Best gay, queer, lesbian and bisexual kisses on screen in tv and films

From Atypical to POSE, we stan a show with LGBTQ+ snogging.

If, like myself, you’re a sucker for love and affection, then intimate and sex scenes between your favourite TV and film characters must be your kryptonite. We’ve all let out quiet gasps, held our breath, smiled fondly or even squealed when two love interests kiss. But, because they’re still so rare, love and kissing scenes are even more special when they’re performed by queer characters.

It’s not often that we get to see saucy or romantic scenes including LGBTQ+ characters but as this sight slowly but surely becomes more normalised on our screens, we present the best queer, lesbianbisexual and gay kisses in TV and film.

Pose: damon and ricky

Damon and Ricky are complete opposites in TV series, , but the pair find each other after Damon is thrown out by his homophobic parents, taken in by house mother, Blanca and exposed to the glamorous LGBTQ+ ballroom culture of the 1980s. When alone together, Damon is shy, telling Ricky he has never kissed anyone before, while Ricky is confident and experienced. Ricky twirls Damon around and attempts to put him at ease before kissing him for the first time.

Orange is the new black: poussey and soso

Arguably an unexpected coupling, character Poussey and Soso end up being pretty perfect for one another. Poussey’s laidback, calm and warm demeanour mellows Soso out, who binge-worthy OINTB initially portray as an irritating character who won’t stop talking. In the early stages of their relationship, they have a serious conversation about whether this is enough for Soso, who isn’t used to dating women. After some reassurance and „I love you’s“, they share a quick but sweet kiss.

Sex education: eric and rahim

Eric is everyone’s favourite character in the comedy-drama TV series, Sex Education, right? He’s openly gay, loud and hilarious and deserves all the love and kisses in the world, but develops a strange, secret relationship with his bully, Adam. So, when new student Rahim joins the school and sets his sights on Eric, he finally gets sincere love. Their first date takes place in an arcade where they have a dance off and Rahim makes the first move out in public, much to Eric’s surprise, but delight.

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