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The Backstreet opened back in 1985 (Emmanuele Contini/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Tower Hamlets council has saved the UK’s last remaining gay fetish club by blocking plans to have it redeveloped it into a 12-storey apartment block.

According to , the local authority ultimately decided that getting rid of the long-running bar – and subsequently turning it into a 46-flat complex – would “harm the long-term provision of a nightclub that serves the LGBT+ community.”

Located in Wentworth Mews on Mile End Road, The Backstreet has prided itself on being a sanctuary for “gay men who are into leather or rubber” for the last 34 years.

“When I discovered the fetish scene by going to the Backstreet as an 18-year-old, it saved my life,” an anonymous man wrote in a letter to the council, in the run-up to its decision being made.

“It gave me a community that made me feel welcome, and embraced me flaws and all. It stopped me thinking I was odd or an outsider, [it] gave me confidence in myself, and gave me some incredible friends and mentors.”

Interestingly, the housing scheme proposed by the developer had stipulated that it would be willing to preserve The Backstreet in the basement of the new tower. But Tower Hamlets council were concerned that the updated location would lead to endless noise complaints from residents above and ultimately, the club’s closure.

Talking to the aforementioned publication, Labour Party Councillor Rachel Blake described the establishment as “an important community asset” and explained that “going the extra mile” to keep it in existence was important to her and the rest of the borough’s committee.

Boltz birmingham

Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

The only gay cruise & fetish club in Birmingham. BOLTZ is well-equipped with facilities including a sling room, cubicles, dark room, cinema with hardcore X videos and outdoor smoking area.

No dress codes, except on themed nights – check the website before to go. BOLTZ is a ‘members only’ club, so you will need to register at the club with photo ID on your first visit.

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The fight for london’s new generation of fetish clubs

Dark techno pulses out from behind closed doors in a north London warehouse space, thumping at the walls and ceiling like God himself is pumping His fist to the beat.

In the corridor just outside, people queue for the cloakroom to hand over their clothes. Coats first – then trousers, tops, bags and anything else that might get in the way. A few people disappear around a thick black curtain to get changed, but everyone is encouraged to turn up already wearing their outfits, paying heed to the strict dress code: "leather, latex, rubber, metal, nylon, lace, drag, chains, studs and naked skin". After removing everything except some PVC shorts, a guy in front of me bends down to stuff money into one of his cowboy boots and heads inside.

It’s barely midnight at Verboto, Klub Verboten’s monthly play party, and things are already in full swing. Klub Verboten is one of a new wave of fetish parties to have cropped up in London in recent years in response to a generational shift in the scene. With a stripped-back aesthetic and a comparatively young crowd, mostly in their twenties and thirties, it offers a different experience to most kink and fetish events. It’s less champagne flutes, fairy lights and "sexual elite", more spikes, concrete and misfits who moved to London to go to art school.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Verboto isn’t the number of arse cheeks on display, the bins already accumulating condom wrappers, or even the person strapped into a four-point sling getting fucked in the corner – it’s the sound. A beat so heavy and humid it encases you like a second skin; a burst of laughter from one side of the room and a short, sharp smack from the other; the occasional moan sailing over it all like a bead of sweat down your spine.

Once the aural landscape has you under its spell, the visuals close in – a stark space swirling with artificial smoke; dark corners bathed in red neon light; the occasional strobe bouncing off a harness and gliding down a latex kilt. A few people are peering through a window to a smaller room, where someone is getting a massive back tattoo inspired by the action. Others are sitting on one of the black leather sofas arranged around the venue as artfully as the specially designed dungeon furniture – chatting, having drinks and watching a woman getting flogged.

"When I first came to the fetish scene I felt a little bit alienated," says Luke, a 30-year-old fetishwear designer. "The parties were very well established and long-running, but they were all very samey. They were playing a similar sound – mostly hard house – and the people were mostly in their thirties and forties upwards. As an early-twenties guy, I struggled to find my crowd."

In the end, Luke moved into the techno scene, which was more closely aligned with what he was looking for. "The techno parties I discovered were very queer, very inclusive, and you were able to be very expressive in the way that you dressed," he explains. "I lasted [in the fetish scene] as long as I did purely because at that point there was nothing else on offer."

When Klub Verboten’s co-founder, Karl, moved to London 11 years ago from Berlin he was surprised to see his friends split up on the weekends – some going to techno nights, others to fetish parties; the queer crowd to one venue, straight people to another. This didn’t gel with what he was used to. Karl fell into the Berlin fetish scene at the early age of 17, when a friend took him to KitKat – the legendary club opened by the Austrian pornographic filmmaker Simon Thaur and his partner Kirsten Krüger.

"I didn’t really know what it was, but I was instantly surprised," Karl tells me. "You can deal with an awful lot of attitude sometimes at other events, but in the fetish and kink scene people seemed to be super nice and approachable. Everyone could be who they wanted to be."

Karl grew up in Chemnitz, a former East German industrial town. The city centre was destroyed in World War II and rebuilt by the state as a model socialist centre, temporarily renamed Karl-Marx-Stadt (Karl Marx City), from 1953 to 1990. Its architecture and landscape influenced his taste, and in turn Klub Verboten‘s modernist aesthetic – all black shiny surfaces, exposed metal and cold light. The word "Verboten" itself means forbidden, carrying connotations of excessive strictness or authoritarianism.

Finding spaces like KitKat lacking in London, Karl decided to set up an event of his own that combined techno, fetish and kink, drawing on his own background as a set designer and video technician to bring it to life. Initially, the idea was met with raised eyebrows – ("You want to do what? Wearing that?") – until he approached Hans, a DJ and longtime friend he met working in events and production.

"When we first set it up, there was something really missing for us on the club scene and the fetish scene," Karl tells me. "In terms of the visual and aural landscape, it wasn’t stimulating for us."

Hans became Klub Verboten’s resident DJ – or "the shadow" of the event, as Karl describes him. He also turned his hand to designing dungeon furniture after the friend they were hiring furniture off passed away, and now everything at the parties is supplied by their own brand, Gegenstand. Karl’s partner Hanny came aboard to help run things as the parties began to get more popular.

Hans, Karl and Hanny are the beating heart of Klub Verboten. It’s rare that anyone will go to their first party without having met at least one of them in person. Karl and Hanny actually met at a Klub Verboten party. "The first time I went I didn’t like it," she laughs. "It was in a smaller place and it was a bit shitty in the beginning. I didn’t think I’d go back, but I did. You could see the involvement behind it."

The whole point of Klub Verboten is that it’s a party for the senses. They’re interested in how the aesthetics of a space – how things look, sound and feel – add further dimensions to an experience. "An event is a composition of domains," says Karl. "Sound, visual and even the smell of it."

Clearly, whatever they were onto was working. In less than three years, Klub Verboten snowballed from small gatherings in shitty bars into a self-sufficient community with over 3,000 members. At the time of writing there are more than 5,000 applications waiting to be processed.

What makes an application successful is a little vague, which has led to accusations of elitism. It’s not unusual for a fetish night to have a membership system to keep the space safe, but Klub Verboten are perhaps more cautious than most because they aren’t running the kind of night people go to for one thing and then leave. There’s a strong community element that’s grown out of its specific aesthetic and inclusive attitude, with its roots in DIY ethics. That’s what people who go seem to value most, and it’s both maintained and made possible by the membership system.

"There’s been a real emphasis on building an ecosystem, so it’s not just about creating this cool party," says Drew, 35, who has been involved in fetish events on and off for around 16 years, and often monitors the dark room or dungeon at Klub Verboten. "There are events where people can test the waters and just talk for a bit, and there are events for people who might be more into the fetish side of things. Because you have tiers of events, it means these things hopefully build a little more organically."

"Hanging out with my pals and getting dressed up has always been first and foremost for me," says Ellie, a 29-year-old actress and writer. "Sometimes everyone just wants to listen to the music all night because it’s particularly great, or I just want to hang out with my pals. Your group of friends from this is ever-building, and that for me is more interesting than, ‘Oh my god, I just want to fuck everything here!’ You actually get that more in a vanilla club."

The vetting process is pretty straightforward. Membership is free and you can either apply online with links to your social media so they can see what you’re about, or go to their monthly mixer, Tears for Beers, and essentially do the same thing in person. Karl keeps a running list of known predators in the scene who will never be allowed in for safety reasons, and they have a small team of members who handle membership, relying mostly on their past experience of sniffing out dickheads.

"When you’re going through thousands of applications you get a sense [of someone]. You connect the dots," Karl says, though he isn’t involved in the vetting process anymore. "We don’t make it too complicated – we’re not that interested in what people are up to, but we’re not taking any risks. I’ll happily sacrifice a few hundred tickets sales just to get it right."

Speaking to some of Klub Verboten‘s members, the same themes come up over and over again. As well as scratching a sonic and aesthetic itch that a lot of other regular nights weren’t reaching, most people say they feel safe and looked after. For 21-year-old art student K.B, a space like Klub Verboten isn’t just a good time, it’s a necessity. K.B is non-binary, and says it’s important for the queer community to have a space where you know you can relax.

"Even when we fuck each other we take care of each other," they tell me. "The majority of people who come to this are already on the same page. That contract, let’s say, is not communicated in a club. That’s especially true with the dynamic between female-identifying people or queer people and male-identifying people, where you always feel intruded or harassed."

"Here, in a sex party, I feel so so much safer than in any other club," they add. "People are so aware of the boundaries and when and how we need to touch or not, and where is your space. You really know your yes and your no here, which is really empowering."

The events are carefully monitored. As well as Karl sweeping about in his leather military hat, keeping an eye on things, Klub Verboten has its own security team as well as a community of volunteers who safeguard things – dungeon monitors, darkroom monitors and so on. "It’s luckily a very self-sufficient and evolving community – we never have to go outside of it and look for people," Karl says.

Their no tolerance approach to dickheads is plastered all over their website, event invitations, mailing list and posters inside the venues. There’s a phone hotline people can message on the night, and as easy as it can be to get a membership, it’s also very easy to lose one. They have a strict ban on solo wanking, for example, and are careful about numbers. Depending on the venue, Verboto extends to 900 people, while the more intimate Ubekannte is so small you can count the people in the room.

"A kink event beyond 1,000 people, you don’t know who’s there," Karl says. "You can’t guarantee anything."

Diversity is a massive problem in the kink scene, and despite its inclusive foundations Klub Verboten still has work to do on that front. Klub Verboten is very queer friendly, but also very cis, white and able-bodied. "I think the kink scene has to work much harder than it currently does to encourage diversity," says Drew. "It’s all very well saying, ‘This is a space for all,’ but if people don’t feel that then what’s the point?"

For Drew, that means communicating that there’s wheelchair access, that there are quiet rooms, that you can be lesbian and make out and know it’s not going to be taken as performative.

"A subculture lives and dies by the people who come into it, and if the same type of people keep coming into it you’re going to keep getting the same experience," he says. "A lot of kink isn’t pretty. A lot of people’s sexuality isn’t pretty. Bodies don’t always fit this very size 10 Agent Provocateur thing, and I don’t find that interesting if a community only focuses on that. If it does, it’s going to get very boring very quickly, and whether it means to or not it’s going to exclude people who need those spaces. I think Verboten is actually doing a really good job, but there’s definitely more to be done."

Now that Klub Verboten is fairly well established, the issue for Karl isn’t ticket sales – it’s survival. The last three years have been a constant seesaw between securing a venue and getting kicked out again. Fetish parties are legal in the UK, and plenty exist above the radar.

Long-running parties like Torture Garden blazed a trail by mixing the fetish world with something more mainstream, while others have survived by appealing to middle-class notions of taste (Killing Kittens is often advertised as being set up by someone who went to school with Kate Middleton). However, council pressure combined with lack of understanding leaves fringe events like Klub Verboten in a grey area.

Venues such as sex shops, sex cinemas and strip clubs are regulated by Sex Establishment Licenses, which are granted by local authorities. However, there is a lack of clarity in regards to fetish events that leaves them open to misinterpretation when it comes to hiring venues. As a result, these venues – which would be obvious first choices for Klub Verboten – will often reject fetish events for fear of risking their license, even though there is no law against them.

"It’s a shame that the understanding of such minority communities appears to be missing and that judgments are being made on moral standing," says Karl, adding that such attitudes shut down conversation that could lead to the creation of safer spaces for everyone.

It’s not surprising that a fetish club with a late license and progressive social values at its core would appeal to young people. In the last decade, councils across the country have increasingly prioritised luxury developments over cultural institutions as the ideological rift between younger generations and governing bodies has widened. It’s also not surprising, given those circumstances, that the main challenge to Klub Verboten‘s survival is dated regulation.

"Kink events have always been a bit political, particularly in London or an urban space where the economy has gone in such a way that living becomes more expensive and more difficult," says Drew. "To inhabit these spaces as a queer person, as a person of colour, as a person who doesn’t fit some strange idea of what’s ‘beautiful’, is a political act of bravery. That’s a really important thing to focus on, even more so than the fact that some people like getting spanked."

For now, at least, Klub Verboten is safe. They just signed a new lease for a venue in east London that will be entirely theirs for the next three years at least, but there is a recognition that the fight to stay afloat is intrinsically tied to better understanding of kink in general.

In 2019, kink and fetish are everywhere. It’s a huge part of how artists like FKA Twigs and Arca present themselves; queer fetish designer Yeha Leung is making custom sets for Cardi B; and one of the primary uses of the internet for young people is begging celebrities to choke them to death. That said, these touchstones don’t usually run very deep. While there may be a more general awareness of their existence, many people’s assumptions about kink and fetish are completely wrong.

A lot of people end up going to their first party without much education or experience these days, which hasn’t been the case historically, but newer nights with a younger crowds tend to have a more level playing field. Several members for whom Klub Verboten has been their first foray into kink and fetish describe having that space for self-expression, and the essential learning curve that comes with it, as therapeutic.

There is no singular approach to a fetish party. In the same way other events have pushed people towards Klub Verboten, Klub Verboten will inevitably push people towards other events. It all comes down to personal preference, and you need a broad spectrum of events to reflect the broad possibilities of things that get people off.

This is why the Tears For Beers mixer exists – not to shut people out, but so people can dip their toe in and see if it’s for them. One guy I spoke to there was new to the community. He’d just returned to rural Essex after an attempt to climb Mount Everest, and had come to the mixer alone to meet like-minded people. He spoke to pretty much everyone in the pub. Another guy just sat in the corner all night looking intimidated.

They may end up at Klub Verboten; they may end up meeting a different crowd and getting involved with another scene; they might have gone home, deleted FetLife and never bothered again. What defines Klub Verboten more than anything else is the community, but some people do just want to get off and fuck off.

One isn’t better than the other, but as our understanding of sexuality and gender deepens, the fetish scene – along with society in general – will need to expand to accommodate them.

"People in their twenties are now the ones buying tickets, buying drinks and keeping things going, and they’re the ones who have these interests and aren’t scared or put off by these kinds of topics," says Luke. "They’re the ones who are going to be steering the ship of where the demand is – and wherever the demand is, that’s where the party will be."

For Karl, Hans and Hanny – and the team of people around them who are just as dedicated to keeping the party going as they are – Klub Verboten is a dot on a long timeline that they hope will keep moving forwards.

"I just want to survive," says Karl. "I hope we can develop our platform into a hub so that others are welcome and others have a place to grow and put on their first night, and maybe there’s even a time where a new generation takes over and we have to go. I know that’s far away, but it would be a really nice process to see."

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Barcelona gay cruising & fetish guide

: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, some places might be closed or opening hours may have changed. Please check the websites and Facebook pages of the respective venues for the latest information. Update 16 July 2021: Barcelona has again a night curfew from 01:00 to 06:00.

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Boar is berlin’s most consciously inclusive queer fetish party

The entrance to Berlin’s Polygon Club is painted like the mouth of a tiger. Through its jaw one Friday night in September, past a clothes check counter and two thudding dancefloors, a dark hallway opened into a colorfully lit room where various limbs were entangled in a game of feline Twister. “Right paw, cardboard box,” the leader would say, as one player, clad in a black latex catsuit, laughed and stretched out a platform stiletto to reach the nearest square.

It was Europe’s largest gay fetish weekend, Folsom Europe, an offshoot of the leather and BDSM street fair that originated in San Francisco. Held in Berlin since 2003, Folsom Europe attracts thousands of international visitors for four nights (and early mornings) of no-holds-barred erotic parties. But few are quite like BOAR. Part of a growing wave of consciously inclusive queer club nights around the world, BOAR is proactive about welcoming a wide spectrum of guests — especially those often excluded from events that collide dance, festish play, and on-site sex.

Queer clubs and parties that invite public sex have typically catered exclusively to men, but a crop of new events in cities like Berlin and New York have begun challenging the norm. “Berlin is known for being very open with fetishes and public sexual interaction, but it’s very cis male dominated,” says Julian Curico, 32, one of BOAR’s chief organizers. With names like MENtabolism and F*ck Extreme, most of Berlin’s official Folsom-sponsored parties are explicitly for men only. BOAR (think “pig,” but wild) happens twice a year during the city’s most popular fetish weekends, Folsom Europe and Easter Berlin. Curico and the other organizers began throwing the party last fall to create what they felt these weekends lacked: a space where queer people of all gender, ethnic, and varying identities are welcome to dance and play together.

Back in the Cyber Kitty Playroom, a sign asked, “Did you know… cats can have between 4 and 10 nipples!?” Beneath it was a small box of stickers. “STICK ON SOME EXTRA NIPS AND CHANNEL YOUR INNER PUSSY!” A DJ across the room spun disco-inspired tracks. Through the backdoor was a bar, and beyond that the venue’s sprawling garden, outfitted with clustered seating and custom play areas, dotted with cushions and shielded from view by hung fabrics or solid walls. A woman stood arranging an impressive selection of fetish gear for sale — harnesses, whips, armbands, and other accessories — all hand-made of repurposed rubber from old tires. The weather had already turned crisp, but handfuls of co-ed groups sat chatting and palming cold beers.

Near the club’s entrance, a front bar featured custom porn video installations. Dark passageways separated two dance floors — one for house, one for techno (a split typical of Berlin clubs) — and gave way to shadowy corners also meant to invite play. A young woman in a latex nurse’s uniform paced between rooms; two others shared brief kisses on low seating across from the bar. A stout and friendly Black woman, who eventually conceded she was a leather titleholder back in the states, stood to the side livestreaming a friend’s wedding that conflicted with her plans to attend Folsom. Against a wall nearby, her travel buddy made out with with another woman she’d met passing through.

Wandering around that night, it was thrillingly easy to lose my bearings, and always a delight to stumble back into the cat-themed parlor that became my compass.

“We wanted to take into consideration how we create the space, and why, and with whom,” says Curico, a photographer-filmmaker and sex worker. The team behind BOAR, which has grown and shifted with each party, includes organizers who are migrants, people of color, trans, and cisgender, Curico says. Three days after the party had ended at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, Curico met me at a cafe in Berlin’s Neukölln neighborhood; he said the rest of his collaborators were either still recovering or busy returning to other gigs. He explains that the idea for BOAR grew out of conversations with co-founders Ilya Azbuki and Landon (DJ name Dirty Daddy Don), fellow nightlife alums, and that they solicit input from as many people as possible to create a space that’s social, interactive, and comfortable for different types of people to play in.

Curico is conscious of including the perspective of sex workers as well, particularly as it comes to shaping a space where people are encouraged to be safe, practice consent, and thrive sexually. “We [want to] emphasize that this is a space where sex workers are respected, because there is a lot of stigma and misogyny” out there, Curico says. “I see BOAR functioning as a space where people can have that dialogue together. It’s a party; it’s not activism. But it’s creating at least some sort of platform where we can talk about how society restricts sex and bodies — and why.”

A table at the party was spread with information and tools for safe drug use (clean straws for snorting, measuring droppers for G) and safe sex (everything from condoms and lube to pamphlets about PrEP and fisting). “It’s important to combat shame around having sex,” Curico says of inviting manCheck, a prevention project geared toward gay and bisexual men that camps out at various events. “We can’t pretend that people in Berlin clubs don’t take drugs, so it’s nice to have that direct dialogue,” Curico says.

That everyone who walks in feels safe and celebrated is tantamount at BOAR, starting with a door team specially trained to avoid exclusionary energy from the outset. Though the price of 20 euros is reasonably less than tickets to similar parties, the promoters also understand that cost may present a barrier for some and are open to making concessions for anyone who wants to attend. This fall BOAR also tried out what they called a “get home safer shuttle” in partnership with Trans Feminism International, funded by donation and spread by word of mouth for folks who wanted to take advantage of a secure ride home.

Tearing down separations among the queer community, particularly where sex is concerned, comes to feel like a radical act at BOAR. Folsom’s exclusively male parties have the support of a robust infrastructure, including funds and first picks at top-tier venues like Kit-Kat Klub, or eager hosts in men-only sex clubs. “Historically, certain people gain certain privileges, and it’s easy to [overlook] that the reason why is because all these other people don’t have them,” Curico says. “People can have different preferences; whatever your boundary is is fine,” Curcio says. ”But we can still be in the same space and listen to each other.”

Stepping into a Folsom-sponsored party, incidentally called “Pig,” the night following BOAR, I could immediately appreciate how rare and special it had been. Surrounded by a sea of cis men wearing near-idential fetish uniforms — black leather harness, logoed jockstraps, knee-high socks — I honestly felt a bit bored. Curico later told me bartending at Pig helped him conclude that he needed to create an alternative. “We have to question white supremacy, and all the beauty standards that exist around bodies and genitals,” he says.

If Pig were meant to be a play party, very few men seemed willing to crack a smile. The dancefloors thumped, and men pushed their way through dark crowded corridors. One after another, bare concrete rooms meant for sex gleamed under black light like so many purple jail cells. I sighed and thought of that game of kitty Twister, probably all rolled up until Easter, of all those extra nipples, and the stone-faced men who’d never never know the joy of channeling their inner pussy.

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Uk hate crimes are on the rise.

The Deputy Mayor continued: “When there is a rise in hate crime, we must stand up for those with all backgrounds, and it is important that people can enjoy themselves in a safe space without external judgement.”

Just last month, The Guardian reported that the number of homophobic attacks had more than doubled throughout England and Wales in the last four years. It is estimated that the amount of transphobic hate crimes has tripled within the same time period, from 550 in 2014 to 1,650 in 2018. Over 40 percent of all assaults committed last year were violent.

“There is a tension, and even within our own LGBT community, there is a tension. I believe it’s a direct result of people feeling unsafe due to rise of the rightwing political movement,” Taz Edwards-White, a representative for equality and diversity charity METRO, told the outlet.

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“It’s a nice sleazy club. Lots of action. Drinks are a little expensive as is the entrance fee on a sat night, but there is little else that offers these facilities.“

“Been here many times and i have never had a problem with the staff, but i went with a friend once , and one of the staff was very rude to him, for no reason whatsoever. I can only guess he didn’t like the look of him . Also when i first started going it was a £1 entrance fee, then it crept up yo £2 ,then £3. I was going to go today until I saw it is now £5. I will not be going today or ever again, it’s just not worth it. If people keep on paying it , they will keep on increasing the price, my advise would be to stay away.“

“Visited in on Saturday at around 8:30pm. There were already quite a lot of guys but not much cruising action going on. Value – 5/5 – The entrance is free although you are required to buy at least one drink – which is reasonable. The drinks are priced reasonably too – double whisky and coke – around £5-6 (can’t remember exactly). In terms of the facilities, you have got everything you need – nice spacious gloryhole cabins, a relatively dark darkroom, this weird set of rooms (slave, worship etc), a cinema (?)- could be darker though, an open space for etc, etc. The staff were amazing – super polite, chatty and handsome. The place was relatively clean – definitely 5/5 for a cruise club. The only issue, personally, was the age of the crowd. As a young man, I was definitely one of the youngest – with the average age – varying throughout the evening – between 30 – 45. I did spot a few hot guys. Overall, really nice and will be back :)“

“Have been coming here for probably about 5 or 6 years on and off – it’s a decent place for drinking, cruising and playing. Like everywhere there’s an element of hit and miss on the hookup front – but I’ve definitely had more nights enjoying myself here than nights where I’ve had no action! What I particularly like is it’s generally got a good atmosphere. It seems to attract a good mix of ages and types so no worries about not being welcome. I can’t recall ever getting hassle or aggro from other punters and I’ve even struck up a few conversations in the bar when taking a break from the cruising. Bar prices are good and the service is speedy and friendly. Plus free entry until early evening is a bonus. I believe they have to operate a membership scheme because of the council’s licensing requirements – but signup is quick, free and easy so don’t let that put you off even if you’re only on a one-off visit.“

“Been going here for years. There was a particular night where I was asked if I was a member and asked to show ID. I don’t have ID and they said you need to be a member to go in there. I have been going here for years, never had a problem. I explained that I’ve been going there for years, and I was even with a friend who I’ve been there with several times. I wouldn’t recommend a place where, if anonymity/discretion is required, you need to show ID because that removes the whole point of this type of bar.“

“We enjoyed on Birmingham pride full of action and nice staff. Better than Manchester. We back now again and may in new years party.“

“Really enjoyed my first visit and wasn’t disappointed action within 10 minutes will definitely be back“

“Not much to say, staff were will go again. “

“This is a club for men who like men, its a big place compared to other bars/ clubs and its filled with dark colours and you can relax and chill or go and play. Leather, rubber, skin gear, pups, gas masks you can wear what you want unless its a themed night. If you have a thing for certain clothes/gear or men in gear or are interested in say BDSM or anything along those lines I would check out Boltz, you’ll be glad you did.“

“Arrived here and refused entry because we had National identity cards. Website clearly said these are acceptable. Staff on the door didn t know or care what the website says. Said they would check with manager who conveniently wasn’t on site. So if you looking for some overseas boys you won’t find them here. Poor knowledge and attitude for young guys from Poland.“

“I have been here on many occasions in the past….unfortunately i don;t seem to ever get lucky here for some reason. I am attractive but seem to be down on my luck in this try again in the knows…..i may get lucky then…..“

“Love meeting up with people at Boltz. Ray the gay.“

“Fantastic, best fun ever in the darkroom. Good glory holes with keen participants. Only trouble you can never tell who’s gonna show up to the party. Not mad on the newer layout. Miss the old darkroom. It can get a bit grotty late on, but the staff generally try to keep the place tidy, Lots of lube and free condoms. Wish the Bullring was open more often. Good bar, cheap booze, good staff, be polite. No need for bitchiness, the staff are there to serve, not to be abused.“

“Quite dirty, need cleaning, disgusting toilets and rude staff. I have been reproached for do not say thanks when they gave me my clothes back in the dare2bare party. They should have said thanks to me for spent my money in a place like this. Not recommended AT ALL specially if you are from abroad.“

“Well he obviously didn’t book up. ALL of the above is untrue except for the state of the floor downstairs which starts off clean but by 10pm is very soiled with spilled drinks and diet off client’s shoes. I go twice a week midweek at tea time and at that time it is clean. It’s Free to enter before 2030 and membership is free. Drinks are very cheap compared to other local bars, pubs and especially of interesting people of all ages and backgrounds and the staff are always polite and friendly towards me. But then I am polite and friendly towards them. It pays to be nice not bitchy.“

“This is a bar for men… not flaming queens. Its a mens looking for men bar… maybe involving people into fetish clothing and possible up to you to explore“

gay fetish club london 4XZ5sV

9.04 based on 1238 reviews. | Near the Gay Village. Large apartments Great value.

8.26 based on 8795 reviews. | Central location. Great for shopping & sightseeing.

8.32 based on 2117 reviews. | Near the gay village. Stylish design In "The Cube".

8.08 based on 2262 reviews. | Walk to gay bars & clubs. Great-value Large apartments.

7.26 based on 4375 reviews. | Close to the gay scene. Popular choice.

8.32 based on 8124 reviews. | Excellent value. Contemporary style Centrally located.

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gay fetish club london 549UzP

Search hotels by area

Berlin’s largest gay village, with many bars, shops and gay hotels

Berlin’s city centre; home to major landmarks and tourist attractions

trendy districts with many gay-popular bars and nightclubs

gay-popular district with many friendly bars and unique culture


Trash is the largest gay fetish club in Barcelona. This 500 m2 space boasts cabins, showers, glory holes and areas for bondage, water games and wrestling. You must become a member, and then pay the entrance fee. It’s a place for all those with a masculine attitude and who are respectful to others. All clothing codes are admissible, including briefs, jocks and birthday suits.

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gay fetish club london 7l5qFnR

Berlin’s largest gay village, with many bars, shops and gay hotels

Berlin’s city centre; home to major landmarks and tourist attractions

trendy districts with many gay-popular bars and nightclubs

gay-popular district with many friendly bars and unique culture

Veranstalter von kink-events: „bdsm ist immer noch stark verpönt“

Unter den Labels „“ und „Kinky in Wonderland“ organisiert Dan Apus Monoceros Parties und Workshops in Berlin. Wir trafen ihn zum Gespräch

13.09.19 – Eigentlich wusste ich das schon immer. Das dann auch zu lernen war schwieriger. Zum Glück hatte ich erfahrene Freunde, die mir weitergeholfen haben. Und ich fand auch spannende Literatur, meist aber aus dem Heterobereich.

Ich bin studierter Innovationsmanager und habe vor meiner jetzigen Tätigkeit für Großkonzerne gearbeitet. Im Gegensatz zu Homosexualität sind BDSM und Kink aber immer noch stark verpönt. Daher konnte ich meinen Klarnamen nicht damit in Verbindung bringen. Vor knapp fünf Jahren habe ich das Konzernumfeld verlassen und mich zunächst mit dem Verkauf von Sextoys und als Berater für sexuelle Spielarten selbstständig gemacht. Daraus entstanden meine heutigen Labels und Kinky in Wonderland. Der bietet Workshops, Play Nights sowie Community-Aktivitäten für Männer*, die gerne BDSM mit Männern* praktizieren. Zum Beispiel haben wir die „man2man Bondage & Play Night“ im SinBerlin oder die „SMash!“-Party im Club Culture Houze. Die Reihe „Kinky in Wonderland“ richtet sich hingegen an eine diverse, sex- und kinkpositive Community. Hier findet an jedem ersten Samstag im Monat im SinBerlin die „Teegesellschaft“ mit Shows, Talks und Kinks statt.

Als Veranstalter und Community-Macher haben wir keine feste Location, die wir unterhalten müssen – was vielen anderen bestehenden Einrichtungen der Berliner BDSM-Szene gerade zum Verhängnis wird. Vielmehr gehen wir in bestehende Locations und kreieren dort passende Angebote für unsere Community. Wir schaffen sichere Räume mit einer Atmosphäre, in der man sich wohlfühlen, öffnen und ausleben kann. BDSM ist eine intime zwischenmenschliche Sache, keine Mode.

). Da wir ja ein recht neues Label sind, wollen wir uns zunächst einmal vorstellen. Im Anschluss daran wird es eine Play Night geben. Zum Straßenfest werden wir dann einen Stand gemeinsam mit Dungorium, einem Onlinehändler für BDSM-Equipment, gestalten.

Workshops sind gut geeignet: Grundlagen stehen im Fokus, und keiner erwartet, dass es gleich zur Sache geht oder dass man Vorerfahrungen hat. Bei den meisten unserer Events starten wir daher auch mit einer kleinen Einführung, bei der man sich erstmal kennenlernen kann.

gay fetish club london 7sAF4U

Latest gay travel news

Discover the Folsom Street Fair , a three day weekend event bringing over 400,000 visitors to San Francisco for some of the wildest nights in the American party circuit.

Get ready for a season of scary boys, sexy costumes and parties to remember, from Austin to New Orleans and beyond with our guide to the best gay Halloween parties.

Discover the very best gay parties and events during the Labor Day Weekend in the USA, from the beach towns of PTown and Ogunquit to the streets of New Orleans.

Gay berlin – travel gay guide

Berlin was hailed as the gayest city on earth in the 1920s. It has reclaimed its crown in recent years. Other major cities may have big gay scenes but nowhere can quite rival Berlin. It has the most hedonistic gay scene in the world. Berlin takes pride in its anything-goes culture and that is reflected in its gay cruise clubs, gay saunas, clubs and bars. Berlin’s nightlife makes London’s and New York’s seem tame.

Schöneberg is the main hub of Berlin’s gay scene. It’s packed with bars and clubs. You’ll also find a big gay scene in Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain – home to the legendary Berghain. Next to the Berghain you’ll find Laboratory, the most notorious gay cruise club in the world. Berlin’s gay scene is fun but it can be quite extreme. There are more low key gay bars in Berlin, such as Heile Welt if you’d like a more chilled experience. But if you’re looking for something more then Berlin is the place to be.

gay fetish club london 7VmFd1F

More gay berlin

Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

Vancouver, canada

In January 2004, a small group of gay men interested in leather, uniform, and fetish banded together to form a community-focused social club. These founding members have been actively involved in the local leather community for years. Tired of not having a local place or club to meet other like-minded men (like many other cities have), these men formed Vancouver’s newest club specifically for gay leather men. The club is dedicated to having fun, meeting new people, and learning more about the leather lifestyle. We’re offering gay men interested in leather a place to meet on a regular basis. Gay men are seeking out places to meet one another, and Vancouver Men in Leather is happy to create that space with the great support from Numbers.

gay fetish club london 7WDQAz

Santiago de chile, chile

The LEATHER CHILE group is an open group of supporters of Leather, Uniforms and Fetish which meets socially once a month, since August 2016, in order to increase ties between its members, promote the Leather Culture and visualize a different life style inserted within the Chilean Gay community. Free Membership. We meet once a month, every first weekend at 105 Bar, Santiago de Chile, to get to know each other and create a stronger and closer group among fellow Leather/fetish enthusiasts. Facebook: Instagram:

Berlin, germany

"Berlin Leder and Fetisch e.V." was founded on April 16th 1998. Our goal was and still is to build a community for all gay men who are interested in the leather and fetish scene (rubber, skin, uniform, biker, puppys,…). BLF is a registered fetish club and organizer of EASTER BERLIN, Skin-Weekend and Fetish-Finals. EASTER BERLIN is in Europe (along with Folsom Europe) the biggest fetish event that takes place in Berlin every Easter. Throughout Germany, Europe and the big world, this is advertised every year and brings thousands of visitors to the German capital.

gay fetish club london 85s5ZU

Munich, germany

The Munich Lion’s Club is a gay leather and fetish club. Our members are boys and men in leather, rubber and military uniform, fans of sneakers and biker gear, gay skins and punks, lovers of SM practices and industrial gear. With the two big events that the MLC organizes every year (Starkbierfest and Oktoberfest reunions) our club is very well-known, even outside the Bavarian borders. Every year we welcome guests from all over the world to these events. The MLC is politically neutral. Nevertheless, we appreciate politics that respect and argue for the needs of homosexual men. (…)

Hamburg, germany

MSC Hamburg e.V. is based in the North of Germany in Germanys second largest city. The club has regular social meetups MSC Clubnights in the gaybar Extratour 3rd Saturday of the month at 9p.m. The club hosts the Hamburg Leatherparty already for 45 years, always the second weekend in August. The Leatherparty 2017, held on the MS Stubnitz, is the starting point of the ECMC Bike Run 2017 aiming Gothenburg/Sweden. The MSC Hamburg organises also the Mr. Leather Hamburg contest in the leatherbar SLUT. Club members also attend other fetish events. The club is for gay men only. More info: Uwe, aka uwebear (1031)

gay fetish club london BOK6ds

Dublin, ireland

A community based, non profit, volunteer group for men. Organising social events, workshops, fund raising events, gear sales and the National Titleholders Competition since May 2013. Our mission is to develop the Leather & fetish scene for gay men here in Ireland, building relationships with similar groups and community organisations here and abroad. More info: Alphabjguy (formerly #3329)

Oslo, norway

Scandinavian Leather Men Oslo was established as SLM Norway in 1976, a fetish and BDSM club for gay men, inspired by similar named clubs in Sweden and Denmark. This happened only four years after decriminalization of gay sex in Norway and shows how rapid society evolved back then. Since 2009 SLM Oslo has had its club quarters just outside the walls of the old medieval royal castle in down town Oslo. We run our own fully licensed bar, and downstairs, in the old 17-century basement we have an intimate but well equipped play-dudgeon. The club is open one or two nights every week, for fetish club nights, or different thematic parties as fisting, rubber, sportswear, wet, bdsm and so on. Every second month we turn up the heat and invites to naked parties, which never fail to attract a large crowd. Large crowds are also to be expected at our annual birthday party; Valhall, our Halloween party; Red Devil, and during the week of Oslo Pride. Check out our program and drop by on your next visit to one of the most exciting up and coming Cities of Europe.

gay fetish club london D7L5Ce


The aim of the club Leathermen of Switzerland (LMS) is the friendship and cooperation of gay men who identify with the leather fetish or have a pronounced interest in leather in any other way. Established in 2018, we promote social activities and collaboration in the fetish scene and thus provide the opportunity for social and personal contacts with like-minded people. The LMS serves as a platform for the gay leather scene in Switzerland, its worldwide integration as well as the exchange of similar interests. The club is run by honorary members in their spare time.

Birmingham, united kingdom

A social group for gay men in the Birmingham and Midlands area A place for local guys to meet local guys, running regular events in Birmingham, where gear heads from all over the country are welcome, plus occassional other events throughout the year. More info: Cr0mb0 (381), Jon, aka JonGlos (934)

gay fetish club london

Minneapolis, usa

The Atons of Minneapolis , founded in 1972, is one of the nation’s oldest active gay men’s Leather / Levi social fraternity. We are dedicated to promoting a positive image of our lifestyle through our various social activities. As part of our mission, we work to encourage local, national and international fellowship. We also work to foster both the unity and diversity of the leather community.

Denver, usa

The Denver boys of Leather is a group of self-identified leatherboys. The term leatherboy is defined as broadly as possible with the intent of being inclusive, and boy not being based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, or appearance. Our purpose is to gather in brotherhood and boyhood, supporting our members and our community with respect and integrity.

gay fetish club london eXlADth

Las vegas, usa

The mission of the Las Vegas boys of Leather is to provide a forum for, peer education and support, while on our journey as we contribute to other local nonprofit organizations and charities through community building, community service and fundraising. The Las Vegas boys of Leather are a group of self-identified leather boys. The term leather boy is defined as broadly as possible with the intent of being inclusive, and boy not being based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, appearance or fetish. Our purpose is to gather in brotherhood and boyhood, supporting our members and our community with respect and integrity.

Baltimore/washington, d.c., usa

The purpose of COMMAND MC is to promote pride in the Leather Community, personally and publicly; to bring about an image of respect, responsibility and fellowship toward the leather community; and to support our community financially and actively whenever possible. COMMAND MC primarily serves the LGBT community of the Maryland area. COMMAND MC promotes brotherhood and camaraderie within the Maryland Leather Community as the producer of the Mr. Maryland Leather Contest, regular bar nights and various social events. Our social events range from simple nights out and dinner among the brothers of COMMAND, to events to which we invite the entire Mid-Atalantic Leather Community and even outings for a weekend away. We support the Leather and LGBT communities by raising money and awareness for gay‐related charities and coordinate with other Leather Clubs and non‐profit organizations that service the GLBT and HIV/AIDS community of the Baltimore/Washington, DC area.

gay fetish club london

San francisco, usa

The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District is being created with the intent of preserving, sustaining, and promoting the LGBTQ history and culture of the broader Castro district. The creation of the Castro LGBTQ Cultural District will highlight the structures and sites important to this history; fostering racial, ethnic and cultural diversity among its residents and businesses; and creating a safe, beautiful, and inclusive space for LGBTQ and allied communities, from those who call this neighborhood home to those who visit it from around the world. We are a project of the Leather Alliance who is our fiscal sponsor and 501 ( c ) (3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax deductible. The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District is a living, breathing geographic and cultural area with rich political, social, economic, and historical significance to the LGBTQ community. The neighborhood has been recognized worldwide for nearly half a century as a beacon of LGBTQ liberty and an enclave for LGBTQ people to find safety, acceptance, and chosen family. The Castro has long drawn new residents and visitors from every corner of the globe who seek out the neighborhood because of its significance as a center of LGBTQ life. The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District will help sustain this community and the Castro as a center of LGBTQ life. This is important for the movement as a whole, but also important for the Castro and for San Francisco.

Nashville, usa

The Conductors is one of the longest surviving gay social and service groups in the city, having been involved in Nashville’s gay community for over 30 years. We were established in 1982 by a group of friends who shared common interests in leather. Nashville’s gay community in the early 80’s, although thriving, was still small. Knowing that introducing leather boots, vests, and chaps into the nightlife of Nashville’s bar scene was somewhat of a risk at the time, those first members recognized that it was vital for their acceptance and future to give something back to the community.

gay fetish club london H9Mi9sG

Mariden, usa

CT. Cruisers is a non-political, gay fraternal organization that exists to provide men who have leather and fetish interests with opportunities to meet and enjoy time together in a variety of safe and fun social events. Looking for a group of experienced men! Good – you’ve come to the right place!

Detroit, usa

The DBC is a club for GAY and BI men who share a passionate interest in bondage, SM, leather and rubber with men. We have members at all experience levels. Some are new to the lifestyle while others have years of experience. Each member brings new skills or insights to be shared with the club. The promotes safe, sane and consensual bondage and other SM activities. Of course, having fun is important too. The club allows members to play out their fantasies in a safe, supportive environment and meet new friends who share their interests.

gay fetish club london

Washington, d.c., usa

The District of Columbia Bear Club is the only Levi/Leather bear club in existence and was created to bridge the gap between bears and leather. Mission Statement: The District of Columbia Bear Club (DCBC) was created to promote fellowship among bears, cubs, levi/leather and other diverse members of the District of Columbia Gay/Lesbian Community. In addition, we seek to promote better inter-club relations with local, regional, national and international bear, levi/leather communities and to encourage a positive public image in the larger global community.

New york city, usa

Empire City Motorcycle Club, Inc. of New York City, was founded by a group of twelve motorcycle riders in October, 1964 as a motorcycle owner/rider club. We are the oldest ongoing gay all riding organisation in the country and a vital part of the gay community in New York metropolitan area.

gay fetish club london jLUy3gS

New york, usa

Excelsior M.C. NYC, was established in fraternal union as a not-for-profit social organization. It is our objective to plan and execute events for our own membership, for other organizations of a similar nature, and for the community in which we live. Among the oldest ongoing gay leather/Levi organizations in the city, we continue to be a vital part of the gay community in the New York metropolitan area.

Boston and providence, usa

Fits Like A Glove is a social organization made up of individuals regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, or sexual orientation, who enjoy wearing, admiring, using and celebrating Gloves, leather and uniforms in many aspect of their lives. The organization exists to promote interaction between its members, and will remain a social and fund raising group in its constitution. Race, religion, national origin, sex, or sexual orientation. FLAG is a unique organization, in that it deals with glove fetish. No other organization is like us. Our members range in age from their twenties to their seventies. FLAG’s membership is predominantly gay male, but it is not limited to men or gay people. We not only have straight members in FLAG but have had women join and currently have several in membership now. FLAG is open to anyone who shares the love for gloves. We have a newsletter called The Flagship which is printed quarterly (4 times a year). We cover glove/leather/uniform events, club happenings, meeting notes, glove fiction by our members, and coverage of our own club events. Our Glove Box gives you the chance to write and speak your mind on issues. We have had, in the past, had a personals section called Glovingly Yours. A membership list and catalog list is sent with each newsletter which only goes out to current members. Only members receive these listings. The club membership listings are updated every issue or so as necessary. A membership application is available in the section Membership Info. FLAG already has members across thirty-four states and eleven countries.

gay fetish club london Mk1XOzP

Portland, me, usa

Who we are Incorporated in the State of Maine in 1984,, the Harbor Masters of Portland, Maine, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization, which was organized to provide a sense of fellowship and to promote mutual respect and tolerance for gay men and women who share an active interest in the leather/levi lifestyle. While the majority of our members are from southern and central Maine, we also have members from other parts of the state and from the Eastern United States and Canada.

Kansas city, usa

The Kansas City Pioneers Leather Levi Club was founded in 1975 as a social club for gay men. We are the longest active gay club/organization in Kansas City. Early Kansas City Pioneer events included Leather Runs, which started in 1975 and is a tradition we continue to carry on today, campouts, and group motorcycle trips. The KC Pioneers responded to the AIDS crisis in the 80’s by focusing on fundraising to help our brothers and friends. Through the years, the club has contributed to the local gay community by raising funds for local charities that support LGBTQ+ youth, HIV services, and anti-violence groups in the gay community. We have also worked with the bear community, MGRA rodeo, and KCPride on various projects and community outreach events. We look forward to helping out at future LGBT+ community opportunities. In 2017, our group has added a brand new educational program to our events in an effort to reach out to people who are just discovering and exploring their interests in the Leather and BDSM communities. The Kansas City Pioneers are focused around the needs and desires of the LGBT+ community in this world of straps, boots, and floggers. We welcome everyone to our events and group memberships. Check the Kansas City Pioneers calendar for all the club’s events, workshops, and other leather focused LGBT+ happenings going on all around the Kansas City area.

gay fetish club london Ml9FVw

Minneapolis, usa

The focus of the Knights of Leather is the promotion and practice of the safe sane and consensual play for people involved the leather and BDSM lifestyles. We host dungeon parties, an annual SM recreational/educational weekend run known as Tournament; and we are also involved in various community educational out-reach programs and events. We attend events and runs sponsored by other organizations to support their efforts and stay in touch with other BDSM communities. We host workshops and demonstrations, participate in fundraising projects relevant to the community, serve on boards and committees for the leather community (e.g. MN Leather Pride Committee) and attend and support MN Leather Pride celebrations. The Knights of Leather are also Coalition members of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)! KOL supports the NCSF’s committment to "creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression.

Los angeles, usa

Our Mission The Los Angeles Band of Brothers is a fraternal organization of titleholders who have competed in the Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest. We dedicate ourselves: a) to the support of titleholders in preparing for and during competition in the Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest; b) to the support of our members during events organized or sponsored by our members related to the Leather Community specifically, and the LGBTQ Community specifically; c) to the betterment of the Leather Community specifically, and the LGBTQ Community specifically; and d) to provide fun, fellowship and social camaraderie to our members.

gay fetish club london nuYenQq

Fort lauderdale, usa

Building a Legacy of Gay Philanthropy… A Passion for Giving. A Passion for Doing. A Passion for Helping Others. Lambda Men’s Brotherhood’s mission is to identify and help fund critical needs in our community. Through social and fundraising events since 2005, we have raised and donated over $175,000 in grants to local and national nonprofit organizations that serve vital needs in our community. Lambda Men’s Brotherhood, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, Florida Department of Agriculture Charitable organization number CH29564.

Las vegas, usa

The Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas is a pansexual organization of men and women dedicated to helping and uniting the community of Las Vegas through social and educational events and activities. Also known as LUC of Las Vegas (pronounced "luck"), or LUC for short, our organization strives to promote the spirit of community, unity, responsible behavior and above all, the spirit of leather.c/o

gay fetish club london oLYtZ7D

Chicago, usa

M.A.F.I.A., founded in 1978, is an organization dedicated to promotion of and instruction in the art of Handball or Fisting. We are an organization with members worldwide, based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Under IRS we are a 501(c)(7)organization M.A.F.I.A. is a private membership club. Membership in M.A.F.I.A. is open to Gay men 21 years of age or older who have demonstrated an interest and proficiency at Handballing, either as a top, bottom, or both. The purpose of this site is to provide information about our events to our world-wide membership, and to reach out to the larger world-wide handball community. The intent is to provide useful information about handball/fisting for those currently involved in the activity, or to those who are actively seeking such information. This site is not intended for the casual browser of the net. This site, like all undertakings of the club, is a volunteer project, and as such the frequency of updating and quality of content here depends the time that can be made available to work on the project. Although the policies for this site are determined by the M.A.F.I.A. Board of Directors, subject to the rules of our ISP host, the contribution of content is welcome from anyone involved in handball.

Minneapolis and rochester, usa

MSDB is a Minnesota-based organization for people who are actively involved or seriously interested in BDSM lifestyles and activities. MSDB provides social and educational activities and information to its members and to the BDSM community at large. Membership is open to adults 18 or older, regardless of sexual or gender orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, or physical ability.

gay fetish club london pBSWwFQ

Los angeles, usa

The Oedipus Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles was formed in 1958 for the purpose of providing a safe and comfortable environment for motorcyclists in the gay community. Our focus is on motorcycling and motorcycling related events. Oedipus provides support for local gay community events that involve motorcycling and motorcyclists.

Boston, usa

Riders Motorcycle Club of Boston is a group of gay and bisexual men who enjoy the activity of motorcycle riding. Riders MC is a not-for-profit organization. Riders MC was first organized in 1984, and has been a continuous motorcycle riding club since 1988. If you are a gay man with a motorcycle looking for the recreational enjoyment of riding with other gay and bisexual men, take a look around the website and consider a membership with Riders MC! Other than annual membership dues, there are no minimum mileage or other requirements to be part of Riders MC. All makes and models of motorcycle are welcome to ride with us. There are generally two formal club meetings held during the year: A spring riding event planning meeting and our Christmas Party. We conduct general business of the club at both meetings, otherwise Riders MC holds formal meetings only when necessary to plan events and handle business matters.

gay fetish club london pnhueLY

San francisco, usa

San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion group is an independent, all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization serving the educational needs of the men’s BDSM/leather community. Founded in 1996 LDG continues its commitment toward building a stronger sense of community through serving the educational needs of leathermen and their allies. Featuring informative, interesting and prominent guest speakers, LDG hosts demonstrations, workshops, community forums and expert panel discussions each year. Our monthly programs cover a wide range of sexuality, community, and personal growth topics, from BDSM technique, health and safety to relationships, fantasies, spirituality and much more. Although LDG’s regular programs are focused on the specific needs and interests of kink-minded men, adults of all genders and backgrounds are welcome to attend.

Los angeles, usa

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles is the oldest continuously running gay organzation in the world. Formed in 1954 during the height of the McCarthy era, seven men came together, bonded by the love of the motorcycle to form a club. The Satyrs Motorcycle Club provides social and educational opportunities for members and other gay men interested in recreational riding. The club promotes camaraderie, motorcycle safety and education. We welcome any biker or biker enthusiast to join us on our many rides and events. Most events also welcome other vehicles to join us on our tours. We invite to explore the iconic club known as The Satyrs M/C through this website. Join our mailing and email list. Experience the Badger Flat Run that still runs like it did 50+ years ago. The experience is camping and the great outdoors at its best, with fellow bikers and biker enthusiasts from all over the nation.

gay fetish club london Ru7CNAD

Dewy rose, ga, usa

The Southeast Conference of Clubs is composed of a very diverse group of clubs — all enjoying some aspect of alternative lifestyles, including Levi/Leather, BDSM, Fetish and Bear interests. The Conference is a pansexual (inclusive: male, female, gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) and focused organization serving our community. The member clubs experiences range from the very novice and curious to the very seasoned and informed.

Tulsa, usa

Located in Tulsa , Oklahoma , T.U.L.S.A. is for people interested in uniforms, leather, Levi, motorcycles and the celebration of our special interests. The association is open to all individuals, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin, and is dedicated to educating the community and promoting unity via social and charitable activities. T.U.L.S.A. is a nonprofit organization and its structure and operations are designed to: Provide regular educational opportunities for members and the entire community. Support our pansexual community through charitable donations (money, goods, and services) Promote unity and productive community leadership, action, and goodwill. Tulsa Uniform & Leather Seekers Association is more than just a social club. We sponsor events and activities that promote the leather lifestyle community to others in a positive manner through visibility, fundraising, social, and educational endeavors.

gay fetish club london sEhGq1

Charlotte, nc, usa

Who are the Tradesmen? We are a fellowship of individuals having a common character and interest, dedicated to the development and improvement of brotherhood. To accomplish this, The Tradesmen endeavor to promote better communication between individuals, and to promote and support charitable causes. The Tradesmen believe in the equality of brotherhood regardless of race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Hudson valley region, ny, usa

Twilight Guard is a fellowship of leathermen and bears in the gay communities of Connecticut and New York. Founded in July of 1995 to provide a forum for the leather, bear and gear lifestyles in suburban areas outside of the larger cities. Among our major goals are the development and promotion of a positive leather image and lifestyle, the encouragement of safe, sane, and consensual practices, the fostering of friendship and brotherhood. This involves the promotion of open exchange of communication and interactions with other similar organizations and individuals, charitable concerns and the dissemination of issues of importance to the Club and the community. Our theme of brotherhood and unified spirit is expressed by the wearing of our Club Colors and in the symbols of attire: Leather, Rubber, Denim or Uniforms.

gay fetish club london vgoTFXJ

Wichita, usa

WOOLF is dedicated to the education and development of the Leather fetish community. Our Mission is to: Provide regular educational opportunities for members and the community to promote Safe, Sane, & Consensual fetish play Support our pansexual community through charitable donations Promote strategic and productive community leadership, action, and goodwill Build relationships that value and further cultural, gender, sexual orientation, fetish desire, and racial inclusion

Notoriously naughty Berlin is, naturally, home to the big, dirty, daddy of European leather and fetish events, Folsom Europe, taking place this year on Saturday, Sept 12 and Sunday, Sept 13.

As home to some of the world’s most active — and intense — leather and fetish scenes, it’s only natural that Europe also hosts many of the world’s best annual leather and fetish events.

Covering the map with kink from London to Berlin to Rome to Madrid, these festivals and parties happen throughout the year, so there’s always a good reason to gear up lurking just around the corner. Here’s our rundown of the cream of Euro-nasty happenings for 2015.

Leatherpride BelgiumAntwerpWed, Feb 11–Mon, Feb 16Kink aficionados know that pretty little Antwerp is also highly pervy, home to one of the most vibrant leather and fetish scenes on the European continent. In mid-February, this capital of Belgium’s Flanders region hosts the six-day Leatherpride, highlighted by the Darklands indoor fetish festival (where scads of top global porn actors are always on hand), wildly popular opening and closing parties (Perverts and Hardon, respectively), and the Mr Leather Belgium contest. Check out this video for a preview of Leatherpride 2015, or watch a cool on-the-scene recap of 2014’s event here (narrated in Dutch, but with enough great imagery that you likely won’t mind).

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RomeFri, Feb 20–Sun, March 1Southern Europe’s leather and fetish scenes have been slower to flower than those in the north, but they’re now making up for lost time with some great annual events. One of these is Fetish Pride Italy, a 10-day affair that includes its own fetish film festival and art and photo exhibitions. On tap, too, are specialized parties covering a wide swath of proclivities, from rubber to sneakers to fisters and beyond. This year’s Fetish Pride Italy will also include the first ever Roman edition of the popular Berlin and Antwerp party Perverts, featuring internationally popular fetish DJ Jack Chang.

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Sleazy MadridMadridWed, April 29–Sun, May 3Another relative newcomer to Europe’s annual leather and fetish festival roster is this five-day springtime event in the Spanish capital. With a heavy party focus, Sleazy Madrid features big bashes like Perverts, a huge hit at leather and fetish gatherings across Europe; Full Fetish, a multi-kink extravaganza hosted by London-based hookup app Recon; and Into the Tank, the weekend’s main event.

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CologneThurs, May 21–Mon, May 25Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015, Cologne’s Fetish Pride is the premier annual event for the city’s large and lively fetish community, and it’s increasingly becoming a must-do fest for pervs from across Germany and the entire European continent. Spread over five days, Rheinfetisch includes numerous parties and events, including the headlining Bull Party, a waterborne Boat Party and the crowning of Mr Fetish NRW (for North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne’s federal state within Germany).

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Thurs, May 28–Sun, May 31Timelessly stylish Paris can also get down and dirty with the best of them, as was amply proven last year at the first-ever Paris Fetish Weekend. So successful was the inaugural event that it’s being repeated and expanded upon for 2015, covering four full days. The highlight will be Saturday night’s multi-fetish Bruthal party, but numerous events will cater to specialized fetishists. The weekend will also feature a number of interesting and unique tours, including a leather biker tour of the city and a guided tour of its historical cruising spots. Check out this video for a Paris Fetish Weekend preview.

Vienna Fetish SpringViennaWed, June 3–Sun, June 7In its fourth year for 2015, Vienna’s premier annual leather and fetish event is a five-day fest featuring numerous parties with strict dress codes (or undress codes, as the case may be), a distinctive full-fetish-geared chartered tram tour of the city hosted by local leather organization LMC Vienna, and the always-hot election of Mr Fetish Austria.

LondonEarly/mid July (exact 2015 dates to be announced)Organized by Recon, a London-based fetish hookup app, Fetish Week is the British capital’s biggest annual event for its sizable leather and fetish community, with scores of happenings all around the city catering to nearly every imaginable appetite, from leather to lycra to lingerie. Headlining bashes include Saturday’s Full Fetish and Sunday’s Deconstruction closing party. Check out this video for a preview of last year’s Fetish Week.

Folsom EuropeBerlinSat, Sept 12 & Sun, Sept 13Notoriously naughty Berlin is, naturally, home to the big dirty daddy of all annual European leather and fetish events, Folsom Europe. Launched in 2003 as an offshoot of San Francisco’s iconic Folsom Street Fair, this German incarnation draws fetishists from across the continent (and indeed the world) for a late-summer weekend of uniformed bondage and debauchery. Throughout the weekend, a vivid street fair takes over a few-block stretch of Fuggerstrasse in the heart of the German capital’s gay-heavy Schöneberg neighbourhood, featuring open-air fetishy cruising and strutting the likes of which can be matched only at the San Francisco original and with myriad booths selling all manner of leather and fetish gear. The accompanying roster of local events and parties is truly astounding, and it’s all headlined by Saturday’s massive and infamous Pig party. For a glimpse at last year’s Folsom Europe weekend, check out this video.

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Leather Pride WeekendAmsterdamLate October (exact 2015 dates to be announced)The Dutch capital’s prominent leather and fetish community is one of the strongest presences of its kind on the planet — this is the home, for example, of two of the world’s biggest fetish outfitters, RoB and Mister B — and for nearly two decades, Amsterdam’s Leather Pride Weekend has been its top annual shindig. Numerous naughty events always fill the four-day event, including specialized fetish parties at the city’s many leather and cruise bars and clubs.

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