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After I sold off that thirsty frat boy, I figured it was about time to overhaul the basement. I’d bought most of the kennels when I was just getting started as a pup trainer, and since then, they’d seen dozens of men turned into slobbering pups, trained and groomed, and sold off to wealthy guys who wanted a human pet to own. I’d just been using dog gear – for all intents and purposes, I turned them into dogs anyway – but with a growing customer base, I could afford to buy some training equipment that was specially made for human pups.

The last buyer had sent a truck to pick up his new acquisition, so I started with all the gear he left behind. It wasn’t anything that would raise suspicion – a collar, leash, bowl, and a large kennel – so I put up an ad on Craigslist offering it all for $50. Somebody out there had to need all the gear for a new pet, I figured. Within the hour, a guy had emailed asking if he could swing by and take the stuff off my hands, and said he could be at my place that afternoon. I should have done this a long time ago, I thought. 

I had barely gotten the stuff up from the basement when the doorbell rang. I wiped my hands on my jeans and opened it, and found a cute, tattooed hipster on the other side. He stuck out his hand and I shook it.

I nodded toward the house. “I’m Dan. Come on inside.”

I led the way into the house, following behind him. He had a great ass, and judging by the tight jeans he was wearing, he knew it. I felt my cock stiffen and reached down to adjust my package. Goddamnit.

Kit looked around the living room. “Your house is so clean, dude. Your dogs must be well-behaved.”

My mind flashed back to the first time the thirsty twink had an accident – grabbing his collar, rubbing his face in his piss, and fucking him there as punishment. “Yeah, I train them pretty well.” I was rock hard now.

Kit grinned. “You’ll have to give me pointers. My girlfriend is worried that a dog will be a handful to train and take care of.” He blushed a little. “She actually doesn’t know I’m here – she still thinks I’m off in Nevada working for the summer. I’m hoping the surprise wins her over to the idea.”

Fuck, he was cute. I had to get him out of here. I cleared my throat. “Sure, I could give you some pointers. How does the gear look?”

He walked around the pup gear, then knelt down to inspect the kennel. He got on all fours and stuck his head in. “It’s so roomy.” 

My cock was about to tear through my jeans. It was too risky – I’d sent him my address and everything, and if he went missing, they might look for him here. But he looked so fucking hot on all fours like a dog, and I wanted him bad.

He crawled out and sat back on his haunches, looking up at me. “I’m sold. How much do you want for it?”

I picked up my phone, punched in a code, and lowered it to his face. He chuckled as he stared at the screen. “I think that’s the wrong app, dude – it’s just a bunch of dots moving around.” I held it there for a moment as he stared. “Oh yeah, you’re right, sorry. Here you go.”

He stood up and wiped his hands on his jeans, then pulled out his phone. “Can I just Venmo you?” I locked eyes with him and stared deeply as I put a hand on the nape of his neck and gently squeezed. “You’re my drone.” Kit nodded.

I gently squeezed again. “Erase your browser history, my number, and our emails from your phone.” He nodded and did it without questioning. I put out my hand. “Give me your phone, keys, and wallet.” He emptied his pockets and handed them over. I eyed him up and down. “In fact, give me your clothes, too.” He obliged immediately, stripping off his shirt, socks, jeans, and underwear and putting them in a pile on the table. He stood in front of me tattooed and naked, breathing heavily, his cock semi-hard. 

I looked deep into his eyes and pressed the nape of his neck again. “You’re a slutty little puppy now, and you belong to me. Understood?” The boy nodded. I squeezed again. “A dumb, slutty little puppy, who can’t remember anything about being human – no ability to speak, use his thumbs, stand on two legs, or piss on a toilet.” And on cue, the boy sank to the ground, looked up at me, and barked. 

I picked up the collar and leash and knelt in front of him, fastening the collar snugly around his neck. I scratched behind his ears and he whined. “Very good boy, Kit.” He licked my face and wagged his ass. The hypnosis taking root and pushing all his memories, beliefs, and thoughts out of his mind, leaving only a blank space to reprogram as my pet. “Stay, boy.” I fit him in my pup gear, putting a muzzle over his mouth, locking leather mitts on his paws, and then fingering lube into his furry hole and slowly pushing a fat rubber tail plug into him as he pawed the ground and yelped into the muzzle. I stood and admired my work as Kit wagged his new tail, his dick leaking onto my floor. And just then, the doorbell rang. 

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Billy moaned and cried as he humped the buzzing plug lodged in Timmy’s diapered ass. He cursed the pink cock cage daddy made him wear on days when he got the girl diaper, as well as the 8 inch dildo held in his ass by his thick, pink, girly pampers. Billy also moaned and cried, wishing he could make stickies, but his blue cock cage, worn when he got the boy diapers for the day, kept him from doing anything other then leaking precum into his little boy pampers. Both were getting closer to creaming in their cages too. With Billy getting closer due to the dildo rubbing his prostate and the vibrations from Timmy’s buzzing butt plug rattling his chastity cage. Billy’s constant and desperate humping and grinding against the buzzing plug in Timmy’s bum meant he was effectively being fucked by the torturous toy and his full prostate was getting closer to bursting. Daddy just smirked as he livestreamed the whole humiliating affair. Watching to ensure neither of his captive college boys went over the edge, they still had a while to go before either of them would get to cum, if they even got there at all.

This was daddy’s "reward" for his boys for being so good at the mall. Both of them had filled their pampers during the trip as was expected of them and followed their instructions for making stinkies to a T, so daddy decided they had earned some stimulation. But neither boy would cum because, as daddy had said: publicly pooping their pampers would be the key to whether they would get to cum at the end of the month. But not a day before…

The boys had been told on the 1st that this month the challenge they had to overcome would be their biggest embarrassment. Both boys admitted messing their pampers in public was what they feared most. Daddy grinned when he heard this and said "okay you pampered pansies, then as you both know, the only way either of you will earn your single chance to make stickies this month will be facing this fear. In order to cum, you will collectively need to give me 80 poopy pampers in public. That’s minimum 40 poopoos in public from each of you." The colour drained from both boys faces as their locked up dicks strained helplessly from the anticipation of such humiliation. But daddy wasn’t done. "And don’t think it will be as easy as just squeezing one out quietly. When you make your poopies, you absolutely must squat down where you are and grunt and whine as you push your mushies out of your tooshies. When you are finished you will use your lispy little voices and as loudly as possible, shout: "Daddy! I made a poopy in my pampers, can I have changies pwease?" Only then will it count towards your road to 80 and I will check you where you stand to see if we need to find a bathroom to change you, or if you are fine to stew in your mess until we get home". The boys started to cry now as daddy continued: "there is one last twist to your challenge too. Even if one of you hits 40 poopy pampers in public this month, neither of you will cum unless you collectively hit 80. If you both do 40 each, both of you will get to make stickies at the end of the month. But if one of you has more poopies then the other, then only the boy with the bigger number gets to cum. Lastly, if one of you is under 40, not only will you have lost the challenge for yourself, but you will also forfeit your opportunity to cum next month as well. I’ll be keeping count, but won’t tell you the tally. It is up to the two of you to keep your own counts and decide if you want to work together to cum together, or not."

That was two weeks ago. This had been the second mall trip this month and the boys had done daddy proud in humiliating themselves. They hated having to do so, but neither of them really had any choice in the matter if they wanted any release from their pent up, sexual frustration, let alone the fact that daddy made sure their outfits were also as humiliating as possible. They were thickly padded. Billy wore a pink t shirt that stopped above his waist with a picture of a baby princess and text underneath that read "PRINCESS POTTYPANTS" as well as a My Little Pony miniskirt that didn’t completely cover his Bunnyhops diaper and actually drew more attention to the diaper on display. Timmy wore a blue t shirt that barely reached his belly button had a picture of a baby prince on it and had "PRINCE POTTYPANTS" written on it as well as blue shorts that accentuated his pampers. If that didn’t make it obvious enough, his padding rode high enough to stop just above his belly button. With his shorts stopping at his waistline, this meant the smiling bear and top tapes on the landing zone of his Bambino Red Bearon was seen by everyone. They also had childish velcro shoes on, pink and blue respectively of course, with blue Micky Mouse socks for Timmy and pink Mini Mouse socks for Billy. To complete their humiliating, babyish outfits Billy had a pink pacifier with a Mini Mouse on it in his mouth that was clipped to his shirt and in Timmy’s mouth, a blue pacifier with a Micky Mouse on it, also clipped to his shirt. Both of them were only allowed to remove their pacifiers from their mouths to announce they had made poopies. And of course daddy had them both on leash backbacks (a pink pony backpack for Billy and a blue teddy bear backpack for Timmy) and carried the obvious diaper bag for the inevitable bathroom diaper change.

Billy had been the first to go poopoo. He had squatted down, his pink pampers peeking out of the bottom of his My Little Pony miniskirt and done his business in front of a Victoria’s Secret. He probably would have picked a different location had he clocked what store they were in front of, let alone the 4 college aged girls walking out as he was grunting and pushing. They pulled out their phones and immediately started filming the poor sissy filling his exposed, pampered behind with his noticeably smelly mess. He sadly only noticed all this after he announced he had made poopies and the girls burst out laughing. Laughter which only grew in intensity, just like the crowd of onlookers as daddy very slowly and thouroughly checked the blushing, crying boy in front of everyone. Timmy pooped his pampers in front of the family bathrooms right after daddy had finished changing Billy out of his embarrassing pink Bunnyhops into his equally embarrassing Tykables Unicorns. As punishment for potentially making them go back into the bathroom instead of using his pampers before they went in the first time, daddy pantsed the humiliated college boy-turned-toddler and checked his wet and messy Bambino Red Bearon before declaring that he could wail till they got to the car. Daddy kept Timmy’s pants as punishment though, putting them in the diaper bag. Leaving him to finish the rest of the trip in nothing but a short blue shirt that barely reached his belly button and his yellowed, stinky, teddy bear printed pampers on full display.

At the car, daddy praised Timmy for being good the rest of the trip and changed him into a blue husky Peekabu in the parking lot as the same girls who had filmed Billy walked by and got a second show after daddy invited them over to watch. Oh how they teased poor Timmy extra hard after they noticed his cock was locked up and leaking precum heavily into the fresh diaper under his bum. The girls thanked Daddy for the show and the videos, promising they would upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok and Youtube and further humiliated the diapered captives by calling them big babies, laughing and pointing as both boys peed their pampers in embarrassment, holding their noses and mocking them for being pampers pooping pansies after billy once again squatted and made another poopoo, tearfully announcing it as loud as he could afterwards. Daddy gave him the obligatory check, chuckled and said he could get changies at home. After laughing at and teasing the poor diaper boys some more, the girls swatted their diapered bottoms, making sure to really smush Billy’s fresh mess before heading on their way.

So because of all that, the boys found themselves moaning and crying and straining in their cages, enduring Daddy’s "reward" for being such a good "brother and sister". Daddy noticed the moans were intensifying. He knew Timmy wasn’t close but was getting there, but seeing that Billy was about to explode he cut the vibration on the plug in Timmy’s butt. The boys moans and cries both turned to whines and pleas as each of them rolled on to their sides, clutching their straining, leaking, locked up, diapered crotches in pent up frustration, desperately and pathetically humping their hands to no satisfactory outcome. Well, not satisfactory to Billy and Timmy. To Daddy and the livestream audience though, different story. Daddy cut the livestream and approached the boys who were both crying, their asses both sore from the large dildo and plug respectively lodged into each boy. "Alright kiddos, you both had a big day and I’m sure you’re both tuckered out after having so much fun together. So let’s get you both your two nighttime bottles each and get you to bed. Don’t worry about your bums. The toys will come out when I change you both in the morning. Now let’s get ready for beddybyes!!"

The boys looked at each other and groaned. Their butts would definitely be feeling so used after spending the next 10 hours traped in their crib together with their thick diapers keeping the toys secured up there overnight. Each boy would feel super sore in the morning. And still pent up. Worse still, they were so desperate to cum and had 2 weeks left before they even found out if either of them (or both) had won daddy’s month-long poopy pampers challenge. Too bad both of them had been too dumb to keep count themselves. Daddy had been keeping score though and little did they know that with 18 poopy pampers for Billy and just 13 for Timmy… They both had a long way to go to make their stickies and only 14 days to do it. At least.

These images are Photoshop fakes from photos found on the internet. The people in these images aren’t really dressed like this, but I think they look better this way…wink, wink.

Day 7I kept rubbing my hand up and down Austin’s hard cock, jacking him off. His eyes were rolled back in his head and he was moaning. Just before he was about to cum, I stopped quickly. I grabbed the thick white disposable diaper that was between his legs, and pulled it up over his cock, taping it in firmly in place.

His cock strained against the bulky diaper, and he looked at me like a wounded deer, opening his eyes wide, and then slowly blinking them repeatedly.

“Come on, Austin, we talked about this” I said to preempt whining on his part. “We gotta get you to the point of climax as much as possible, so you’ll associate it with diapers. That’s the whole point.”

“Shit” he moaned, lifting his arms and rubbing his eyes. He ran a hand back through his short dirty blond hair. His chest arched out and his toned midsection curved inward. He ran his hand down, over the crotch of his diaper, which was tented by his cock “this may be harder then I thought” he moaned.

“All done buddy” I said, looking over my well diapered boyfriend.

It had been a week since we had decided that it would be best if Austin went back in diapers full time, and it was still new to both of us. Previously, we had only entertained his diaper interests occasionally during sex.

He stood up from the bed, stretching. The diaper hugged his ass, which was cute and round, bulked up by the absorbent padding.

“Lets get dressed and head out” I said, walking towards the bathroom to shower. “Sure, sure” he muttered, pulling a pair of loose jeans out of the dresser. As he pulled up the jeans over his diaper, it occurred to me that he had stopped wearing underwear over his diaper. I smiled to myself.

Day 15Austin wiggled in his seat again, adjusting himself by standing up a little and sitting back down.

I playfully jabbed him with my elbow, whispering, “Austin. Stay still, we’re missing the best part of the movie” he didn’t answer, so I looked over at him. He had his head down, and was poking his hand into the waist of his jeans, his red ringer t-shirt riding up a little on his stomach.

“What are you doing?” I exclaimed quietly, “What’s wrong?”

He looked over at me “I need to pee again, but I’ve wet a bunch already and I’m worried about the diaper leaking” he said very softly, stuttering half way through the sentence, and looking around to make sure no one heard him.

“Ah fuck”, I sighed, grabbing him by the arm, standing him up, and rapidly walking out of the theatre. He followed me looking a little startled.

If I was gonna put him back in diapers, I didn’t wanna hear about his fucking needing to piss. When we finally got outside, I stood in front of him, slightly angry.

“Look, Austin. You promised me that you wouldn’t fuss about your diapers. This is what you wanted, remember? Stop fucking worrying if you leak a little!” I exclaimed a little too loudly, since an older guy beside us turned to stare. Austin turned red. I lowered my voice and continued

“Look Austy, you just need to try and stop thinking or worrying about your diapers at all. Just use them. Let me worry about it. That’s the point. Your only job is to fill them.” I looked him in the eye, and rubbed his ass “Right cowboy?”

He looked abashed. And, then, as if in response, his eyes widened a little bit, and I knew he was wetting his diaper again. I let the corners of my mouth curl up in a half smile, and I patted Austin on the ass again.

Taking his hand, I lead him back into the theatre. When he sat back down beside me, not only could I hear the squish of his wet diaper but within a couple minutes if I concentrated, I could catch the telltale scent of a wet, used diaper. Occasionaly someone near us would look around and sniff the air, as if searching for the diapered baby. But, the only diaper in the area was on my boyfriend

Day 28Michael rolled over in bed beside me. I stretched, opening my eyes slightly, and letting my hands run down over my stomach to my diaper. It was swollen and wet. I curled my legs, enjoying the feeling of the bulky diaper encasing my crotch. I had started sleeping only in my diapers, because that’s what Michael wanted. Besides, it felt good. I liked being able to see my diapers.

I began rubbing my hand over my crotch, pressing down on my dick, which was hard inside the wet diaper. Shit it felt good.

I heard Mike whisper quietly beside me “Remember what we talked about yesterday Austin” he growled softly, in his low masculine voice.

With that, I turned over, and began to hump my diaper against the bed. My ass rising into the air, I rubbed and thrust my diapered crotch into the bed.

“Good boy” Mike moaned “That diaper feels good around your dick doesn’t it?”

I continued faster, feeling my dick sliding inside the wet diaper.

Soon, I climaxed into my diaper, and moaned. Slowly, I rolled onto my back, spent. Mike reached over and rubbed his hand over my crotch. “Great.” He replied. “you’re doing great.”

With that, he guided my head down to his crotch, where his throbbing dick was hard as a rock. I took the whole thing in my mouth and sucked. As I did, I could feel my own cum running down my diapered crotch, mingling with piss in my already wet diaper. After I was done pleasuring Mike, he left me in the cum-filled wet diaper for a while and put me in jeans

Day 39We climbed into the car after lunch, and I looked over at Austin. He had a slightly drowsy look on his face. “Buckle your seat belt” I ordered.

It wouldn’t have been necessary for me to tell him usually, except that I had moved into the next phase of our regression plan, where Austin would try and only do what I instructed him.

Truth to tell, he was becoming more malleable and submissive every day. We had also started using small amounts of a muscle relaxant to help with his transition.

He looked at me, and pulled the seatbelt over himself, clicking it in place. I reached over and ruffled his short spikey hair, which was sticking out in all directions.

“I don’t know Mike” he replied, sounding a little startled to admit that, “I think so. I’ve been having a little trouble telling lately” he said matter-of-factly.

I reached over and slipped my hand into the waist of his jeans, feeling his tight abs, and the crinkle of the diaper.

Inside, the diaper was slightly damp and warm, but not too bad. Certainly nothing that needed attending to.

“That’s what I’m here for buddy” I chirped, “Your diapers a little wet but nothing serious.”

I was trying to keep him in wet diapers most of the time, to emphasize his dependence.

Day 50Jacob, one of Austin’s best friends sat in front of me, gaping. He was clearly shocked by what I had told him.

“So, you mean,Austin is wearing diapers?” he asked for the fifth time. “And, he uses them? Like, uh… piss in them??”

“Yeah, Jake” I explained slowly, for what seemed like the fifth time. “He was always interested in them, but he’s gone back to wearing them full time for the past couple months.”

“Fucking crazy!” he said smiling a little, as if warming to the idea “I bet the little squirt looks adorable in ‘em…..” he paused, thinking “but, why tell me now Mike? Whats up?”

“Well, I’m moving Austin’s training into the next phase. His temporary job ends on Tuesday, and he’s decided not to renew it. So, he’s gonna be home. We decided this would be a good time to move forward with the more advanced phases of his regression.”

With that, I explained in detail to Jake what I was planning.

“I want his friends to know what’s happening and be involved.”

Jake broke into a grin, letting his tongue play over his white teeth. “Of course Mike” he said, clearly relishing the idea.

Day 58Austin stood in front of me in the men’s dressing room. I was trying on a pair of jeans. He starting bouncing up and down on one foot, before slowly shifting to the other foot. Over time, he jiggled more quickly. His loose t-shirt sloshed over his chest and abs, and his slightly loose jeans shifted up and down, accentuating the bouncing bulge at his crotch.

“Stop fidgeting tiger” I said, while looking at myself in the mirror. “What do you think about these jeans?”

“Michael. I really really need to use the bathroom.” He whined, sounding every inch a toddler “I need to poop really badly.” He whispered the word poop so that it couldn’t be heard outside of our dressing room. Pausing, he added, as if for emphasis “My stomach is huuuuuurting,” dragging out the word hurting into a long whine.

I rounded on him, wearing only the jeans, which finished slightly below my waist. Because I was taller, I looked down on him slightly “Look, Austin. If you really need to crap, just go. I can’t take you to the bathroom until I get these off and pay for them.”

I paused “Besides, you want me to take you to the mens restroom and untape your diaper so that you can go poop in the potty? Really? You know your diaper can handle it buddy, and I’ll clean you up as soon as possible.”

Austin looked crestfallen “Michael, I don’t wanna mess my diaper here” he whined, much more openly then he would’ve a few weeks ago “I’ll wait.”

Austin had a couple dirty diapers a week now – but most were times when I had to coax him to mess. And, none had yet occurred out of the house. But, he clearly was having more and more trouble holding himself – since the seat of his diapers were now regularly stained at least slightly brown during his changes.

As I took off the jeans, folded them up, and slowly got dressed again,Austin continued to fidget and squirm. He began unconsciously rubbing his hand over his diaper and stomach. I smiled at how adorable he looked.

“C’mon” I motioned as I was walking out of the dressing slowly followed, gingerly placing one foot in front of the other as if something would break. I grabbed his arm and tugged him forward to speed up the pace.

Letting out a little whimper, he crunched a little bit and looked to the floor. I heard a loud wet fart followed by a whoosh and low level crinkling. When he looked up at me, standing in the middle of the store in his now messy diaper, my boyfriend was on the verge of tears.

I walked close to him, and lifted his chin up with my hand “What happened Austin?” I cooed. “Did you mess your diaper?” Before he could answer, i patted him on the ass “Good boy buddy, gooooood boy. We’ll make a baby out of you yet”

Michael lead me into the mens restroom, just off of the food court. I walked slowly, convinced that everyone could see my diaper. It felt huge. It felt disgusting. The front was wet and matted. I could feel the huge mess in the seat of the diaper, squishing back and forth, and extending further up my ass or in between my legs with every step I took.

Strangely, my cock had gone hard in the front of my diaper.

As we entered the men’s room, it was blissfully empty, and Michael led me to the handicapped stall at the end. Locking the door behind me, he said, “Drop your pants Austin” and as he did, he unzipped his backpack and pulled out a fresh diaper, pack of wipes and a foldable mat. Tossing the diaper on the floor, he unfolded the mat and layed it on the floor, as I fumbled with the button on my jeans.

Briskly, he took one step towards me and brushed my hands away. He unsnapped my jeans, and slowly lowered them to my thighs, before letting them drop to the floor.

I looked down at my diaper. I was soaked. I reeked. I smelled like……, I thought with astonishment, I smelled like a toddler in a dirty diaper. Well, more like an infant I guess… toddlers didn’t mess their diapers I thought, puzzled.

I looked at Michael. He looked at my crotch and saw my cock tenting the front of my diaper.

“You messed your diaper for the first time in public Austin. That was great” he said, reaching through my legs and caressing my diapered ass. “But I want you to cum in your diapers now ok?”

“Now, Michael?” I said, shocked looking around the public bathroom stall, and then at the oversized plastic baby changing mat that Mike had placed on white subway tiled floor.

But even as I protested I could feel my cock throbbing in my wet diaper. I looked around again, and listened carefully, worried that someone else would come in. As I was thinking about that, I heard a couple guys enter, talking and joking about a baseball game.

Just as we heard one of them start pissing, Michael leaned close and whispered in my ear “Go ahead, Austy listen to those men pissing in the toilet and then think about the diaper you have on.” He paused “and now fuck your diaper against my leg like a good boy” and with that he pushed me down into a kneeling position, my knees slightly crinkling the changing mat.

In a daze, I looked down at my diaper, and scooted up to him. I straddled his leg and pressed my diapered crotch against his calf. The diaper pressed against my dick, and my head was at the level of Mikes crotch. Within what felt like a second, just thinking about my situation, I felt myself explode into my diaper and began to moan softly.

As if no one else was in the bathroom, Michael said “OK buddy, get on the floor, lets get this thing off you and get you changed into a dry one”

One of the guys hearing this said “What the fuck, who’s there?” and Michael, not missing a beat “Just changing my little boy into a clean diaper guys” with that, they walked out muttering softly.

I seated myself on the floor and laid back down, and allowed my boyfriend to change me back into a clean diaper.

I stretched, and curled my hands into fists, rubbing them against my eyes, and arched my back. I felt my diaper between my legs. It was big, and soft, and wet. I was wearing a onsie over it, which I liked. My diaper never sagged now and never got caught in anything.

I felt my cock throbbing in my diaper. But, I turned toward Michael who was still asleep. I bent down to his crotch, and began to lick his dick, and quickly it became hard and big, and full. I put it in my mouth.

Daddy Mike didn’t want me cumming anymore without a dick in my mouth or a messy diaper. Since I didn’t feel like messing my diaper, my only chance for relief was to get a dick in my mouth, and I did.

I sucked hard on his dick, and as I did, I rubbed my diaper against the bed, humping it.

Soon, daddy was moaning, and his dick was throbbing in my mouth. He began to cum, and I felt it squirting against the back of my throat, sweet and sticky. As I began to swallow his semen, I felt myself explode into the front of my diaper.

I no longer yearned to grab my cock, I thought absently. I liked having it in the diaper all the time.

I thrust my diaper against the pillow, grinding it through my onesie. When I looked up, Daddy was smiling down on me.

Day 115I sat beside Jacob at the baseball game fidgeting nervously. I looked over at him. He had come unexpectedly.

It was hard for me to remember what was normal anymore. My mind felt mixed up, backwards. Jacob had looked me over a couple times when he saw me in my shorts and t-shirt. The shirt was tight, and white, with a big cartoon print on it. My shorts didn’t do much to conceal my diaper. The shorts were clearly bulging out in the crotch, and the seat was far too thick and full. I was sure I got a couple stange looks. But, I knew it wasn’t really possible for me to go out without a diaper anyways. In fact, I needed pretty thick diapers to feel comfortable when we were out for any period of time. Specially if I was drinking and eating. I tended to wet pretty constantly, and even mess a little. I rarely thought about much about it anymore, but I hated it when I leaked.

I said hi and hugged him like I used to do. I didn’t know if I should tell him about my diapers or not? He probably noticed. Then Mike ended that for me, by asking Jacob to check my diaper near the end of the 2nd inning. He did so, as I blushed a deep red.

“Don’t worry Austy” he purred “I’m not gonna hurt ya, just wanna see how wet you are”

I nodded at this, and somehow felt better. He just barely leaned over, and reached his left hand into my shorts at the waist, sticking his index and ring finger into the front of my diaper, pressing up against the inside.

Overall, he didn’t seem to mind that I was diapered. And, I reflected it was not like I had that much choice. It had been a while since I could tell when I had to piss anyways. By the fifth inning, I was acting my normal self, squirming and bouncing, with one finger in my mouth.

I tried to have some of Jacobs coke, but I managed to spill most of it on my chest and shorts. I looked down and I saw that the coke had wet the bottom half of my shirt, and some of my shorts. The shirt stuck wetly to my stomach.

But, as I was thinking about this, I saw Jacob pick up a bag of chips “Me!” I yelled, and grabbed the bag from him “I want chips!” I practically squealed

Meanwhile, I barely registered Jacob and Mike talking.

“seems like he needs a sippy cup of some sort, if not an outright bottle, huh?” Jacob asked Mike “He seems to spill most shit onto his shirt.” Then turning to look at me, and the crumbs all over my damp shirt “and prolly a bib I guess too” he laughed

Mike didn’t laugh quite as much “I know Jake, I got some sippy cups for him soon that we’re gonna start using at home.” He paused and changed the subject “I appreciate you coming out, he’s gonna regress pretty fast from here on out and I wanna get some babysitters lined up for him”

I looked at Mike and Jacob sideways, babysitters I thought? For who?

I moved around on the floor. I scooted right, and then left. I lifted my butt into the air and then back down to the ground.

I was bored. I took the blocks that Daddy Mike had left in front of me and started pushing them randomly to the side.

I stood up. I was just in my diaper, which seemed to be sagging a little on my waist. I walked slowly to the kitchen where Daddy Mike and Jacob were cooking dinner. I approached Jacob while they were talking.

Both men ignored me. I was shorter then both of them, and felt slightly nervous approaching them like this and bothering them.

I tugged on Jacobs sleeve to get his attention. He looked down at me, without smiling.

“Uh Jacob, can you get out my play-dough?” I asked. There was nothing else to do.

Jacob looked down at me, and Daddy Mike turned around, “Hey Austy, what are you supposed to call Jacob now, little guy?”

I paused “Um, Uncle Jake, can you help me get my play-dough?” at that, Jake patted me on the head, ruffling my hair, and said,

And, with that, I walked quickly after him, waddling to keep up.

Day 190I looked over my shoulder at Austin, who was in the back seat of the car. He was wearing a pair of overalls, and a colorful patterned onsie underneath. He had his pacifier in his mouth. His diaper was pretty obvious, and I had had the overalls custom made, with a big crotch and seat to fit his diapers, and crotch snaps for easy changes. It was great being able to change him now without getting him all undressed.

I thought about how far we’d come. It had been less then 7 months ago that Austy had been hesitant to even wear a diaper outside the house. Now he was always heavily diapered, and I knew that he no longer had control of his bladder or bowels.

A couple months ago he had his first night-time messing episode, where he woke up in a messy diaper without consciously messing himself. After that it had become pretty regular. And, now he had a couple small messy diapers every day.

I had tested him with Jake – a messy test we wouldn’t bother repeating. We had put Austin into a pair of swim trunks and made a big show of only packing a pullup style toddler training pant with us. We explained to him we were going to the pool and he should try and control himself like a big boy.

Well, it was a disaster. Of course, that was the point. But, he ended up wetting himself a little in the car on the way to the pool and then asked for the pullup. Jake helped him get into it in the car, and he was even squirting a little piss around while getting into the pullup. Needless to say, he ended up soaking the pullup and then soiling himself at the pool, and the mess leaked out of his pullup and down his legs, getting all over him. He started crying. And, it had been pretty clear he was trying not to mess himself.

But, now thickly diapered at all times, I loved seeing him squirm a little and then just mess his diaper and go back to whatever he was doing.

I pulled into the parking lot, and climbed out my door, going around to the back, and opening the door. I had to shake Austin awake.

As he came to, he looked right, and left, clearly startled. “Hush, baby. Take it easy” I cooed as I rubbed his head “We’re just parking at Pacos”

I had started bringing him here less then a week ago. I knew he was close to complete regression. But, I also knew that in order to get him to total submission, I would have to take him out of the house to more public places. Other men would have to see him in his diapers, and baby state, and he would have to accept that.

Pacos was an out of the way gay bar that welcomed fetishes. And, we had known most of the guys before Austy had begun his regression. I thought it would be good for Austin to confront and come to know these men as a baby.

I thought back to the first couple times we had come –Austin had been scared. The first time he had even started crying inside the place.

Shockingly for him, Caleb, one of the regulars who Austin had dated a couple years ago had become fed up with his crying, and had come up to him, pushed him to the ground, and made Austin suck on his pacifier and stay seated. Which, it seemed Austy had liked. And, thank god, it had quieted him down.

Austin sat up on the edge of the seat, and slowly climbed out of the car. He stretched his arms above his head, and clutching his pacifier in one hand, he walked beside me to the door.

I smiled. Even a month ago, he would have left his paci in the car unless I brought it.

Day 215I rocked back and forth, my head on Daddy’s leg, as daddy pushed the nipple further into my mouth. I sucked slowly, as the oatmeal thickened milky mush flowed slowly into my mouth.

It wasn’t that I couldnt hold the bottle myself, I just liked it when daddy fed me. It was so easy. I lifted up my legs and bent them at the knee. I rocked my butt back and forth a little more. I grabbed my toe and tugged it toward my mouth.

I was wearing my favorite yellow sleeper, covered with characters from the Lion King. I kept unzipping it because I was warm, but daddy would zip it back up again.

As he was doing this, I saw Robert walk back up again.

He had started living with us a little while ago. I couldn’t remember when. But he was very nice to Daddy and he helped change my diapers and he would feed me sometimes too and help me to get dressed in the morning.

When I was done with the bottle, I sat up, and Daddy Rob rubbed me on the head,

“What’s happening cutie pie? How’s daddy’s little guy?” with that, he shoved me back to laying down again, and unzipped my sleeper, feeling my diaper “Just a little wet, are we?” he cooed, as he zipped me back up.

I squirmed away and landed on the floor, where I shimmied to my coloring book, and began coloring a picture of Simba.

When I looked back at the couch, Daddy Robert and Daddy were close together and holding hands.

Day 249I walked slowly into the nursery, not wanting to wake up Austy if he was still asleep. But, as I walked in, I saw him sitting up in his crib, sucking distractedly on a bottle of water that had been in with him since last night. With his other hand, he was clutching a teddy.

I approached him “hey there puppy” I cooed. Austy was wearing a onsie in tan brown, with a cartoon dog face on the front. He had chosen it himself. His diaper could be seen sticking out from under the leg gatherings. It was white in places, and yellow-stained in others.

He was never dry in the morning, so there was no point in checking. But, the Ultra diapers we were using on him now were enough to last through breakfast, so I didn’t change him. We had them specially ordered now – thick adult diapers but with the form and print of a baby diaper.

It didn’t smell like he was messy. I didn’t bother asking the boy – he never knew anymore.

I dropped the rail of the crib, and he mouthed “goo- morn-in” to me around the nipple of his bottle. I smiled.

I heard Rob walk in behind me. He was naked, which is how he slept. I was wearing my briefs. He thought we should wear as little as possible around Austin now to emphasize our manhood, and thus his submission.

Rob walked up to me, kissing me on the cheek, and then bending down and kissing Austin on the forehead.

“How’s my baby this morning?” he said, as he fondled his manhood.

Austin pulled the bottle out of his mouth, smiling “Good Morning, Daddy Rob!” he shouted, sliding off the side of the crib and landing on the floor. He scampered towards the door without looking back. He looked silly in his young man’s body with the infantile outfit, but super cute.

Rob and I looked at each other and grinned, before slowly following Austin into the hallway.

Day 297“Mornin’ Austy” Daddy Rob drawled in a semi-babyish voice as he walked up to my oversized crib and dropped the bar. “How’s my little one this mornin? A little stinker from the smell! Don’t worry, daddy ‘ll get you all cleaned up”

I sat up slowly, I could feel my hard-on tenting the front of my diaper. My onesie was tight, and as I sat up it pushed in the crotch of my diaper against my dick. I moaned a little around my paci.

He paused “You wanna enjoy yourself a little before daddy cleans you?” daddy rob asked, slowly, grinning.

I grinned in return, and flopped back onto my back, rolling over onto my stomach, and feeling the plastic coated mattress wrinkling under me. I lifted my ass into the air, and began humping the mattress of the crib, hearing the crinkling get louder as I did so, and feeling my used and full diaper slide back and forth along my crotch.

Standing next to me, naked, as he usually was in the morning, daddy put a hand on the small of my back, as I was bucking down against the mattress.

“Good boy” he cooed “Good baby boy. You want to suck on something Austy?” rubbing the small of my back and diapered ass with more vigor. I could feel my shit smearing around the back of my diaper. I looked up at him eagerly.

In response, he moved closer to the side of the crib, where the bar was down, and he turned my head toward his crotch. He moved my mouth towards his cock, and pushed it into my mouth. I began to suck eagerly.

And, finally, I heard him urge “Go ahead son, you’re my little baby and always will be… into your diapers for daddy”, repeatedly pushing me down agaist the crib. As these words went through my head, I felt myself orgasm, and the cum sprayed out into my already well used diaper. Meanwhile, I felt daddy’s cum filling my mouth.

Day 329I wiggled sideways, squirming around the harness. I moaned through my pacifier. I felt myself drool a little as I did that, and vaguely noticed the drool running down the side of my chin.

The drool distracted me and I forgot for a moment what I was doing. I watched it, with my head turned down, as it dripped onto my bib. The bib was white patterned in colorful baby block prints. Daddy had been making me wear them for the last couple months. I tugged at it, and felt it pull on the back of my neck.

I turned my attention back to the chair. This was new. A big high chair, I was strapped in by shoulder straps, and a locking crotch harness. My legs were splayed open by a plastic bar that went over the crotch of my diaper and then buckled around my waist. I was pretty high off the floor, and my feet dangled below me.

In front of me was a large white plastic tray. I wiggled again, and could feel the wrinkling of the plastic printed fabric below and behind me.

I furrowed my brow. It seemed like Daddy Rob and Mike always locked or snapped me in place where-ever I went now. I wiggled against the crotch harness, and it pushed against my diaper.

My bladder felt a little full and I released it without even thinking into my diaper. I tugged on my bib again. I whined.

Daddy Rob approached me. He was wearing only running shorts, no shirt, and the sheen of sweat covered his torso. He placed a bottle of juice on my tray.

Then Daddy Mike brought over some oatmeal. It was in a colorful plastic bowl.

They didn’t give me spoons to eat anymore, so I just scooped up some of the gooey thickened oatmeal with my fingers. And, slurped it down. It was good – rich and sweet. Of course, by the end of breakfast my face, hands, and bib were covered with food.

Day 343I looked over at Austin. He was short for his age – 5 foot 4, and skinny. But, the way he bounced and wriggled made him seem much younger then his 22 years. He was smooth from head to toe.

He laughed as I grabbed him with the towel, and dried him off. I half dragged half carried the giggling boy back to his room, and dropped him on the table top we had recently installed – when it became clear that Austin would be in diapers for a long time.

He bounced at the end of it, his butt rustling on the plastic backed white matt with lion king prints. I pushed him backwards “Austin, lay down so we can get on your diaper, ok boy? Daddy Rob is waiting downstairs for dinner.”

He seemed distracted as I pulled out the thick disposable diapers from the shelf below him. I diapered him quickly, having him lift his ass in the air – mostly it didn’t take any instruction. He did it reflexively now, and I slid the diaper under his ass, swatting him quickly on his cute butt. I covered his little parts with baby oil and gel – I found it made Austy wriggle in his diapers a little more.

As I sat him up, in his dry diaper, I said “Austy, you know it’ll be a year tomorrow since you got back into diapers”

He looked at me blankly for a few minutes, chewing his bottom lip. Then, as if in reponse, he reached to the shelf on the side of the changing table, and grabbed a blue paci, which he stuck in his mouth and began sucking.

I though that as we neared his one year anniversary of baby-hood, we should emphasize Austin’s state, and so, with that in mind, I chose one of his most infantile outfits.

I slipped Austin’s head through the open snap-crotch bottom of the romper, and fastened the straps over his shoulders with the big cartoon buttons. It was cut low on the sides, with a bib in front and and a high back – baby-blue stripes with white – a classic young toddler playsuit. It ballooned over his diaper, which peeked out over the sides and around the leg openings of the shorts.

He looked at me sweetly as I did up the crotch snaps… fresh diaper crinkling and the straps of the cute playsuit falling from his shoulders.

I had him crawl in front of me downstairs. He would mostly crawl on all fours, occasionally doing a walk-crawl where he would stick his butt in the air and rush forward on his hands and feet. I was wearing jeans and no shirt. Some of the other men in the living room were similarly dressed. Some wore army pants, others workout gear. Some just jeans. Rob was in his cargo shorts, and a skinny tank top. They all exclaimed when they saw Austin.

Some ruffled his hair. Others commented on his outfit. Halfway through the gathering, Austy sat-stood in the middle of the floor, got a faraway look in his eyes, and then stuck his diapered butt up a little. I knew he was messing his diaper in front of the room full of men, and he didn’t even seem to care.

This thing is the most lovely abdl gadget I’ve tried by far 🙈 Who likes to see me play and struggle ? 😳🤤

I might be big enough to make breakfast but butt pats sure help keep me motivated.

Such an innocent first message, as it often is for diaper perverts. But then things progress. And daddy takes control.

Eventually you lay there on the ground in your humiliating diapers, thicker and more crinkly than you could have ever imagined. And so much more babyish. Every time the crinkly undergarment is taped on you, a tiny bit of your manhood evaporates some more. An emasculated bedwetting and diapered pansy. That’s what your diapers announce. It was fun wearing them once a week for a few hours. But now it’s 24 hours. Seven days a week. 365 days a year. For the rest of your life. Diaper prison. You are now, for all intents and purposes, incontinent of bladder and bowel. That was the sad verdict delivered by your doctor when your daddy marched you into the office in your wet and messy diapers. Everyone saw you waddle in and heard the receptionist ask your daddy “do you need somewhere to change his Pampers before seeing the doctor,” and daddy said no, the doctor needed to tell the slut exactly what he was now. The other mothers smirked, sneered or outright laughed as you looked around helplessly and daddy simply patted your diapered ass.

And days like this daddy sets up a computer by your head and as you lay there sucking on the pacifier like a mindless wimp, you see daddy posting your pictures online and watch as the likes and the reblogs add up and up and up.

You moan while watching and daddy moves down and starts rubbing your diapered crotch. He smells you and knows you have again filled your diapers. “There you are, sissy. Look at everyone spreading your pictures. Everyone will see now. You are no longer a man. Maybe you never were but you were at least pretending. Now you are a diapered slave. That’s your identity. You wear and use Pampers and everyone knows it. Pathetic, right?”

You moan, wishing, praying you could cum but those days are gone too since daddy locked your worthless cock away and rarely releases you. Then daddy helpfully recaps the day’s events.

“Remember earlier, sissy? When the garbage men rolled up and you waddled out in your diapers and sucking a pacifier to take it out? And they laughed and laughed? And asked you if you had any dirty Huggies in there? How did it feel to know real men who fuck and drink and play sports saw you as your true self, as a pathetic diaper pansy who will never ever be allowed out of his diapers? Huh? Made your little clit leak and ache, right? Think of all the people they told about you. So many people now know what you are. They know your address and know a diapered slave lives there. Whoa, whoa. Stop moaning. No cummies for sissy babies, not for a long time.” The sissy just kept staring at the computer as the likes and reblogs added up. 15 of them. Then 25. Then 50. Then 100. There was no turning around now. I like diapers and diaper dares he had said. But now he was an exposed diaper slut. Outed in diapers. Permanent, no-take-backs exposure. Full face. Full diapers. Happy now?

Gabe and Scott used to be a regular couple with a healthy sex life. Though Scott always wanted a little more, exploring kink and BDSM. The idea of wearing diapers turned both of them on and they would sometimes wear diapers in the bedroom which would lead intense sex.

Scott was craving to explore this diaper fetish more. Then Scott reached out to an online Master. Master was a total Alpha male and loved humiliating and emasculating men, turning them into desperate horny slaves.

Master challenged Scott to wear diapers outside the bedroom to the store, the gym, and even work. Master also started having Scott use the diapers for no just sexual reasons but also for pissing and messing. The challenges made Scott nervous but they also turned him on so intensely that he couldn’t say no. He completed the challenges and wanted even more. Master decided Scott should wear diapers full-time. Scott was hesitant but couldn’t say no. He was hooked on the humiliation of wearing diapers in public. Gabe noticed Scott was wearing diapers more and asked him about it. Scott confessed meeting Master, the diaper challenges and Master’s expectation that Scott be diapered 24/7. Gabe was confused and upset. He felt as if Scott had violated their trust as a couple. He asked for Master’s contact information. Scott reluctantly gave the info to Gabe.

Gabe contacted Master to tell him to stay away from his boyfriend. Master responded with photos of Scott in diapers in humiliating situations. Gabe had never been so turned on. Master knew then that he had another submissive guy wrapped around his finger. Master challenged both Gabe and Scott to wear diapers 24/7 for a week. Master would ask for diaper checks randomly a couple times a day. In the evening, Master would give them additional challenges to push their boundaries and completely humiliate them.

By the end of the week, Master had collected so many embarrassing photos of Gabe and Scott in their diapers that he could use as leverage. Master set the next phase of his plan, saying that both Scott and Gabe were now going to be permanently in diapers, 24/7, and that they were banned from ever using toilets.

Master had Scott and Gabe bag up all their former adult underwear and throw them in the trash. “This is your new life,” said Master. In addition, Gabe and Scott were to obey Master, submit regular proof that meet every expectation or be punished, and ask Master for permission when they needed diaper changes. Scott and Gabe could no longer have sex but we’re instead required to ask Master for permission to hump each other in their diapers whenever they wanted to cum. And they must hump while on video chat with Master so he can tease and taunt them about being desperate diapered slaves. Sometimes he gave them permission, and other times he denied them with a sadistic grin. Master loves making his slaves desperate. Months later, Scott and Gabe are still in diapers all day every day. They haven’t used a toilet or had regular sex. Instead they cum in their diapers when Master allows it.

They converted a spare bedroom to their diaper changing and diaper humping room, complete with other toys (butt plugs, dildos, chastity cages, etc.), wipes, baby oil, booster pads, and stacks and stacks of diapers.

Every now and then, Gabe and Scott wonder if they should stop. But they both know they cannot. They are addicted to serving their Master and they are now addicted to their diapers. As Master reminds them, “This is your fate. A life permanently in diapers. You cannot go back. Love your diapers. Your Master controls your fate.” And Master has even more ideas for Scott and Gabe.

It took the boy a lot of training, but daddy had finally got him there.

When daddy first spanked him, he struggled and tried to resist, but now he’s going over daddy’s knees when called.

When daddy first diapered him, he cried saying he was a man, but now he’s laying down when he’s told to.

When daddy first forced him to suck on a pacifier, he spat it out, but now he finds the pacifier comforting.

When daddy first fed him his bottle, he hated the taste of the formula, but now when he sees his bib, he knows it’s feeding time for him.

The real challenge for daddy was to make his boy so submissive, that the boy will behave when other men will come to visit.

After many spankings and times out, after many early bedtimes, and after many hours in full soggy and messy diapers, the boy now knows it’s better for him just to accept he is a little boy compared to daddy and his friends.

A short caption inspired by a photo of the adorable @miamiabdl

This is all true, though I would add that eventually he needed an additional reminder that he wasn’t a man, so he was put in princess diapers with a cute paci, cage, and butt plug.  He needed to be reminded that he was less than a boy.  

He also needed to be left properly restrained in his mitts and extra thick diaper in the corner trying to hold in his enema while daddy had his way with the real men on the bed leaving the boy tied up and forced to watch, paci gag in mouth and all.  His tiny cock was clearly straining against the diaper as he humped the floor watching the real men.

It’s clear to everyone that he’s just a pathetic little diaper boy and not actually a man. 

The thought of being strapped into one of these with my padding showing for all to see, and being unable to do anything about where i am taken, or who sees  me… <3

All done, boy! You can get your trousers and head to work.

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to send me a pic when you reach your office. Daddy needs to make sure his little boy is being good and safe.

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The brit & the blonde – chapter 6

Harry has moved back out of Mac’s, thanks to Mac. Mac found a beautiful apartment in the city a week ago, nice and cheap because he saved the owners life once, and was able to get Harry moved in just two days ago. Since then Mac has been out of the country for work and Harry has been on the job hunt.

As Harry walks into his building he stops by the mailboxes, opening his to find a couple of junk mail and magazines. As he turns around he accidentally bumps into someone, his mail falling to the ground.

“Oh! I’m sorry.”  The man says as he goes down to grab Harry’s mail.

Harry watches as the man leans back up. The man is gorgeous. He is tall, has this soft looking brown hair, deep green eyes and is wearing an expensive looking suit.

“Are you new here? I haven’t seen you before.” He hands him his mail.

“Yeah. I just moved in a few days ago. Apartment 506.”

“Nice to meet you too. It’s good to finally meet someone here.”

“Well, you’re my first other than my boyfriend.” Something switches in the man’s eyes, but Harry doesn’t notice.

“Just a couple weeks, but we met over when I was living in England.”

“Well if you are lonely and your boyfriend is busy I’m happy to show you around the city. I have  friends all over the city so I can get you in anywhere you want.”

“Actually, if you aren’t doing anything tonight my friend is throwing a party at this new club he’s promoting.”

“Well… I don’t know…” Harry looks down at his mail.

“It’s fine if you can’t. I’m just being a friendly neighbor.”

“Actually… sure.” Harry blurts out, unable to take it back.

“Great! I’ll come to your room to pick you up at nine.”

“Great…” Harry doesn’t know why he feels awkward and nervous.

“Amazing name.” Collin grabs his mail and turns around. “Btw, love that scar.”

A knock on the door makes Harry jump. He, for no reason he can think of, looks into the mirror on the wall and checks his hair before walking to the door. Harry is shook at he sees Collin in the doorway wearing a suit like one he’s only seen on TV before.

“Thanks.” Harry lets Collin in. “Is that what you’re wearing?” Harry looks down at his jeans and t-shirt.

“In the bedroom, first door to the left.” Collin walks away and walks almost immediately back out of the room.

“Let’s go to my place. I’m sure I can find you something.” Harry smiles and follows Collin up to his room.

“Wow!” Harry almost shouts seeing Collin’s decked out penthouse.

“Sorry about the mess.” Collin walks into his bedroom.

“Here, try this on.” Collin hands him a light blue dress shirt and dark blue jacket and trousers with a light blue pocket square.

“Thanks by the way,” Harry says from the other side of the bedroom door.

Friends? Harry thinks about that. He hasn’t had a friend since he left his friends over in England. But this felt good, like he was finally going to get to have a normal life while he was over here. Though he had Mac, he was gone a lot for work and he needs someone else to be around.

“How’s this?” Harry steps out of the room with the suit on.

“Thanks. Now we should really get going or we’ll be late.” Nolan just laughs at that as he opens the front door.

“The party started at eight. The later we are the better.” Harry is confused but just goes with it as he follows Collin out.

Mac had made it home late from a mission and instead of going back home, he immediately goes to Harry’s. All he wants to do is kiss Harry and cuddle in bed, falling asleep slowly and comfortably. When mac arrives he knocks on the door. He waits and knocks on the door again. He starts to get worried and texts Harry.

Mac watches as those little does move and move and move until they disappear.

This time there aren’t even dots. Mac runs his hands through his hair and just turns around to go home.

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A twisted tale – chapter 1

Since Bryce was just a baby he has been told how great he is at everything and been taught by everyone around him that because he is so amazing he can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants.

Alex, on the other hand, has never really been complimented on anything. His father has always been very critical with him, making him go into his shell. Whenever that happens, Alex heads to a park a few blocks from his house that is secluded in the middle of trees.

One night Alex’ father tears into him about bleaching his hair. He smacks him around on the head a few times and shouts in his face before sending him to his room. Alex sneaks out his window and heads straight to his usual park and into the little castle, taking a seat on the top of the slide.

At the same time Bryce is at his own party where he sits bored with a bunch of drunk people. He decides to take a walk down the street when he see’s someone familiar walking into the park. Bryce follows the person and enters the park to see Alex Sandoval sitting on top fo the slide.

“What are you doing here loser?” Bryce walks to the bottom of the slide.

“Wow, how original.” Alex just looks down at Bryce in his lettermen’s jacket. “Just like that jacket.”

“Say that to my face faggot.” Bryce kicks the slide.

“I’m the faggot? You’re the one that wants me to come to your face.”

Bryce reaches up the slide, grabbing Alex’ leg and pulling him down the slide. Alex kicks Bryce in the chest but Bryce only holds onto Alex tighter. Bryce pulls Alex off the slide then pushes him onto his knees.

“Stop it!” Alex can’t seem to shout and only moans the response.

Bryce turns Alex around, pushing his face onto the bottom of the slide. While Bryce hold Alex down with his knee and one hand, he pulls Alex’s jeans until the button pops off and the pants slide down. Bryce pulls down Alex’s boxers to see his pale white ass.

“Look, your butt matches your hair.” Bryce just laughs as he unbuttons his pants and lets them drop to the ground.

“Now this is a fagot! Faggot!” Bryce’s penis is growing quite quickly n adjust as it reaches it’s peak, he shoves it into Alex.

Alex begins screaming but it’s muffled by the slide. Bryce pulls one of Alex’ shoes off and then a sock, shoving it into Alex’s mouth. Bryce begins quickly moving in and out of Alex’s ass as both his hands push Alex down. Within seconds Alex seems to give up, making Bryce happier. Bryce lets go of Alex and grabs the sides of the slide.

God your tighter than half the girls at school.” Bryce laughs at his own joke as he runs a hand through his hair.

As Bryce begins sweating Alex loses more and more hope, going to a quiet place in his mind, waiting for this to be over. It’s only a minute before Bryce bites his lip and prepares to cum. A couple more thrusts and Bryce begins to cum.

Once finished he shakes the excess cum onto Alex’ butt before pulling his pants back up.

“Now you’ve had the best you could ever have. Your boyfriends goona be jealous.” Bryce slaps Alex on the ass before running a hand through his one last time and turning around to walk back to his house.

Alex stays there for almost an hour before getting up and heading home. He goes home and continues his life always thinking about what just happened but never mentioning it to anyone even on his death bed.

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Pin porn

dadsonbrotheruncle: My daddy scott first raped me when I was 15 years old and I was sleeping. He drinks a lot and that was the night he found out that i was gay. I remember waking up in a lot of pain and not being able to move. I feel a pressure down

culetdebecari: Some kids DO need some education. They have to learn to respect their dads. Some raw punishment from time to time is good for them.

gaysconfess: Have a secret you want to confess? Something you have to get off your chest? Tell us in our inbox and we will post it anonymously on gaysconfess, a blog where hundreds of gay people around the world confess their dirty, funny, strang

Some people just faved or reblogged an old link I had to this comic which got me to go back and see if it had been updated. It was a little stalled when I stopped keeping track. A few pages have been posted and it seems to be going again. 

This is a touchy one. Off the bat, I said it’s not rape if you enjoyed it. But it is rape, statutory rape, since you were under the age of consent. But then, so was he. So it goes back to not being rape if, like you said, you enjoyed it. I would

ozzkink: kinkaddict: that is the kind of skull fucking i live to provide… Just a hole

Trespasser, you’re caught The beast pins you on the spot Now take that big knotSource is “The Beast Unleashed” by F-SS.

The Rape Of The Spiderman. (Part One) Collection of Venom x Spiderman done by various artists not all known.

When dragons decide to rape the silly adventurers before eating them…

Acceed – 悶絶少年 å››/Boys in Agony 4 This video has many BDSM elements and a non-consensual/rape fantasy theme in the first scene that may not be to everyone’s tastes! Please view ONLY at your own discretion. I’m fairly certain someone

COMPLETE ANAL PENETRATIONTop Secret Facility, South Africa – 2010Chris cursed himself not for being caught, but for being caught so damned easily. It was embarrassing for him, the BSAA and everything he stood for. Yet the man responsible for his capture

menzmen: He had a unique request for his bachelor party – he wanted to be gang raped in the back of a van. As his Best Man, I gathered some buds and made it happen. The whole weekend was a crazy sex romp – a bunch of mostly straight, mostly married

Gay baboon terrorizes village in South Africa, rapes 5 men.

cigartop: The rape of Scott Tanner by Logan McCree and Ricky Sinz in To The Last Man, part 2.

bttmsub4topdad-rape: Almost all the way in bitch.

i-swallow-it: furrytrade: Follow both of my blogs @ & I want this guy to rape me. Over and over.

I am Not GAY, but every time I walk around my house naked with the doors and windows open I get Gang Raped by large groups of black men, I have accepted the fact that I am a natural born Rape victim…

superpikachuboy: dippinfan: dirty-angel-spain: Stop screaming son. My friends are coming to fuck your boycunt later today, so u’d better try to loose it now, because those fuckers love raping little boys like you, two cocks at a time… nice Visit

Bound whore gang fucked like an animal in a packed bar It’s friday night here in San Francisco and the bar is standing room only! The crowd makes way as Dakota Wolfe comes crawling in on his hands and knees, with a cowbell around his neck, and the

fuck toy alphas-over-fags: cinaedorum: Helpless twinkboy bound and raped I love any bondage device that puts the ass at exactly the height I want.

nakedstraightguys: Gay porn gif of a handcuffed semi naked guy bent over and getting fucked in the ass bareback. Love the way the bottom’s Pepe Jeans are pulled down just enough to get butt fucked along with the whole male rape fantasy of it. Very

nakedstraightguys: Gay porn gif of a handcuffed semi naked guy bent over and getting fucked in the ass bareback. Love the way the bottom’s Pepe Jeans are pulled down just enough to get butt fucked along with the whole male rape fantasy of it. Very

jockstrapsmen: My roommate liked to have guys over, and was really into gay rape roleplay. One night I came home to find him ducktaped and on the floor, like a present waiting for me. Something had gone wrong. His jockstrapped ass was raw. He’d been

gay-skullfuck-sex: Raped by group and skullfuck videos go on

gay-skullfuck-sex: Raped and forced to skullfuck videos go on I love sucking cock

Link X Ganondorf pixel gif Link form the Zelda game series taking Ganondorf´s huge dick up his ass, and liking it to. I remembered today that I love gay Link, he´s just perfect for these kind of things. He´s cute and just a prefect little faggot boy!

lefrench33: freakywhyteboy: my GOD, he’s right! “@PornBloggerXXX: raping his white ass the right way la ça doit etre bon!! This is interesting to try

I’m in my hotel room ready to be fucked like a whore #fag #slut #ass #rape #gay

fagslutpig: I’m in my hotel room ready to be fucked like a whore #fag #slut #ass #rape #gay

dangerousdallasdicks: This Kurt ROgers dude is so fuckin HOT!!!

profoundlygay: Please don’t use me anymore! if he really wanted you to stop, he’d use the safeword

worthlesscuntslut: cinaedorum: big muscle roommate raping weak lil pale pretty slut in the bathroom this never happens ;;_;; Believe me, it happens. It’s not usually very fun at all for the weak one being raped. but why can’t i stop fantas

gay-skullfuck-sex: Raped by big black

This is the tattoo my Mistress gave me. It’s a real permeant tattoo!

gay-skullfuck-sex: Raped and skullfucked by big black cock

Pointy Teeth: I need to say something everytime I hear a gay, rape, or sexist joke. I’d be doing a disservice to my fellow human…

marriedjock8: Soldiers have to blow off steam somehow. Having young men at their height of their sex drive cramped up together in a stressful situation could lead to fights or even rape. Sergeant Connors knew that from personal experience, so he set