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Ear piercings for guys, left or right? There are prevailing ideas when it comes to men and getting their ears pierced, and that’s what we are going to discuss here.

There was a time where getting your ears pierced was a show of your sexual orientation; some of these ideas lingered on.

However, what does the current world have to say about men piercing their ear or ears? Let’s find out.

Gay ear, straight ear, both ears

Some people I don’t know at work have been watching me and gossiping about my sexuality. Apparently some said I was always well groomed well dressed and they thought I was gay. However, some insisted that I could not be gay because I had both ears pierced. I’m still laughing til now. I can’t believe some people still really believe in the old myth.

LOLLLL The funniest thing to me is that no one can ever agree on what’s supposed to be the ‘gay ear’. Left? Right? Nobody knows. Oh, and congratulations on being stylish enough to be the subject of that gossip 🙂

It’s the right ear, don’t you know, cause right is wrong and left is right. /s

My young gay colleague said my piercing was in the "gay" ear, I replied that I think there are more reliable ways of telling if someone is gay, like finding them on Grinder.

I had my first ear piercing around 1992, and my mom wanted to make sure I was getting "the right" ear pierced.

I got mine without asking anyone and my mom went ballistic when she saw my ears, then she looked again to see which side, and got stunned cause I got both sides. Her face was like "I don’t know what to think, boy tell me what does THIS mean?" haha

Client: Well I’m gay, but I’m not really ready to come out COMPLETELY, but I’m also tired of being in the closet, but I also feel like everyone kinda knows I’m gay anyway, and I’m also tired of people wondering what my sexuality is and I wish they’d just get it already.

Debra: Did you see his new piercing? I was totally confused if he was available or not, but it’s now so clear he’s gay.

Sharon: What? What do you mean? Straight men get ear piercings too you know.

Sharon: What are you talking about? Everyone knows the OTHER side is the gay side.

Debra: So not true. My cousin got that side done and he’s as straight as they come.

Sharon: Well my friend’s brother got that side done, and his spirit animal is Celine Dion, soooooo….

The guy with the ear piercing, overhearing the conversation: internal scream of frustration

I had this happen when I got my nose pierced at 13. Yup defs gay

I swear they freak out over the smallest stuff. When I’m not out to them and they notice my ears are both pierced as well as my answer to favorite color being "pink" it’s like their whole world turns upside down.

Back in the day it was always supposed to be ONLY left ear on a guy because the right ear piercings were "gay." Stupid.

My favorite part is how the Straights™ have missed that industrials on guys are a good indicator. I know of 1 non-gay male who has one, and about 30 gay men who exclusively have that.

Well, got me, am gay and have an industrial, but I don’t know other gay guys with industrials.

Nipple piercings on the other hand seem pretty commonplace…

I’d say I’m about as straight as they come, and I used to have an industrial.

I know plenty of hetero males who have industrials.

My husband who’s very straight has an industrial in his right, and his left lobe x4.

…I never noticed this, but thinking about all the guys with industrials I know, it holds true.

You know, those gay conversion therapists in the US are missing a trick. Just pierce both their ears and boom, s t r a i g h t

And when I got mine done I did it in the right because at the time my hair went over my right ear and I could hide it from my parents

Is the ‘gay ear’ even a thing anymore?

I want to get my ear pierced but I’m not sure which ear to do. The left ear is commonly known as the "gay ear" and when I was talking to a guy about piercing my ear he said, "no dude, it’s the right ear", whilst giving me this look that I must be crazy to even consider piercing my left ear.

No one would really be able to tell I’m gay just by looking at me (nor am I out), so are guys going to make assumptions based on my right-ear piercing? I feel silly even typing that out because it’s such a small thing, but ya know.. doesn’t hurt to ask.

I don’t want to pierce my left ear though (even though I am gay) because it will open up a whole can of worms and a 101 questions I don’t want to answer yet.

I’ve always heard that it was the right ear. But I also haven’t heard anybody talk about ear piercing associated with gayness in 10-15 years.

Yeah, it was always the right ear, and this stopped being a thing in the early 90s. I don’t think I’ve even seen a guy with one ear pierced any time this century.

I think Sinbad was the mark where the one earring thing stopped being a thing.

It goes back to the hanky code. If you wore your keys or earring on the right, you were signaling that you’re a bottom. If you wore it on the left, you signaled that you were a top.

it was the right ear. but now, with tattoos and body modifications so mainstream, I don’t think anyone even registers an ear piercing, much less consider it means the earring wearer is gay except for the kind of people who consider any deviation from accepted bible belt normcore style as a for those people, everything can be a sign

The left ear is traditionally considered the straight ear, whereas the right ear is traditionally considered the gay ear. However, as others have pointed out, it was a very 80s and 90s thing. A lot of guys now have both ears pierced as standard, so it’s lost its relevance.

I had my left ear pierced as a young teenager, which my homophobic mother (who later sent me away for being gay) surprisingly allowed me to do. I later got my right ear pierced when I was 18 too, so now I have both. My hubby has just his left ear pierced. I think he was about 7 when he had his done.

All I’m saying is that it’s really up to you. Getting your left ear pierced will raise no eyebrows, and neither will getting both ears pierced. Piercing just your right ear probably will get some attention from homophobes though.

Do whatever you think is best. I’m happy to advise you some more if you like.

Ears aren’t a thing anymore. If you’d like your ears pierced, do both.

Well shit, what are these things on the side of my head then? 😛

No. That was a 1980s thing. I don’t think anyone now will notice or care what side you use.

It’s not the 90s. Having only one ear pierced nowadays isn’t considered cute.

Both or neither, then? Is there an exception for industrials?

In the 80s it was right ear. I’m gay, but I put it in the left ear. I didn’t wear it to symbolize anything, I just sleep on my right side. If I sleep on my left it hurts. "why don’t you take it off before you go to bed…" cause my hole will close up… For my 40th, i’m buying myself an earring for the right. So I have to somehow convert to becoming a "back" sleeper. And if it’s diamond, who gives a shit about what people think. I’d wear that where ever.

Get a rounded back if you’re wearing studs. I think there are some others that guard the back where it slides on.

If you’ve worn your ear piercing for about 8 years, then there is virtually no way the piercing will close up by itself – it’s permanent.

You can probably find some better earrings that won’t cause you discomfort too.

I remember a saying awhile back straight guys used that went "Left is right and right is wrong"

But with today’s expression with tattoos and piercings, I don’t think this applies anymore.

I definitely notice. Whenever I see a guy with his right ear pierced, I will always check if he has a left ear piercing too.

gay earring 11A8idy

Ear piercings: which ear is the "gay ear"?

either one if it belongs to a gay person. otherwise, neither.

Look at this guy! Batting down stereotypes with a stick!

Right ear. If you pierce the right one, a genetic transformation occurs instantly causing your penis to seek male poopshoots. Also, it’ll mysteriously perm your hair.

Poopchutes. As someone who has unwittingly witnessed a male poop shoot I can assure you, they’re very, very different.

yes but the left will make you grow a beard and chest hair and make pussy irresistible to you.

Are idiotic 12-year-olds even allowed to get their ears pierced without their parents’ consent?

Most places worth getting a piercing at won’t let anyone in under 15, regardless if a parent is there.

Just make sure the metal is non-homogenic, and you’ll be fine.

Which ear is the gay ear? (piercing?)

You do realize that’s an urban myth right?Also, which ear was supposedly the gay ear depended on the city or area you lived in.

Back in the late 80’s it was the right ear. I don’t think there is such a thing anymore. That statement did take me back to high school days though. Lol. Need some parachute pants to go with that earring? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

My boyfriend like my left one the best because it has a little Spock Vulcan bump on it. So I’m going with the left one.

I think it’s make more sense to make the statement that you are gay with a piercing, as people assume others are straight by default so if you’re gay you might want a subtle way to signal to other gays that you might be interested

It used to be the right one, but now everyone gets both pierced.

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In which ear do men wear an earring to show they’re not gay?

One could say live in a dominantly heterosexual culture, and some men want to identify as such. There is the misconception that only queer men wear earrings and also on a particular ear lobe to show they identify as being such.

That’s, however, not the case. The hip hop world and also other genres have come to show us that straight men can also wear earrings on either ear and no own will call them gay.

Even so, there is the prevailing thought that you can wear an earring on a certain earlobe and not be considered gay, and that’s what we’ll explore.

What ear your wear the earring depends on where you’re from. For example, in America and Australia, when you wore your earring on the left ear, you were considered gay.

Across the pond, the reverse is the same. However, that was the case in the earlier times before the 1980s, and things changed. It was considered rather embarrassing if not terrifying for a straight man to get pierced in the wrong ear as it sent the wrong message.

However, there is a prevailing consensus in some circles nowadays that if you want to show your straight, you get your left ear pierced. If you pierce the right, then you’re communicating that you are gay.

Those in the rap world, along with bikers and pirates, took on the left ear to show that they are straight. On the other hand, when asked, a lot of gay men will say that ear piercings as a way to identify them is outdated and thus should not be taken seriously.

To sum this argument up, the ear you get a piercing on varies from culture to culture. In some, the idea is outdated even though it was the norm about 30 years ago.

In some countries, cultures, and even sub-cultures, they still hold the belief that where the earring goes signifies if you’re gay or not. Therefore, it is best to ask those around you or the general culture to find out what their beliefs are.

It is particularly crucial if you live in a place where they hold deep traditional values about gender roles and masculinity.

If you pierce your right ear, are you gay?

As mentioned, where you live dictates if piercing your right ear is considered gay. Most of the world has embraced western ideas and have become liberal in terms of body piercings.

That’s why you’ll see male K-Pop artist wear makers and earrings, and their sexual preference is not put into question.

The older generation might frown upon it, but millennials and the generations that have come after don’t pay much attention to what’s considered gay or not when it comes to ear piercings.

Therefore, the question about what is considered gay depends on where you live. However, in the mid-80s and 90s, men threw the narrative out the window and got ear piercings in whatever ear they pleased.

For that reason, generally, you can’t tell if a man is gay or straight only by looking at which ear is pierced. It is also worth noting that there are stereotypical ideas of what it means to be gay.

However, that falls apart when you meet people who, by all standards, “act straight” but date other men. That’s why, if the situation allows, it’s worth asking; assuming is not entirely helpful.

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Can you get your both ears pierced if you are not gay?

Similar to the right ear-left ear questions about what’s considered gay, it was initially thought that having both ears pierced meant that you were gay.

However, with the coming of both hip hop and rock and roll artists piercing both ears, the prevalence of the idea faded.

It is not uncommon to see men with both ears pierced and either wearing large diamond earrings or something more discreet.

Here, again, much depends on the context you live in and the general perspective of those around you.

Simply, if you like the look, the current attitude dictates that having both ears pierced is more out of style and self-expression and not about your sexual orientation.

There are tons of jewelry lines that also make earrings for men that tend to be much simpler than what women would otherwise wear. Men mostly go for plug earrings and Huggies; they look good but still have a simplicity to them.

Those opting to get ears pierced need to be mindful about the earrings they get. It is not an invitation to share earrings with their female counterparts, as it will be assumed that they are gay.

Go for earrings that are either unisex, or it has been categorically stated that they are made for men.

Remember that less is more unless you’re going for an event that requires you to be flashy, then diamond or cubic zirconia earrings would be ideal.

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I think this whole survey is implicitly offensive. Portraying something as either Cool (meaning great) or Gay (meaning disgusting) is an insult to gay people. In my vocabulary, gay means the opposite, it means "great". I started out wearing an earring in my left ear, because I am a gay man, and when so many straight guys started to wear a single earring, I used to wear earrings in both ears, because I am gay. Now it’s very unclear, and in any case I have taken them out, not because I have turned straight, but simply because I am too old to wear them any more. Earrings, long hair and tight jeans look fantastic on young males, and in my opinion, they would look ridiculous on me at my age. As for being gay, despite every effort to be otherwise when I was a teenager, I have remained steadfastly homosexual throughout my 56 year long life and now regard it as simply the way I am. I have never been treated adversely because of it by family, friends or colleagues, on the contrary, it is often an interesting topic of conversation. I do however object to being portrayed as a waste of space by members of communities like this, considering that I worked all my life and paid taxes that fund your education, police, defence and welfare, to say nothing of the other uses that politicians find for the money. You have never met me, you know nothing of what I have contributed to society, so don’t judge me until you do.

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chconline    163

Wow, I’m actually quite surprised at the reactions :p

As others has previously mentioned, earring in right hear makes it appear that you say that you’re gay. I know some men who has their left ears pierced, and they don’t look gay and they’re not gay. I think it mostly comes down to the person’s personality more than the looks.

But IMO it looks a bit weird and especially those with both ears pierced 😡 Personally I wouldn’t pierce it and I am not a big fan of it at all, I feel that it’s out of place for men. I’m totally fine with it with females though.

dwmusic    0

in this context, clearly "right" = straight, and "wrong" = gay,

not very nice for a teenager coming to terms with the enormous consequences of discovering to their absolute horror that they are gay, and destined to be the object of bullying, discrimination and derision for the remainder of their natural life.

This "male earring = gay" is also somehow implying that your sexuality can be switched on and off with a metal stud or hoop however when I was even younger still, any earring in a male was gay no matter whether left or right. Take it out and you’re straight as a toothpick again.

gay earring

aaron    27

not very nice for a teenager coming to terms with the enormous consequences of discovering to their absolute horror that they are gay, and destined to be the object of bullying, discrimination and derision for the remainder of their natural life.

This "male earring = gay" is also somehow implying that your sexuality can be switched on and off with a metal stud or hoop however when I was even younger still, any earring in a male was gay no matter whether left or right. Take it out and you’re straight as a toothpick again.

Well, I was referring to "when I was younger" and for me that was about 25 years ago. 😉

If it makes any difference, by my senior year HS I have both ears pierced and wore two small hoops.

mike frett    34

Please…everybody I know (including me) started getting our right ear pierced in the early 90’s. Everybody was doing it; I just followed the fad. In the 90’s, it was the Left ear that meant you were homosexual.

And why does anybody care anyway?. Too much hate, that’s whats wrong with the world.

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