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Can This Gay Bear Success Survivor South Pacific

CBS’s Survivor franchise business got a whole lot intriguing the min participant Mark Caruso hit the South Pacific shores.

bear gay old man

A 48-year-old retired New york city policeman who functioned as a morgue investigator for twenty years, Caruso retired with honors from the mayor and also authorities commissioner. Currently Caruso, who resides in the Woodland Hills area of Queens is voluntarily being stripped of life’s high-ends to see if he can endure with “the bare fundamentals.” Or should we say “bear fundamentals”? Caruso, calls himself a daddy bear (” I’m older, better, and also cuter. No, simply joking– I’m not cuter,” he joked). And also being a hunky participant of a subculture commemorating hirsute, big gay guys hasn’t harm his appeal any type of. However will it aid his tribe, Savaii, as they cope Survivor: South Pacific? Caruso took time to talk regarding Survivor before tonight’s surprising Supporter: What makes a 48-year-old gay male want to complete on Survivor?Mark Caruso: Survivor is not a video game yet a life experience that absolutely reveals the human condition. It involves a group of varied people of every profession, not only competing for a million bucks however additionally experiencing life on a whole new scale. I am absolutely honored to have been chosen to be part of Survivor: South you saw the program previously? I have actually enjoyed Survivor for several years, but it tackled a whole new definition when I watched it consistently throughout our lunch hour after the 9/11 and also American Flight 587 catastrophes, along with throughout the months that followed. It absolutely became an useful interruption for me and various other service members who saw the show during the hard months when we were assigned to the Manhattan you have any kind of bookings regarding being out on the show?I was a freely gay policeman in 1985 and also cops investigative in 1992, even when it was not accepted. So when I showed up to the island as well as my tribe members were talking about their family members, when asked about my life, I intended to be straightforward and reveal America that gay individuals resemble any other individuals. We can be law enforcement agents, solid males, and even complete on Survivor. You’re in Samoa. If you got on any other period of Survivor, where would certainly it have been?Survivor: Nicaragua because there were even more older just observed the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Exactly how did that influence your life as a New Yorker?I was a New york city City investigator functioning 12-hour shifts appointed to the morgue, as well as although being expert, I really felt frightened, sad, and horrified throughout that day. I still remember certain sufferers and families to this very day, and occasionally also certain songs or photos bring me ideal back to that terrible day.

As you’re a retired New York morgue investigator, could you tell us, what was one of the most remarkable case of your job? The most remarkable was 9/11 as well as American Airlines Trip 587 [which collapsed in November 2001] I wasassigned to the Manhattan morgue for approximately 6 months functioning onthe identification for the deceased sufferers. I took satisfaction in performingthis obligation and also with any luck offering the households you think remaining in your 40s makes it simpler for various other competitors to ignore you?I think in the game of Survivor any person at any kind of age can be a target. It mostly relies on luck as well as the tribe you land me concerning your residence life: any kind of partner or spouse?I am dating my best friend currently. I like that you’re open concerning being a bear, when much of America still does not understand gay bear culture. Do straight individuals know what you suggest when you claim bear?I am so happy to recognize myself as being a brand-new bear in the gay neighborhood. It appears an increasing number of straight individuals are getting the idea of the bear community. Tell me what it implies to be a bear these days.I like the league concept and nonjudgmental perspectives that come with the bear area. Are you ready to get appealed by every cub as well as otter out there?I think that is a wonderful thing. [Laughs] What attracts you to an individual? Any kind of bears with a great heart that can make me laugh can win me over.

My Weekend break at the International Bear Convergence, an Uncommon Body-Positive Sanctuary for Gay Men

‘ I most likely to work everyday and do not feel attractive. I pertain to a bear event and all of a sudden I’m the facility of deep space. And also I like the way that makes me really feel.’

This weekend, that area is based at the Resort Zoso in the center of Palm Springs. While awaiting the elevator to the entrance hall to participate in a pool event including DJ Sirdoggy, that spins retro remixes of 1990s hip jump, I fulfill Kingry’s brutish, flocculent other half– 45-year-old Ed Mitchell, a powerlifter and also threat manager for longshoremen in Seal Beach, CA– whose productive back hair as well as protruding belly illustrates beardom. He remembers joining Kingry at the White Event for several years, which required shaving his body hair (or “mowing,” as he places it) with numerous pairs of clippers. “It’s intimidating.bear gay old man I intended to suit, and everybody was tan as well as hairless,” he discusses. “Bear events are wonderful since normal men like me suit.”

C. Brian Smith creates compelling gonzo features for MEL, whether it be training with a masturbation train, getting psycho corporal therapy from a spank specialist, or starting a week-long enjoyment cruise ship with 75 Santa Clauses following their busy period.

Old gay bear

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Bear gay card

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Gay birth paintings

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Sale Price US$ 2,210.53 US$ 2,210.53

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5 out of 5 celebrities (29)

5 out of 5 stars (29)

5 out of 5 celebrities (29)

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5 out of 5 stars (29)

5 out of 5 celebrities (29)

5 out of 5 celebrities (29)

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Gay Bears

One of the most typical meaning of a u201e bear” is a guy that is unshaven, has face hair, and a snuggly body. Nonetheless, the word u201e Bear” implies lots of things to various individuals, even within the bear activity. Numerous guys who do not have one or all of these features specify themselves as bears, making the term an extremely loose one. Suffice it to say, u201e bear” is commonly specified as even more of an attitude than anything else – a sense of comfort with our all-natural maleness and also bodies that is not slavish to the styles of male good looks that is so common in gay circles and the society at huge.

A chaser is normally an average-weight man who is drawn in to stocky, plump, fat or obese men. Nevertheless, a few of the last also consider themselves as a chaser given that it is quite typical for either a stocky, plump, fat or overweight man to be drawn in to the exact same.

A man that is hirsute, however is not large or stocky – typically thinner, or with lean muscle. Also typically recognized by a vigorously lively and flirty way. Slimmer variation of a Bear with little pockets of fat like love takes care of or a little gut, however not as lean as a Wolf.

A more youthful (or younger looking) version of a Bear, generally however not always with a smaller sized framework. The term is in some cases used to indicate the easy companion in a connection. May not be as hairy however typically has face hair.

Bears have a tendency to have unshaven bodies and facial hair; some are heavy-set; some task a photo of working-class masculinity in their pet grooming and look, though none of these are demands or one-of-a-kind indicators. Some bears position relevance on offering a hyper-masculine image as well as might avoid interaction with, as well as also antipathy, men who show effeminacy.

A man that determines as being a Bear, sporting a beard or goatee, hairy body, as well as is usually muscle. Linebacker build, a mix of muscular tissue as well as fat.

A person who is sexually turned on by the fantacy or reality of gaining weight, obtaining fat or being fat. This term is made use of primarily in the gay man community. I occur to be a gainer!

The plump community is a subculture in the gay area. Chubbies are gay males who are obese or overweight. Although there is some overlap in between the chubby neighborhood and also the bear community, the chubby culture is its very own unique subculture and neighborhood.

Gay polar bear

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Gay polar bear

5 out of 5 celebrities (596)

Sale Price US$ 181.50 US$ 181.50

Price US$ 181.50 US$ 181.50

5 out of 5 celebrities (7,274)

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Gay birth wall art

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Close-up two fully grown gay bear males welcoming in jacuzzi – supply photo

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The Guysexual’s Guide To Gay Tribes And Also What They Mean

What is it? The certainty of death? The crushing loneliness of understanding all human beings inherently are and will die alone? The meaninglessness of his dead-end job? The objective of life? I’ve plainly believed this with.

No, a gay tribe is not a team of still-surviving, nomadic queer guys. A people is, actually, a social grouping of gay males based solely on their body type key physical features. Additionally a function of Grindr’s profile settings, people exist to aid you locate guys you are brought in to, based upon the quantity of hair on their bodies, and muscular tissue on their bulk.

You begin with some beautiful obvious stereotypes: Twinks, Femmes, Geeks, Jocks and Daddies. And then in descending order of size/hair (yes, hair) and also kink, you have actually obtained Bears, Wolves, Cubs and also Otters. Is this marginalising the gay community or moulding a human zoo?

Kartik believes that gay guys should not be arranged into tribes according to their type of body; this isn’t Hogwarts. He likewise finds it tough to relate to any kind of one specific tribe.

Kartik is lanky and clean-shaven, so he’s not a Bear, yet he’s additionally obtained tufts of hair on his breast, so he’s not one of those Tidy Cut guys. At 28, he’s too old to be a Twink, yet also too young to be a Father. He exercises regularly, however you can not see his abs in HD, to ensure that rules out him being a Jock or a Fitness Center Rabbit. At best, he’s a cross between a Twink as well as an Otter. Does that make him a Twotter? Or worse, an Oink?

These only make him sound like a swine (side note: although my romantically-inclined close friend desires me to tell you that he’s no ‘Pig’.) So where does Kartik locate his real calling?

The Twinks think he’s also shabby, the Otters assume he’s not shabby enough. The Bears will not approve him because he’s healthy, as well as the Jocks shut him out because he’s not fit enough. It’s irritating. For several years now, Kartik has actually been shunted from tribe to tribe, searching for his identification. Exists a people for gay guys that seem like they don’t belong?

It’s secure to state that Grindr is highly likely to assist you discover your following hook-up, and also much less most likely to aid you find your next true love, however it definitely won’t aid you discover on your own. Let’s encounter it, the quintessential gay guy will never discover his true calling with one specific people– he’ll always be a mash-up of 2 (or more) of these. Up until then, answer these 9 questions to figure out which gay inner circle you would certainly suit:

On a Saturday night, you ‘d rather be … a. Doing chance ats a bar b. Enjoying a movie c. Participating in a gallery opening d.bear gay old man Hitting the fitness center e. Investing a silent evening in

You ‘d explain your body hair circumstance as: a. Smooth b. Ordinary c. Scruffy d. Waxed e. Hairy

At a house party, your buddies describe you as: a. Spunky b. Mysterious c. Amusing d. Attractive e. Distinguished

If you were a renowned Tom, you would certainly be … a. Tom Holland b. Tom Cruise c. Tom Hiddleston d. Tom Hardy e. Tom Selleck

Words ‘stan’ indicates: a. An obsessive follower b. Is it brief for ‘understand’? c. I was never ever one for popular culture. I think it’s highly overrated d. This is a technique question e. Is that a name?

In a partnership, you see yourself as: a. The energetic one b. What relationship? c. The funny one d.bear gay old man The trimmer one e. The older one

Select your favourite sex prop: a. Manacle b. Blindfold c. Dildo d. Jockstrap e. Whipped Lotion

A tune that you ‘d sing at karaoke: a. A love ballad b. An 80s pop tune c. The catchiest Bollywood number d. A mash up of Queen’s hits e. Any type of song by Stevie Wonder

In gay terminology, a Twink is a young, slim guy with marginal body hair, a clean-shaven face as well as the sadness of a doe-eyed ingu00e9nue. He’s tough and also fresh-faced, making him an easy target for stereotyped jokes and fully grown gay males. Someone get the child an appletini currently. He’s waiting.

A Twunk is a twink on a protein-rich diet. Typically extra muscular, Twunks can be determined by their raging levels of confidence, just made possible by their dedication to set aside 2 breast days at the gym weekly. Fit in all the ideal locations, he’ll fulfill you for a cold Americano after his exercise.

Hiding behind supply imagery and also restroom selfies that are tactically cropped right around the Adam’s apple, the discreet gay man is one of the most commonly discovered gay subculture in India. He’s on the roads. He remains in cyber coffee shops. He gets on your phones. He’s even in his storage room.

The Otter is the antithesis to the Twink. Lean constructed with a sweatshirt of scruff, he is laidback as well as slender, as well as likes points ironically. The connection between the man and the animal has actually never been clear, but who cares, due to the fact that both are charming.

One would certainly picture the Geek to be a charming, wise individual with glasses, but you ‘d be surprised. Deeply enthusiastic as well as a male with numerous leisure activities, the geek can not choose what irritates him much more: meat eaters who advocate soy milk cappucinos, or Grindr accounts which recommend they are sapiosexuals.

Traditionally really attractive, Jocks are poster young boys for queer dreams popular media. Robust and also broad-shouldered, they can be recognized by their low body fat (or low IQs, as envious negative gay men would suggest) as well as their fondness for fitness center selfies.

A Bull is a jock (additionally known as a Health club Rat u2122) on steroids.

bear gay old man

When he’s not lifting hefty weights at the health club, he’s raising heavy weights in the house. Constructed like a 16 axle vehicle, our heavyweight champion only sees red when he hears gym-averse oblivious individuals continue concerning the advantages of the keto diet plan.

Side note: Gym Rats are not to be perplexed with Gym Rabbits. Although both are stressed with the gym, the latter works out due to the fact that he cares about just how he looks, as well as the former appearances because he appreciates just how he exercises.

A Bear‘s all-natural environment is the zoo sports bar — breaking queer stereotypes by drinking his own body weight in beer. Usually stockier and also older than most gay men, bears are understood to be strongly unshaven and also amazingly cheerful– their jovial individualities directly symmetrical to the amount of hair on their upper bodies.

Several will certainly argue that the Dad is not a queer subculture in all. Any type of gay male can be a dad. But the daddy is unique. He’s snappy, he’s debonair, and he’s controling. The Dad u2122 is not an adult number in the conventional sense, due to the fact that the only points he will certainly ever before dad are the damp desires of nubile and also nau00efve gay men.

Old gay bear

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The Guysexual’s Urban Dictionary for Gay Jargon

What’s the shelf life of an inventory-clearance sale tee shirt? What’s the expiration date on a Grindr hookup? Do potatoes matter as carbohydrates? If you seem like a potato, are you a carb? Do you need to kick your junk food behaviors out on the curb (no pun planned)? Are moccasins much better than brogues? Much more notably, what is a brogue?

When you are gay male, you’ll constantly contain questions (when you are not filled with insecurity, that is)– yet this is 2022, and also some inquiries, while basic,– will constantly be more crucial than the others.

Don’t understand whether you are a leading or a bottom? Do you feel it’s disrespectful (and also really improper) when someone asks you whether you are a servant? Have you constantly questioned why your friends laughed at you when you claimed you enjoyed vanilla? Are you stunned that people could be that right into otters? Much more importantly, what is an otter?

It’s 2022, and it’s time for you to get with the times. Whether you are an out-and-proud gay guy or an in-the-closet newbie, your thesaurus of gay slang will certainly constantly be as differed as your little black publication of young boys. So the following time someone informs you they understand ‘just the right twink for your daddy beauties,’ right here’s a little glossary of gay jargon to assist you recognize what they truly imply.

Bear: An older, wider hairier man that unlike his namesake, does not require to hibernate.

Beefcake: A gay guy who invests a lot of his time at the health club, and the rest of it scooping spoonfuls of protein supplement right into his post-workout trembles.

Bottom: The receptive sex-related partner; also referred to as ‘someone who suches as taking it in’.

Chubby Chaser: A gay guy who likes his sexual companions similar to he likes his cushions– soft and cuddly.

C * cksicle: A BJ, again. Or when a person tries to make a bl * wjob sound also cooler, yet fails miserably.

Cruise: To look for informal gay sex encounters– normally in toilets, clubs or occasionally, also by the corner streetlight, so that you can regret them the morning after.

Cub: A more youthful variation of the Bear, heavier than the Otter. Might or may not deal with body problems.

Father Chaser: A gay guy who likes his companions older, richer, yet not necessarily better.

Discreet: A man who is either in a connection or in denial, as well as desires sex on the side.

Dom/Dominant/Master: A gay guy that likes to play ‘Who’s the one in charge?’ in bed. Sexual playthings might or may not be included.

Iron Closet: A gay guy that is in such deep denial of his sexuality, he could never step out of the storage room.

Seeking Networking: A man who takes a trip a whole lot and is on the lookout for vacation flings. He will not ever before call you back.

NSA: No-strings-attached one-night stand, that doesn’t include sensations or farewell messages.

Otter: A thinner, more youthful variation of the Bear. Has absolutely nothing to do with the pet.

Poz: An out-and-proud HIV Favorable guy that’s doing what a great deal of men out there are not– telling us about his status.

Sub/Submissive/Slave: A gay male that likes being bossed around in bed. (Not to be confused with the bad term utilized throughout the American pre-Civil Rights age.)

The Storage room: A place where you keep all your unbelievably pricey garments, your tight woolens, and also yourself, when you are not bent on the globe. Simply put, a gay male who has not told anybody he’s gay.

Tonsil Hockey: When you are kissing somebody so increasingly, it could be an affordable sporting activity.

Top: The putting sex-related partner; also known as ‘a person that suches as to place it in’.

Vanilla: A person who likes his sex just like he likes his family members worths, typical.

Wolf: An unshaven gay guy that’s neither a Bear nor an Otter however drifts someplace in between. Likewise, may not wail at the moon if you ask him too.

Gay bear wedding

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Why Do Individuals Pretend That the Gay Bear Scene Isn’t as Rooted in Looks as Any Type Of Various Other Gay Scene?

The New York Times’ Lens blog site has actually published a series of photos of gay bears (as in gay dudes that recognize as bears, not actual homosexual Ursidae) broken by 30-year-old Alan Charlesworth. They’re good shots of guys that are hairier and also rounder than your average man. They stand for an aesthetic option to the pretty-boy, gym-bunny stereotype– you understand, just as bears are implied to be.

In the going along with piece, Charlesworth discusses his being rejected of that tweezed-and-sculpted gay-male stereotype that he sees as bolstered by society, in favor of this second, slightly lesser-known bear type. There’s a level of recognition that this move stands for the a flipping of a binary, a method of developing another box for those who don’t suit the major one: “He stated, for all their disdain for superficial gay society, Bears can be obsessively body-focused, as well, just on larger bodies.”

Yes, bears tend to glorify larger, hairier males, he discovered. However Mr. Charlesworth likewise found that there was area for cubs (more youthful bears), otters (skinny, however still unshaven), polar bears (older males) and also, “whatever various other strange forest animals” also.

The more he photographed, the much more he came to see that being a bear had little to do with adhering to one body type. He stated he now sees the culture as a way for gay males to be approved as part of a team, no matter what its participants look like.

That’s absurd. Even within the array that Charlesworth defines, he is still catching individuals who all have a tendency to be larger and more hirsute than others.bear gay old man The idea that this in some way represents an all-inclusive swimming pool of males is simply incorrect– there are no noticeable guys of color in the 18 shots on the website, for something. For one more, you could equally as conveniently locate variant in the stereotypically ideal subset of gay males, too: high individuals, brief guys, brunettes, blonds, Latinos, black people, white guys, and more. The problem isn’t the selection within the part, it’s defining the subset based upon look perfects in the first place. If gay bear culture were truly so accepting, it would not require to exist therefore– it would simply be an amorphous free-for-all.

Charlesworth stated he had a tough time “recognizing” with the scene he so wished to recognize, which I can relate to. In my experience, the bear scene is not open to simply anybody. That’s fine. Bear society fits. It isn’t harming any person and there are important, positive elements of it that exceed hair as well as heft and also “Bark,” also. Yet let’s not pretend that grouping for primarily surface reasons is far better than complying with the first team that would not have you as is for its very own superficial reasons. Let’s not act that choosing a team, even if it’s particular niche, is an expression of uniqueness.

Gay polar bear

5 out of 5 celebrities (596)

Sale Price US$ 181.50 US$ 181.50

Sale Price US$ 181.50 US$ 181.50

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Gay Bear Area

Gay bear is a mobile area with hundreds of gay bears, gay fathers, chubs, older gays, silver dads, gay bear fans as well as admirers joining every day. If you want to expand your relationship circle and also want to meet others with comparable passions Gay birth area is the ideal place for you to discover whatever you are searching for to transform your wildest fantasies right into truth!

Gay bear is a mobile community with hundreds of gay bears, gay dads, chubs, older gays, silver dads, gay bear enthusiasts and admirers signing up with on a daily basis. If you want to increase your friendship circle and also intend to satisfy others with comparable rate of interests Gay bear community is the best location for you to find whatever you are searching for to turn your wildest fantasies into reality! It’s really easy as well as simple to make use of, Countless individuals are looking for the exact same things that you are looking up instantaneously as well as surf accounts and photos and also construct your social media network with neighborhood gay bears and admirers that are waiting to chat, date, event and also begin having a good time now! ATTRIBUTES- Obtain notifies as well as notifications – Ability to show the range- Locate a perfect suit and plan your dream date with each other!- Obtain the most with a straightforward interface.- Location-based search, Produce a preferred listing- Alerts, notices and Multi-touch Photo much chatting and connecting now, it’s simple, enjoyable and also addictive!

Gay Unshaven Silver daddies – Plump bear (Chaser)

Hi, discover some pictures of Gay Unshaven Silver Fathers – Chubby Bear (Chaser). We like Gay Hirsute Silver Fathers and also Chubby bear and Chaser? Sign up with now Woman Lynda Carter mixes up Fat Bear Week, and also gay bears couldnt love her even more

Lynda Carter hilariously blended a national park event for gay subculture yet regardless shes here for it.

Lynda Carter, whos recognized for her role as Wonder Woman in the initial 1970s television program, found Fat Bear week recently, an event of significant bears that await hibernation. Nonetheless, it took a while before she understood what Fat Bear was truly concerning amusing the LGBTQ community. Lynda Carter said she had presumed it was a party of body positivity within a gay subculture but quickly understood it was in fact concerning celebrating fat bears. Essentially. I maintained reading about Fat Bear Week and assumed it was an event of body positivity within a gay subculture, wrote Carter on Twitter. It turns out it has to do with actual bears! In any case, I am right here for it.

I maintained finding out about Fat Bear Week and also believed it was an event of body positivity within a gay subculture. It turns out it has to do with real bears! Regardless, I am here for it. Carter has actually been a long-standing fan of the LGBTIA area as well as now, everyone likes her a lot more. Twitter couldnt get sufficient of her mix-up and bathed love on the star. Someone composed, Wonder Woman claimed gay civil liberties and fat bear rights in one Tweet. An additional composed, Lynda Marvel Lady Carter knows what gay bears are. And is right here for it. The LGBTIA community admired Carter for her knowledge of the gay sub-culture.

This realization from Lynda Carter is my motivation heading right into a brand-new job week.bear gay old man Shes a present to this world. MondayMotivaton gay males are frequently described as a Bear in gay society. With time, the term was embraced by large unshaven muscle gay males. The term was supposedly initial used when George Mazzei created a write-up for The Supporter in 1979 called Whos Who in the Zoo?, characterizing gay guys as 7 kinds of pets, including bears. The term was promoted by Richard Bulger, who, together with his after that partner Chris Nelson, founded Bear Magazine in 1987, reported The Advocate. There are many subtypes of bears, like a polar bear, which is an older bear with white hair, reported Pride.

So when Lynda Carter read about the Fat Bear week, she thought it was an occasion arranged by the gay community but soon understood that wasnt the instance. Fat Bear Week is an annual event where the fattest and also most ready-for-hibernation bear is chosen at the Katmai National Park as well as Preserve in Alaska. There will be a variety of choices of huge bears from the park with individuals electing to discover the fat bear.After several shared surprise that she knew exactly how to speak gay, she responded, Pay attention, they do not make you Grand Marshal of several Satisfaction parades for absolutely nothing.

The people have talked! The portly patriarch of paunch persevered to crush the Baron of Beardonkadonk in the final suit of FatBearWeek 2022. 480 Otis can now flaunt a collection of bests w/ this fourth 1st place finish. As we celebrate, like a real champ 480 is still devouring. winner is OTIS, which implies that tomorrow he competes in the utmost final Fat Bear Week champion! are approximated to be 2,200 bears at the national park, a prominent location for them to feed prior to the winter season because of the abundance of sockeye salmon. Cheryl Spencer, a ranger at the park, stated its vital they consume as much as they can in the past entering into hibernation as they might shed a third of their weight during the process, reported United States Today. The event has been growing each year with this years Fat Bear event getting 793,000 votes as opposed to last years record of 650,000 votes. This years champion is 480 Otis, that edged out large child 151 Pedestrian, whos likewise called the Baron of Beardonkadonk. This is 480 Otis 4th title, after winning the inaugural title in 2014 and after that winning back-to-back titles in 2022-17.

The Park rangers first recognized 460 Otis in 2001 when he was 4-years-old. Bears typically live around 20-30 years as well as 480 Otis might be old but hes absolutely not past it. While many others go chasing fish, he waits for the fish ahead to him. Hes understood for sitting in his workplace beyond of the fall. He just chills there and waits for the fish to find to him, said Sara Wolman, project as well as media supervisor for Katmai Conservancy. He really did place on the extra pounds this year.

Everybody is so stunned that I understand about gay bears. Listen, they don’t make you Grand Marshal of several Satisfaction ceremonies for nothin!

Not only did Lynda Carter transport the globes attention to the Fat Bear week, however she additionally radiated a light on the world of gay sub-culture with a single tweet and thats no mean task. Wonder Woman certainly.

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