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I’m with you on, God’s Own Country. Awesome film. One of the best I’ve seen in ages.

Basically brokeback but happy. I love it so much. Watched it like 5 times now.

If you want to watch a fun, light hearted gay film I can’t recommend The Way He Looks enough

Just watched it, it was great. It’s not the happy ending i expected but a good ending nonetheless. Thanks for the recommendation :))

But Wait I’m a Cheerleader (1999) is another comedy

Defying Gravity (1997) is another with a rough middle, but happy ending.

Mambo Italiano is amazing! Thanks for the recommendation!

Was so funny and easy to watch but also addresses serious issues.

If you don’t mind something older: Beautiful Thing (1996) – UK And of course: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) – Australia

"And Then We Danced" is a great film about a traditional Georgian (the country) dancer. If not a happy ending is at least optimistic, depending on how you define happy ending.

Happy ending to me is just the main couple(s) ended up together and alive :))

But i just watched the trailer and it looks good. I’ll add it to the list :))

Wow i just finished watching and want to comeback and say thank you so so much for this recommendation. Like holy hell it’s so hard to find a decent gay comedy but this is beyond great.

The fact that Andrew Scott and Moe Dunford two of my biggest mancrush are in the movie is just the cherry on top.

Maurice (1987), of course. The ending is quite deliberately happy, though arguably improbable. But the journey to get there is so worth it. And Love, Simon (2018).

Looking through these lists, I think we need more queer comedies. I don’t get all the drama – we are a pretty funny group. Which reminds me – an actual gay comedy: In & Out (1997) written by the great Paul Rudnick.

I’d also recommend the classic "Tom of Finland". While it’s a piece stricken by a good amount of tragedy this biopic genuinely had an ending that filled my heart with joy.

For the following, you can decide if they have happy endings for you:

Also, the mentioned movies so far reminded me that I should watch more Asian films. It’s like an untapped resource.

4. were the world mine(2008)

A bullied and demoralized gay student at an all-boys school uses a magical flower derived from Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to turn many in his community gay, including a comely rugby player for himself.

Director:Tom Gustafson | Stars:Tanner Cohen, Wendy Robie, Judy McLane, Zelda Williams

5. straight-jacket(2004)

In 1950’s Hollywood, movie star Guy Stone must marry a studio secretary in order to conceal his homosexuality. Sally has no idea her marriage is a sham, though, and turns Guy’s life upside-down. Then he falls in love.

Director:Richard Day | Stars:Matt Letscher, Carrie Preston, Adam Greer, Veronica Cartwright

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14. another gay sequel: gays gone wild!(2008)

Andy, Nico, Jarod and Griff reunite in Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break and participate in a contest called "Gays Gone Wild" to determine who can attain the most "buttlove" over the course of the vacation.

Director:Todd Stephens | Stars:Jonah Blechman, Jake Mosser, Aaron Michael Davies, Jimmy Clabots

16. sasha(2010)

Sasha is a piano prodigy under pressure to gain admittance to a prestigious music school. What is really stressing Sasha is his emerging sexuality, plus his piano tutor is moving away, because Sasha is in love with him, and no one knows.

Director:Dennis Todorovic | Stars:Sasa Kekez, Predrag Bjelac, Ljubisa Gruicic, Zeljka Preksavec

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20. (i) (2004)

After getting dumped by his slutty girlfriend, Caleb falls in love with Gwen. However, thanks to Caleb’s roommate, Gwen thinks he’s gay and sets him up with her roommate, Marc.

Director:Q. Allan Brocka | Stars:Scott Lunsford, Jim Verraros, Emily Brooke Hands, Rebekah Kochan

21. eating out 2: sloppy seconds(2006)

After Marc dumps him, Kyle unites with Gwen and Tiffani to land sexually confused art model Troy by pretending to be straight. However, Marc wants Troy, too, and members from a notorious "ex-gay" group are slipping for the both of them.

Director:Phillip J. Bartell | Stars:Jim Verraros, Emily Brooke Hands, Rebekah Kochan, Brett Chukerman

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22. eating out: all you can eat(2009)

A gay Internet connection is made, but entanglements ensue due to hiding behind the name and photo of a straight male stripper who happens to return to the area.

Director:Glenn Gaylord | Stars:Rebekah Kochan, Daniel Skelton, Chris Salvatore, Michael E.R. Walker

24. (2011)

Zack is gaycationing in Palm Springs with new BF Benji who, to Zack’s dismay, wants to try an open relationship. Adding confusion is Casey, Zack’s ex, with Peter, his fake BF, plus Casey’s fruity friend, Penny, and Zack’s friend Lilly.

Director:Q. Allan Brocka | Stars:Aaron Milo, Chris Puckett, Chris Salvatore, Harmony Santana

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29. from beginning to end(2009)

Two brothers develop a very close relationship as they are growing up in an idyllic and happy family. When they are young adults their relationship becomes very intimate, romantic, and sexual.

Director:Aluizio Abranches | Stars:Júlia Lemmertz, Fábio Assunção, Jean Pierre Noher, Louise Cardoso

30. save me(2007)

A sex and drug-addicted young man who is forced into a Christian-run ministry in an attempt to cure him of his "gay affliction," where instead he is faced with the truth in his heart and spirit.

Director:Robert Cary | Stars:Jeremy Glazer, Chad Allen, David Petruzzi, Arron Shiver

gay happy ending epPJ2P

32. (2005)

After living on the tough streets of LA for a while, India hopes that every gay basher will meet his destiny. In this case Destiny is a black, 6 foot, high heel wearing, gun toting, drag … See full summary »

Directors:Everett Lewis, Joe Lia | Stars:Joe Lia, Allan Louis, Lance Lee Davis, Adam Larson

34. jeffrey(1995)

A poignant romantic comedy about the quest for love and intimacy in the age of AIDS. A story of a thirtyish gay actor/waiter who decides to become risk of AIDS has taken all the joy from sex.

Director:Christopher Ashley | Stars:Steven Weber, Michael T. Weiss, Peter Jacobson, Tom Cayler

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37. just a question of love(2000 tv movie)

After his gay cousin dies from hepatitis, young Laurent, who lives with his best friend Carole, falls in love with Cedric, a plant scientist. He’s afraid to inform his conservative parents that he is gay.

Director:Christian Faure | Stars:Cyrille Thouvenin, Stéphan Guérin-Tillié, Éva Darlan, Caroline Veyt

38. (2004)

After their most recent loss, a soccer team discovers its goalie is gay and casts him out. He retaliates by bringing back an all-gay team for a game to prove who’s better.

Director:Sherry Hormann | Stars:Maximilian Brückner, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Dietmar Bär, Eileen Eilender

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41. slutty summer(2004)

Hunky writer Markus returns home to find his boyfriend of four years naked with another man. Newly single, he begins waiting tables at a swinging Chelsea hotspot where the indelible … See full summary »

Director:Casper Andreas | Stars:Casper Andreas, Christos Klapsis, Virginia Bryan, Jeffrey Christopher Todd

45. fit(i) (2010)

Takes a look at gay and straight love among the new millennials. Everything from secret crushes to homophobic attitudes are revealed by the rambunctious students taking Drama and Dance from… See full summary »

Director:Rikki Beadle Blair | Stars:Duncan MacInnes, Ludvig Bonin, Sasha Frost, Lydia Toumazou

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46. angels of sex(2012)

The established relationship between university student Bruno and aspiring photographer Carla is thrown into turmoil when Bruno feels drawn to sexy karate instructor/break dancer Rai. Complications ensue.

Director:Xavier Villaverde | Stars:Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Álvaro Cervantes, Llorenç González, Sonia Méndez

48. shut up & kiss me(2010)

A modern day take on the trials and tribulations of dating. We follow Ben as he faces the world of dating as a 35 year old who is looking for more then sex. After testing out different … See full summary »

Director:Devin Hamilton | Stars:Ron Smith, Scott Gabelein, Kindall Kolins, Joseph Russo

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50. buffering(2011)

From the makers of Shank and Release comes this raunchy British comedy about a young couple who decide to broadcast their sex life via webcam to pay the bills.

Directors:Darren Flaxstone, Christian Martin | Stars:Alex Anthony, Conner Mckenzy, Jessica Matthews, Oliver Park

53. be mine(2009 video)

A gay man is about to be married. He thinks back to when he was a kissing virgin, waiting for the right person with whom to have that first kiss.

Directors:Anthony David, Steven Vasquez | Stars:Daniel Selon, Kendra Thomas, Jared Welch, Eric Taylor

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Shelter (2007)

Okay fine, Shelter is not a rom-com film, but romantic it is and it has a sweet, happy ending, which is rare for a gay-themed film. Yes, there are gay-themed romantic comedies, but sadly most of them are quite…. tacky. Until I found a good one that is, Shelter. The film is sweet, indie and just splattered with romance all over. When young aspiring artist Zach met his best friend’s older brother, Shaun, he got smitten. The two hit it off right away and things start to change when Shaun believes and encourages Zach to pursue his dream as an artist. The film’s Californian setting and lifestyle sets up the mood for a laid-back romance, while the two actors chemistry is just pure magic! Again, MAGIC I TELL YOU! The ending will also put a wide smile on your face that involves two grown men on a beach with little kid and a dog.