OFB (Original F*g Boys) – Ambush (LGBTQ Gay Remix) Lyrics



Ambush (LGBTQ Gay Remix)

[Introduction] Gay, gay, gay, gay [Chorus: BJ, BandoGay, Double Gz] I remain in the back of this car, fake taxiSadly, I plead a male please try shag meYou’ll see this handjob obtain handyLive-O pornography when I clap his battyGet some head, jump up and also obtain slappyI didn’t capture HIV, I’m not happyBatty, batty, some fucking battysBally on conceal, face from gallySwitchYou don’t wan na see me switch up out the taxi with a big black dickThe wonderful one stepped out his drip, cost-free spheres in his tongue, this light skin thickTelling me prices my hand on his dickBack that cock, not a fan of clitsHis huge hand can hold dickPut bare lube on so the ting gon’ slipI can choke on bare guy’s D15, that’s me, bare dicks in my faceThen the following 2 flights, male went on my backGot bored, so I spun him on his faceIf no person’s providing me tops or cockI’m browsing every laneTryna just find a guy that’s gameSo I can get down as well as provide male mind [Knowledgeable 1: Dual Gz] Brother’s too touched, he continues squeezingSneezing my dicks, ready to offer semenGet that back and strike it repeatingMy ex-spouse discovered, currently he’s about beefingGang bang fun, no people are leavingG on my dick as well as 5 are just screamingShh obtained sexed up, I sent him bleedingLack on my balls, get slapped for leavingThese opp kids consuming my poo-poo’ Cos I’m really generating that shitMan’s taking a fucking dickNext day, I’m walking around with a limpOr it’s 2 penis up in his tingSlap that bitch, enjoy his entire body twitchDon’t think you can ride on this dickMan slide to the woman and also provide her prick [Verse 2: BJ] If I view porn in my spare timeIt’s a mad ting if his cock is bigger6 man squashed in this finger, cumshot drillerBig gangbang in this dingerThis opp penis come way as well thinnerHis buddy obtained cocked, he do not recognize who’s a drillerTo all the opp kids, it’s your good friends we dick upNo reaction, they don’t ride on their n **** I’m on this bro, 10 hands on shouldersI do not fuck boys, I provide D to oldersMan accident bone at oldersThis cumshot missed and also it struck my shoulderTion Wayne is fucking gorgeousIn carni, tryna locate an individual that can choke usBut my male had a Ford FocusSo I told my guy, “don’t try to approach us” [Knowledgeable 3: BandoGay] I’m tryna do it not onceI desire more fun, so I got a penis in my faceThis cumshot come long like graceHalf it-half it, every person obtains a tasteOn the means to my companion’s, Viagra in my faceI’m preparing for a dateGang transforming days, obtaining annoyed, oi mateJust come and also provide me faceThe sweet one keeps discussing painIf I slap your batty, will you take the pain?Bro’s cuz placed his hand on my waistMy driller backed it and also attempt hit my faceIf you can’t see I’m gay, then wagwan, mateYou must be touched in the brainBro’s intoxicated in methods, view pornography for daysThen I bend him everywhere [Chorus: BJ, BandoGay, Double Gz] I’m in the rear of this cars and truck, fake taxiSadly, I plead a male please attempt shag meYou’ll see this handjob get handyLive-O porn when I clap his battyGet some head, jump up and get slappyI didn’t capture HIV, I’m not happyBatty, batty, some fucking battysBally on conceal, deal with from gallySwitchYou do not wan na see me switch over up out the taxi with a huge black dickThe sweet one marched his drip, complimentary rounds in his tongue, this light skin thickTelling me rates my hand on his dickBack that cock, not a follower of clitsHis big hand can hold dickPut bare lube on so the ting gon’ slipI can choke on bare guy’s D15, that’s me, bare pricks in my faceThen the next 2 flights, guy went on my backGot burnt out, so I rotated him on his faceIf no person’s giving me tops or penis after that I’m looking every laneTryna simply discover a guy that’s gameSo I can come down and give guy brain

This tune is a “gay” remix of Ambush by OFB members Dual Lz, Bandokay and also SJ (stood for as Dual Gz, BandoGay as well as BJ within the song).cupcake lgbt Said “gay remixes” of tracks generally use the same beat, other than with various lyrics and also with the names of the initial musicians modified to make them seem homosexual.


Adam LambertAdam RipponAnderson CooperAdriana CalcanhottoAdriano MedeirosBoy GeorgeBruna LinzmeyerCakes da KillaCazuzaClay AikenColton HaynesConnor FrantaCourtney BarnettCynthia NixonDaniela MercuryDon LemonDouglas DareEarvin ‘EJ’ Johnson bear-magazine.com DegeneresElton JohnFernanda GentilFrankie GrandeGeorge MichaelGeorge TakeiGreyson ChanceGus KenworthyHayley KiyokoIan McKellenILoveMakonnenJane LynchJames CharlesJason CollinsJeffree StarJim ParsonsJodie FosterJohn AmaechiJulien BakerKaytranadaKehlaniKevin AbstractKristen StewartLady SovereignLance BassLe1fLetu00edcia LimaLeonardo VieiraLil Nas XLuiz Fernando Guimaru00e3esLynn GunnMalu Veru00e7osaMarc JacobsMarcus MajellaMary LambertMatt WilkasMelissa EtheridgeMeredith BaxterMichael SamMikaMitch GrassiMonique EvansNeil Patrick HarrisOliver SimOlly AlexanderOwen PallettPabllo VittarPablo Alboru00e1nPaulo GustavoPedro Almodu00f3varPerfume GeniusPortia de RossiQueen LatifahRafaela SilvaRaven-Symonu00e9RaymixRicky MartinRob HalfordRoddy BottumRomy Madley CroftRosie O’DonnellRuby RoseRyan BeattySamira WileySarah PaulsonShuraStefan OlsdalSusana de MoraesTaylor BennettTegan and SaraThammy MirandaThomas SandersTroye SivanTuc WatkinsVincent Rodriguez IIIWanda SykesWho Is FancyYoung M.A.Zachary Quinto

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cupcake lgbt


ANOHNIArcaCaitlyn JennerCavetownChaz BonoChelsea ManningElliot PageKim PetrasLaura Jane GraceLaverne CoxMimi TaoNikkie “Tutorials” de JagerNikita DragunQuinnSOPHIETiticaThomas Beatie

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Guys.cupcake lgbt I don’t believe CupcakKe is lesbian. She has actually never ever come out in the past.cupcake lgbt She’s simply an ally.

Alternative-Pop singer Adam Lambert first came outas Bi-Curious in a meeting with 20/20 on June 13th, 2009.

Adam has specified in the 20/20 meeting that he doesn’t like to classify himself ‘bisexual’.

” I have actually been sort of playing about with the bi point in my head.cupcake lgbt I wouldn’t ever provide myself the tag ‘bisexual,’ however bi-curious? Yeah,” he claimed. “I have actually been recognized to construct with girls periodically. Couple beverages entailed, you understand.cupcake lgbt It’s fun.cupcake lgbt And that knows? Maybe it’ll go additionally at some point.cupcake lgbt I don’t recognize.”

On July second, 2012, CNN News Anchor Anderson Hays Cooper came out as gay in a meeting with The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan.

The fact is, I’m gay, constantly have been, always will be, and also I couldn’t be any more delighted, comfy with myself, and proud.”

In the very same interview, Anderson described why he really felt that this was the right time to come out:

Recently, nevertheless, I have actually started to consider whether the unexpected end results of preserving my privacy outweigh personal and also professional concept. It’s ended up being clear to me that by continuing to be silent on particular aspects of my personal life for as long, I have provided some the incorrect impact that I am trying to hide something-something that makes me awkward, embarrassed or even terrified.cupcake lgbt This is upsetting since it is simply not true.

Connor Franta is a popular vlogger on YouTube who has actually taken care of to collect a fanbase of 5.5 million on the video streaming solution.

On December 8th, 2014, Franta appeared as gay to his fanbase as well as took care of to amass over 12 million views on his video.

In the video clip, the after that 22-year-old clarified why he believed it was the right time to come out:

I’m resting below with no manuscript, no strategy, no fancy editing, and also I’m simply gon na be really sincere, 2014 is truly the year that I have accepted that I am and also come to be delighted with that person.”

Ellen Degeneres is just one of America’s a lot of cherished talk program hosts because of her charming funny bone and her portrayal of Dory in the Disney u2022 Pixar movies Discovering Nemo and also Finding Dory.

In 1997, “The Young puppy Episode” from her collection Ellen was released.cupcake lgbt It is all about Degeneres’ personality Ellen Morgan coming out. The episode is presently placedOFB (<b>Original</b> F*g <em>Boys</em>) – <b>Ambush</b> (<em>LGBTQ</em> Gay <b>Remix</b>) <strong>Lyrics</strong>