guys.“

8.8 based on 751 reviews. | Gay-popular hotel. Great pool & bar Walk to Taipei 101.

8.2 based on 453 reviews. | Budget choice. Close to The Red House.

8.2 based on 2455 reviews. | Near the gay nightlife at Red House. Walk to Ximen metro.

based on reviews. | Excellent value. Large rooms Near the gay nightlife.

7.6 based on 852 reviews. | Boutique budget choice. Near the gay bars Value for money.

8.7 based on 301 reviews. | New hotel. Stylish design Near the gay nightlife.

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gay onsen F8QD99

Cities in japan

Location: Between Sea of Japan & western Pacific Ocean Initials: JPN International country code: 81 (omit 0 from area code) International access code: 001, 0061 or 0041 Language: Japanese. English (commercial language) Population: 127,561,000 Capital: Tokyo Religions: 80% Buddhist or Shinto Climate: Spring (Mar-May) is cherry blossom season. Autumn (Sep-Nov) is an ideal time to travel, with pleasant temperatures and the autumn colours. Winter (Dec-Feb) can be very cold. Important gay cities: Tokyo, Osaka

Gay travel index

Amsterdam Bangkok Barcelona Berlin Bremen Brighton Brussels Buenos Aires Chicago Columbus Denver D�sseldorf Frankfurt Freiburg Hannover Hamburg K�ln Las Vegas Lisbon London Los Angeles Manchester Mannheim Melbourne Miami Beach Minneapolis Montr�al M�nchen New Orleans New York Orlando Palm Springs Paris Perth Philadelphia Phuket Praha Rome San Diego San Francisco Stuttgart Toronto Vancouver Wien Z�rich

gay onsen gLVcLA

Experience japan on a gay tour

Psst! Want in on a secret? Our friends at Out Adventures recently launched a super kawaii tour of Japan. On this all-gay foray, travelers will ride the Shinkansen bullet train between Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Highlights include a street food tour, samurai experience, a night in an authentic onsen, and an evening in Tokyo’s gay district, Shinjuku Ni-chōme.

Fun gay tour of tokyo

Tokyo’s gay scene can be quite overwhelming, so it might pay to have a private gay guide to show you around.

On this tour, you’ll be picked by your gay guide who will show you the best of Tokyo’s gay nightlife through the eyes of a local. You’ll experience a traditional Japanese gay bar, visit a gay lounge popular with young gay guys and you’ll even get to choose the last place to visit at the end of the tour.

gay onsen IBCrtI

The capitol hotel tokyu

This is our favourite gay friendly hotel to stay in Tokyo. We loved the modern architecture of the hotel, a perfect blend of western and Japanese influences.

The rooms are innovatively designed in open space to give you a soothing experience, with gorgeous views and a rain shower to die for.

There’s also a lovely spa which offers massages and beauty treatments.

The Capitol has three different on-site restaurants serving delicious food, as well as a club lounge for drinks with a view. In the basement of the hotel, you can access three different metro lines, which makes getting around the city a breeze.

We loved the well equipped gym for keeping fit and a hot tub to relax in after. Another highlight is the traditional, and delicious, Japanese style breakfast served every morning.

The park hyatt

For elegance and style in the heart of Shinjuku, we recommend the gay frienldy Park Hyatt which is also very close to the Ni-Chōme gay bars: 10 minutes by taxi or a 20 minute walk.

As well as being plush, classy and super trendy, this was also the location for the Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson Lost In Translation film, particularly The New York Bar on the 52nd floor.

The rooms at the Park Hyatt are very spacious and feature Hokkaido wood panelling plus Egyptian cotton sheets. If you can drag yourself out from your room (we couldn’t) there’s an indoor pool (which also has incredible views) and a spa with lots of pampering services available.

Foodies will love the Park Hyatt as it has three different restaurants; the New York Grill, Kozue (serving Japanese cuisine) and Girandole. There’s also two different bars, a lounge, patisserie AND a delicatessan!

gay onsen JyCWAtf

The hyatt regency

The Hyatt Regency is a more affordable gay hotel in Shinjuku but still luxurious with a blow-your-mind entrance that’s popular with wedding receptions and photoshoots.

Located just 5-10 minutes by taxi or 20 minutes walk to the gay bars of Shinjuku, you’ll be perfectly situated if you want to party till you drop! The club lounge is the perfect spot for a light bite and a few drinks before hitting the gay bars!

The pool, jacuzzi and gym are located high up so you can work out with a beautiful view. We particularly loved the penthouse wellness sanctuary where you can swim under a skylight roof.

There are no fewer than seven restaurants in the hotel, including authentic French cuisine at Cuisine Michel Troisgros, sushi at Miyako and traditional Chinese dishes at Jade Garden.

Stay with a gay local

Misterb&b is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBTQ community. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, voiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Click below to get 10 € (or $10) off our first booking.

gay onsen l85Lzwy

Imano hostel

Imano Hostel is an excellent gay friendly budget option if you don’t mind sleeping in dorm beds. They have curtains to close off your area, which makes them more like cubicles than an actual dorm.

It’s located minutes walking distance from the gay bars as well as the Shinjuku-sanchome metro.

Everything is very clean and the hostel provides things like shower amenities, locker storage and slippers.

There are mixed and single-gender dorms available, as well as family rooms or traditional Japanese-style rooms. The communal relaxation areas are great here, indeed the whole place has a very fun vibe and regular social activities are organised by the friendly staff. The on-site cafe and bar is also a great place to chill out, socialise or have a snack.

Your personalised gay friendly itinerary to japan

We’ve teamed up with the excellent gay travel agency OUT Asia to offer our readers an exclusive 5% discount off the total cost of any trip to Japan you book with them. They specialise in crafting tailored trips and itineraries for LGBTQ travelers to Japan.

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gay onsen Ou8paZ

Alamas cafe

The same guys from AiiRO Cafe are also behind this spot, which is more of a gay restaurant/cafe/bar mix but still totally fun! There’s a DJ booth so you can listen to some tunes, perhaps while fortifying yourself for a big night of partying with some delicious green curry, tom yung goong, fried chicken or waffles. There are also plenty of yummy alcoholic drinks available, so this is a wonderful way to begin your evening in a truly inclusive open-air cafe. Alamas is open every day from 6pm ‚til 2am (or 5am on weekends) and is located at 2-12-1 Shinjuku Garnet Building 1F.

Usagi bar

Usagi is an example of one of the many tiny gay bars of Tokyo. From the outside, it looks like you’re visiting your friend’s apartment. You open the door and enter into a warm, friendly atmosphere, which is a gay bar, complete with karaoke! It is centered around the super charismatic barman, Mr. Take-san, who is also the owner. His hilarious nickname in Japanese gay slang is mama-san! It’s a very local crowd here, where everyone knows everyone. They sometimes bring home-cooked food to share around! Usagi Bar is open daily until around midnight and is located on the 4th floor at Shinjuku 2-10-2, Ebana Bldg 4F.

gay onsen qQffgIX

New sazae

This club is an institution on the Tokyo gay scene and one of the best for drag shows. It’s one of the oldest, standing proud since 1966 when it was a “gay disco” bar. True to its roots, it’s retained this feel and is one of the best clubs for a gay night out. It was Freddy Mercury’s favourite gay club in Tokyo – each time he’d come here, he would famously proclaim (in Japanese): “I’m home!” This is also where the Queer Eye boys filmed one of their Japan episodes so you know it’s where all the Antoni Porowski fans (ahem!) are gonna want to top up their Insta Stories! New Sazae is only open on Friday and Saturday evenings from around 10pm until 7am the next morning, and is located at 2F, 2-18-5 Shinjuku.

The annex

One of the most popular gay clubs of Tokyo, owned by the same guys behind Arty Farty. It attracts a young crowd in their 20s and 30s. If you get stamped in Arty Farty, you can get in here free without paying entry twice. Look out for their Circuit after-parties on weekends which go till 11am the next day. The Annex is open from 8pm ‚til 4 or 5am Monday-Saturday and is located at 1F Futami Bldg, 2-14-11 Shinjuku-ku.

gay onsen rjQfV9o

Aisotope lounge

It might be called a lounge but in actuality, this is the biggest gay club in Nichome, spread out over two floors with two different dance areas and even a dark room. It’s run by the same people behind AiRRO Cafe Bar, and they host lots of dance parties including events that are men-only or women-only. The staff are super friendly, the cocktails are amazing and if you’re looking to cruise or just get down on the dance floor to some house music, this is the spot for you! AiSOTOPE is open every day, there’s always some type of event happening so check the schedule for more info. It’s located at 2-12-6 Shinjuku-ku.

Rainbow reel tokyo (july)

The Rainbow Reel is the city’s official LGBTQ film festival, which started in 1992. It’s actually one of the oldest and largest film festivals of its kind held in Asia. Rainbow Reel Tokyo doesn’t just show films about lesbian and gay people, but also films about people with different LGBTQ minorities such as transgender, intersexual, and bisexual people. It takes place every July, with a week-long program featuring LGBTQ films from around the world.

gay onsen UOG7IM

Vita tokyo (december)

VITA is a dance club/nightclub that organizes fun gay dance parties throughout the year, although the most famous and popular is their “Year-End Party” in December. The parties are epic, with international DJs, dancers and shows. During the year they also occasionally have pool parties! If you like circuit/house style music you will definitely want to experience a VITA event.

24 kaikan shinjuku

This is part of the gay onsen chain called 24 Kaikan, targeted more to cruising than traditional onsen. Spread out over 8 different floors there’s a dry sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, solarium, video room, private cabins, snack room and lockers. It’s also one of the most popular cruising spots for gay men in Tokyo, so if you’re looking for a hook-up, this is the right place! This branch of 24 Kaikan usually attracts a mixed crowd of internationals and Japanese, on the young to middle-age range. Located at 2-13-1 Shinjuku Ni-chome, 24 Kaikan Shinjuku is open 24/7.

gay onsen X3O2Cm

24 kaikan ueno

Another Kaikan gay onsen located in the Ueno neighbourhood, this one is slightly smaller than the Shinjuku location, but just as fun! There’s a dry sauna, mist room, steam room, communal baths, solarium, video room, private cabins and a common play area. This branch tends to attract more middle-aged men/bears and those that love them! It’s located at 1 Chome 8-7, Kita, Ueno and is also open 24/7.

24 kaikan asakusa

The original 24 Kaikan gay onsen, which may seem slightly shabby compared to the newer branches, but is still an interesting experience. The clientele is usually older, frequently tattooed and sometimes a bit kinky. Patrons are mostly uncles, mature men and their fans. It’s located at 2 Chome 29-16 Asakusa and, of course, open 24/7.

gay onsen zCBzyYs


While the 24 Kaikan kind of dominate the gay onsen scene in Tokyo, there’s also JIN-YA, a compact gay sauna that’s arguably the most foreigner-friendly in the city. Facilities include a dry sauna, communal baths, play areas, a video room and even a rooftop nude sunbathing terrace. It’s open 24/7 and can be found at 2 Chome-30-19 Ikebukuro.

Discover tokyo’s gay nightlife

If you don’t feel like going out to the gay bars by yourself then you could also join a which will introduce you to the best local gay bars. Your guide takes you away from the main touristy bars so you can hang out with gay locals in the Shinjuku Nichome area. One of the highlights includes a quirky basement bear bar run by a Japanese ex-pro-rugby player. You’ll get a free drink in each of the three bars you visit, as well as being able to partake in some karaoke with your new friends. Just remember, you need to be at least 20 years old to buy alcohol in Japan!

gay onsen zhQT7O

Visit an onsen

A very traditional Japanese experience not to miss! An onsen is a public bath where you bathe in various pools of water sourced from hot springs. They’re the perfect way to conquer jet lag. Our favourite (non-gay) onsen is the Maenohara Onsen (1180 yen/$11 per person), the closest metro is Shimura-sakaue Station. We loved relaxing in the many different types of baths and saunas here.

Stefan arestis

Stefan is the co-founder, editor, and author of the gay travel blog As a travel nerd, he has explored more than 80 countries across 5 continents. What he loves the most about traveling is discovering the local gay scene, making new friends, and learning new cultures. His advice about LGBTQ travel has been featured in Gaycation Magazine, Gaycities, Gay Times, Pink News, and Attitude Magazine. He has also written about gay travel for other non-gay-specific publications including Lonely Planet, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. Stefan is also a qualified lawyer, having practiced as a commercial property litigator in London for over 10 years. He left his lawyer days behind to work full time on Nomadic Boys with his husband Sebastien. Find out more .

From everything I’m reading online it seems like a 60 year old man like me should just stay home. Seems like most of the bars and clubs in Tokyo are “young only”? Can you comment?

Given that there are over 300 of them, there were tons for older men, bears, locals only, mixed etc.

I love japan!!! They was always a place that caught my attention.

I cant stop laughing at some of these photos you guys look like you had a great time. I am going to plan to get one of those 7 day travel passes to save some for the tip!

Have you guys ever came to are some awesome gay bars out here

Hello, Bonjour and Welcome to our travel blog. We are Stefan and Sebastien a French/Greek gay couple from London. Together, we have been travelling the world for over 10 years. Nomadic Boys is our gay travel blog showcasing all our travel adventures as a gay couple.

gay onsen ZkZdh9U

Berlin’s largest gay village, with many bars, shops and gay hotels

popular central area, close to shops, restaurants and bars

popular sandy beach, close to a great choice of restaurants and bars

gay-popular beach and location of the Silver Sands gay bar

stunning west coast beach with three beachfront resorts

nice beach located to south of the gay-popular Ao Phai beach

compact and trendy arts district; galleries and chic stays

hotels near the lively Bairro Alto district, close to gay bars and shopping

hotels in downtown Lisbon, close to Principe Real nightlife and attractions

melting pot of peruvian culture and food, many local landmarks

popular area with beach-goers, with a long promenade, bars and restaurants

beach front hotels, north towards Tel Aviv Marina & the Hilton gay beach

Berlin’s city centre; home to major landmarks and tourist attractions

the shoppers haven and the best place to celebrity spot in LA

cosmopolitan area and centre of art, entertainment and nightlife

near the Blue Chilli bar and other gay nightlife venues

hotels in central Pattaya within easy reach of the BoyzTown gay nightlife

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gay-popular area, great transport links, very close to the gay nightlife

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wealthiest barrio, many 5* hotels and luxury lodgings

Beijing city centre with plenty of shops, restaurants and hotels

Beijing city centre with plenty of shops, restaurants and hotels

hotels near the city centre, Taichung Station and gay scene

popular area with many restaurants, cafés and the best gay bars

central barrio of the city, endless culture and attractions

world-famous avenue with boutiques, cafés and luxury shops

popular area, close to the gay nightlife and most gay-popular beaches

two of London’s best-known districts, full of shops and restaurants

tourist-popular area; home of the famous Petaling Street night market

Madrid’s main gay scene; home to many bars, clubs and saunas

popular shopping street and commercial heart of Chengdu

popular shopping street and commercial heart of Chengdu

the heart of Frankfurt, close to attractions, shopping and gay scene

hotels in central Tel Aviv, close to gay nightlife and attractions

the heart of Stockholm, with many hotels, shops and restauarnts

hotels near city centre, Sky Tower and K Road gay nightlife

near major tourist sights, the Old Town and shopping area

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very central area, located halfway between the two main gay scenes

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commercial area with pedestrian streets, market and shops

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central area near many of the best tourist attractions

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explore all hotels along the French Riviera, including Nice & Cannes

trendy districts with many gay-popular bars and nightclubs

upmarket district, located south of the river; the ‚Beverly Hills of Seoul‘

Penang’s capital city, home of the UNESCO World Heritage site

the heart of Brussels, close to shops, attractions and gay nightlife

India’s financial and industrial city; excellent choice of hotels

popular beachfront tourist destination during the summer

popular beach to the north of Ao Phai – great choice of restaurants

the heart of Munich, near the main train station, restaurants and shops

Near the new gay nightlife and close to Central Park

great for sightseeing and discovering lima’s rich past

one of the most popular hotels on Travel Gay Europe. Gay sauna too!

popular night market with many street vendors and food choices

popular area with tree-lined streets, many shopping and dining options

popular area with tree-lined streets, many shopping and dining options

hotels near Ibiza’s gay nightlife scene in Ibiza Town.

Lima’s chinatown district; experience their brilliant clash of cultures

known for urban street art & hipster craft breweries

the city centre of Vienna with many museums and tourist attractions

Seoul’s entertainment district; home of ‚Homo Hill‘ gay bars & dance clubs

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lively neighbourhood with many bars, souvenir shops and hotels

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popular artistic barrio containing zona rosa & more

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entertainment district with many hotels, near the gay scene

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central area, close to tourist attractions, landmarks and casinos

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Jakarta’s hotspot for bargain shopping with huge shopping area

home of Mariahilfer Straße, Vienna’s most important shopping street

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popular central area with several gay bars and venues

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upscale residential area; home to Macau’s only gay bar ‚Boom Bar‘

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Shanghai’s famous waterfront area and most popular tourist spot

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centre of downtown Chengdu; home to the statue of former leader Mao Zedong

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commercial and cultural centre, famous for shopping and entertainment

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the gay heart of Mexico City, one of the best gayborhoods in Latin America

How to stay safe whilst traveling?

As gay travelers, safety is our #1 priority! This is why we’ve put together our Ultimate Travel Safety Checklist for LGBTQ travelers.

In our humble opinion, we rate Japan as one of the most gay friendly countries in Asia. Japan is one of the few countries in Asia which has truly started to accept and protect its LGBTQ community to the point where it’s opened the door to gay civil unions, particularly in some of the .

One thing we guarantee, Tokyo is one fascinating destination you will fall in love with and will want to return to again and again. We certainly did!

For more inspiration about gay travel in Tokyo including tips on the best neighbourhoods to stay, things to do and more about the gay scene, be sure to listen to the Japan gay travel podcast I did with Out Adventures:

Before heading off, don’t forget to pre-order your pocket WiFi so you can stay online throughout your trip in Japan. The pocket WiFi will save you a lot of money on roaming fees. For more info, check out our comprehensive guide to renting pocket WiFi in Japan.

gay onsen zoXtcak

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nomination jan. 28 08:43 am jst

Why not exploit the mighty pink yen and open a gay bathhouse?

A lot of bathhouses, excluding the hole-in-the-wall sento, have private (family) rooms that can be rented by the hour. I don’t believe they discriminate what type of people enters, family or not.

gay onsen zZ4VqMB

ken holcomb jan. 28 09:46 am jst

First, I believe having sex in public areas of any kind is disgusting, immoral and displays a mutual lack of disrespect shared by both participants.

But, there are several commenters here decrying the gay part of this. What if the same thing happened between a heterosexual couple at a co-ed bath house, (yes, they do exists).

I use onsen on a regular basis when travelling for work, (not so much recently. Thank you COVID.) I’ve never had a problem with bathing in a room with other men. Seems those that do may have an issue with sex being too close to the top of their minds. Got to wonder how those that are put off by nakedness get through a gym workout or a day at the public pool, since its usal to use a common shower in both cases.

toasted heretic jan. 28 01:23 pm jst

“The signs shouldn’t be addressed to gay people, they should be banning all public sexual acts without any mention of sexual preferences.”

On holiday (some years back, when you could still visit other sunkissed places) and there were two couples having sex in the pool.

Not a prude, but it was a bit intimidating and I wish they could have maybe have taken it elsewhere. It was broad daylight…

And yes, of course, there’s the thrill of a quickie in the great outdoors, but maybe not so blatant and in yer face.

bass4funk jan. 28 01:36 pm jst

I remember when Diane Feinstein was near San Francisco and she close down all the gay bathhouse is, I can’t remember if that was in the late 70s or in the early 80s but in doing so she cut down on a lot of the promiscuity and the AIDS epidemic as it was starting to Flourish during that time.

First, I believe having sex in public areas of any kind is disgusting, immoral and displays a mutual lack of disrespect shared by both participants. 

But, there are several commenters here decrying the gay part of this. What if the same thing happened between a heterosexual couple at a co-ed bath house, (yes, they do exists). 

I use onsen on a regular basis when travelling for work, (not so much recently. Thank you COVID.) I’ve never had a problem with bathing in a room with other men. Seems those that do may have an issue with sex being too close to the top of their minds. Got to wonder how those that are put off by nakedness get through a gym workout or a day at the public pool, since its usal to use a common shower in both cases.

shogun36 jan. 28 01:40 pm jst

The manager says he has reported around 40 such incidents of sexual activity between gay customers on the premises to police in the last four to five years. He also said the establishment has been a public bathhouse for the past 70 years and expressed his disappointment that the sento has now become labelled, through the internet, as a place for gay people to meet up for casual hookups, even though sexual activity is prohibited by the management.

What about joggers on the public sidewalks who jog without masks? They may not be LGBT, but they definitely are without morals or standards. Will they get the boot from society as well?

burakumindes jan. 28 02:09 pm jst

A couple of posters who a few weeks back were openly supporting a hetero couple using a public disabled toilet for sex (they were caught and cautioned I recall) are now up in arms about gay guys doing the same thing!

In all cases, straight or gay, get a love cheap and everywhere!

toasted heretic jan. 28 02:10 pm jst

It is pretty inconsiderate to get it off together in a public bathhouse.

But I do believe that there’s a double standard going on here, with some of the comments. I reckon the vitriol and cries of "disgusting", "abomination" and so on, would be reduced had it been 2 women caught at it.

For some, the fragile male ego is offended by the very idea of gay men.

But seem to have no problem with gay women. In fact, some will lustily "joke" and fantasize about such things.

But the thought of appendages being inserted in the anus is terrifying to contemplate.

Conveniently forgetting, natch, that plenty of straight couples also engage in anal sex.

Aye, maybe, but the comments (not yours) tell a different, depressingly familiar story.

starpunk jan. 28 02:21 pm jst

These guys are in their thirties, they don’t know each other and they do this???

This is unbelievably stupid. Two people having sex at first sight, totally ridiculous.

And I don’t care if the couple are gay or straight, if you’re going to ‚do it‘ then do it elsewhere like a hotel or home.

brian wheway jan. 28 04:39 pm jst

@coment he wrote. "You’d think the owner would be grateful of the business during such times" the problem I see is that it will put more customer off in the long run, as this bath house will, or has got a bad or poor reputation, it might come across as "that gay place" or worse, so ordinary people who dont want to see this sort of activity going on, so I think the owner is right is saying I dont want this in my bath house, as it not good for trade. If some one meets up with another person, and they want to have sex with each other thats fine with me, but be more discreat about it, like go back to your place or a love hotel.