30 gay love songs: men singing about men (updated 2019)

Even when visibility for LGBTQ artists is at an all-time high, it can still be hard to find love songs that are explicitly about the gay experience. Whether it’s a gorgeous ballad about falling in love with a boy, or a thundering track about bringing it to the bedroom, gay and bisexual guys deserve to have their experiences reflected in songs, too.

Instead of waiting to hear that perfect track about man-to-man romance, we decided to offer a helping hand with this list of 30 gay love songs.

Queer pop’s golden boy Troye Sivan is a master of crafting songs about queer relationships, and this one is no exception. “Lucky Strike” shimmers with dreamy synths while Troye confesses to his lover all of different reasons he finds him so attractive.

While Sam Smith may have once faced criticism for a lack of gender-specific pronouns in his songs, “Him” more than makes up for it. This heartbreaking ballad follows a young man coming out of the closet to his father by confessing his love for another man, all while Smith’s stunning vocals convey both the pain and the tenderness of the song at the same time.

While the subtext of “Preacher” hints at a particularly one-sided desire, there is no denying that this bouncing bop off of Years & Years’ Palo Santo is an excellent love song about finding yourself face to face with “the one.” 

Wanna let your lover know just how sexy you find them? Look no further than MNEK’s simmering single “Tongue.” The British star’s track employs his exuberant sexuality, a hard-hitting beat and expertly-crafted melodies to make this one of the sexiest songs about gay romance in recent memory.

Pop upcomer Vincint wants you to stop beating around the bush with his dramatically passionate single “Mine.” From suggesting light attraction to literally pleading his lover to be with him, Vincint pulls out all of the stops on the heart-pounding love song.

Throughout his career, Sakima has shown us time and time again that he knows how to write good music about gay sex. But what differentiates “Show Me” is its tenderness — while on past songs, Sakima focuses on the heat and passion of gay romance, this sensual track frames sex as a means of loving communication between two partners.

Inspired by The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl,” Keiynan Lonsdale’s debut single turns the Disney classic on its head, encouraging his listeners to follow their heart and kiss the boys they love. With the help of some entrancing melodies and gorgeous singing on Lonsdale’s part, “Kiss the Boy” successfully displays the singer’s unique ability to make his audience swoon with a song.

The lyrics to Brockhampton’s electrifying music has never shied away from frontman Kevin Abstract’s gayness. But “Something About Him,” a short, slowed down ballad from the group’s hit album Iridescence, brings the rapper’s experience to the forefront, as he expounds on why he’s infatuated with his lover.

Indie-pop stars Cub Sport dialed into their romantic side with their self-titled 2019 record’s “Butterflies.” The track’s commanding melody perfectly contrasts the head-over-heels emotion they portray through the lyrics, making this a fun, strange trip through gay romance.

Former Vampire Weekend member Rostam manages to combine the ever-present ethereal quality of his music with touching lyrics about struggling to find your dream partner. As always, Rostam’s artful interpretation of complex love comes across beautifully in this dreamy track.

Taking inspiration from the 1994 film of the same name, Frank Ocean’s smooth jam “Forrest Gump” is an ode to unapologetic queer love. The track displays not only a deep love of the 1994 film, but shows emotional maturity in acknowledging the reality of losing the person you love most.

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Perfume Genius accesses the most affectionate part of himself with “Alan,” a heartfelt ode to the singer’s boyfriend, Alan Wyffels. The song’s lyrics highlight the quieter, more tender parts of a relationship, encapsulating the idea of feeling safe in someone’s arms.

Sometimes all a good song needs is a simple bassline and some sultry vocals. That’s what listeners get when listening to pop singer Alextbh’s seductive “Still Mine,” as they follow the singer’s persistent hang-up on an ex-lover.

In “Dance Like You,” Vardaan Arora finds himself entranced by a dancing stranger, wishing he could be with him. With the appropriate club-ready production backing him up, Arora shows what falling in love on the dancefloor really feels like.

Love and passion are universal languages, as Solomon Ray expertly demonstrates in his sensuous bop “Así Así.” Switching constantly between English and Spanish, the singer asks his bilingual lover to give him everything he’s got.

When you combine the talent and confidence of drag star Shea Couleé with the otherworldly production of art pop artist Gess, you’re met with the haunting love song “Gasoline.” As Couleé breaks down her lover’s preconceptions about what love is, Gess delivers a distorted melody, sending their listeners to the stars.

K-pop stars don’t usually get opportunities to express their same-sex love thanks to Korea’s rigid anti-gay policies. But pop singer Holland defied expectations with his release of “Neverland,” one of the first K-pop songs with openly gay connotations. As Holland begs his lover to fly with him to a place where they can be free, you’ll find yourself both crying and applauding at the same time.

If the sexy falsetto tones of Bronze Avery’s voice don’t immediately melt your heart, then perhaps the words to this irresistible earwom “Want 2” will. Offering himself up to his new love interest, singing “Let’s do what we wanna do/ Imma take my time on you/ Swear I gotta list of that shit I wanna do,” Avery not only shows off his vocal dexterity, but his emotional availability.

Getting caught up in the heat of passion happens to everyone, and songwriter to the stars Jesse Saint John (Britney Spears, Camila Cabello) invites you to live in that moment with “What Do U Like.” Listening to Saint John’s sex-laden dance track makes you excited to hear what comes next on his already star-studded streak of expert pop writing.

Even if he’s only released a live version of this song, Wrabel manages to pull at your heartstrings with the lovesick “That’s What I’d Do.” Singing about an unselfish desire to show someone love, Wrabel brings his sensitive musical stylings to an all-time high on this beautiful new song.

On his debut track “Boy,” up-and-coming pop singer Aaron Porter shows off every sensual trick in his arsenal. The song deals with allowing yourself to be more vulnerable in front of your crush, while simultaneously showing them why they belong with you.

A Great Big World’s “Hold Each Other” begins as most other love songs do — a boy singing about the girl who keeps him young at heart. But by the song’s second verse, the duo’s openly gay member, Chad King, chimes in to show that exact same sentiment to a boy, thus showing once again that pronouns matter when it comes to penning a queer love song.

Pentatonix members Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying turn on the charm in their high-energy dance track “Fantasy.” Singing about a picture-perfect relationship, the talented duo bring listeners into a dreamy landscape of love and romance.

Ryan Ashley’s tender vocals perfectly mirror his compassionate lyrics on his heartwarming single “Care for You.” Sometimes true love is showing someone that you are there for them, and Ashley expertly exemplifies the ideal partner here.

Sometimes you just can’t wait for that special man to make his way over to you, which alt-pop singer Morgxn manages to convey in his song “xx.” Coming from a singer with a discography full of songs about pain, loss and heartbreak, “xx” plays out as a beaming pillar of light that will fill you with flirtatious joy.

While the subject matter of the 2018 film Boy Erased may not lend itself to pure romantics, it’s clear that Troye Sivan’s collaboration with Sigur Rós’ Jónsi for the film’s soundtrack perfectly does. Basking in the light of pure love, Sivan’s crystal-clear baritone pairs perfectly with Jónsi’s simple production, creating not only an extremely moving scene for the film, but a beautiful love song for the ages.

Some may say that teenage love is inherently silly, but young pop singer Robokid instead focuses on the hopeless romanticism that comes with it on “17.” With a hazy production and an instantly catchy beat, Robokid manages to capture the teenage experience in a song.

Sometimes, the simple possibility of love can be just as romantic as the real thing, as pop upcomer Leo Kalyan demonstrates in his song “Horizon.” Accompanied by a thundering bass and a quiet melody, Kalyan explains how even just a touch from his lover can send him into a spiral of pleasure.

Take dance-pop producer Jax Jones, add in pop stars Years & Years, and you get the extremely fun and flirty “Play.” Centering around a man bringing his emotional walls down to start having some fun with his same-sex lover, “Play” will have you and your partner up and dancing in no time.

Above all, the most important kind of love that a person can find is self love, which Dev Hynes and Carly Rae Jepsen explore at length in “Better Than Me.” The song deals with Hynes’ constant fear that he is either not black or queer enough, but ultimately sends home the message that the truest love you can find is deep within yourself, not in someone else.

So, i love „love songs,“ but they’re all about girls. got any gay love songs that i have not heard of?

I love Air supply, and Journey, etc., but they are about girls. I want some guy love songs!

If one has the names Thomas or Jon or a combination of the two, I will buy you a beer.

Thank you, the simple act of you posting this made me laugh harder than anything else today.

the supposed target is god, but substitute less imaginary males if you want.

Every single Air supply song is a love song. They sure are ugly, but they are amazing singers.

Rufus Wainwright has several but one of my favorites is Danny Boy off his first album.

[edit] just remembered: Girls – Lust for Life (NSFW) — the song isn’t gay but the video definitely is!

Well, there is this lovely ode to partaking in drinks with the target of your affections.

There is a singer named „Mark Weigle“ who has this wonderful love song called „No More Nights Alone“, which is a duet with another man. May have to get it on ITunes, though. The entire album is pretty good, especially if you are into county/folkish type music. That type of music isn’t my thing, but I love his first album called „The Truth Is“

Also, there is a group out of the UK called „The Feeling“ which has a gay lead singer who is also the bands songwriter. While his songs aren’t always gay specific, he doesn’t hold back with his lyrics if they call for it.

One song is a sort of unrequited love type, called „Sewn“, which is about a gay man who is falling in love with a straight guy.

„I can’t do the walk, I can’t do the talk, I can’t be your friend, unless I pretend.“

The album is kinda pop oriented, but good stuff, and the love ballads are pretty good. Maybe there is something there that might suit your taste.

The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs is pretty non gender specific. Or all over the map in terms of gender, anyway. Male and female singers singing about men, women, and non gender specific lovers.

Not all of his song are about love, but Jay Brannan has some beautiful songs. Specifically, Body’s a Temple and Housewife are the decidedly romantic tunes.

Home, Half Boyfriend, and Can’t Have it All are other love songs, but a little darker.

For a campier and funnier version, see Bowlegged and Starving.

This was always a fun band to listen to while delivering pizzas.

Affirmation by Savage Garden, is non gender specific and LGBT friendly.

Check out songs by the Pansy Division, they are a queer punk band.

Morrissey/The Smiths play around with gender roles and homosexuality as a norm in quite a few songs.

30 epic first dance wedding songs to consider for your gay wedding

Let’s talk first dance wedding songs for gay couples. Out of all the things you need to plan for your reception, this definitely has to be among the most stressful. You only get one first dance, after all. Because it is a time-honored tradition that is highly cherished, choosing that song for should be a special occasion. With that in mind, here are some of our favorites! 

from sylvester to perfume genius to everyone in between, editors pick the most evocative, transformative songs

From Sylvester to Perfume Genius to everyone in between, editors pick the most evocative, transformative songs

Is there an LGBTQ sensibility? What was it 40 years ago, before much of today’s language for gender and sexual identities even existed? Or, much more simply: Which songs best evoke the sex, drama, heartache, struggle, liberation and mindfucks of queer lives then and now? What follows is not a comprehensive (or ranked) list, but one that bridges the gap between post-Stonewall disco parties and gender-queer millennial rock of today. While some classics do appear on our list, others do not – sorry, Gloria Gaynor, Kylie Minogue, RuPaul, Britney and Cher, we still adore you — here are 25 essential pride songs from the 1970s to today.

In This Article: Against Me, Diana Ross, direct, Donna Summer, Elton John, Erasure, George Michael, Hercules & Love Affair, Lady Gaga, LGBT, LGBTQ Pride, Madonna, Mary Lambert, Melissa Ethridge, Peaches, Perfume Genius, Queen, Robyn, Scissor Sisters, Tegan and Sara, TRWPride, Village People

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3. “what a beautiful day” by brett every featuring belinda crawford

 While folk singer Brett Every may not be one of the most popular singers, this song was written in 2012 to support same-sex marriage rights. The song became popular, on YouTube, among the LGBT communities with its simple lyrics and melody. The song is about the wedding ceremony between two men.

My favorite lyrics- “Your father said, while giving his toast, that, ‘Of all my beliefs, I believe in love most.’”

5. “true colors” by cyndi lauper

 Cyndi Lauper is an actress, pop/rock singer and activist. This 1986 song has become an anthem for the LGBT community. In 2007 & 2008, Lauper embarked on the True Colors Concert Tour, which supported the Human Rights Campaign, the Matthew Shepard Foundation and PFLAG (formerly known as Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays).

My favorite lyrics- “I see your true colors and that’s why I love you. So, don’t be afraid to let them show, your true colors. True colors are beautiful, like a rainbow.”

7. “i still love you” by jennifer hudson

 Jennifer Hudson is an actress, singer and philanthropist, often referred to as “The Princess of Soul.” In 2015, she teamed up with Human Rights Campaign, Logo TV, MTV and W. Hotels to create the music video for “I Still Love You.”

The video features a father coming to terms with his son’s gay wedding, when he jumps in his pickup truck to attend the ceremony in Los Angeles, complete with Jennifer Hudson singing and a wedding party that includes Claudia Charriez, an actress, model and LGBT activist, Leisha Hailey, an actress and musician, Manila Luzon, a drag queen and reality television personality and Shaun Ross, an actor and model.

My favorite lyrics- “He’s everything I need. I still love you. You make my life complete.”

9. “so beautiful” by darren hayes

 Darren Hayes is best known as the lead singer of Savage Garden (see below), from 1994 until they disbanded in 2001. Hayes wrote this song for his then-boyfriend, British animator Richard Cullen, whom he married three times.

On July 23, 2005, they married in a private ceremony in London. On June 19, 2006, the couple entered into a formal civil partnership in London. And on July 15, 2013, they were married in California.

My favorite lyrics- “And if all the world was smiling, I would only ever want to see your frown. You know they can sail away in sunsets; we’ll be right here stranded on the ground.”

What are some of your favorite first dance wedding songs for gay couples? share below!

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