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Recently came on online gay dating site to get a taste of it.

He asked me out and I idea what he has in store.

A good rule of thumb (for me) is the less you know someone, the less you should drink alcohol. If you can remember to compliment him on something he’s wearing, that’s always a nice thing. Just because you’re new to gaydom, don’t be timid or apologetic, you have every right to be there. Go with the flow of conversation and generally, steer clear of negative topics.

You’ll be fine. Billions of other people have been on first dates. Billions.

Cologne should be smelt when they’re leaning in for a kiss, as a general rule.

The right cologne in the right amounts can seriously make a dude 100% more attractive.

Guys can be pushy motherfuckers. Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

I honestly thought this was some movie stereotype until I started dating. Most men are pushy as fuck. And they don’t really understand "no" the first two times you say it.

Do your best to remain calm. Not sure how nervous you are, but the more relaxed you are, the better it should (hopefully) be. When he wants to talk about himself, let him talk about himself. And when he asks you about yourself, talk about yourself, not just short answers.

I’ve only been on one date ever, and it was with a bisexual guy. During the date, there was a point where he was talking about how he hooked up with girls while he was at his frat parties. It was a bit weird, so if the guy you’re on a date with is gay (not bi), it might be a good idea to avoid talking about girls. Just a thought, but you do you. And do your best to keep your phone out of the date. It may seem like you don’t care.

And yeah, it’s weird not knowing what he has in store. On my date, we eventually went back to his place and fooled around. Didn’t have sex, but I slept over that night. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing. There’s a chance he sees it strictly as a date, or he may expect a hookup. Just be yourself and do what you’re comfortable with, no right or wrong way to go about it.

When I first came out I bought my self some nice new clothes for "the new me" and when I went on dates we just talked. Get comfortable with yourself "gaying out" in public. I disagree with the no drinks policy, it keeps the conversation lively, but I can also handle my liquor and become a bit wittier on the juice.

There’s the logistical stuff, like dressing cleanly and appropriately, being on time if not slightly early, etc.

There’s advice for relating to people in general; be a listener and show genuine interest in what they have to say. Treat the date not as looking for the guy you’ll marry, but as the chance to get to know a brand new friend.

UPDATE:: Date went him at red lobster 4pm

He mainly asked the questions about me,he was 24 tall,tan,and handsom

Dates are all the same, regardless of gender, sexuality, etc. It’s all about getting to know the person to see if you’re compatible. Stay away from any sensitive subjects like politics and religion. Relax, have some fun. If it doesn’t work out, who knows, you may make a new friend.

Remember to have fun, don’t be nervous and enjoy yourself. The getting to know each part can be really fun especially if you click.

Be clear about what you want. If you want a proper date, state that upfront. For many, ‘a date’ is a quick drink then going to his place – or an immediate suggestion you skip the drink. Or if you’re hoping for sex, you can be clear about that upfront too. With a lot of guys, even if you’re not that into him as a date you’d see again, they can be up for fun.

Just don’t be that guy who’s coy and doesn’t say much or indicate what he’s looking for, it makes it really hard to date you or want to see you again!

accept that it’s going to be your first date, and not your last. don’t get drunk. don’t "play cool". be exactly who you are, if that’s something you’re able to do at this early stage in your Coming Out process.

treat it not as an "audition for a future boyfriend" – but as one gay guy getting to know another gay guy. you may end up being friends, not boyfriend – so remove romance from the agenda and take it simply as you, now Out, getting to know another gay guy.

from there – there’s no "disappointment" if there’s no romantic spark.

Which online dating site? What’s his age? Is he cute as you?

And most importantly

Gay men and straight men arguably have different experiences in life, partly to the fact they the latter group are often more vulnerable to hate crimes, and generally have sexual and romantic relationships with men rather than women.

But users flagged that dividing men in this way is not necessarily helpful, evidenced by bizarre tips about good desk lighting and walking the dog which show we all essentially want the same things.

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From how to treat a woman in a relationship to letting go of homophobia, gay men have given straight men their tips for how to best live their lives.

A thread on the question-and-answer section of the popular entertainment website Reddit invited users to answer the question: “Gay Men of Reddit, what advice do you have for Straight Men of Reddit?”

The thread was soon filled with hundreds of answers from gay men, and covered topics including masculinity and friendship.

gay dating advice reddit