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Interracial gay dating riyadh saudi arabia

Contents:Five gay men arrested for prostitution in RiyadhGay in Saudi ArabiaEverything you need to know about being gay in Muslim countries | World news | The Guardian

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A gay guy in saudi arabia

short bio: been asked a lot about how i’m surviving in a country that could literally make me serve 20 years in jail for coming out, so i decided maybe i could answer other people questions!

Proof: not sure how i could prove it. sending something might be used as evidence against me. but if its necessary, i believe i could send a picture

giggles thanks mate, i appreciate it. Although, i believe i could send an image if used a vpn with imgur, that should keep me safe

thanks for understanding but i think i could do it safely by using imgur with a vpn.

I remember watching a documentary(?) about an American male nurse who went to a country in the middle-east that jailed/executed homosexuals. He talked about how nervous he was for people to find out at first. He then found a website for males to meet over there and that’s how he had hook-ups. One of the guys he slept with then got mad because he didn‘t want to meet up again and reported him. Luckily they didn’t have evidence or something along those lines and he got off of charges. Once he was okay, he immediately left the country to be safe. I can’t remember what specifically it was called and if it was a YouTube or Netflix video. Have you ever tried using something like this, or do you just not do anything with anyone to be safe?

i did but i got too scared because those could be fake accounts with police behind them. and i don’t know any gay saudi arabian dating service.

because they are taught so from a young age that is a wrong thing.

never meant a person who flat outside they were gay, but i’ve heard there are. since there are gay parties that are often held outside of cities

hehe, it wouldn’t a secret if i told you. welp, i actually never meet those secret, undercover communities but i believe they exist since the police caught alot of gay parties

Why don’t you leave Saudi Arabia for somewhere more tolerant?

that’s not easy mate, if you like a proper full response with all the problems that i can’t leave, i would be happy to apply but had to ask first

Do you want to get out so you can be who you are? I’m sure there are many homosexuals in Saudi, as there are everywhere. How secretive do you have to be?

well, yeah i do wanna leave be free but sadly that ain’t possible since that isn’t easy. well, Never tell anyone IRL that you are gay, no matter how close, and never say it in social media, like i said, you could face 20 years in jail. other than those you can talk freely with a vpn. im usually talk in discord since they seem to not leak info to goverments

You do not need to post a photo because it can contain data of your location, leaving you vulnerable for attack in Saudi Arabia. However I do have a few questions, while I know it’s unsafe to be gay in Saudi Arabia, do you feel life is improving for LGBT under current Islamic Law? If not, how do you feel our community can become more accepting under Sharia Law? How does the gay community keep in touch, is life generally secretive? Thank you for taking the time do an AMA.

hehe its fine. the best safe way of talking in the community is through using something called a vpn AND not using well known sites like twitter. use more specific ones like, ughhhhhhhh i actually don’t have alot gay sites that i know, i know there’s alot of good lgbt servers in discord.

and about sharia, well. lemme tell you an actual answer: time music is forbidden in saudi arabia but its allowed to hear them and produce them,and it was once outlawed. women are gonna drive soon as well, i mean, its only a matter of time till they allow it, they allowed more forbidden stuff so why stop there.

and pssst they don’t follow sharia law, they just invent stuff when ever they need. i mean, where’s the text that says that women can’t drive?

Didn’t I read about one of the Saudi royal family who was not so secretive about using his stature to force hook ups with any men he wanted? How’s he get away with that? If even we heathens in other countries know about his hook-ups….

ahem because he’s one of the royal family. if you like to hear more stories abotu them, i can deliver

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Gay in saudi arabia

A third type — the khuntha , who today would be called intersex — proved more complex theologically. The question this raised was what to do about children born with ambiguous genitalia since, according to the doctrine, they could not be sex-neutral. The issue then was how to discover it, and the jurists devised elaborate rules for doing so. In that connection, a remark attributed to the prophet about urine and the differing inheritance rules for men and women proved especially helpful. Want to meet single gay men in Riyadh Batha, Riyadh?

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Everything you need to know about being gay in muslim countries | world news | the guardian

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9. business behaviour

No religious practices other than Islam are allowed. Muslims pray 5 times a day and all shops and many offices will close to observe prayer times. Copies of the bible or any other non-Islamic religious literature can’t be brought into the country, nor any non Islamic symbols or statues.

Saudi businessmen often wear the traditional thobe and shemagh – head dress in public. For foreign businessmen, business suits are the norm. Saudi women and foreign women must wear an abaya – a full length black cloak in public. A headscarf need not be worn, but should be carried with you in case you are told by the religious police to cover your head.

Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. The best way to get around is to use a chauffeured car supplied by the hotel, or to use taxis. Many local businesses will be happy to send a car to pick up foreign visitors from their hotels.

Saudi Arabia is the strictest of all Muslim countries and behaviour in public is subject to inflexible rules. These include:

It’s important for people doing business or living in Saudi Arabia to understand the laws and obey them. Alcohol consumption is forbidden and prison sentences vary from a few weeks to several months, with or without flogging. Anyone caught smuggling or distributing alcohol can face a long prison sentence.

During the month of Ramadan, visitors should avoid eating, drinking or smoking in public between dawn and dusk.

It is forbidden to take photos of airports and military installations and other sensitive buildings. Care should also be taken not to photograph Muslim women without their consent.

Homosexual behaviour and adultery are illegal and carry the death penalty.

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Five gay men arrested for prostitution in riyadh

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But to blame this entirely on Islam is an oversimplification. In Egypt and Lebanon — predominantly Muslim countries with a large Christian population — attitudes towards homosexuality among Christians are not very different from those among Muslims. So far, though, there have been only a few Muslims willing to reappraise it.

The key point here is that while the words of scripture are fixed and unchangeable they are always subject to human interpretation, and interpretations may vary according to time, place and social conditions. This, of course, is something that fundamentalists, whether Muslim or Christian, prefer to deny.

The patriarchal system plays a major part in this too, with strongly defined roles for men and women. Gay men, especially those who show feminine traits, may thus be regarded as challenging the social order. The receptive or passive partner, on the other hand, is viewed with disgust. Traditional ideas about gender roles cause particular problems for transgender people, especially in places where segregation of the sexes is more strictly enforced and cross-dressing is criminalised. Within a couple of weeks at least 14 people were thrown into prison for the new offence. Since there is no mechanism in Kuwaiti law to register a change of sex, even trans people who have had surgery are at risk of arrest for cross-dressing.

As it happens, Islam has case histories in this area which make it accommodating in some ways, though not in others. Eunuchs often acquired influential positions administering wealthy Muslim households. The mukhannathun were less respectable, with a reputation for frivolity and loucheness, though they seem to have been broadly tolerated during the earliest years of Islam.

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