Gay face fart


Young straight dudes bond with each other by allowing each other to smell the rank intestinal gas they just expelled from their anus. (Unfortunately, I think there’s some faggots in this one. When gays, women, old or ugly guys fart, it’s just gross) When hot young str8 guys rip ass, it rules.

One of Cameron Dallas‘s besties was staying over for a week. Shawn Mendes. They used to do everything together, farting contests were always a popular activity. Dallas looked forward to sharing his new toy, Victor.

Cameron awoke to the feeling of Victor’s nose between his cheeks. He pushed out a rather long SBD that caused Victor to moan and beg for more. Cameron wiggled his ass a bit and began to tease Victor’s ballsack with his feet. As Victor whimpered like a puppy Cameron gave him the best news ever; “Don’t worry buddy, today you’ll get a friend joining me. That’s twice as much gas to sniff.” Victor’s dick stiffened harder than it ever has. “Now don’t go liking his gas more than mine though… or I’ll have to punish you.” The next fart was short, but loud and strong. It came out with force and nearly hurt Victor’s face with it’s power.

Shawn and Cameron spent the whole day together. Fans on Snapchat were in awe about seeing two of their crushes hanging out together. They ate pizza at a local chain and arrived back to Cameron’s mansion. “SLEEPOVER!” Shawn joked. Cameron nudged him in the ribs and Shawn winced while rubbing his swollen tummy… “Dude! Don’t do that… something smelly will blow out of me” Both the guys chuckled as Cameron rubbed his own food baby, “Come upstairs, I have someone for you to meet.”

Victor’s eyes lit up when he saw Shawn enter the bedroom with Cameron. Shawn was confused as Cameron got on the bed and sat right on Victor’s face to rip a few farts. Phrbt… phhhrbt, PHHRRBBBBBFFTT! The first two were smaller than a second long each, but the last blasted out for a good 5. Victor’s heavy sniffing could be heard under Cameron’s ass as Shawn looked amazed. His own belly looked like it was inflating by the second with gas… he had to let some out. “Give him a go Shawn!” Cameron called out. Shawn climbed into bed and Victor pleaded “Treat me Better Shawny!” Victor smiled and guided Shawn’s butt into his nose. The gas flowed out of him and Victor began to cough. “Whew! Have Mercy on me!” Shawn let out an audible blast that felt amazing to get out. PHHBBBRRT! Followed by two more blasts that singed some of Victor’s nose hairs and made its way to Cameron’s face… pppbbtfft! BBRMMMMMMMMPPHHHHRRRRRRT! “Woah! Dude! That’s enough, it stinks in here, save those for under the sheets so we can filter them for the night.” Cameron was starting to gag. Shawn was partly to blame for Cameron’s fart fetish. The guy had gas and it reeked. “You have fart filtering sheets?!?!” Shawn was bewildered. “We do when Mr. Vic sleeps under them by our butts. haha!” Both the guys began crying laughing as Victor crawled into bed awaiting the guys’ gassy butts to join him under the covers. Victor pressed his face into Shawn’s butt as a fart was ripped out. He took two deep inhales and turned his head to press his nose into Cameron’s ass. He farted too and Victor took two deep inhales and proceeded to Shawn’s ass again. The guy’s didn’t get a wink of sleep that night. Every breathe Victor took was filled with the gas of these two farting heart throbs.

The guys stayed up wide awake in their funk sharing stories about current times and old times. As 6am rolled around Shawn began to doze off but Cameron got a text… “Shoot! I had a photo shoot this morning at 7!” Cameron left Shawn a note to help himself to any food in the house as he scurried to his car and drove off. While driving Cameron leaned to the side and ripped another fart: PHHHBBBBRT! He took a whiff and chuckled. That smelled nothing like my room this morning. Shawn’s are overpowering mine. Luckily his gas was all gone before arriving to the photo shoot. He wanted to keep the work opportunities he had and gassing out a whole set would blacklist him fast in this town.

The shoot went flawlessly. Cameron checked his Snapchat… there was a personal message from Shawn. It looked like Shawn’s black and white stripped underwear under the covers… was that Victor’s nose? The fart was huge! Over 10 seconds of gas flew into his fart cushion’s face. Shawn must have woken up with a little morning gas. A second snap appeared… “Hey Cam! Hope you don’t mind but I’ve been using your little fart man for hours this morning. I woke up a little after 7 and this gas has just been flowing out of me… I think he likes my brew better!” “His farts smell SO GOOD master! Thank you!” Victor was in love as he smiled into the phone camera. PPPPPHHRMMMMMMPPHHHH! Victor looked sad that he missed that long blast of gas “What? You think I’m saving them for you? Get under those sheets if you don’t wanna miss any! I’m so full of wind I may pop!” Shawn smiled into the camera as he ended the snap. Cameron was jealous… he’s gonna have to work harder if he wants to keep his fart slave. Shawn’s gas could win him over. A third snap appeared. Cameron opened it and it was just a full snap chat of one of Shawn’s farts. It lasted the whole 30 seconds of the snap. Shawn smiled into the camera until he began to giggle at Victor’s groaning. Cameron was impressed as he opened a 4th snap. It was another video of a fart that lasted the whole snap. Shawn spoke “Sorry man I think I’m stinking up your whole mansion.” Cameron’s face scrunched in confusion at Shawn’s 5th snap. The fart again filled the entire 30 second long snap. “I’m not stopping” Shawn giggled as he laid in bed and listened to Victor’s orgasms.” Cameron was hard as a rock thinking about Shawn’s gas and had to get home quick.

Cameron entered his house to the smell of farts. His mansion was easily the size of a football stadium.. how did the whole mansion smell of farts?! Cameron opened the door to his bedroom… it was 3pm and Shawn was still laying under the sheets. Victor was still under the covers and Shawn was ripping a fart. Who knew how long ago Shawn started ripping it, however when Cameron entered the room the fart lasted longer than any fart he heard on the snap chats. Shawn looked at his friend: “What? You wanna compete with me right now?” Another fart reverberated out of his ass that lasted over 10 seconds. “No… I…” Cameron gulped down the words.

Shawn Mendes stayed in bed all evening through the next morning. His day had been an entire day of fasting, but the gas still flowed out of him. Under the covers was of course Victor taking turns smelling Shawn and Cameron’s gas… but a second nose too. Cameron was under the covers both blasting Victor with flatulence, but also sniffing Shawn’s gas from the seam of his underwear. Cameron came 7 times that day to his best friend’s gas. Cameron was gonna get used to having Shawn over… permanently… he just had to find a way to… trap him there…TBC?

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey cuts a rank motherfuckin’ fart.

Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we’ve hidden it from public view.

Open wide boys. This jock has a protein fart for you 💨

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Woke up with a guy sucking my dick and without thinking I started ripping morning ass under the covers, when he started struggling with the smell and trying to come up for fresh air, I laughed and held him down there and really started giving him a whiff of how rancid I am before noon. Finally he just stopped resisting so much, and whimpered on my dick until I blew a load down his throat. 

My favorite Dutch Oven moment…but before I get straight to the point, I should probably give a little backstory.

I met this hot Puerto Rican guy, let’s call him Ricky. Ricky was 5’11, 180lbs, slim and muscular with a bunch of tats all over his body. We drank and chilled at my place while getting to know each other and although it was a huge risk of scaring him away, I confessed to him that I had a fart fetish. To my surprise Ricky was okay with it as he confess that he had a thing for feet, as he stared my toes down in my gray flip flops that I was wearing that evening. We chatted for a bit more but all the fetishes went out the door for the next few hours as we had what I would call the best sex I have had up until that point…with a stranger at that. I felt so comfortable with Ricky at that point that I let him sleep overnight in my bed. I woke up the next morning as Ricky crawled over me to head to the bathroom, which was right next to my room. I listened closely as he pissed for what seemed to be a good long minute in hopes that I would hear him rip a nice morning fart but was very disappointed in that moment and just went and laid right back in my bed, at which point Ricky walked in my room and stared me straight in my eyes…I was very intrigued wondering why he looked at me with a bit of a smirk on his face. Ricky grabbed his neck as he pretended to crack it and at the same moment, Ricky let out this huge morning fart while he stared straight in my eyes with that same smirk, smiling even bigger now. My boner went from 0 to 60 in record time as I grabbed and dragged his ass over to the bed so I could get a small whiff before it completely disappeared. I was so amazed that this hot guy was willing to do this to please me that I had to definitely repay the favor as I shoved my soft 10" feet all in his face all morning. Turns out he loves feet just as much as I love farts and that morning we had so much fun as I enjoyed three more farts that Ricky had to offer before he went on his way.

I began to see Ricky on a semi regular basis at first…and then although we both had huge things going on in our own lives, we began to spend so much time together that he started to walk with overnight bags where he would sleep and come straight to my place at times. Ricky confessed to me at one point that he’s glad he met me because he missed drinking milk. Turns out, Ricky was a bit lactose intolerant and stopped drinking milk because his family and friends would complain about his constant farting but now that he knew someone that enjoyed that part of him, Ricky went back to drinking it. I would make sure to always have a bunch of milk in my fridge, although I myself don’t drink it…shocking right being that I love farts.

I love how much Ricky enjoyed farting around and on me, as if he founded a new hobby that brought him joy. We would be chilling and watching tv and Ricky would just get up and put his ass in my face in his sexy boxers and just rip ass, or he would be walking by as he drank milk and as a true manly man, Ricky would just rip a huge one while he walked in front of my face…or he’ll be texting on his phone as he laid on my couch on his stomach and he would tell me that he feels a big one coming and I would either get on my knees to plant my face in his ass or have him get up and sit on my face as he ripped away…and the smells would be so rank and nice that I would just cum all over the place.

At one point, Ricky drank so much milk that he would literally be farting every 20 seconds…I kid you not. I would be jerked out at times that I would put myself to sleep to hear him tell me the next morning that he continued farting for another hour or two before he joined me in bed.

Now back to the main part of the story…I, on most nights, would end up sometime throughout the night covered from head to toe intertwined in my blankets because I would get cold very quickly. I would start off cuddling with Ricky but then throughout the night, we’re in two totally different positions. Because Ricky started drinking so much milk again, he would be farting tons every night, even in his sleep. I’ve had countless mornings where I would wake up to Ricky’s silent farts and just pop a raging boner…and because I’m covered from head to toe in my blanket, Ricky was basically Dutch Ovening me every morning like a morning alarm, without even knowing it. I spent many a few mornings jerking off while sniffing his morning farts without him knowing until one day, I had to finally confess to him that he farts in his sleep every morning and it literally tempts me to wake him up each time because it would make me so horny. I was surprised when Ricky told me that I should wake him up next time. So that next morning, I did just that…but I woke Ricky up by boldly shoving my face up the crack of his boxers and to my surprise, he was able to force so many loud and putrid farts out that morning as he grabbed the back of my head and force my nose up his crack even further…all I could think about was all the amazingly loud farts I must have missed out on because I didn’t want to wake him up those first few times. Never again would I hesitate to do just that.

And that is my best Dutch Oven story. Hope you guys liked it. This is my first written fart story and it is 100% true. Let me know what you guys think.

I have a (gay) fart fetish

There. I said it. I am extremely turned on when guys fart. As if being gay in society wasn’t bad enough, I have the added burden of a criminally insane fetish which scares away even the kinkiest of guys. This is a huge part of my life. I watch videos of guys farting every day. When I see an attractive guy in public, the first thing I do is imagine him farting in my face.

None of my family or friends know about this. I am deathly embarrassed about it. I wanted to tell reddit, just to tell someone and gauge the reactions. I know I’m not the only guy out there with this fetish, but it is rare. I wish more guys would be open to trying it.

Same here. Farts are harmless and should be celebrated more.

gay face fart C9tf8s7

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Saudi prince accused of gay sex,threats, and fart-in-face demand: “i am a prince and i do what i want. you are nobody.”

And he is accused of making one of the women watch while he had a male aide fart in his face

There’s thousands of rich no-name Saudi princes though (who have no power, and they all have different ideologies/life styles), so I don’t get what the deal with this story is. It makes a bit more sense when you check the source of the story.

The fact that this is totally believable is sad to say the least.

Same as most things in this sub. These are here and no one asks:

"‘Clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed and his family will move to Qatar"

I would think that the way the ruling family who controls access to our holiest places acts would be of import to all Muslims.

Saudi prince accused of gay sex, threats, and fart-in-face demand: “i am a prince and i do what i want. you are nobody.”

Oh wow. I assumed he was the one farting in someone’s face. This is hilarious.

"I am am your King! Watch me tremble as I kneel before you!"

This episode needs to be made. How do I reach these peasants?

That Saudi prince’s name? Diego aka Thursday Lane aka whiteguys fartinmyface

Spoiled rotten princes have existed ever since princes have existed.

There’s so many Saudi princes that they are essentially nobody’s

"Get me a Camel at 2AM in Minnesota" type of spoiled rotten.

I’m pretty sure you don’t even need to be a prince to get people to do those things to you.

Also: If that’s your idea of spoiled, please don’t pamper me.

gay face fart dgm9va

Old farts f♥ck hate: grannies & geezers stick up for gay grandkids!

Their Grandkids Are Gay & These Grannies & Geezers Don’t Give a F♥ck What Haters Say!’s Latest F-Bomb Comedy Slam Against Homo-Hate Features Old Farts With a New LOL Message to "Legalize Love" This Valentine’s Day. A portion of the sales of "Legalize Love" T-shirts go to benefit organizations working for LGBT equality and marriage rights. Get your T-shirt, tank or hoodie @ FCKH8.comFollow on Facebook @ & Twitter

open letter: shut up sinead o’connor and amanda palmer

Your celebrated letters are just awful. What more have they done besides highlight the lifelong struggle between mom and daughter? Between the youngs and the olds? They have done nothing to support Miley at all, because the emphasis in each letter is a super misleading protective mom tone that only seeks to service the writer and not the individual who is being criticized. You come across as the Kat Stratford to Miley’s Bianca. Even when you attempt to raise Miley up, you only do so to counter-balance the actual driving force of your declarations: for O’Connor, that you’ve been there and that you know Cyrus to be a prostitute (okay); and for Palmer, that you are a huge fan of O’Connor (great), and wish she’d remember how hard it was for you and her in your non-public art lives. Both letters are corrective: in summary, “I agree that you’re talented, but hate that you are letting your talent suffer in an effort to be sexy, so stop that”; and “I sort of agree with you mama Sinead because you were a huge influence on me and I know where you are coming from celebrity-to-celebrity, but maybe you’re a little wrong because Miley is just being Miley, even if we both know the industry suckkkkkksssss, so maybe stop that Sinead (and Miley, you could learn a little something from mama Sinead).”

My message to the both of you is to stop reminding yourselves of your own celebrity, and let Miley, a young person, do what she wants, how she wants to. You are both in positions to inspire people, and that’s obvious, but piggy-backing on someone’s celebrity, a celebrity that you might feel, both in your own ways, is ill-gotten (you’ve got talent, Miley, but you are a whore!), is so unnecessary. It isn’t supportive. You are prescribing wrongness to a state of being that can neither be confirmed, nor denied, as being fabricated. Why?

You are all women. You are all women who have and will do good and bad things in your lives–good and bad being entirely subjective, and you have no fucking right to determine what those terms mean for a girl who is, by all accounts, “just being Miley.” Perhaps the idea of an oversexed former teen starlet is a bit too much for some people to deal with, and by asking a girl who is allegedly being herself to not be herself is asking every non-public woman to dismiss her sexuality for decorum, for the moms of the world like Sinead who think they have it all figured out, even though none of us do.

Ultimately, this is an open letter to celebrity open letters. To women or men or anyone who feels it important to offer advice on how to be a woman or man in 2013. To people who believe that healthy sexuality is perverse. To people who don’t think people are capable of determining who or what they want to be and how they want to be whatever that is. Your two cents mean nothing when they merely serve to prop up and remind an audience and yourself of your own celebrity. Calling Miley a whore sure is shocking to read, and it is also probably the dumbest thing I’ve read on the Internet this week.

gay face fart dLkkAd

pat robertson talks jewellery—jewellery that gives you aids

Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcast Network founder and regular asshole, is spreading his hate-filled rhetoric again—this time professing that gay men in San Francisco have AIDS-giving jewellery. Actually.

On a past taping of 700 Club, Robertson answered a letter from ‘Mary’ which asked if there is a moral obligation to disclose status if you are driving a car with someone who is positive. Yes, Mary, you idiot, because we expect people with the flu to just trot around saying, “Hey guys! Got that flu, y’all. Drive at your own discretion, friend!” Yes, Mary, real or fictitious, is absolutely dumb, but Robertson proves to be more ignorant, and more hurtful.

He says, “The homosexual community has put Draconian laws on the books that prevent people from discussing this affliction.” Out of curiosity, I’d love to see a copy of these gay books, because discussion of AIDS prevention, awareness and living with the illness is arguably as rampant as ever.

Except Robertson believes that, “in San Francisco, , they have this ring where it cuts your finger. It’s that kind of vicious stuff that should be the equivalent of murder.”

The original scene has been wiped from the broadcast, but the full clip is now back on YouTube after team Robertson tirelessly spent the last two weeks trying to erase it from memory.

sorry i’m not sorry: silence isn’t an option if you’re queer

But you don’t need to be in Russia to know about what is happening there. Even if it all sounds like a bad series of Onion articles: MP calls for law allowing gays to be whipped in public squares; Gay Teenager Kidnapped and Tortured by Russian Neo Nazi Group Is Believed To Have Died From His Injuries; Orthodox priest who supported Pussy Riot found stabbed to deathPartygoers attacked in Moscow bar for ‘looking gay’Olympic athletes will be subject to anti-gay lawGay author receives threats from Russia about children’s book and Russian LGBT Activist Attacked by Angry Mob of Russian Military Paratroopers in St. Petersburg.

The truth is, innocent people are dying, being abused, being doused with water bottles filled with Neo Nazi piss and forced into hiding in fear of death and persecution. It is all real, and it is all not okay.

That should be your basic understanding of queer Russia to date, as it exists in 2013.

We have even been asked to ‘relax’ and ‘respect’ Russia’s anti-gay policy by Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko.

Suitable reactions include: anger, sadness, rage and panicked sobs. This isn’t a happy time for queers in Russia, nor should it be for those outside of the direct anti-you policy.

But as I discussed yesterday, silence has become a popular choice among queers and media, from Fox News’ zero minutes of Russian anti-gay propaganda coverage to Johnny Weir’s stance on not doing anything but showing up to Sochi to IOC Vice President Ng Ser Miang’s assurance that Russian authorities are being engaged in “quiet diplomacy” and that the situation will be resolved for the “satisfaction of all.” 

There are times to keep quiet, and this is not one of them.

While some might criticize my position as an outsider, I submit the following reaction: click here.

It doesn’t matter that I am not on the front lines. I wish I could be, but unlike the Olympic athletes who refuse to boycott and Tilda Swinton (who is amazing, obviously), I don’t have that kind of immediate access. But if I did, I wouldn’t just “be myself.” I would, as an outsider, be myself, raise a flag, kiss my fellow man in public, document everything, say everything, and not stop until I leave.

Because I am an outsider, I can leave. That fear I would be living in during the short period of time I’d be there is nothing compared to being Russian in 2013. By showing up to perform as an Olympic athlete—and only to perform—there is a distance established between queer athlete and fearful queer. A performance or an IOC sanctioned quiet conversation that establishes protection for athletes and tourists is self-serving, and motivated by the Olympic spirit and sponsorship money.

The more we say, the more we do, is pressure, whether you think it is accomplishing something or not. In what world is it okay to be gay and not queer? The thought produces the same reaction I have when I meet a woman who doesn’t subscribe to the most base form of feminism. Shock. Outrage. Why any subjugated community wouldn’t be prone to be politically minded is an indication of our immense privilege. It is as we feel there is no more we need to accomplish from inside our western world bubble(s). Our post-Stonewall complacency is showing. Just because you are here, doesn’t mean you can’t be there. In actions, words, anything you can think of. Create a network. Build toward a boycott that will force Russia to rethink its value systems. It isn’t a lofty proposition. Crazier things have happened.

So, continue reaching out to Olympic sponsors. Continue boycotting Russian exports. Find out who the queer athletes are in your community and campaign for them to spread the word that a Sochi Olympic games will not be supported. They’d rather risk their sponsorships than feed an economy that feeds on queer oppression. And if a boycott isn’t possible, it better be the gayest fucking Opening Ceremonies the world has ever seen. We are in a position to not suffer in silence.

gay face fart frFFX1

why johnny weir being gay isn’t enough

Queer isn’t an insult. Except yesterday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, my messaging “Johnny Weir is a self-involved queer” was treated as such. The scary thing is, it wasn’t just Olympic figure skater Weir fandom that took offense. Facebook banned me for the expression, and cited the slogan as the offensive, term-breaking message. The experience has left me shaking my head.

I initially responded to Weir’s interview on CNN, where he and fellow queer athlete Blake Skjellerup made refusing to boycott the Sochi 2014 games their official position. Weir believes his “performance and presence of just being there” makes a greater statement than a refusal to participate.

“I am very well-known in Russia,” says Weir. “I’m out and just myself,” says Skjellerup. When asked what they would do to challenge the anti-propaganda law in Russia, Weir says he has spoken and connected with people in a very real way, and he’ll perform and do his best for them.

He believes that being himself and performing is the best thing he can do.

My belief is that is isn’t. My position is that it is selfish.

The issue isn’t about Weir personally. His representation in gossip magazines in Russia isn’t relevant. “I am not a propagandist,” suggests that Weir believes that his life is not overt propaganda. And there we agree. It isn’t. But he says that the Olympics aren’t linked to politics and that it is a time of peace, sport and excellence, and it is there we disagree. The Olympics in Sochi is the perfect stage to send a message, as a gay man and athlete, that the actions regionally are disgusting, perverse and backward. It isn’t a time to remain stoic and to “put on a good show.” This dead queer teenager didn’t want a good show, he wanted his life back.

The reaction from Weir’s fandom proved to me what I already believed: he has devout followers who hang on his every word, who derive some kind of understanding from his thoughts and actions. And yet, with this level of influence, his refusal to do something leaves his networks with the feeling that resistance to change is the ultimate sacrifice. That simply being gay (Weir does not identify as queer) is enough of a statement because he is a “well-known” gay man.

As someone worthy of being in Russian gay gossip rags, and who has platforms like CNN to raise awareness, I implore Weir to make it known that he does not accept the injustices in Russia, and I believe he should do so by raising his voice while he is at Sochi 2014, given that boycott is not an option. I don’t care if he lands the quad. I care about queers being assaulted, being denied basic human rights, and being murdered.

Your gay white male privileged perspective highlights how little we can be affected if the crimes are not committed locally. As someone who has the power and influence to make change, but refuses to do so, their blood is on your hands. If you have the power to make change and raise awareness, you have a responsibility to do so. Because why wouldn’t you.

boycott russia now, because you can

Russia is under the LGBT spotlight these days after a law was passed banning “gay propaganda,” which is so loosely and offensively defined that we need to do something about it. Essentially, the law makes it illegal to equate gay and straight relationships, and it bans the distribution of any gay rights materials. Recently four Dutch tourists from LGBT-Groningen were jailed for filming a documentary about the gay community in Murmansk. With an upcoming Olympic Games being held in Russia, there is no better, more effective way to target this bigotry than by comprising their economy. And there is no better way to get their attention than by reaching out to the sponsors and urging them to pull out funding until Russia’s anti-gay law has been eradicated. The images don’t lie. It is absolutely brutal to be queer in Russia right now.

At the heart of this, this boycott isn’t about vodka, it isn’t about Coca-Cola, and it isn’t about a widespread hatred of sports. It is about righting this unforgivable wrong.

For a full list of partners:

gay face fart h27ZNy5

what is a gay witch? a brief intro to international gay witch day

A gay witch named Storm Faerywolf writes in 2000, “In most Wiccan traditions of modern witchcraft there is a strong emphasis on sexual polarity as a model for magickal/ritual working. Simply stated, this is the belief that magickal energy is generated most strongly (and perhaps only) by a male and female working partnership, a concept that was popularized by the Gardnerian tradition and has been passed down in some form to the vast majority of modern witchcraft traditions being practiced today. Even in traditions where this polarity is seen to be internalized (i.e. the idea that we each contain an inner male and female which strive for balance regardless of our physical gender) we find that, ultimately, the model we have adopted is still a heterosexist one: that of polarized or complimentary forces being identified as male and female, thereby enshrining this model as the template for all real relationships whether they be romantic, magickal, or otherwise. For Queers this can be a dangerous practice.”

It can be dangerous. It is merely another instance where queers are subjugated. I will be completely honest. I found out gay witch was a thing on a lark, but quickly felt like it was something I wanted to pursue. The otherness of gay witchcraft appeals to me, and its lack of concrete definition makes it equally desirable. I am very much a beginner, and learning about this as I go along. If you are a seasoned gay witch, I would love to hear from you! E-mail me!

Gay witchcraft appears to be full of good intentions. There appears to be less focus on emulating The Craft and more on pursuing worthwhile causes. Take gay witch Christopher Penczak, who put out a call in 2004 to produce spells for gay rights: “I propose that all magickally-minded people – Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, magicians, healers, shamans, yogis, seers, seekers on all paths who believe in equal rights for all – come together on the first Full Moon after the 35th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that occurred June 27, 1969. Stonewall is considered by many to be the birth of the GLBT rights movement. On the first Full Moon after this historic anniversary, we can raise energy to make a definitive change for the better, where all people’s rights are respected. I suggest a spell with this or a similar intention:

We ask in the name of the Goddess, God and Great Spirit to be immediately granted equal rights for same sex couples throughout the U.S.A., so that all couples may enjoy the rights of marriage if they so choose. We ask this be correct, and for the good of all involved, harming none. So mote it be.”

I do not want to overshadow the Stonewall Riots, which is why I have chosen the first International Gay Witch Day to fall on June 28, 2013. So don your gayest gay witch apparel (how you define gay witch garb is up to you, but I will be wearing a gay witch t-shirt and carrying a sign to commemorate the day, and likely also dying a grey streak in my hair to symbolize being touched by the gay witch gods, and perhaps conducting my first gay séance (let’s talk to Harvey Milk!)), and take to the streets with some gay witch enthusiasm.

it could happen to you

I don’t kiss and tell unless I am forced to. My name is Kevin Naulls (I have put a photo for reference, that is me today after I found out Arrested Development sucks now), and I once went on a date.

I am a writer. I didn’t have to follow up, accept a date or meet or stay on a date after I found out he wasn’t gay (and therefore harmless), but I chose to because this guy–we will call him Keith–was literally holding a gun to my head and Keith is the decider when it comes to burgeoning confessional journalism careers.

So I stayed and watched a band I like named Metric. But I didn’t enjoy myself because Keith wasn’t gay and therefore harmful. He mentioned his upcoming book several times, like how gauche right? I hate when people are proud of what they do, especially when they aren’t gay and could be attracted to me.

Anyway he drove me home and tried to kiss me goodnight. Instead of avoiding a goodbye hug or kiss with someone I did not like because he was not gay and therefore harmless, I went in and he half kissed me.

gay face fart hKQipJ

gay fart of the week: christopher camplin, model/web developer/dj

Welcome back to Gay Fart of the Week, a feature where I talk to awesome gay men from around the world who know how to keep us interested—and this week’s instalment will captivate your attention because he’s a beautiful and handsome model, a talented developer and he somehow finds time to throw a series of queer parties in London. He is one of the hardest working gay farts going, and he is younger than me! Say hello to Mr. Christopher Michael Camplin. 

Extremely successful? Thanks, it doesn’t always feel like that but i suppose I’m starting to reach that point where I have a lot of work under my belt. I would say the Web Development came first as I started doing that when I was still at University in Brighton.

The modelling didn’t start until I did a shoot for Tom Ford & GQ Style about male nudity.

Then nothing for a year or so until I was found by stylist and my now good friend Toby Grimditch. Toby wanted to use me as a guy from the street for J.W Anderson’s Man show for London Fashion week.

I had to ‘walk’ for the first time in a pair of the most uncomfortable mink slippers, that were two sizes too small. Not the easiest start but I had a lot of fun.

I balance my schedule by just fitting in what I can, when I can really. Obviously I have to work 9-6 as a developer, so everything else has to fit in around that for the time being. When it comes to social media i really haven’t pushed it that much in terms of getting myself out there, it seems to perpetuate itself. Tumblr & Pinterest seem to have gone crazy for me, from what i’m told but i have never put anything on there myself, I don’t have either a Tumblr or a Pinterest account but both have a lot of pictures of me.

I often feel like it’s just a case of right time, right place for a lot of it. Beards seem to be in vogue at the moment and i grew one as soon as i could, both because i love facial hair & i wanted to look older. At that time there wasn’t a great deal of beards around, especially on younger guys. Perhaps that got me noticed and now they seem to be everywhere.

I’m actually not just providing music but am part of the team behind these parties.

We are the Queer clubbing experience, brought to you by the Model, the DJ, The Dominatrix & The Unicorn. Myself, Terry Vietheer, Clayton Wright and Precious Bevington have become like a family & we all play our part in organising the events. I DJ and do the artwork and our last party Flex went down a storm. We are @ Dalston Superstore every other month and will be at Secret Garden Party this summer. We will also be appearing at other festivals around the UK and have been talking about bringing the party overseas so watch this space…

Who are your favourite social media gays to read?I wouldn’t say i have any favourite social media gays to read, there’s all sorts of different interesting stuff out there.

What advice would you give to someone who might want to do what you do?Thats a tough one, I have a bit of a strange hybrid of careers going on a the moment. I’m not entirely sure which one to pursue the most, if you mean modelling, My advice wouldn’t be that useful because I never planned any of it & really believe i was in the right place at the right time. If you mean DJ I think it’s about having a passion for the music, I never planned to be a DJ either but that seems to be happening too & it came out of a love & passion for House music. Terry & Clayton found me based on modelling, but essentially based on my DJ sets on soundcloud and the music I posted on social media.

I’ve worked with Walter a couple of times actually, once walking in his Wonde® show in Paris in 2010 & again for his Dream the world awake retrospective at the Antwerp Fashion Museum. Here I got to work with Nick Knight & Simon Foxton, who i found out were major people in the fasion industry.

I then went on to do a Butt Magazine shoot with Simon Foxton & Andreas Larrson.

Andreas is an amazing photographer and I went on to make his website.

Difficult question. I really enjoyed flying over to Hamburg to work on Horst magazine with Alex Klesta, but also loved working with Lee Roberts, Lee Paton & an amazing pair of Huskies

How would you describe Twitter to a gay man? Twitter, personally, I would describe as hard work! You have to be tweeting the right people, with the right things at the right time to really get some good interaction going.

If you want to see what’s in the pipeline, here’s a sample image from a recent shoot i did in Central Park, NYC with Isauro Cairo. Isauro is an amazing photographer and i am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the images.

I also did a very interesting shoot for Fantastic Man that is just in the shops, and the whole thing turned out to be pretty traumatic but also an interesting social experiment. I’ll let you go check it out for yourselves.

Both the last two jobs came via Facebook—the former was organised just as i posted I was going to NYC when i booked my flight. I do feel that social media has fuelled my recent “fame,” and it will be interesting to see where it goes next. The world is an increasingly fickle place…

why fab magazine meant nothing to me, and why that’s okay

I am an AA Bronson-loving, Gregg Araki-watching, Darren Greer-reading faggot who always wants more. I’m a selfish consumer. If there is no substance, I get bored. If I’m being pandered to, I move on. I am one of the hardest people to please.

And yet I read what I don’t like, in the hopes that something will change. That people will improve. That something, anything, will change for me. I said I was a selfish reader.

Fab magazine didn’t die because it sucked. It had an audience. It was the event listings magazine for the nouveau gay. It was the soft core cum pamphlet for the not-out-but-horny. It was never meant to be substantial in any other way than to be a gateway glossy. It never could be, because Fab wasn’t about features that dissected gay culture to a point of any new kind of understanding. The writer’s journey was oft simplistic and under-researched. Not always, but often. The only dreams that Fab magazine produced were inspired by imagery—sexy, sexy imagery. I came to the conclusion that Fab wasn’t changing and wouldn’t inspire me when I picked up a Priape catalogue and jerked off to a guy in a fetish wrestling singlet. I came all over the glossy pages. Later that week I picked up Fab magazine and I couldn’t tell the difference. My aspirations for queer media hit a wall. I was faced with the reality that Fab was for titillation and that was its service.

My qualms with this are personal. I want queer media to teach me something, and if it is going to be a gateway glossy, it should attempt to regionally discuss queer issues as they exist within the region. But like most print media, ad sales are king, and that often leads to a diluted message. A double-page spread about millenial AIDS apathy and the generation’s propensity toward bareback sex isn’t going to inspire a bathhouse or a phone sex line to buy ad space (but, to Fab magazine editor Phil Villeneuve’s credit, he did say he would be interested in this story from me, so changes were afoot). Whether the impetus was to produce informative features, it was almost never satisfied.

Unfortunately, there is no king of queer media. I usually hop from blog to blog, reading various pieces of queer writing, and indulging my appetite that way. All mainstream queer pubs have fallen victim to the same pressures. Fluff and troll covers get readers. Readers mean money. Money means you’re not going out of business.

Until even your audience isn’t enough, and your ad share goes to digital. Like it has been trending for a long time now. Former editor-in-chief Matt Thomas tells me this is what happened with Fab, and Pink Triangle Press is moving Fab’s online content to its digital property Daily Xtra. After April, Fab is done.

I’m not sad, because Fab magazine never meant anything to me. I read it every month and rarely learned anything. I never had a party featured in the pages, nor attended a party because it was Fab-recommended. I never got style tips from the style section, or wanted to fuck a monthly (correction: bi-weekly) Fab guy. And I’ve already told you how I felt about the features.

But as a serviceable welcome-to-gay-Toronto-young-person magazine, I can see why people would have an attachment. If the magazine helped spread the word about a show I was in, or a party I was throwing, I could see why someone would value it.

I’m just saying it didn’t shape my gay identity. And as sad as it is to lose a queer pub, I won’t feel any sense of longing.

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gay man at sydney mardi gras 2013 assaulted

Witness the unprovoked assault of a young gay man celebrating at Sydney’s Mardi Gras 2013. It is horrific, and this needs as much attention as it can possibly get. Spread the word. Ensure the police responsible are reprimanded for this obvious gay bashing.

Urban dictionary has a definition for “gay fart” and it’s really not that funny

Had you ever heard of a “gay fart” before? No, nor us, but apparently it’s a phrase and it’s even got its own definition thanks to Urban Dictionary.

According to one of the entries on Urban Dictiony, ‘gay fart’ means, “A genuinely sweet, or pleasantly odourless expression of flatulence. Though not always a fart cut by homosexuals, they do tend to do this while they bake cookies and share a laugh about it.

“Pete did you just fart? It smells like freshly cut grass, what have you been eating, sperm?”

Cut grass means “gang bang” according to the website.

Surprisingly, the website holds not one but three possible entries for what a gay fart could mean.

gay face fart

Best friends

It was a Friday night, and James had his friend Josh over. They were playing video games, and eating pizza. Josh had just finished eating a large pepperoni pizza, and went to get some more. James gawked as Josh’s ass swished back and forth when he got up from the couch. Josh was captain of the football team, which meant that he was extremely fit. James on the other hand, was a scrawny kid on the track team. James also happened to be very gay, but he was in the closet, which he decided to keep a secret from Josh.

Josh came back to the couch, and threw himself down, which in turn, caused it to shake. “I didn’t know that there was an earthquake scheduled for today!” James said sarcastically. “Yeah, it was all over the news, they said it was supposed to hit right about… Now.” Josh said, as he lifted his leg up. In an instant the couch shook again, but this time the source of the power came from Josh’s ass. He was releasing one of his famous farts. James wrinkled up his nose, but on the inside he was infatuated.

“Hey, you asked for it. You were the one who bought me pizza!” He said jokingly.

James held his remote over his crotch hiding his gigantic erection from his friend as the smell lingered for a while.

James wondered what his friend would think if he found out about his fart sniffing fantasies. He knew his friend would be okay with the gay thing, Josh was friends with Dylan, the kid who was out of the closet at school. As for the whole thing of him wanting to dive his face into his ass, he wasn’t so sure about. That’s why he had to keep it from him.

Josh was going to stay the night at James’ house, so they stayed up until around 2, and decided to head to his room. James’ mom was out of state on something for work, so it was just James and Josh at his house. James was going to sleep in his bed, and Josh was going to sleep on a mattress on the floor. Josh fell asleep immediately, but James was restless for some reason.

While he was laying there, James heard a low groan coming from beneath him, and could tell that it was Josh farting. James couldn’t help it; he slowly got off his bed, and crawled over to Josh’s ass. He slowly, but steadily lowered his face down to Josh’s ass. He sat there for about 30 seconds, and finally another fart came out. James lowered his shorts so that he could start stroking his erection. He sat there again waiting for another one to come. When it came, James huffed as much as he could. He stroked himself profusely as the scent flowed through his nostrils. As James leaned even closer, he lost his balance, and his face fell into Josh’s ass.

Josh immediately got up, and looked back. He couldn’t see anything, so he turned his phone flashlight on and shone it at James. While he was in the middle of doing all that, James somehow managed to pull his underwear up, but he still had a fairly big erection.

“What are you doing?” He asked in a confused daze.

“I thought I left something on the floor by your mattress, and was searching for it!” James said.

All of a sudden Josh’s eyes lit up like he just had an epiphany.

“Oh, I know what was happening. You finally mustered up the courage to do it”.

“Dude, what are you talking about?” James asked, laughing nervously.

“Come on, don’t play coy! I know about your fetish dude, I’ve known since 9th grade when you let me borrow your phone to look something up. A bunch of blog notifications came up, talking about wanting to sniff jocks farts. I didn’t think you were going to do tell me about it, like ever. It’s been 4 years since, but I can’t believe you never wanted to come out to me. You know I would be your bro no matter what ”

James sat there shocked. All this time of hiding the boners, and keeping secrets; Josh knew the entire time.“So you’re fine with it all? Even the fetish?”

“Dude, don’t even ask me, you already know. Now enough talking and get your face in my ass.”

“Wait are you serious?” James asked, with a sparkle in my eyes.

“Come on dude, I’ve had 4 years to think about it. Let me care for my best friend. Besides, you’d be doing a public service taking these farts off the streets.”

James licks his lips and pulls the underwear down. He’s greeted by two gigantic globes. As he moves his face closer to them, he starts to smell the must.

“Sorry dude, I haven’t showered since like Wednesday.”

James couldn’t take it anymore, he shoved his face into Josh’s ass, and started to lick his hole. Josh’s stomach started to gurgle, and his hole puckered. Josh pushed out a huge fart, with caused James to start coughing. Josh grabbed James head and pushed it further into his ass.

Before James had time to respond, Josh pushed out a 10 second fart.

“Dude, this feels so good. I might start making you do this regularly!”

Immediately after Josh said that, a ginormous fart escaped from him. It was so big, that it caused James mouth to shake from the force. Soon after, a seemingly never-ending chain of farts started to leave Josh’s hole

Josh started to moan, and thrust. In doing so, he was rubbing James’ face up and down his crack, driving him to verge of cumming. It seemed as if Josh was being turned on from the situation at hand too.

With his right hand, he grabbed a fist full of James hair and pulled him out of his ass.

“Dude, I don’t know what’s going on, but I have a major hard on, and I need you to suck it.”

Without hesitation, James lowered his head down, and started to please his friend. Everything about Josh was just turning him on right now: The aggressiveness, his hard on, his beautiful ass with nice farts as well; he had to be dreaming right now.

“Fuck you’re good at this, you should’ve come out to me sooner.” Josh said jokingly.

Little did he know, James had more regret about not being able to service him earlier.

As soon as he flipped over, some farts started to come out. Instead of waiting for them to stop, James being the pig that he was, dug his face right into the farting ass.

“I’m getting close, it’s time to get ready for the final act…” Josh said in a voice of warning.

Josh pulled his ass inward, while James prepared for what was to come. After a couple of seconds, Josh pushed his ass outward and a thundering fart came out.


After only a few seconds, both boys came at the same time, an occurrence that would happen multiple more times in the near future.


“Damn Daniel!!!” You scream in shock, fear, disgust, and lust.

101 seconds. You feel your pelvis contract and you nut inside your shorts so hard it hurts. You have an extreme orgasm to this masterpiece of extreme flatulence.

111 seconds. The fart is squeaking like a clarinet now. One fart from Dany’s monstrously, sexy ass has hit all the notes that a musical butthole possibly can in 1 behemoth of a fart.

“I give up counting,” says one of the guys. Will the sexiest fart in history ever end?

gay face fart kMuN0T

Relying on tired gay sex tropes for gay fart comedy

Another meaning offered up by the website is, “a silent fart that is often difficult to hear because it just seeps out of your A-hole as if the hole was very loose (like after a penis has been in there).”

This particular definition makes use of that rather tired gay sex myth that people who enjoy anal sex have loose sphincters, giving rise the rumour that men who engaged in anal sex, eventually have to wear tampons, which, by the way, isn’t true.

While a third explanation offers, “An act of flatulence that tends to smell like semen as if gay butt sex has taken place at one point. Homosexuals tend to enjoy gay farts by flatuating (not actually a word) gay farts in one another’s mouths.”

The three definitions were written in 2006, 2008 and 2009 respectively.

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