HIV and African American Gay and Bisexual Men



Is gay the brand-new black?: A conversation on the resemblances between the black legal rights and gay legal rights motion

Drawing parallels between different oppressed teams is a fairly effective method to open the eyes of those who do not encounter the same day-to-day difficulties as the gay america Translating point of views as well as suggestions into discussion is a helpful device to clarify intricate subjects to those that don’t rather comprehend.

The issue the Aggies United as well as Gay Straight Partnership joint discussion taken on were the barriers that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, as well as other sexual orientations (LGBTQ) area deals with regularly.

LGBTQ representation in Hollywood was gone over in this conference. Tv programs are coming to be progressively progressive with their portrayal of the nontraditional family unit. This is very important to everyday culture, much like it is essential to see individuals of shade on display. Youngsters are greatly influenced by media, and also representation issues.

When young eyes see a person that is their complexion, hair type, sexual orientation etcetera, they feel a lot more comfortable in the skin they’re in. They’re extra confident to live the life they desire.

While this is an action in the appropriate instructions, there are still some elements preventing the normality of LGBTQ households and also couples. In the discussion it was kept in mind that, there are a million means to be gay, yet many shows enhance the stereotype that one individual in the connection is flamboyant as well as the other is extra standard.

The recommendation of multidimensional ultramodern characters was made in the meeting. This would certainly allow for even more viewers to relate and comprehend the LGBTQ neighborhood a lot more inclusively.

The LGBTQ neighborhood fights for validation in the same way people of color battled and also remain to fight for equivalent civil liberties. Rights like marrying who you like, health center visitation, as well as being fully accepted as who you are by legislation. These concepts are some that a lot of (straight) individuals do not also reconsider, because they are ensured to them.

This kind of interaction on an university school is exactly what pupils need, Michael Chang on researchgate suggests. Without these sorts of communications and variety initiatives the top quality and also dynamic of education would certainly be substantially reduced.

You may go out of an occasion such as this recognizing something you never ever would have known otherwise.

black gay america

There is constantly area for more expertise as well as grasp on subjects such as these. Input is always valued as well as concerns are constantly invited.

ENJOY: ‘You’re Adorable for a Black Guy’ Skewers Gay Dating World

The gay dating world isn’t very easy, especially if you’re black, says a brand-new Outfest docudrama.

A brand-new brief documentary is shining a spotlight on the difficulties associated with dating for gay black men.

The short, You’re Adorable for a Black Individual, debuted last weekend at Outfest Blend, a Los Angeles movie event that showcases LGBT people of shade.

The film features first-person accounts of the real-life extravagant comments made by white men during courtship, such as “I’m not really right into ethnic men,” “Will you be my n —–?” and “I have actually entirely never dated a black person before, however if I did, I entirely would obtain with you.”

The filmmaker, Cameron Johnson, informed The Huffington Message he made the movie “due to the fact that I intended to make certain that I had not been insane.”

” I could not be the only gay black male who white days have stated ridiculous points to, so I ventured to discover others who shared my experiences,” Johnson said. “What I found is that my tale isn’t uncommon, it’s just unknown.”

” I hope that my job will help to widen the discussions of what it resembles to be a gay guy in 2022 and also provide people understanding right into worlds they haven’t understood. Likewise, seriously never claim any of these things to black guys again.”

Johnson’s past work includes Attempt This Rather, an Internet series that likewise deals with race concerns. Episode titles include “Do not Touch My Hair,” “Do not Inform Me I’m Not Truly Black,” as well as “Don’t Fire United States.”

Among the topics of You’re Cute for a Black Individual, Ean Weslynn, is also known for a comedic Internet series that explores the diffulties of gay dating life: Day Drunk Gays, which recently satirized same-sex marriage.

View You’re Charming For a Black Guy below. As well as comply with Cameron Johnson on Twitter @CameronJAwesome.

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Unarmed, Black, Gay Male Shot By Cops Demands $26 Million

Isiah Brown, a gay Black man that was shot by cops eight times while unarmed, filed a $26 million suit Tuesday against the officers accountable.

Brown, 32, made it through the April capturing in Spotsylvania Area, Virginia, in critical condition. He is currently implicating Deputy David Turbyfill and the sheriff overseeing him, Roger Harris, of “gross oversight, battery as well as making use of excessive pressure,” The Roanoke Times reported.

Brown’s problem details ravaging life-altering injuries, insisting that Turbyfill created him to “suffer considerable, severe, recurring physical and also mental discomfort, anguish, suffering, disfigurement, humiliation, as well as financial losses.” The suit better claims that Brown “will never totally recuperate from the marks and also disability to his mind and body,” Capital reported.

The day of the shooting, Turbyfill had provided Brown a flight home after his vehicle damaged down. Brownish after that later called 911 during an altercation with his sibling. In the recording of the 911 call released by authorities, Brown can be heard endangering to kill his brother, yet likewise informing the dispatcher he does not have a weapon or any other weapon.

The 911 dispatcher after that sent out Turbyfill to the scene, where Brown was pacing on the road outside while still on the phone. The 911 dispatcher told Brown to place his hands up as Turbyfill approached. Turbyfill can be heard continuously shouting at Brown to “go down the weapon,” having actually confused the phone in his hand for a gay america He after that discharged at Brown 10 times.

8 bullets were later discovered in Brown’s body, and also no weapon was ever found at the scene, according to Breaking Daily News.

The shooting happened just a couple of days after a jury located Minneapolis law enforcement officers Derek Chauvin guilty for the murder of George Floyd, an additional unarmed Black male whose death sparked a global wave of Black Lives Matter objections as well as caused a rise in public rage over police physical violence versus the Black community.

Black individuals are three times more probable to be eliminated by police than white individuals, in spite of being 1.3 times more probable to be unarmed, according to the Mapping Cops Physical Violence Job. LGBTQ people, and particularly LGBTQ people of color, are also disproportionately targeted by cops and also are stopped at higher prices than non-LGBTQ individuals, according to the American Bar Organization.

Turbyfill was arraigned in July for firing Brown, when he was charged with felony negligent handling of a gun. He confronts 5 years in prison if convicted. While Brown’s attorney, David Haynes, uploaded on Facebook that the family was “delighted” with the charge, Brown’s sis, Yolanda, appeared to feel otherwise.

” Looks like we are going to have to take this to [the] High court,” she wrote in a Facebook article at the time. “They obtained the Brown family misinterpreted if they assume we are going to accept 5 years!”

Though Turbyfill was put on administrative leave, he has stayed on the force given that shooting Brown. Brown’s family members has required that the police officer be discharged.

While Brown, a residence wellness assistant, was still in the hospital terminally ill, Yolanda explained him to The Supporter as “the life of the celebration.”

” He loves his family, likes to laugh,” she said, adding that his smile “Simply brighten an area.”

Brown’s lawyer, David Haynes, hopes this brand-new legal action will not just bring Brown some closure, yet likewise that it will lead to considerable changes in the Spotsylvania Police Department.

” Isiah Brown’s life will certainly never coincide after his terrible experience with David Turbyfill,” Haynes told ABC Information. “Our hope is that this legal action will offer a measure of justice for Mr. Brown and also force the Spotsylvania Authorities Division to boost their training and update their policies as well as procedures so that this never happens to an additional person.”

” America’s Favorite Black, Gay, Republican”

Rob Smith is an Iraq War professional as well as political analyst that is a factor for Transforming Factor USA, an advocacy group for young traditionalists and a FOX News Contributing Viewpoint Columnist. He refers to himself as, “America’s favorite black, gay, Republican.”

Steve and Rob review his youth maturing in Ohio’s working-class, the plans he’s enthusiastic for and both of his “appearing” stories.

Plus, Rob shares just how he went from being a registered Democrat to a staunch Republican

HIV/AIDS is Still a Concern for Older Gay Black Men

I grew up during the civil liberties activity, seeing powerful black activists around me fight for our civil liberties as a people. I likewise grew up throughout the Stonewall Riots, feeling the hostility culture nurtured toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and also transgender (LGBT) people. And I matured during a time when I shed numerous liked ones because of HIV/AIDS, a disease that was seen by the globe as a vital epidemic.

Currently it’s 2013. Today as a black gay guy, I appreciate a lot more flexibilities and also rights (as a New Yorker, I can wed my lasting partner Stanton).black gay america Yet, for older black gay males who are dealing with HIV/AIDs, it’s still a difficult journey.

black gay men

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Viral Picture of Black Gay Love Motivates Others to ‘Live Authentically’

Tyler Hightower and also Ahdeem Tinsley are bringing varied representation and a message of love to social media sites.

Inspired by seeing an additional black gay couple post an image on Twitter, Tyler Hightower did the same on October 1st in order to take a stand for representation.

The photograph of Hightower and his boyfriend Ahdeem Tinsley kissing has since gotten over 12,000 retweets as well as over 100,000 likes since the moment of the short article’s publication. It also included an inspiring message about the importance of exposure.

” Publishing this because representation issues,” mentioned Hightower. “The black, gay, and satisfied gworls are out right here! We cohabit as well as have two pet cats. This was our 1 year wedding anniversary. We go to the 1 year and 8month mark as well as still going strong!”

” The responses have been awe-inspiring,” Hightower, a 26-year-old cancer cells study planner, told NBC Information. “People are replying stating that the image made their day which they really did not recognize there was love for people like them.”

Indeed, the comments of the photograph were loaded with love and assistance. “Love it. There’s seriously nothing that makes me happier than seeing 2 people that like each other and also aren’t afraid to show it,” created Twitter individual @_Sean_83.

The pair, that live together in Philadelphia with their 2 pet cats Pal and also Gigi, wish to bring more varied LGBTQ depiction to a media landscape that is usually saturated with ” characteristically attractive white gay males,” Hightower told NBC News.

” Component of our identification is being fat, heavy, thick, black and gay guys, and also we want all individuals to know that regardless of your dimension, shade or faith, be yourself and also live authentically, as well as you will find love,” he said. “I ‘d been closeted for a very long time, as well as now I have actually found real happiness.”

New York Democrats come to be initial freely gay Black men chosen to Congress

America is altering faster than ever! Include Changing America to your Twitter or facebook feed to stay on top of the news.

” It is the honor of a lifetime to represent a district filled with important workers who risked their lives to make sure that New York City can live. My promise to the district is easy: I will fight for you,” Torres said.

Openly gay white lawmakers have offered in Congress because the 1980s, as well as at the very least one Black congresswoman who did not speak freely about her sexuality, according to AP.

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Fifty percent of black gay males and a quarter of Latino gay males forecasted to be detected within their lifetime

This is an official U.S. Government internet site managed by the U.S. Division of Health And Wellness as well as Person Providers and sustained by the Minority HIV/AIDS Fund.

Numerous Government agencies have actually created public recognition as well as education and learning projects to attend to HIV avoidance, treatment, treatment, and research gay america In this section, you’ll discover a snapshot of these Federal HIV campaigns and web links to aid you gain access to more details in addition to campaign materials that you can utilize. Additionally included is info regarding projects related to the avoidance as well as medical diagnosis of liver disease B as well as C.

El VIH es una amenaza de salud serious para las comunidades latinas, quienes se encuentran en grandma desventaja respecto de la incidencia de esta enfermedad en los Estados Unidos. Segu00fan los CDC, en el 2014 los hispanos representaron aproximadamente el 17% de la poblaciu00f3n de Estados Unidos, pero constituyeron cerca del 24% de los nuevos casos de infecciu00f3n (10,887). De ellos, el 86 % (9379) fue en hombres y el 14 % (1490) en mujeres.

En esta secciu00f3n encontraras informaciu00f3n sobre recursos federales en espau00f1ol a tu disposiciu00f3n. Ademu00e1s tienes la opciu00f3n de traducir cualquier pu00e1gina de al espau00f1ol usando el icono.

Wished to remain abreast of modifications in prevention, care, treatment or research or other public health fields that impact our cumulative feedback to the HIV epidemic? Or are you new to this field? curates learning chances for you, as well as the people you serve as well as team up with.

Stay up to day with the webinars, Twitter conversations, seminars and also even more in this area.

Gay, black and also HIV positive: America’s hidden epidemic– video

If you are a black, gay guy in America, your danger of having HIV is one in 2. Leah Eco-friendly takes a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, which has the biggest gay and black neighborhood in the nation. She finds out just how preconception, education as well as structural bigotry remain to feed right into this shocking fact

Leah Environment-friendly, Tom Silverstone, Benjamin Gerstein, Shanida Scotland as well as Ken Macfarlane, Source: The Guardian

Black Gay Man

The spots book that developed Robert Reid-Pharr as one of America’s many exciting and tough left intellectualsAt transforms autobiographical, political, literary, sexual, and also humorous, Black Gay Male ruins our presumptions of not only what it suggests to be black, gay as well as male however likewise what it implies to be a contemporary pundit. Both a party of black gay man identity in addition to an effective critique of the frameworks that permit the production of that identity, Black Gay Male presented the significant voice of Robert Reid-Pharr in social criticism. At once erudite as well as readable, the series of topics as well as placements taken up in Black Gay Man show the complexity of American life itself. Dealing with subjects as varied as the Million Male March, interracial sex, anti-Semitism, turn of the century American intellectualism as well as literary and cultural numbers ranging from Essex Hemphill and also Audre Lorde to gay america DuBois, Frantz Fanon and James Baldwin, Black Gay Man is a strong and nuanced effort to wonder about dominating concepts about neighborhood, wish, politics and culture. Moving past critique, Reid-Pharr additionally articulates upon the promises of a brand-new America.

Robert F. Reid-Pharr is Teacher of Researches of Women, Gender, as well as Sexuality at Harvard College. He is the writer of 4 books: Archives of Flesh: African America, Spain, and Post-Humanist Review (NYU Press, 2022), As Soon As You Go Black: Option, Need, as well as the Black American Intellectual (NYU Press, 2007), Black Gay Man: Essays (NYU Press, 2001), and Conjugal Union: The Body, your home, and the Black American (1999 ).

MNEK interview: ‘I wan na show that a gay black person can do this’

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The Black Gay Blog Site Podcast

In a historic initial, Black, freely gay protestor Reverend Darrell Goodwin is chosen to a senior leadership function in the United Church of Christ. Fulfill a male whose tale emphatically shows how much authenticity and also decision can provide, both personally and for individuals we love as well as are lucky enough to be enjoyed by in return. [learn more]

Curtis Owner can not remember a time when he did not sketch. His earliest memory is of attracting a house that looked absolutely nothing like the various other houses attracted by his baby school schoolmates.

” Why are their skies one shade of blue? That’s not how I see grass. I uncommitted if they want to attract a house in this way.

black gay america

I see it in a different way.”

Forty-seven years later, Curtis Holder is the 2022 Sky Arts Picture Artist of the Year award-winner, while working part-time as a primary school teacher in London. He speaks about things that encourage him.

The evening my body offered up the ghost and also left me covered in shit didn’t manage me stop to go and clean up, take a shower and plan for the following caper. Jewel was closing soon, and also I needed more fracture. Currently, more than ever as the embarassment of having actually excreted on myself began to arise in my breakable mindful, I understood I had to draw this set off as well as rapidly. The dinosaur’s prayer came conveniently to mind: Lord a little bit more time. It was great a conjuration as any kind of. Could I do it? Would the smell provide me away?

‘I’m a Black Gay Person,’ Viral Tweet from Pa. GOP Candidate Leads to Social Media Mystery

A former Pennsylvania Republican legislative prospect sparked a social networks secret in addition to claims that he was impersonating a Black guy on-line adhering to a viral tweet on Tuesday.

Dean Browning, a previous Lehigh Area Commissioner who shed in the 2022 main election for an U.S. House of Representatives seat, composed the tweet Tuesday in feedback to a twitter individual that had actually slammed President Donald Trump.

” I’m a black gay individual and also I can directly state that Obama did nothing for me,” Browning tweeted, according to screengrabs uploaded online and media reports. “My life only transformed a little bit and it was for the even worse. Every little thing is a lot far better under Trump gay america I feel appreciated– which I never do when democrats are involved.”

Browning’s tweet caused confusion along with complaints that Browning, that is white, was attempting to impersonate a Black individual online however failed to remember to log into a heater account.

Browning erased his tweet as well as later tweeted a reaction. That feedback acknowledged the initial tweet, yet asserted Browning was pricing estimate a message he obtained earlier in the week from a fan.

Pertaining to the tweet that is going viral from my account– I was estimating a message that I obtained previously this week from a if context was not gotten document minority ballots and also document LGBTQ people will not state it vocally, yet carry out in private.

Browning created also further complication in one more follow-up tweet in which he claimed a man called “Dan Purdy” was reacting to the controversy.

Below is a message from Dan Purdy, who has actually chosen to responded to the controversy.I dream the media would take notice of the citizen abnormalities in the state of Pennsylvania as much as they have this Twitter story. tweet he claimed was from “Dan Purdy” was from a suspended account, nevertheless. The Philadelphia Inquirer tracked the Purdy account to William Holte, a nephew of Philly spirit tale Patti LaBelle.

Holte, in a series of sms message reported by the Inquirer, stated the suspension was because of his assistance for Trump and that this was the 2nd Twitter account he has had actually put on hold.

NBC10 connected to Browning for an action. We have not yet listened to back from him.

Percentage of gay pair homes, by race of householder united state 2022

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See a Large Gay Boo-sical live tonight at the Basile Theater

Did you understand that in the past, when men played the parts of females on stage, the gowns on the guys were commonly as well long, and also those dresses would drag throughout the stage as they performed?

Tonight, for one evening just, “A Big, Gay Boo-sical” gets on stage at the Basile Theatre at the Phoenix Theater Cultural Center.

Did you understand that in the past, when men enacted women on phase, the outfits on the men were usually too long, and those outfits would drag throughout the phase as they executed?

Tonight, for one evening just, “A Big, Gay Boo-sical” is on phase at the Basile Theater at the Phoenix Az Theatre Cultural Center.


Regarding #PrEP 4Love The Illinois Preparation Working Team is presently leading the fee behind PrEP4Love, a citywide social advertising campaign that features genuine designs from the city of Chicago. With straightforward and also natural photography by renowned photographer Sandro, PrEP4Love demonstrates how Chicagoans can love, discover, and also touch openly because of #PrEP. #Doingit Doing It is a brand-new national HIV screening and also avoidance project designed to inspire all grownups to get tested for HIV and recognize their status. As component of the Act Against AIDS effort, Doing It provides the message that HIV testing must belong of every person’s regular health routine to maintain ourselves and also our neighborhood healthy and balanced.

black gay america

He’s doing it. She’s doing it. We’re doing it. YOU ought to be doing it, as well. #DoingItMayWay| Lucy Stoole: Lucy Stoole is Chicago’s Black, Bearded Appeal! She desires your love as well as undivided focus as well as will certainly quit at nothing to get it! Gay Male

GLAAD rewords the manuscript for LGBTQ approval. As a vibrant media pressure, GLAAD tackles difficult problems to form the story as well as prompt discussion that brings about cultural adjustment.

CDC: 1 in 2 black gay males will be detected with HIV

New research reveals that in 2 black gay men will certainly be identified with HIV during their life time, according to a research study offered Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and also Prevention.

While the general life time danger of contracting HIV has actually gone down to one in 99, from a 2005 forecast of one in 78; gay black guys remain to be be one of the most at-risk populace, according to the record.

And they aren’t alone. Gay Hispanics, bisexuals and individuals staying in some areas of the nation will certainly remain to encounter higher prices of HIV diagnosis throughout their life times, the CDC stated.

One in 4 gay Hispanic men will certainly be identified with HIV in their lifetime, compared to one in 11 white gay men.

According to the report, black individuals in the U.S. will certainly remain to be the most at risk racial or ethnic team in the nation, with one in 20 men and one in 48 ladies encountering an HIV diagnosis within their life time.

The sobering numbers are evidence of the need to increase prevention and care methods for at-risk groups, Jonathan Mermin, supervisor of CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, stated in a statement.

” As worrying as these lifetime risk estimates are, they are not an inescapable final thought. They are a phone call to activity,” Mermin stated in the statement.

HIV is a infection spread out with body fluids, as well as influences particular cells of the immune system. HIV can destroy numerous of these cells that the body can not fight infections, which can cause AIDS.

Researchers used diagnoses and fatality rates over a four-year period to identify the chance of an HIV medical diagnosis in the united state

Why I’m Done Blacksplaining Bigotry To Gay White Males

Uh-uh. gay america Look out. Right here it comes … once more. Yea, below we go again. I’m resting across from an additional gay white male, as well as he’s telling me just how great I have it.

4,213 Of Gay Black Men Premium High Res Photos

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Dexter Pottinger was a Jamaican lobbyist, comfortably known as the face of Jamaica Pride. In September 2022, authorities located Pottinger stabbed to fatality in his Kingston residence. Next-door neighbors heard his screams, but none called the police. In fact, the only reason his body was located was because of missing out on person reports submitted with police by pals and also professional peers. In Jamaica, as in many other Caribbean islands, homophobia is greater than words, and also extra visceral than systems designed to control you; it can bring about attack and also murder. Pottinger’s murder is thought to be a result of homophobia that acted as a sort of political caution to all gay residents of Jamaica that might want to be noticeable with their gay america The murder of Pottinger did not trigger a popular discussion or a demonstration concerning asylum for queer folks looking to get away ruthless as well as homophobic environments.

Former White Congressional Candidate Tweets ‘I’m a Black Gay Man,’ Explanation Causes Bizarre Series of Events

The former Pennsylvania Republican legislative prospect, that simply shed his election quote, took to his validated Twitter account on Tuesday to share an anti-Barack Obama, pro-Donald Trump message. Nevertheless, the blog post instantly raised brows, as the person behind the message described themselves as a gay Black man, which Browning absolutely is not.

” I’m a black gay man and I can personally state that Obama not did anything for me, my life just changed a bit and also it was for the worse,” the since-deleted article read. ” Whatever is a lot better under Trump though. I really feel highly regarded – which I never do when democrats are involved.”

Individuals quickly speculated that the really white Pennsylvania politician mistakenly posted the message to his major account, after forgetting to switch to his heater.

Twitter customers eventually found what they believed to be Browning’s phony account. They were encouraged that Browning has been posing as a gay Black guy with the customer name @DanPurdy322. The account’s avatar is an image rather than an actual photo. It was developed last month, has about 700 fans, as well as complies with virtually 150 accounts, most of which come from GOP numbers, including Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, as well as– you presumed it– Browning.

Browning responded to the event by claiming he was just pricing estimate a message he received from a follower. He then excused failing to make that clear.

But individuals weren’t purchasing it, and also were both entertained and disrupted by the whole situation.

Later in the day, a male claiming to be Dan Purdy uploaded a video safeguarding Browning, stating that he did undoubtedly send that message to him.

But as some people pointed out, the guy claiming to be Dan Purdy really seems William Holte, who additionally occurs to the boy of Patti LaBelle.

Gay as well as Transgender Women by the Numbers

Crosby Burns as well as Melissa Dunn information the state of gay and also transgender ladies in our society and our economic climate today.

Progressing Racial Equity and also Justice, Conditioning Public Health as well as Ending the Pandemic, LGBTQ Health And Wellness, LGBTQ Legal Rights, Nondiscrimination Protections

Over the past century, females have actually made incredible advancements in politics, family life, as well as culture both in the USA as well as throughout the world. People are celebrating these huge success as well as promoting additional changes to level the playing area for ladies worldwide on the 103rd International Female’s Day on March 8. Those changes can’t come fast enough for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender ladies in our nation.

Overall, these females are more probable to experience even more socioeconomic and also health and wellness inequalities than their heterosexual counterparts as well as a lot more inequalities than male gay and transgender Americans.

black gay america

Furthermore, a number of these inequalities are even worse for gay and also transgender women of color. On a day devoted to women, it is crucial to keep in mind just how much gay as well as transgender women still need to go in the fight for equality in our country. So allow’s consider several of the numbers behind these ladies.

These numbers need to cause all Americans to reflect upon the difficulties of gay as well as transgender ladies in our country today and celebrate their sacrifices for our national safety. This following century needs to be about equal rights for all females no matter sexual orientation and also gender identity.

Carolyn Davis, Laura E. Durso, Carmel Martin, 8 Even More Donna Barry, Billy Corriher, Sharita Gruberg, Jeff Krehely, Sarah McBride, Ian Millhiser, Anisha Singh, Sally Steenland

Liberal LA Billionaire Ed Dollar founded guilty for drugging, raping, killing gay Black guys

I rejoice you put rape in your heading, it still mystifies me that he had not been billed with rape when there were over 1000 video clips of him doing precisely that to men that were clearly unable to permission. Buck was a sex-related sadist serial awesome that delighted in torturing guys in his apartment or condo, which he called the “gates of heck”, two of whom he tortured to death as well as in their transformed states I think of that that is precisely where they believed they were. I can not also picture what these guys went through in their last minutes of life, and also once more what nightmares the survivors are forced to relive over and over again. For much of the survivors the memories will can be found in pieces throughout the remainder of their lives. There are thousands much more like Buck out there, simply most of them do not torture their victims to fatality. One of the most repellent homophobic gay guy is one that would drug rape one more gay guy, he is full of as much self-loathing as he is loaded with loathing for his victims. When you are drug raping a male until he is near fatality, where exactly do they draw the line? How is this this different from raping a dead male?

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HIV and <b>African</b> <em>American</em> Gay and <strong>Bisexual</strong> Men