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YouTube keeps not posting when my comments have ‘certain words’ so I’m giving these quotes their due here “They really are queer. They can’t not make an entrance.” “Try not to look quite so fucking queerly devastated we’re at like minute 6!” “Wow they really just decided to blow the gay doors off.”

I love that this could apply to any show or movie I’ve watched on the channel.

I think tumblr ate my previous ask, so just to let you know that Transformers are VERY gay now. ^^ MTMTE has 3 fully canon m/m couples and one f/f one, plus a whole bunch of heavily implied ones, including one with young Optimus Prime. And there’s also a miniseries fully about a villanous Transformer going after his ex-boyfriend, and it’s all kinds of messed up,in a delicious,Hannibal sort of way. I’m not trying to convince you to read, just thought you’d like to know the robots are very gay. 🙂

Hi! This is so incredibly random but I just want you to know that I had the Most Bizarre Vivid Dream last night. I dreamt that instead of posting your reaction videos on YouTube, they were like.. a live show, and you were seated on a boulder in the middle of this pond, and as the audience (your subscribers I guess?) we were all seated around the edges of the pond?? Pretty sure one of the rocks was actually a disguised pulley-system, which you used as a boat to get across the water?

I feel like I should also note that… This was all taking place alongside a subplot that involved subterfuge, reincarnation(?), prophetic dreams, futuristic cars, and weirdly specific acquaintances from college. So… if anyone feels like interpreting that dream, please hmu

Idk I guess I watched too many of your WoH reactions right before bed, cause Dear Lord. That was a weird one

The last time someone dreamed about me I jammed a needle in their arm and forcefully dosed them with heroin so I will absolutely consider this an improvement



“hannigram isnt romantic” okay bitch come back when your lover leaves you an origami heart in the middle or the nolan chapel or whatever. i’ll wait.

When fans of a queer ship exist straight dudes come out of the woodwork when a showrunner denies any purposeful queerness like “WELL ACTUALLY YOUR FUN IS WRONG BECAUSE” but Bryan Fuller confirms and is the #1 stan of Hannigram and the dudebros are magically ignorant about it like what kinda yoga you gotta know to twist yourself into that kind of hypocritical pretzel

has anyone recced the thousand autumns donghua to you yet? idk if you do incomplete series tho so just ignore this if you don’t

They have! It’s on my gay Asian animated series radar <333

Have you read Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye? I don’t think it had a good ending, plot-wise, but damn was that comic canonically gay.

I’m not much of a comic reader, but damn it’s nice to hear that Transformers, of all franchises, got a bit gay <3

Whenever feasible, one should always try to eat the rude.

Happy pride!

Anyone gonna mention how this guy actually preformed live with Carly Rae Jepsen?

Reblogging for adorable, also that awful, horrible pun.

Fun, but also true fact for the day. Lions are one of the mammals aside from humans that have a high tendency to be find a partner of the same gender. Apparently, Gay Lions are not something that is rare. 

i forgot that heterosexuals have not one but TWO pride flags! here’s the second:

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Happy pride month!!!!!!!!!

happy pride month! the stonewall uprising was a riot started by trans women of colour against police brutality. support black lives. support trans lives. love fiercely. throw bricks. acab.

So I thought y’all would like this tooThis great white comes to the jersey shore every year and this year they named her and have been tracking her hella so this is Mary Lee and she decided to show herself under this rainbow for pride month A true gay icon

This weekend, activists in Uganda – a country where homosexuality is punishable by death – held their first Pride. 

This is the epitome of courage. I have no other words. 

just playing the new spider-man game when something caught my eye…!!!

That $1000 is taxpayer funded, BTW. Our vindictiveness as a society is unsustainable.

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Julia Stegner by Philip Gay for ZOO #31—Summer 2011—styled by Ondine Azoulay

Julia Stegner by Philip Gay for ZOO #31—Summer 2011—styled by Ondine Azoulay

boxed-hobo: Proud Papas. After trying to become parents for nearly a year, two gay King penguins at the Odense Zoo in Denmark adopted an abandoned egg. The two successfully incubated and hatched a chick last month.

comingoutjournal: Denmark’s Gay Penguins Become Fathers From Huffington Post: In what the Toronto Star describes as an “apparent world first,” a Danish zoo’s King penguin chick has two “adoptive” fathers. After a female penguin abandoned

comingoutjournal: Denmark’s Gay Penguins Become Fathers From Huffington Post: In what the Toronto Star describes as an “apparent world first,” a Danish zoo’s King penguin chick has two “adoptive” fathers. After a female penguin abandoned

flood-shadow-in-zoo: Twink & Hunk White Collars In Office Gay Scenes

flood-shadow-in-zoo: Twink & Hunk White Collars In Office Gay Scenes

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