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 Since this post that Janel and I made, a few of you have sent me recommendations for LGBTQIA+ books so I thought I would make a kind of always growing list for people. (In bold are the books I have personally read and can give you details on if you message me). The list is sooooo long, which makes me super happy, and please make sure to message me if I am missing one you love! Also, currently working on adding Goodreads links and genre to all of these to make things easier.

Actually good wlw movies

bc im sick of yall copypasting the netflix lgbt section. these are all movies i watched and can confirm theyre good. some of them have lesbian themes rather than romance but its better than watching like, loving anabelle or sth. my personal faves have an asterisk next to them.

im still going thru my list so i’ll update this when i got more. feel free to ask me abt triggers or plot or anything else about these!!

Body snatcher remote

OG Story:

You lived in a place called “Love Field”, which was pretty ironic. You have not been able to set your love straight with anyone yet. You did have someone you had a close relationship with, but the levels of interest are dropping lower every day. You thought your relationship was breaking apart and could not seem to find the cause. Maybe you just had bad luck in your love life.

 As you passed a car; a truck made a weird turn and lost a luggage. Whatever goods it was transporting, one of them fell right through your window and hit your forehead. You began searching your car, only to find a strange small remote. You have never seen the likes of it. It seemed to be somewhat round shaped, had two points at the top and some kind of rod in between. Somehow that reminded you of a taser. There was only a single clear button on it. When you pressed it to see what it does, you noticed this weird green laser firing to your car’s ceiling. 

Suddenly you got shot with a vision; one of you firing the laser at someone and then suddenly you felt as if you were switching positions. Instantly, you looked through that person’s eyes who saw your body turning into a beautiful silver statue. Somehow you felt extremely erotically exited by it too. Now curious, the remote did not seem so scary, instead you wanted to try it.

The next day, you drove out of your dorm to see some potential targets. You saw one of them jogging by. Thus, you parked your car at the edge of the road. His name was Matt, he was from the swimmer team, and had a pretty buff body. 

He was not your close friend per se, you did not see him often, but you did text with him a lot, especially when he asked you to help him study. So yeah, that kind of “friend.” He got his own circle of friends, some of them do not particularly like you, so you stayed away from them. 

Matt was a good kid with a good body too. You could feel your hand shook a little, the remote glowed slightly. This guy was popular, touching him felt almost illegal, particularly from a nobody like you. It just felt like you were two citizens from two worlds that were never meant to collide. Hell, even your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend ranted about how much you should be more like Matt, but that it was impossible. Maybe… maybe you could try it on him.

You ducked under your car window, hoping that he had not seen you yet. Then, you aimed the device on him. Symbols started to form on the device with Matt’s name beside them, and you pushed the button.

It was jarring, at the very least. A sudden blip of unconsciousness, and you were now staring at the road ahead of your car. You lifted up your hands and inspected them, feeling that they were different, slightly bigger. The device was gripped on your right hand. You looked down, you were wearing a gray sleeveless hoodie, black track pants, and a pair of blue running shoes. You rubbed your hands on your chest, feeling the fabric and a hard amount of hard muscles beneath, your toes curled inside the shoes. 

You were so excited that this thing actually worked! So excited that you started to notice a tent in your… Matt’s… your pants. You wonder if this was the device’s doing. You would deal with it later…

You turned back to see your car still parked at the edge of the road. You slowly walked towards it, getting used to Matt’s height difference. You opened the door, only to see your body, covered in shiny silver coating, and not moving. You poked at it. It felt more like a statue. Hopefully, this meant that your original body would be stuck in one place, which you could hide more easily.

You decided you would go to Matt’s dorm, wanting to explore this body more and also looking a place to hide your original body for a while. You hopped on the driver seat of your car and started the engine, feeling wild and strong

You looked left and right in the hallway, hoping that no one would notice you carrying a silver statue. The statue itself was surprisingly light, probably because of your host’s opened Matt’s door and was surprised to find that the room was clean. No books and papers on the floor, no leftover food trash in sight, and his bed was set tidily. You quickly closed and locked the door, setting the statue and the device just beside the bed. You took off your shoes and walked to the full body mirror.“Mmm… quite a body you have, Matt.”You smiled, rubbing his face, his chest and his…“Wow, I never thought yours could be this sensitive.”You rubbed your hands in front of the tent on your pants before slipping it free. The bulge was even more visible under the speedos. Without further thought, your hands dove under it and started to fondle Matt’s dick. It was somewhat more pleasurable than when you did it in your body. It was even more arousing with the fact that you could see your friend’s face filled with lust in the mirror, copying your exact moves. Then, you raised your left arm and flexed your massive bicep with a groan. Matt’s innocent face twisted into a douchey expression excited you so much.

“Fuck Matt! You’re a naughty boy inside, aren’t you?”

Before long, you spurted loads of cum into your speedos, some dripping off your legs. You were so into it that you did not notice the remote blinking green light before turning off.“Ngh… gotta clean this up soon.”***You stepped out of the shower, naked with only towel on your waist. You winked at your reflection again and posed. After that, you made sure that you had cleaned the floor and the speedo from the mess. Eventually, you decided to wear a black hoodie, some jeans, and white Nike shoes. You walked to the mirror again, fixing your hair, and winked at yourself.“I think I’m gonna enjoy being you for a while, Romeo.”

You were getting a hard on again just by imagining how it was like to live someone else’s life for a day. Especially Matt, the perfect golden boy. But, you realized something. You did not have Matt’s memories. Even if you two are close, you could not impersonate Matt fully without his memories and his on cue, the device’s button started to glow, as if telling you to press it. As you did so, a cable sprouted from the back of the device and latched onto the back of your right hand. Suddenly, you felt electric shock and numbness all over your body. It spasmed a little and you experienced a mild headache before it suddenly cleared. You were in awe, because now you got all of Matt’s memories. It was more like if your brain was a computer, then you have added all of Matt’s memories as a separate folder that you could look into easily. Hence, you realized that Matt never saw you as a friend, but as someone he could use for good grades. He even was fucking your girlfriend from time to time! Soon, it became obvious that Matt loved to manipulate other people.

“You fake ass,” you glared at your reflection. “Can’t be mad at you, though. With a body like this, I would fuck anything that moves too.”

You attended all of Matt’s class without anyone suspecting anything. All have gone smoothly and everyone bought your nice guy persona. It probably helped that acting was a part of Matt already. After your last class, one of Matt’s friend, Trent, was calling you in the hallway.

Trent tapped your back “I got some nice booze. Want to try it out tonight, but don’t want to make it a party, too messy. Figured I could drag you in, since you’re one of my best bros.”You thought about it, this could be the opportunity to have your revenge on Matt.

***“Glad you could come.” greeted your opened the door to his room, welcoming you in. Trent’s room was like the typical jock’s room, pretty messy, a clear contrast to Matt’s.“So, where is the booze?” you questioned.

Trent’s back was facing you. You aimed the device at him and pressed the button. A jolt, then you were seeing a different view. You chuckled, turning back to see Matt’s body transformed into a statue. You press the remote again, the cable sprouted out, and your body spasmed a bit. You now had all of Trent’s memories.

Walking to the mirror, you were surprised at what you find while sifting through Trent’s memories.

Trent actually had a kink for leathers, and when you tried to look at his biker gears at the corner of the room, you were feeling aroused. In truth, Trent was not interested in motorcycling, only its leather gear. He decided to go motorcycling just to cover his kink. He just needed a justification as for why he bought the immediately took off your clothes, your dick straightenes up, fueled by the desire of getting into the suit. You put on one of the leather suits, sliding your toned legs and arms into it, and zipping it all up. You take some pair of socks from the closet and put it on before pulling on the Sidi boots. You put the helmet on and slid your fingers into the gloves. You were now fully suited.

Walking back to the mirror, you saw yourself in full leather gear. Trent’s libido was making your dick hard inside, so you pull off the special zipper on your crotch to let your dick free. It was a bit bigger than Matt’s. One hand started to rub it, the other was exploring your muscular body, feeling the leather against your firm skin. You clicked the toes of your boots, feeling its treads gripping to the floor and the tightness of it gripping your feet. The experience, combined with Trent’s libido was too much for you so you came straight to the mirror. 

You looked back at Matt’s statue and found out that Trent was gay and attracted to the latter. An evil smirk crossed your lips as you removed your helmet and picked up the remote. A laser shot at Matt’s statue and his body turned back to normal.

“Ugh… What happened?” asked Matt as he held his head. “Dude?! Why are you dressed like that?”

The jock stared at your hanging dick dripping with cum. 

“A man has needs.” You shrugged. “And don’t act all prude, aren’t you the guy who fuck his friend’s girlfriend?”

Matt raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Did someone lie to you?”

You shot daggers at him. “Cut the shit, bro. I’ve been inside your gorgeous body and now I’m inside your best friend.”

“You prolly don’t remember my name, but I’m the kid who helped you for your exams,” you said through Trent. “Remember that time when you accidentally send me a bondage pic?”

Matt jumped back. “What?! Trent, h- how do you know that?!”

“Because I’m not Trent, dumbass!” you yelled. “But it doesn’t matter, Trent is not the one I have a revenge against, it’s you.”

“Wait! Wait! I got a lot of friends that you could like!” begged Matt. “Do you like old dudes? You can have my dad! Hell even my grandfather!”

“You really are an asshole,” you said before you pressed the button.

A flash of light blinded you. When your vision came back, Trent’s statue was in front of you. You looked down and caressed your hunky frame.

“It’s great to be back inside you, motherfucker,” you taunted your host.

You shot Trent with the remote and he came back to life. 

“Aargh!” He gasped and noticed his sex suit. “Fuck! Matt, it’s not-”

“Shh.” You put your index finger on Matt’s lips. “I think you’re hella hot dressed like this.”

You removed your hoodie and bounced your pecs. “People change.”

Trent smiled and pulled down your jeans before he rammed his dick inside you. You moaned with Matt’s boyish voice and wrapped your sturdy legs around your friend’s waist. You bent your arms behind your head and flexed your chiseled torso. Meanwhile, Trent thrust inside you and licked your hairy armpits. 

“I’ve wanted your tight ass for so long,” groaned Trent.

You chewed at your biceps while Trent bit your beefy pecs and pounded your ass. A mischievous smile sliced on your lips as you caught your reflection thanks to Trent’s helmet. Seeing Matt, the golden boy, the casanova, moaning and getting fucked lik a slut was putting you over the moon.

“GAAHHH!” roared Trent as he splashed your hole with jizz.

You squirmed and yelped before you leaned forward and kissed your friend.

The name is Misha. I have two sisters and three brothers but they’re not particularly involved in this story.

I’m eighteen. So I’m legal. Don’t worry. All the salacious things I do in this story are on the up and up. Before I show you what I look like now, I figure I should start at the beginning. This is how it started. Look at me.

I didn’t look half bad. But I had to get bigger. I had to get stronger. I have three brothers I have to catch up to. Three shadows to step out from under. I tried exercising and I joined gyms but nothing was helping. My body wasn’t getting bigger or stronger.

I was walking home. There he was. A guy I had seen a few times in the gym but he was bigger now than he had been two weeks ago. Taller. At least half a foot. Thicker. He was coated in sweat and playing basketball. He peered over and motioned me over.

“Come here.” He said with a smile that could moisten any woman up. His biceps flexed as he pointed at the ground in front of him. His pecs popped. Not gonna lie, my cock twitched.

“You trying to pump up? I see you at the gym a lot.”

That made his smirk widen. “Me, huh? What if I said you could… Be like me… And bigger?”

I looked at him. His thick full pecs. His abs. His thick biceps. They were big. I looked down. He saw my eyes trailing. He smirked and lifted his shorts. He showed off those thick thighs. Then he cupped his stuffed package.

“Like the view, little jock?” I could see the fat tube of his cock as he gripped his crotch and flexed his thighs.

He grinned. “Yes. Bigger… Here…. Here.. Here…” He patted his chest, biceps, thighs, then gave his cock a stroke. “And here…”

Something about it made my knees weak. Something about the way it pulsed within the confines of his shorts, throbbed between thick thighs. I wanted to see it.

He patted my shoulder. “Alright. Follow me. I got a gym for you to join.”

He laughed. “That’s not a gym. That’s bull. I go there to recruit people for a real gym. I find the ones with the most potential. And right now. It’s you. Name’s Blaine. Let’s go. The Himbo Project is where you need to be… Now first. What’s your name?”

The building he took me to didn’t look like much. But when I went inside it was not what I expected.

There were the usual pieces of workout equipment. But none of that caught my eye quite like all the men around. All the built. Sweaty. Muscular. Thickly built. Half naked. Tall. Jocks. The area had a circulating air purifier. But even then the whole building smelled of men. Of testosterone. Of raw pure masculinity.

One walked over. His eyes falling in me. He had four inches of height on me. His body glistening under the lights.

“Yo. Blaine. This the newbie?” The guy spoke with an accent. His pecs bounced with each breath.

“This is him. His name is Misha. Misha, this is Luis. He’s been with us for a month. He looked like you when he got here. He’s going to help you get stronger. Bigger. Luis, remember, no rough stuff.”

“Oh come on. The last guy liked it… ” Luis sneered and slapped his own pec. “Ok. Fine. Come on. Gonna give you your first case of Jock Brews. Will tell you how the different types of brew work. Then you choose whichever you want. Then… Well the fun begins…”

There are several kinds of Jock Serum. They came in cans that made me think of beer. Jock Serum: Original, Jock Serum X-Treme, Jock Serum XXXL, and Jock Serum XXXL Max.

“The original is good. Weakest type. Good for beginners.” Made sense. It was the largest can. Looking like a 32 ounce beer can. “The Max is the strongest stuff.” Luis explained. It’s why it comes in smaller bottles. Like those 5 hour energy drink shots.

“I want the Max.” Luis looked at me as I said that.

“You got balls, kid.” He said with a smirk. “This stuff is strong. And there’s side effects.”

Luis nodded and motioned to the small case on the table. “Take one and let’s go. Your training starts now.”

I emptied the small bottle. I felt the effects immediately. I could do do this…

I forgot how it’s been. Time just flew by during training. Strength, durability, stamina. It was grueling. I also downed so many of the tiny bottles; one at a time at first then I got impatient. I chugged four of them.

That night I underwent the biggest change. The pain surpassed everything else. Then came the pleasure. I called for Luis and he saw what I did… But, rather than rat me out, he took me to “the education annex” in the basement of the gym. He sat me down.

“You want to get bigger… Right? Look at you. Looking good. Better than before. Now though comes the real training…”

“Real training?” My chest felt tighter in my shirt. My biceps felt bigger.

“I’m going to put this VR headset on you… And you’re going to sit back… But first. Drink.” He held out a bottle of XXXL Max. Bigger than the others. I chugged it. He slid the VR set over my head. The earphones slid on comfortably.

“Hey, Bro. Can you hear me?” The voice echoed in my ears. “Stand up if you can. Good… Look at the colors. They’re nice, right? Sink into them. Like quicksand. Sink into the colors.”

I felt heavy yet weightless. I was standing. I had gotten up. On command.

“Time for you to learn what this whole gym is about, Bro. Gonna learn what the Himbo Project and the Serum are for. What you were selected for. You’re not just any guy picked up off the street. You’re a bro. Well, you will be. You will be soon enough. For now, sink into the colors. Swirling, pulsing, writhing light, let it burrow into your subconscious. Let my voice sink into your brain. Your cute tiny and soon to be shrinking brain. You’re smart. But you won’t be for long. 

Here’s what I want you to do. You took that concentrated XXXLMax. It’ll hit you in a second. When you do, the pain is going to wash over you like a goddamn tidal wave. Fight through it. Bite your lip. Flex. That’s what you need to do. Flex. Feel it? Feel it now? Washing over you? Pulsing pain, throbbing pain, coursing through your body?”

The pain hit as he said it, as he spoke about it. It was like an electrical charge down my spine. I groaned, stars flashing before my eyes as the pain increased.

“Flex. Flex you stupid ass. Flex you dumb motherfucker. Flex!”

I raised my arm. It felt like lead. I flexed my bicep. Immediately, there was pleasure. It coursed through me, starting at the bicep then spreading out. Another pulse of pain and I gasped.

“Flex again. Come on, bro. You know you felt that. You felt that pleasure. Flex.”

I flexed again, my bicep thickening and bulging as I did so and the pleasure washing over me.

“Oh, Oh Fuck.” I groaned and writhed a bit on my feet. 

“Good boy. Listen to my voice. Take it in. Let it sink into your mind. Your brain is shrinking. Your intelligence is slipping. All that matters is getting big, getting jocked, getting swole, bigger hot, getting sweaty. Be a bro. Flex.”

“You’re gonna be so stupid, bro. You’re gonna smile like an idiot when someone calls you dumb. Flex again. Both arms this time.”

I shuddered, both arms raised, flexed, and the pleasure increased, doubled, spread.

“You’re growing. Getting bigger. Your body is growing. Every time you flex, you get bigger. You get dumber. You feel it, don’t you? Yeah. Keep going. The bigger you get, the dumber you get. Flex. Yeah, don’t stop. You want to flex, you want to show off, you want to empty your brain. Thinking is an anchor, it keeps you from getting bigger, getting stronger, getting swole. Stop thinking. Don’t think. All you need to worry about is being a bro.

My biceps thickened. Ballooned. I felt them. I felt the muscles expand and with each expansion, I felt pleasure. I could feel it coursing through my veins. I was breathing heavily, panting.

“You are going to be a bro. A big muscle jock. A sweaty, smelly, stupid, strong, hot jock. You’ll live for being a bro. You’ll be a big muscle bitch. Yes, a bitch. That’s what you’re here for. This is what this training is for. To train you. To change you. To make you into what you want to be.

A whore. A big thick muscle whore. A dick pig. A cock slut. Make that jock hole between those thick cheeks a deep greedy muscle pussy.

You’ll exist to suck cock. You’ll live to get pumped. And get pumped; full of fat throbbing cock. Black, white, Arab, it doesn’t matter who it’s from. You’ll love it. You need it. You want your slut jock hole filled, used, gaped, abused, flooded, again and again. 

I groaned, my body stretched and ballooned, I felt the growth. I felt my shirt getting tighter. Too tight. I felt hands on me.

“Stay still, bro,” Luis said. I could hear him through the headphones, far but he was standing in front of me. He tore the shirt open. It fell to the ground. I didn’t see it but I felt it.

The voice in my ears continued. “Get dumb. Forget your thoughts. Clear your thoughts. Think of getting bigger, swole, think of that, nothing else. Nothing else matters. Flex. Moan. Be a good bitch. A good muscle slut. Your thick perfect beefy ass will be desired by men all over. They’ll see it. They’ll want it. And you will be happy to give it up, to raise that juicy ass up, to beg them to fuck it, to pound it, to beat it into submission. You’ll straddle any and all men that present their cocks to you and you’ll ride, you’ll post, until they empty themselves into you, and then you’ll move to the next man, and repeat, again and again. This is what you’ll be.”

Images flashed across my eyes. Images of men. Jocks. Muscular. Hot. Sweaty. Dumb.

“Look at them. Bros. Sweaty. Stupid. Swole. Big. Thick juicy cheeks. See them? You’ll look like that soon.

Watch those cheeks. Watch them jiggle. Watch them work.”

The two jocks stripped out of their singlets. Muscles flexing. Bulging. Thick biceps and full round pecs. They approached a man. He’s got a muscle gut. Wearing a hat that says Coach.

“Love Coach. Follow his orders. Coach is King. Coach is God. Coach will send you to the men who’ll use you. You exist to be used. To be a pumped up fuck pig contantly hungry for cock, insatiable. Watch them work. Watch them twerk. Dance. Flex. Now, bro. Flex.”

My pants felt tight. I flexed again. My shorts ripped down the side.

Watch them work. Watch them suck. Watch them swallow that daddy cock. That could be you. That will be you. You’ll be a jock. You’ll be dumb. You’ll be horny… And always prepared to flex.”

I removed the headset. Luis was standing there. Smirking. Cock bulging his shorts. He was slowly stroking it. He had watched me.

“Mirror. Go look at your new body… Enjoy it… You’re going to get bigger soon… If you like what you see… Come thank me. On your knees…jock slut.”

Jason swore loudly and had to resist the urge to throw his controller down, pissed that he kept dying cause of the game’s stupid glitches (Also known as own mistakes). Still, he regained his composure, and smiled before saying

"Alright chat, we’re gonna finish up this one and then we’re gonna move on to another game. There should be a poll on top for what we do next"

Jason was a moderately successfully game streamer, averaging about 200 to 300 viewers a night, entirely based on his wit and skill. He knew for sure that they weren’t coming for his looks, given his weedy, thin frame, overly pimpled face and large, nerdy glasses. Still, it was enough for him, and he was happy with the progress that he’d made.

As Jason got himself set up for the next game, he heard a shocking sound from above him. The victory theme from one of his favorite JRPGs was blaring through the speakers, and he came up, staring at the screen in shock. He knew what that sound meant. That meant someone had tipped him one thousand dollars, completely out of nowhere.

He looked in shock at the notification on the stream, seeing that it was from someone named JockBro69, with the simple message "Can’t wait to get to know you better, cutie~"

Jason was completely stunned. Not only had someone actually redeemed the donation goal that he set as a joke (That being that whoever was stupid enough to tip 1000 dollars got to have a 15 minute private chat with him), it was also someone that he’d never seen in his chat before.

Thoroughly weirded out, but knowing that he had to honor his commitment, he sent the guy a quick private message.

"Dude, I don’t know how to thank you enough! Guess I’ll see ya pretty soon!"

With that, he sent the man his private zoom link, and said goodbye to the chat, who were still going wild over this turn of events, before pausing,the stream and hopping over to discord for the call.

Not two seconds after his stream stopped, he got a requested video call on discord from the guy, and he opened it up, giving a second for the video to load, but when it did, he was completely dumbfounded again. He was expecting the mysterious donator to be some fat, sweaty silicon valley nerd with too much and money on his hands, but instead what met him was possibly the hottest man he’s ever seen, standing up and looking down at his webcam with a friendly expression.

"Fuck, bro! Its so good to finally fucking meet you, I’ve been such a big fan for a long time, and this is a really big deal for me~

The man had a deep, rumbling, pleasant voice, that shot straight down Jacob’s spine and left him feeling strangely… inadequate. Like the fact that his voice wasn’t as smooth or melodic as this guy’s was his fault, and he should be ashamed of that fact. Still, this guy was pretty pleasant to look at, Jason had to admit. He wasn’t gay, definitely not, but he could acknowledge when another guy simply looked good.

Jason scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, not entirely sure of what he should do or say. Still, this guy spent 1000 dollars on this meeting, so he had to try anyway.

"So, umm…. I see your username is jockbro69… What’s your actual name thought? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in chat before…"

The other man actually laughed at this, before looking confused and saying

"What are you talking about bro? Its me, Ethan! I’m in your chat all the time! Man, I guess what they say about playing games so much is true, huh?"

At this statement, Jason actually went pale with shock. THIS was Ethan? This was the guy who’s username used to be runningLink? Who was an active fan of the zelda series, constantly begged Jason to play them, and bemoaned the fact that no would date him? It just didn’t seem right…

Still, Jason, ever the semi professional, continued on, pretending that he wasn’t shocked at the news.

"Well, thanks for supporting me so much! Seriously, this means a lot to me… Ummm… so I guess tell me some of your favorite things about the channel then!"

The man laughed again, the sound coming out in a slow, dumb chuckle, before saying

"What’s my favorite thing? Do I even have to say, bro? Its the amazing piece of eye candy I’m looking at right now. You’re super hot, bro~"

At this, Jason was shocked, but he chuckled awkwardly while blushing, and said

"Really? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single person say that before. I guess I consider myself slightly below average…"

The guy looked confused at that, before pressing on

"Really, bro? You look super hot to me, you got those bright, blinding blue eyes that you can just get lost in~"

At this point, Jason knew the man was just messing with him. His eyes have always, and will always be a dark, muddy brown, hidden behind his massive frames. Jason was about to respond, when Ethan continued

"Yeah, and you got that super stylish haircut too, really makes you look super masculine~"

Now Jason was REALLY confused. The guy was right, he did always get complements on his eyes, the bright, shocking blue visible and striking even through his huge glasses. But his hair was always a long, unkempt greasy mess.

"Ethan, are you sure you’re okay, you’re not just seeing things? Cause I don’t know what you’re talking about"

Ethan ignored the comment, just continuing to press on

"And you’ve got that hot, manly face, with your strong jaw and amazing profile"

Jason was confused again. Sure, his stylish haircut did help him look much better, but his face had always been pretty androgynous, with hints of baby fat still present in his cheeks. Again, before he could interrupt, Ethan continued,

"And you’ve got that smooth smooth skin, that hot stubble, that sexy smirk of yours. You’re the full package bro~"

Jason laughed at this. Ethan was clearly being way too complementary. Sure his face had a great shape to it, with strong cheekbones and a square jaw, but his skin was still acne marked as hell, his smile was crooked and awkward, and he’d never been able to grow any facial hair, no matter how much he tried.

"I really have no idea what you’re talking about Ethan. Sure I’ve got some good features, but the overall package isn’t much to write home about~"

Ethan smirked again, his eyes lighting up with humor, as if he knew something I didn’t.

"Nah, bro, you’re underselling yourself. Plus, you’ve got that body~"

"What about my body? I think its pretty average, though I guess I’m a bit on the skinny side…"

Jason looked down at himself, trying to contemplate what Ethan meant. Sure, he’d been blessed with an attractive, manly face, but it didn’t change the fact that his body was still below average at best.

"Again, bro! Putting yourself down. You really think those massive logs you have for arms are below average?"

"And what about your legs? You’ve spent so long working on em, you’ve got thighs and glutes to kill for~"

"I dunno man! Most people say the exact opposite. They say I spend too much time on arms and not enough on my torso and legs. What can I say though? I love having big, beefy arms."

"Of course you do, bro? Who wouldn’t? Especially when right in between em, you got your big, pillowy chest, your sexy abs, and your super toned back~"

Jason was seriously starting to wonder if Ethan was on something. Anyone could clearly see from first glance that Jason’s body was badly proportioned, his arms and legs being massive from months to years of work, while he neglected his back, pecs and ab muscles. Still, he thought he looked pretty alright honestly.

"And I especially love how you’re not only super sexy, you know it and flaunt it~ I don’t think I’ve ever seen you once wear a shirt. The most you’ll wear is a necklace, and even then, not like that covers anything, bro~ Only makes you look sexier"

Now here Jason had to disagree. He knew that he had cultivated and developed an amazing body over his years of going to the gym, but that was all for his own personal satisfaction. He never flaunted it unnecessarily, especially not during a stream.

"And I love the fact that you’re such a fucking bro, bro. Every other word out of your mouth is bro and dude, you can’t go even five minutes without flexing and thinking of fucking, or going to the gym, or hanging out with your other hot bros. We all know that your brain is basically only good for working out and looking hot. No smart’s up there. And you’ve got your deep, sexy voice, too. Makes it even hotter that you’re a gay bro, just like me"

Jason HAD to laugh at that. What the guy was saying was just so ridiculous.

"What the hell are you talking about? Look, I know that I like to show off my sexy body a lot, but that doesn’t mean I’m some kind of dumb jock. And I’m definitely straight, dude. Don’t know why you’d think I’m gay"

Ethan pressed on, completely unabashed by Jason’s last comments.

"But you know the best fucking part, bro? Its that power of yours. The fact that any weak ass nerd who looks at you and your huge fucking muscles grows into a hot, dumb bro like us within seconds~"

Jason was busy flexing, staring at his own bicep in awe, as if he was shocked by him impressive he was. He looked up at Ethan blearily, saying

"Sorry, bro, what’d you say? I guess I got a bit fucking distracted. Huhuhu. But who could blame me~"

"Nah, it was nothing bro. You don’t need to worry about it. Now should head back to the stream?"

Jason gasped in excitement, having forgotten entirely about the fact that there was a whole stream audience full of lame ass nerds, just ready for him to make as sexy as he and Ethan were.

Jason left the call, going back to the stream and restarting, glad to see that a full 300 people were still watching, even through the extended break. The second he turned his camera on, he could see that people were confused for some reason, saying a stranger broke into his house. How stupid could these people be? How did they not recognize him? Still, not like it would matter for long…

"Hey bros! How’re we all fucking doing? Welcomes to today’s stream…"

He trailed off, looking blankly at the camera, before saying

"You know what? Fuck video games! Who needs them when you can do this~"

And as his pecs bounced and bounced hypnotically, the chat slowly transitioned from messages like "What the fuck is happening?" or "Who is this dumb jock?" to "Fuck, bro! Your pecs look so fucking hot today!" and "Huhuhu, I love making my pecs bounce like Jace’s~"

And so the stream continued, Jace showing everyone all the amazing things his body could do, while anyone that was watching, whether they wanted to or not, began to copy him exactly. And as the stream went on, the viewer count rose, and rose, and rose…

Carl, Benjamin and Jonas watched Jason’s stream in Carl’s basement, connecting it to the LED screen. The 3 nerds, fellow players live in the town nearby to Jason’s, actually know Jason rather personally due to their residence proximity.

But when this shirtless jock appeared on Jason screen, the 3 nerds were surprised.

Even before they were able to finish their argument, Jace already bounced his pecs with Ethan joining the stream providing this deep, chuckling noise as the background. Soon, the 3 string beans college sophomore started to grunt and moan as their bodies started to grow

It doesn’t take long before the 3 college sophomore Cole, Brad and Joe already lost in their own lust, ready to get the fuck out from Cole’s basement to have the proper summer in the sunny beach by day and partying hard with their fellow frat boys by night. But first, they gotta show Jace how big of a mess they created with their load for a chance to collab in Jace’s future stream.

The usual story is that the jock needs extra tutoring from a nerd but what if we flip that script, the geek is failing gym class, he is required to take tutoring from a sports start to bring him up to speed with the coaches expectations at any cost.

He couldn’t put it off any longer. Trent had waited until senior year to take his required one year of gym in high school. Even though he was 18 and could legally just not go to high school if he wanted to, then his chance at being this year’s valedictorian would be tarnished. Trent was quite your stereotypical nerd, although he made an effort to dress “cool” and like the jocks. Unfortunately, dressing like a jock didn’t turn him into one, and he was in danger of failing gym. If he didn’t get his gym grade up by the end of the third quarter, he would have to repeat senior year. 

Of course, the school didn’t want that, so the gym teacher was forced to call in the top jock at the high school, Myles Reardon. 

“Whatya wanna see me for?” Myles asked, as he cockily walked into Coach Dawber’s office. 

“Oh yeah, he’s the fuckin’ smart nerd who gonna be valedictator or whatever it is.”

“Valedictorian, but yeah, so you know him. Well, he’s failing gym, which is not a sentence I ever thought I would say. He needs a tutor for gym, and I decided you would be the best person to tutor someone in gym.”

“Oh, uh, thanks, Coach, but I’m not a fuckin’ tutor.”

“It’ll look good on your college applications, Myles, especially if you want continuing playing football in college.”

“Fine, fine, Coach, I’ll fuckin’ do it!” Myles then logged onto his school email and sent Trent a message, setting up a time for their first tutoring session. It was going to be in the gym after school that day, and Myles wanted to see what he was working with. In his unfiltered opinion, Trent was pathetic. He could barely run a 400 without wheezing, and that was just at a leisurely jogging pace! He couldn’t do more than one rep of any exercise, and he was still doing the “cheater’s” push-ups, with his knees on the ground. 

“So, unh, how, unh, did, unh, I, unh, do?” Trent asked, out of breath and sweating profusely doing stuff Myles could do in his sleep. 

“Trent, I’ll be fuckin’ honest. You’re a fuckin’ pathetic nerd who probably gonna isn’t pass gym because you’re such a fuckin’ weakling.”

“Well, ya needed to fuckin’ hear it, nerd. I need to find a way to make you pass gym, and right now, it would take a fuckin’ miracle for you to pass looking like that. I’ll email ya when I come up with a solution.”

“Oh, um, okay,” Trent said. He was relieved to be done with an extra session in the gym today, and couldn’t wait to go home and do his AP homework. Myles, on the other hand, looked up all of his homework answers online before searching the web for a way to solve his pesky Trent problem. There were a lot of searches on how to build muscle fast, by working out and dieting, but Myles knew he needed a one-click solution, so to speak, and so he kept searching. 

It took a few days, during which Trent couldn’t even fuckin’ hold the rope in the gym without falling over, before Myles stumbled upon a solution. Coach had told him to solve this problem through any means necessary, and while this was a bit extreme, it would do exactly what Myles wanted. He had to spend a bit of Coach’s money to get the stuff, but if the board wasn’t going to be breathing down his back anymore, then Coach would spend as much as Myles needed! 

Trent dreaded his next tutoring session with Myles. He had tried incorporating more protein into his diet and practicing exercises like Myles had told him to, but in Myles’s own words, he was still some “weak pathetic fuckin’ nerd”. He was a bit surprised when he walked into the gym and Myles was sitting behind a table filled with a bunch of different equipment. “What’s that all for?” he asked the jock.

“Well, Trent, this is gonna solve all of our fuckin’ problems. I found this shit on the web that will turn ya into a jock with little effort on your end.”

“Myles, I don’t really like the sound of that. I just want to pass gym.”

“Trent, dude, you’re never gonna fuckin’ pass gym if you don’t fuckin’ do this shit! Do you wanna repeat senior year like some dumbass bitch?”

“No, no I fuckin’ don’t! Okay, okay, so what the fuck do I need to do?”

“First off, drink this. According to the website, it’s a mix of protein, anabolic steroids, and HGH. It will make you bigger in minutes, if not seconds.”

“Is this stuff even legal?” Trent asked. Myles just glared at the nerd, who accepted the glass full of this strange concoction and chugged it. As he slammed the glass back down on the table, his muscle growth started instantaneously. Both men watched as Trent got bigger and bigger and soon rivaled the size of Myles himself!

Trent admired his newly muscled body, but wasn’t sure how that was going to solve his problem. “So what’s next?”

“Here, put these on,” Myles said, tossing him a pair of VR goggles and headphones. “There’s a lot of complicated science shit before this you would probably fuckin’ understand, but it’ll turn you into a jock in mind as well.”

“Nah, dude, the goggles only go over your eyes, not the back of your head.”

“Whatever this all fuckin’ is, Myles, is it fuckin’ reversible?”

“Okay.” Trent put the devices on and then turned them on. As he expected, a mix of visual and audio hypnosis, as well as subliminal messaging and binaural beats quickly hypnotized him into thinking he was a jock. Along with messages like, “You are a jock. You love to work out,” the hypnosis or brainwashing also gave Trent tips and tricks on how to do the actual workouts, just like someone like Myles or Coach would do. 

As the brainwashing commenced, Myles was trying to find out if this shit was permanent or not. He eventually found the page he bought this shit from, and he got his answer once he scrolled down to the bottom of the page. In big red letters, it read, “THE JOCKIFICATION PROCESS IS NON-REVERSIBLE. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY UNWITTING CHANGES INTO A JOCK. NEITHER THE SOLUTION NOR THE BRAINWASHING CAN BE REVERSED.”

“Oh shit, oh fuck,” Myles said to himself. Coach had wanted him to get Trent to pass gym by any means possible, but this was taking it too far. Trent was already well into the brainwashing process, so there was no use in taking the devices off. Eventually, Trent took them off himself and smiled at his fellow jock. 

“Like, thanks, brah!” Trent said. “Ya really fuckin’ helped me in my jock journey, dude! How can I ever repay ya?”

“Yeah, brah, I can do that!” Gym soon became Trent’s favorite class, and the one he excelled in. However, to the school’s detriment, Trent was in danger of failing all of his other classes. The jockification process had caused a decrease in general knowledge, and Trent was no longer in the running to be valedictorian, and all of the colleges he applied to soon rescinded his acceptance. He was somehow able to eke his way to graduation and walk with his fellow seniors, but instead of going to Yale and double-majoring in astrophysics and biochemistry, he was going to Notre Dame and studying business for athletes, having gotten on their football team. 

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“Sort of, and I think you mean lack thereof, it’s—..”

“Duh, your cock!! What else?! That thing is obscene.”

“I think the fuck you do. I tell you that I need to get some studying done for once and you’re all the sudden a twunk and packing ?”

“I don’t know what you mean, it’s always been 10 inches.”

“I know for a fact it hasn’t. And stop growing! What was the point of forming a study group if the one twiggy brainiac of the group is too horny for his own good and only twiggy when he wants to be?”

“That sounds like a question only you can answer… But in all seriousness, I can’t get this thing to stop growing. Any chance you could help a bro out?”

“‘Bro?’ You were a valedictorian, you’ve never talked like that.”

“Tick tock, bro, you’re just making it even… *grunt* bigger…”

“*sigh* Why not? I guess I’ll study for biology in a more hands-on way.”

gay fantasy tumblr 61CD9a

The adventures of jim and zim…2


So I still can’t really believe what’s happening. I’m on my way to the mall with my abusive foster father, but it’s not really Jason because he’s been possessed by a humanoid alien named Zim who wants to find the perfect host that’ll let him have fun and also give me the father I’ve always wanted. Pretty rad, huh?

“So…how did you learn to drive so fast?” I ask as Zim cruises along to the mall, with me in the passenger seat.

“Even if I didn’t absorb all of Jason’s knowledge and abilities- hello? Intergalactic space travel and whatnot!”

“Yeah, but you crashed,” I retort with some sarcasm.

“Oh you’re lucky it’s me in control, you little fag. I can feel Jason’s personality boiling right now!”

“It’s okay! Feel free to let him slip out more often. I kind of like it…”

“Don’t interrupt me, you queer!” Jason’s body growls at me before winking subtly, letting me know Zim is playing along.

My shorts start tenting against my better judgment, making Jason shake his head in disgust, turning me on even more.

We arrived at the food court and just talked while we waited for someone fun to try out, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the morality of all this. I mean, I know last night I made it seem like I had things pretty rough, and I did, but is it really okay for me to allow even someone as awful as Jason to be enslaved against his will? I was never one to focus on the negative side of life anyway, so I don’t feel like I’m getting something I deserve. It’s impossible to deny the desire and want that burns within me though…I-

“You know I can read your thoughts, right?” Zim says with food in Jason’s mouth. He finishes devouring the last bite of burger and then looks me right in the eyes, projecting his thoughts into my mind as he assures me that no child should be an orphaned, abused, victim of the system, that desires are nothing to be ashamed of, and that Jason will be more than happy because he won’t know any better. Then he leans in so close I can feel Jason’s hot breath on my neck as he says, “besides, a little queer like you can’t resist having a sexy Daddy to fill your tight boycunt at night.” Zim uses Jason’s tongue to slowly lick the side of my neck, making me yelp as powerful desire surges through my body. As much as I hated Jason in his previous life, I can’t help but get hard.

“See, I knew you were a queer,” I hear Jason’s voice say as he grabs my package through the fabric of my shorts. “This is for me, isn’t it?” He presses on as he begins squeezing and rubbing me. I’m groaning, trying to keep some form of compsure. Luckily, before I start leaking precum he stops and points out a lone Daddy candidate, a super buff and strong looking walking hulk of manly sex appeal.

There are some people around him, but within a minute or two they all disperse, leaving this sexy stud all by himself…with no witnesses.

“Maybe. But my ideal Daddy is more about attitude than age. And he has to smell like a Daddy.”

“Well let’s test him out!” Zim says as he stands Jason up and gives me a directive nod as he starts walking over.

“Okay I’m about to slip out of Jason. He’ll be a little disoriented, but he’ll be pliable. Just feed him suggestions and he’ll absorb them as his own thoughts and motivations. Ready, you little cunt?”

“unnnnnnnnnnggggggg,” Jason’s body moans and quivers with pleasure as Zim rearranges and travels through him, popping out of his mouth and onto my fingertips as Jason is left in a momentary daze, finally giving me the chance to see my small humanoid alien friend for the first time.

Jason leans in real close and whispers, “Don’t worry- I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve and I think this one will work best for this plan. I can remotely control up to two bodies when I’m outside a vessel.”

I’m amazed by the computational capacity of Zim’s mind that he is able to simultaneously see, think, and act for himself and Jason, but without a hitch he makes Jason go over and distract this hunk long enough for me to drop the green Zim in that bowl of salad.

“So yeah, that’s my routine for shoulders and pecs. Hope that helps,” the hot stranger says to Jason as he absentmindedly prepares another bite of salad.

“Bet it’s a lot of hard work to maintain a body like that.”

“Yeah. It’s tough, but the rewards are worth it. Trust me. Once you get your dream body, the world is so much more fun.”

“Can’t wait to find out.” Jason says as this stranger pulls the fork into his mouth, ignorant of the fact that Zim had hopped on board.

Before the hunk can take a single bite, Zim zips down his throat, making the man grab at his throat and groan out in a panic. Jason grabs onto the man and starts what appears to be a Heimlich maneuver, but he’s actually just subduing the man as Zim’s physical form travels up the man’s brain stem, making him convulse and twitch and panic even more desperately.

I’m getting so aroused as I watch this hunk of a man be converted to a vessel and slave. His eyes just rolled to the back of his head and Jason lets his slumbering form sink into his seat as Zim absorbs this man’s essence and consumes the part of his brain responsible for free will.

“Patience is a virtue.” Jason responds. “Don’t worry though. Only takes a minute or two. Say, you really are a queer whore for Daddy cock.”

“You’ll let me slide this thick cock inside your tight boycunt. You know you want it, you fag. My Daddy seed filling you up will make a fag like you feel whole and complete,” Jason whispers seductively as he leans in and twists one of my nipples just a little too rough, making me yelp in pleasure and pain. “God damn, you really are a fucking queer.”

“Like I give a shit. Long as you agree to suck my cock some, like a good fag.”

I just nod my head as Jason’s cruel and straight guy personality fulfills my darkest sexual kinks.

“Whoah! Rick! You okay?!” Two of this stranger’s gym bros holler as they come over just a moment before Zim finishes absorbing the last of Rick’s mind, assuming full control as he leans back and slips into character.

“Yeah, bros! Just needed to rest my head for a sec. Not everyone can handle the workout I just destroyed,” Rick says with Zim in full control.

Jason and I wait a few meters out as Zim satisfies these bros with a little more conversation to put them at ease before he struts over to our table, oozing confidence and vascular sex appeal.

“Jason, go home. Live your life as usual until called upon,” Zim says with a tone as sharp as a scalpel.

“Actually, call me Rick whenever I’m in this vessel,” Rick says with a grin as he lifts his arm and begins sniffing all that musky and manly sweat leftover from that workout.

“Yes, Rick,” Jason says before his facial expression returns to its usually serious and mean look as he walks back to his car.

Meanwhile, Rick has really been going at it, getting lost in his own euphoria as he begins rubbing his hands all over his body, moaning as he feels the ripples of his own muscle definition.

“Hey Baby. Yeah. Yeah. Hey listen, I’m a little swamped with projects from the office. Won’t be able to see you for a few days. Oh don’t you worry. I’ll make it up to you,” Rick says with so much seduction wrapped around that last line that my cock starts getting rock hard for the billionth time today.

“Come on, Zim. You want us to call you Rick when you’re inside him. What would Rick say? You’re sounding all hyper intelligent alien again.”

He doesn’t say another word. Rick just changes his facial expression from that curious and satisfied grin to one of cockiness and pride.

“Got a bitch with a real hungry cunt waiting on me.”

“She’s a good gal, but man that pussy between her legs drives me wild.”

“Milks all the juices straight out of me. My girl doesn’t like to fuck clean. Likes a little…riiiisssskkkk,” he whispers into my ear as he’s so close to me I can feel his scruff gliding and scratching along my face, sending what feels like currents of electricity coursing down my spine.

“I know I’d have a great time with that tight cunt, but something tells me your boycunt wants my meat even more,” Rick says with dominance as he reaches his strong hands down to my crotch and cups me in his large and strong grip, making me gasp as I dart my eyes around to make sure no one is watching.

“Shut up, slut! Let Daddy decide when it’s time to find somewhere more private. Besides, you haven’t even asked to smell me yet.”

Fuck me I’m so hard right now as Rick keeps massaging my balls and caressing my precum leaking cock through my shorts. This is so embarrassing, I mean for fuck sake what if someone sees me?! But I can’t deny…how much I’ve always wanted this to happen.

“Rick!” I hiss with elation, “Daddy! Please can I smell your manly pits. Can your boy take in your sweaty masculine odor. Pleeeeeease.” I begin cautiously reaching to touch him when Rick firmly grabs both of my hands and brings them to his strong pecs.

“Squeeze that muscle you little boycunt. Feel Daddy’s muscle,” Rick grunts.

I begin caressing his strong chest through his tight shirt, making him grunt with satisfaction as I find his sensitive nipples and begin circling them with my thumbs while I cup and squeeze his massive pecs in my hands.

“Car! Now! I can tell how much you want it, whore. Ahhh fuckkkk yeah my nips are sensitive.”

I’m surprised in the best way as Rick immediately stands up, grabs the front of my shirt in his tight fist, and literally drags me behind him as I struggle to walk in line with his quick pace. Before I can even express concern though, he growls, “I don’t give a fuck who sees. I want the whole world to know I own you.”

“Ohhhhh thank you, Daddy,” I moan as the kinkiness makes me shiver and leak so much precum I can feel it dripping down my thigh.

“Holy Shit! That’s your car?!” I ask with giddy excitement.

“You should see the one I have back home. This is my day car. I don’t care if this one gets a little…messy. And don’t forget we’re just test driving! Gonna have way more adventures before we find your permanent Daddy. But for now get your queer whore mouth over here and suck on these pits!” Rick says as he pulls his shirt off, revealing the sculpted muscle mass and ridges of his pecs and abs.

We’re finally in the safety and privacy of Rick’s ride as I feel all of my desires burst to the surface. My mouth finds itself latched onto Rick’s sweaty pits like a vacuum cleaner as I take all that musky hair in my mouth, sucking all his grimy odors and licking him clean.

“Yeahhhh, really get in there. Use that tongue, cunt. Lick me. Taste me! Clean your Daddy!” Rick howls as he grabs the back of my head and presses me hard over his pit, locking m in place and making it impossible to breathe anything else but his manly filth. I grab at his arms, overwhelmed and needing a break for fresh air, but he keeps me firmly locked onto his musky pit until I feel like I’m seeing stars. Finally, he pulls my head off him, chuckling as I gasp for breath.

“Don’t even say a word. Your little boy cock speaks louder than words,” Rick says as he darts his eyes on the dark damp patch on the front of my shorts. Shit, my body is so overwhelmed by desire. I hope I have enough juice left to actually blow a load because this flow of precum is insane.

“You know, Jim. I don’t know if this body is proper Daddy material. I think you deserve someone a little hairier and…sloppier. But Rick will still make a good slave,” I hear my extraterrestrial friend say with Rick’s thick and velvety baritone before kicking his car into high gear and speeding off.

We’re cruising along and jamming out to Rick’s tunes as I hungrily lick and suck on Rick’s upper body, enjoying his reaction when I latch onto one of those dark and hard nipples, making him twitch a little until I get brave enough to reach down and rub his firm meat through the soft fabric of his exercise shorts.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT!” Rick starts shouting as he cringes from head to toe, grinding his teeth and arching his back, fingers gripping the steering wheel so tight they go white.

“SOMETHING WEIRD I- UNNNNGGGG FUCK! THINK I JUST FINISHED PROCESSING RICK’S SEX DRIVE I-AHHHHHHH MY SHIT UNNNNGGGGGG- CAN’T TAKE THIS HORNINESS MAN! GOTTA TAKE A BREAK!” Rick yells as I see my tiny green friend emerge from his ear and plop onto Rick’s shoulder as Rick’s body convulses briefly and I feel Rick’s hard meat start vibrating and pumping as a flood of warm cum fills his shorts. Gosh, for some reason I kept my hand tightly gripping Rick’s meat, but ohhhh I’m so glad I did. And lucky we were at a long red light!

Rick’s entire body shudders before relaxing in time for the green light.

“Sometimes that just happens. I can’t process a stud like Rick’s sex drive all at once, so it will just crash down like a wave later. Thought you’d enjoy it,” Rick says with a wink.

I forgot about Zim’s neat trick. He’s sitting on Rick’s sculpted shoulders, but he can still see, feel, and control Rick from a first person perspective in his mind. Sort of like some hybridization of telepathy, mind control, and possession. I do have one unanswered question though: “Did you just cum?”

“Well Some guys will spontaneously cum when I enter or exit…And Rick was already aroused anyway…I had to get out because I can still control him from the exterior, but the sensory overload from earlier was dampened to manageable levels. Don’t worry, though. That one didn’t count. So many more loads in these big nuts ready to be churned into your whore mouth.”

Zim’s physical form is getting a little weak, so I watch in awe as he seamlessly turns Rick’s head and opens his mouth as Zim reaches in and scoops out some of the salad Rick had been eating earlier.

“Thought I’d save some for the road,” Rick remarks as Zim hungrily devours the moist lettuce leaf shreds.

Fuck I’m hot!” Rick exclaims as he flexes a bicep and smirks. Meanwhile, I’m trying to build up the courage to grab that cock…skin on skin this time. And with Rick’s powerful persona I’m afraid he’ll beat the shit out of me if I don’t ask for permission.

“…Can I?” I ask meekly as I slowly reach my hand for his crotch.

“Better get to work you fag. Better be as good or better than my girl!”

Rick keeps cruising as I pull his moist shorts down, surprised when that cum soaked cock springs back up harder than ever.

“Yeah you cunt, use my old jizz as lube. Pump my slick man cock. You know you want to.”

He lifts his ass up to let me pull his shorts and compression shorts down past his knees.

I don’t respond. I just lean down and close my eyes as I smell that beautiful 8 inch work of thick sexual art. The smell of his natural manly odors mixed with the musky sweat from his workout earlier and his fresh and warm cum is scent nirvana. I lean down even more and see a little puddle of cum resting undisturbed on top of Rick’s trimmed bush. Looking up, Rick gives me a subtle wink, reminding me that Zim is still in control and emboldening me enough to move my mouth over that spot of cum and close my lips around it, moaning as the salty cream ignited my taste buds and left me wanting more! I nibbled on Rick’s pubes, making him grunt a little from pain as I hungrily yanked and tried to find more delicious cum!

I know what I have to do to get more! Leaning back up I sniff my way up Rick’s shaft, licking up as much old cum as I can before I start poking his piss slit with my tongue. I start swirling my tongue around that thick cock head, closing my mouth around it and literally trying to suck out any juices that are still trapped deeper up in his piss slit.

“ohhhhhhhhh Jim FUCK you really are a hungry little cunt! You wanna swallow this meat?”

I don’t answer. I just part my jaws and begin gliding him deeper inside me, feeling that shaft go smoothly into my mouth until he’s gliding down my throat and I feel my nose nestled firmly against those musky pubes.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh YEAH JIM!” Rick growls as he grabs my head with his free hand and shoves me forcefully down onto his meat, shoving me up and down his cock so hard and fast that I gag as his cock spears its way down my unprepared throat. FUCK this kinda hurts, but I love Rick’s strength as he let’s me know he’ll use me however he wants. When he shoves me down onto his cock I couldn’t lift off even if I tried- his strong grip is impenetrably tight around the back of my neck and head.

I want to show how enthusiastic I can be. That even when I’m being used to capacity I can still give back. Catching Rick off guard I begin tightening my throat with his cock still inside me, squeezing his dick and igniting every nerve ending in his meat as his spit and cum lubed dick glides through the tightened opening I’ve made.

“OHMYFUCKKKK!!!! UNNngGGGGGG I’m too fucking strong for you- OH SHIT SO GOOOOOD! YEAH TAKE IT!!!” Rick roars as he thrusts his strong hips against my face, forcing his meat even harder and faster down my throat.

“You son of a!!!!! UNNNNNGGGGGGG I need to be back in there! BACK IN THE BODY!!!!!!” Rick screams as he releases my head and uses the free hand to grab and massage his pecs, face scrunching up as he keeps thrusting into my face- without his strong grip to guide me I start thrusting my own throat down onto his thrusting cock, making his abs and thighs contract and pop with unprecedented vascularity as Zim’s physical form desperately crawls back into Rick’s open mouth!

Right as Zim resumes full sensory control of Rick, it starts! His hips spasm so powerfully he’s lifted off his seat as his back arches and the veins on his neck look like they could burst from the pressure.

“FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK YEEEAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Rick roars as the full sensory overload crashes over him like a tidal wave as he pumps uncontrollably and recklessly down my throat, filling me with his warm juices. Load after load of endless delicious cum pouring into me! There’s so much I can’t swallow it all and it starts building up in my mouth, making Rick’s cock so unbelievably slick as he winces and yelps one last time, thrusting one last load into the puddle I’m struggling to contain in my mouth! I slowly withdraw, making Rick cringe from the pleasure as he feels the suction of my mouth glide all the way up to his cock head before releasing with a POP. As his meat slaps onto his lower abs he moans out as one last shot of cum dribbles out pools in his belly button.

Rick’s face shows the change in his mood as the roaring, almost animal-like dominance relaxes until it’s more like subdued dominance, finally becoming a sneer.

“You hungry whore. We’re definitely keeping this vessel. I like him,” Rick says with bone chilling coolness. “Now get up here and fucking kiss me. Let me taste him.”

I reach over Rick’s handsome and chiseled face, hiding the pool of cum I’ve stored in my mouth, ready to give him a pleasant surprise. Leaning in, Rick grabs me and yanks my lips onto his, forcing his tongue into my mouth and sucking forcefully. His eyes shoot wide open as he begins sucking on my mouth more and more ravenously, pulling me tighter onto him and swirling his tongue into my mouth as if to extract every drop of his own juices form my mouth. I feel and hear him moaning in gluttoned satisfaction into my mouth, the deep and velvety baritone making my entire mouth and chest cavity vibrate from the depth of his powerful voice.

Rick parks the car before Zim’s true form wiggles out of his ear and I hear Rick tell me to scoop the cum in his bellybutton into my hands. After getting that last lump of juices safely in my palms, Zim divebombs onto that puddle, rolling for joy as he devours the cum directly in his true form. My little friend vibrates with the joy and energy it gives him as he absorbs Rick’s seed. Telepathically he tells me that cum is his favorite form of vitality and sustenance, that in all the galaxy there is no equal food source. Getting greedy I lean back down to lick more cum off Rick’s somehow still hard cock, but before my lips can make contact I feel Rick’s strong arms push me back against my seat, locking me down as I witness Zim hop onto Rick and crawl up to his piss slit, sucking powerfully whilst Rick moans and squirms. Fuck, I wonder what that’s like- feeling the pleasure in Rick’s body as he sucks the cum out of Rick’s meat…

Zim reads my mind and gives me the next best thing as he yanks off Rick’s soiled underwear from around his ankles and a sweaty sock, tossing them both in my face before Rick’s hands go into position behind his head, elbows splayed out as he closes his eyes and shivers, surges of pleasure shooting up his chest and down his thighs as Zim finishes his meal.

Finally slowing down to a halt, Zim climbs back up to Rick’s mouth and slides back up to the brain.

“Oh yesssssss that was nice. Rick will be an invaluable source of energy. Next load is mine too. You already had your fill. Huff that sweaty sock and lick all the cum off those shorts. You earned that much, cunt. Really made this cock feel good. I have one more surprise for you though.”

I wait in anticipation as Rick remains still and speechless, getting slightly redder but otherwise not doing anything. Then I feel my own precum dripping again as Rick’s body starts dripping sweat as if he were in the middle of a power set at the gym. Our car suck already had him glistening, but this is just ridiculous! His neatly done hair is dripping musky fluid like a leaky faucet and the sweat that’s dripping down his face and beard! There’s even some dripping down off his nipples and splashing onto his rock hard and soaked abs.

“I control ALL of Rick’s systems when I’m inside him. Thought you’d like this one,” Rick says with a wink as I lunge at him, licking the sweat dripping down his thighs as I suck the musky sweat off his soaking wet bush and work my way up his god-like core and chest, savoring the saltiness and feeling overwhelmed by the stench filling his car. Zim relaxed the sweat flow, afraid of overly dehydrating Rick’s body right as I finished cleaning the sweat off his beard, swirling my tongue around that scruff and eventually finding my way back onto his mouth as he breaks character and pulls me in gently for a tender kiss, gripping me just tight enough with Rick’s strong arms to make me feel secure as we really get into our kiss, his scruff tickling my lips and neck.

“You know you were such a boycunt…I think you deserve a reward,” he says with a wink as he begins reaching his manly hands into my shorts, grabbing a hold of my throbbing boy cock as I gasp and shudder, almost convulsing as he begins forcefully pumping me with those ridiculously strong hands.

The adventures of jim and zim…1


Life hasn’t been easy these last couple of years. My name is Jim, and I’m an eighteen year-old victim of the foster-care system. Home to home, legal guardians exploiting me for the cash provided by the state. Neglect, bare minimum necessities provided, and occasional abuse are simply stitched into the fabric of my life. Being gay hasn’t exactly made this any easier. I came out to my most recent foster family and they kicked me out- pretty sure they’re gonna collect a couple more checks and then say I ran away or some shit. Lucky for me I’ve been crashing and showering at my friend Sarah’s house. I don’t want to intrude too much on her kindness though, so the other nights I try to find any shelter or dry spot that’s close enough to the high school that I can walk there in time for class. That’s the bare-boned stripped down version of my story, but I don’t get too severely depressed because I still have one thing going for me; I’m smart. Now, I know my occasionally relaxed grammar might suggest otherwise, but my test scores are at the front of the pack. The school was nice enough to pay for my SAT- it’s the beginning of junior year and I got a 2340 without any studying or prep. I get some shit about being a nerd and not working out and being strong, but I don’t have time for that. I have to make sure I can get a full ride to college because that will be the only way I can ever escape this life. It would be easier if I had a Dad to help me through this. I never met either of my parents since they died when I was too young to remember much, but sometimes I yearn for just a chance to meet my Dad. I obviously still wish I had a mom, but the absence of a father in my life is what has had the most long-lasting impact on me and my psyche. I hate to admit this, but I think this yearning has mixed in with my budding sexuality, making me crave a strong, hairy, and masculine daddy to hold me close at night and protect me from the evils of the world. But I digress…

Sometimes I get kind of lost in my thoughts while walking through the park at night. I know that sounds kind of dangerous, but trust me; in this town the most exciting criminal activity is a neighbor playing music too loud. And it’s really quiet here and it’s about the only time I have to just think and not stress about shit I can’t control. Some Friday night, huh? Most of my peers are out getting trashed and living it up, but I already have all my homework for Monday and Tuesday done, having worked all night long just to have the rest of my weekend to coast and go with the flow. The local shelter is 24/7 and never at full occupancy, so I can come and go whenever I want to. And Sarah is kindly washing all the clothes I own- which don’t even fill a single load of her washing machine, but hey- they’ll be clean. Nights like these when I’m strolling through the park by myself, surrounded by darkness, I wonder why I don’t feel worse about my life. Sometimes I legitimately ask myself why I don’t feel an urge to jump into the chilly lake and let the murky water flood inside my lungs and just end it all. I guess it’s because I just have this funny feeling. Whenever I feel surrounded by dark, I can’t help but look up at the stars and all their splendor and just know that something better is right around the corner. In fact, I’m not convinced that that bright celestial body is even a star. It seems to be getting closer…and it’s BURNING!!!! SHIT! I duck as quickly as I can as the burning mass flies overhead, ripping right through the tops of the trees above me before crashing about a quarter of a mile North. There might be some give or take, but based on its trajectory when it cut through the tree line I’d say that’s a safe bet. I crawl back up to my feet, watching the glowing cinders of falling leaves forming a trail for me to follow as I knowingly walk towards what could be adventure, doom, or both. The walk seems to take forever, but I know it’s not because I miscalculated; it’s more because the excitement is literally killing me as I freeze and stare at what appears to be a smoldering orb of spherically constructed metal. Well it’s almost spherical…there’s a hole or a released latch or something. Was someone riding this thing? How could they? That hole is like the size of a ping pong ball. You’d have to be a freaking gerbil or have the stretchiness of Mr. Fantastic to get through-“UUNNNNNNGGGGGOOOOOOMMMMMFFFFFFAAAAAAGGHHHHH!!!!!””” I scream as something small and agile flies into my mouth and begins intensely crawling down my throat, making it impossible to vocalize and scream for help. I try with all my might to push back and pull it out, but my desperate grip just slides off of its slick surface before it slides all the way down my throat, too far gone for me to reach. I feel it spreading through me, moving underneath my skin and entering every limb. I fall onto my back, shaking and squirming as this foreign entity latches onto my brainstem and begins breathing for me. Everything goes dark as the creature continues crawling, making me feel like electricity is coursing through every fiber of my nervous system as it prepares to enter my brain….

What the…Where the fuck am I? What happened to that orb? And the fucking monster! I grab at my throat and mouth, rubbing over my body, poking and prodding to see if I can detect an invader inside me. Nothing. Maybe it was just a dream? But that doesn’t explain how I got…Oh shit! This is my room I had at my most recent foster parents’ house. I gather myself, getting onto my slightly unsteady feet. Holy Shit, my head hurts. Whatever, I just need to find out what the fuck is going on. I mean for the love of-

“Good morning, Sport!” my asshole foster dad says with unusual cheer. God damn, I never noticed how sexy he was. That scruffy look works so well for him. And that nice and toned body, with all that sexy daddy hair sprinkled across his abs and chest…Wait why the fuck is he just chilling in boxers. And why is he being so chill?

“Jason, what the fuck is going on?!” I ask with potential concern for my own safety.

“I’m not the one you call Jason,” He responds, standing up and walking towards me.

“Jason, I don’t know how I got here, but I promise I didn’t come back on purpose! Is Mary here too? Please don’t tell her about this! Just let me grab my pants and I’ll be out for good,” I plead, remembering Mary telling me I would die if I ever set foot in their house again.

“Oh I wouldn’t worry about this vessel’s mate, Mary. She was…incompatible.”

“Jason, what the fuck are you talking about?! Incompatible? Vessel?!” I yell as I grab my head and try to remember last night.

“That’s it. Think. You’re different than most. Keep pushing.”

That’s exactly what I do as I navigate the corridors of my mind, unlocking what would be buried memories for most, vividly reliving the experience of being entered by a mysterious miniature alien-like creature. I think harder and harder until I remember the exact moment I lost control- in that moment I heard a voice telling me everything would be okay…

“And I meant it,” Jason, or whatever is inside Jason, responds.

“You’re a special one, Jim, and we’re connected now in more ways than you know. I just planned on piloting you until I could find a more suitable vessel, but when I saw all the pain and loneliness of your life I felt…I can’t even describe it. The abuse. The deaths. The absence of a father…The yearning for the gentle touch and romantic love of someone you can call Daddy…I felt it all. But I also felt your potential- your intellect. I brought you back to this place, and the one called Mary tried to confront me. I entered her body, but she was of an incompatible gender so her body evaporated. This one called Jason arrived as she finished disappearing, giving me the chance to enter him. Then, I tucked you in and waited for you to wake up so I could tell you all this. With me as your Daddy, we could have it all. I could have my vessel- a strong body to let me enjoy the fruits and delights of this world. And you could have your Daddy- someone strong and tough, a real man who can nurture you…who can fill you with his warm sexual fluids and make you feel complete…” This creature says before walking up towards me. I don’t flinch or recoil though. I know he is telling the truth.

“What should I call you?” I ask as he leans down and begins unzipping my pants.

“Call me Zim,” he says before opening Jason’s mouth and slowly swallowing my hard cock, making me gasp in surprise as he makes my whole body vibrate with pleasure, using Jason’s tongue to wiggle and slide that warm wet organ all over my cockhead, taking me deep as I feel my shaft glide along his wild tongue and my cockhead begins gliding down his throat.

“Ohhhhhh my- Zim you- OH!!!!! Wait- please wait- stop!” I gasp as I pull out of Jason’s mouth, making Zim look up at me with concern in Jason’s eyes.

“Did I displease you? I thought this was a fantasy of yours?”

“No, Zim you are right. I fantasized about Jason loving me many times, but with you here and inside him…I just can’t forget all that he put me through. And if you’re going to be my Daddy, well it just can’t be him. I can’t unknow what he put me through…”

“Don’t worry, Jim,” Zim says caringly as he gently caresses my cheek. “I completely understand. We’ll go find a body that you can call Daddy.”

“Oh don’t you worry about that. I’ve already reprogramed his brain. Whenever I’m not inside him he will be malleable and easy to manipulate, almost completely his old self; but I devoured the part of his brain that controls free will. He’s a fully independent human being, but he’s just not ALL there if you know what I mean.”

“Oh no, Jim! I left every brain cell of yours exactly the way it was when I got there. I want you to enjoy this and to be yourself.”

“Phew…Then I guess we should-““Head to the mall,” Zim interrupts me with Jason’s sexy voice. Jason winks at me and for just a split second I swear I can see a little twinkle in his eyes, as if my extraterrestrial friend was winking too.

gay fantasy tumblr 6PkqOr


“Tyler, bro. I already said I’m sorry like a f*cking 1000 times! But I have no clue how to fix this.”

My real name is Mike. And up until last night, I was a 5′10″, 300 lb nerd working at a video game store. I spend my nights going to community college, and my days going to work. Oh also, I’m gay. No man has ever really liked me, so I spend my time on grindr not really finding anything. I had a huge crush on Tyler, a guy that worked at GNC across from me in the mall. He was so big and buff, but treated EVERYONE like shit. Even the customers! ugh. 

Anyway, last night I downloaded this new app “KarmaSwap”. Never really heard of it, but my coworker Brad HIGHLY recommended it. I decided to check it out at home on a friday night. I opened the app and made an account and the screen was blank except for a “Looking for compatible partner”. I fell asleep watching Rick and Morty.  

Its time to make a decision

While I have always had an interest in bondage, I started the process of actually seeking to become a full time sex slave about 7 years ago. In that time, Ive learned a lot, and met a lot of interesting people. Its time for me to commit to actually becoming the slave I have dreamed about for so long, or choose to give up the search and pursue in life.

gay fantasy tumblr asULaj

About me

Im an average 19 year old, second year college student, I go to a large university meeting dudes as I go along. If you have any questions about me feel free to ask. I created this blog to help vent the gay inside of me. Im a pretty masculine dude and am attracted to the same. 

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Yaoi (やおい) is a type of manga based on omosex relationships between gay characters. If anyone feels hurt by this, he is advised not to go on. Besides this blog contains explicit contents, so it should not be accessed by anyone who is younger than 18 years old (or whatever the legal age is in your area).

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