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Legendary Pornography Celebrity Chad Search: ‘There’s No Such Point As A Gay Porn Star Anymore’

In 2001, just a year into his gay porn career, Chad Hunt sat down for a quickie meeting with New York fag cloth HX.

chad hunt gay

Inquired about long-lasting goals, Quest responded, “I would love to bleed this pornography point while I am still considered good eye candy. I would not wish to be a schmuck and keep doing this when no person wishes to see me.” By that point Quest had actually currently shown up in 14 now-classic titles for industry titans like Chi Chi LaRue (Oral Tests, The Missing Out On Web Link, The Back Row) Michael Lucas (Fire Island Cruising), and John Rutherford (The Other Side of Aspen 5). By the time he hung up his box of extra-large condoms, seven years later, few in the industry might call Hunt anything however what he was: a famous gay porn super star with ratings of honors, loads of cash, and also all the honors he could hope for.

Quest’s star rose in the pre-internet, pre-tube-site age of gay pornography, a time when significant studios still made big-budget movies with storylines, prophylactic usage was mandatory, as well as substantial team orgies were de rigeur. Despite his admittedly typical looks, Search’s 11 x 7 inch cock made audiences clamor for both his DVDs and accompanying solutions. He crossed over– showing up on the cover of The Big Penis Book, and in Timothy Greenfield-Sander’s Believing XXX book as well as HBO docudrama. It’s been another 7 years because Hunt‘s on-screen alter-ego died at the end of Jett Blakk’s Endgame, and also because duration he’s been very much off-the-radar. Yet after a number of months of browsing, I finally reached Quest and also before going out to Disneyland with his companion of one decade– he agreed to talk with me regarding his fabulous career, overcoming his meth dependency, why he assumes there’s no such point as a pornography celebrity anymore and the weird reports regarding what he’s been doing these previous few years.

Chad Hunt: We satisfied on bear-magazine.com about 10 years earlier. We talked a little bit and on my account at that time I really did not list that I was. I simply spoke with him as a normal joe as well as initially I had been dating a couple of people at that time. I just kind of allow it go. We didn’t satisfy. A number of months later we started chatting again.chad hunt gay I determined to go on a day with him and we mosted likely to an Indian restaurant in New York City. It was a nice day therefore I decided to date him.

Really, no. When I started to day somebody I would certainly be really up front with them. I would claim this is what I do. You’re going to have to endure individuals throwing their panties on stage, which example.

Not. He’s been, I would certainly claim, most likely one of the most amazing individuals I have met in that aspect. Most people in the porn industry, I make certain you understand, can not manage their boyfriends. You have actually obtained the porn, the club performances, the accompanying. Most individuals aren’t with the ability of taking care of all of that and every little thing that includes it.

Absolutely not. We have a virginal connection, however that doesn’t imply we wouldn’t do something with each other. But where pornography is worried, my job is job. He’s been to sets.chad hunt gay He recognizes how un-sexual a porn set is. He recognizes what takes place. He recognizes that it’s a task. It’s not me having sex with an entire bunch of hot people. You know? It’s definitely one hundred percent a task. He’s been very wonderful about it.

[giggles] I would agree with that. I am. Beyond the world, I try to keep away from it. There has to be some area where you can be simply you. I do not need to be Chad Quest, you know? I can simply sort of be that I am, beyond that. I think that’s what gets a great deal of the guys– I do not want to say in trouble– however gets them in the wrong type of headspace due to the fact that you need to have that normalcy in your life likewise. If you don’t have that, you type of lose feeling of that you are and also you just type of ended up being the porn character.


chad hunt gay

I can bear in mind when I was more youthful taking a trip with my father and he had not been a large male, nor were– I have 5 older brothers and also I’ve only seen 2 of them naked however I would claim no. My understanding from household conversations and conversations with my sister-in-law, is that I do have one brother who is close to my size however he doesn’t quite arrive. Certainly all of them have looked me up on the Web and also everything. They all understand. Obviously I’ve heard I get it from my mommy’s side of the family. I’m additionally the one in the household who looks like my mother’s side of the family. My other brother or sisters look like my father and his side of the family members.

She was my high school sweetie. Her name was Elizabeth. We satisfied in our teaching courses. We had actually both taken classes at the career facility in institution. It was for individuals curious about becoming an instructor. We fulfilled in that.chad hunt gay Fell crazy out of senior high school. We got married right out of high school and two years later on we had a child.

To now I am absolutely one hundred percent bisexual. When we obtained married I had told her that I made love with guys. But my ex-wife is a really spiritual individual and also she sort had the principle that we can pray the gay away. (laughs)

A minimum of for me I find the even more you try to eliminate who you are, the extra who you are comes out.

Oh yes. Definitely. She was cognizant of that. The issue began due to the fact that child did I really intend to copulate one of her siblings.

Her one bro who was younger than her was the male version of her, and also she was the female version of him. So if I could have had both of them I would have been in heaven. [chuckles] If we might have shared your house and also I invested one day with her and after that someday with him, I would have mored than happy.

I think I possibly did what a lot of youngsters do, you most likely to the shopping center and see all the writing on the wall in the washroom as well as you show up at the time it says to turn up at.

So there was a cruisey bathroom and also it stated, “I suck cock right here at 430” and also you went?Absolutely. At the shopping mall, and there was a park and also a remainder area I had read about. I didn’t also it too often however when I had the opportunity, I would certainly check out those areas as well as see if anything was going on. Occasionally it was, often it wasn’t. I grew up in very rural Ohio so there weren’t a great deal of people for me to choose from, yet every now and then I would certainly turn up at the right time.chad hunt gay I was 14 therefore I hadn’t created yet. I would obtain individuals to suck me off.

Well, uh, I really went to her and informed her that something was mosting likely to happen with a guy and I didn’t want to be the man that goes behind her back and does points I claimed I want to allow you understand that I have this demand and regrettably you can not fill that. Of course being extremely Christian she wanted to have nothing to do with it. She chose she would rather have a divorce.

It’s actually about a year after since what happened is, when I got the separation I was staying in Wooster, Ohio, and from Wooster I really most likely to my very first gay bar in Acron, and also meet a pair people there. I start dating a good kid who winds up sort of damaging my heart and also from there I fulfill a good friend that stays in Columbus and also I move down to Columbus and my good friend that I meet is part of a gay dancing troupe. I go down there, live with him, join the troupe, as well as from joining the performers and also removing and also staying in Columbus, that’s when I satisfy the professional photographer.

Oh no, it was absolutely cash. When I was wed to my spouse I had a fantastic job. I operated at Smucker’s Jelly Manufacturing facility and also they were paying like $15 an hour, which was actually great back in 1993. Yet going through my divorce made me dispirited concerning not seeing my kid as usually as I wanted. I kind of missed a lot of job and also they laid me off. However I required as much cash as I can obtain so I could stay on top of my kid support so I might see my boy. Any type of kind of cash I can get at that factor was fantastic to me because it meant being guaranteed that I would still be able to see cash.

Chad Quest, the initial “Mr.chad hunt gay Big”, on his best scene, favored co-stars, drug-fueled lows, as well as the break from his pornography character that caused the highs of fatherhood, advocacy, as well as self-acceptance.

From 2000– 2007, Chad Search was a hugely respected gay pornography star and the possessor of what has been called, “the market’s biggest natural dick (11 inches in length and also 7 inches in girth).”

His 91 credited looks amassed him 6 GayVN and eight Grownup Erotic Gay Video Awards. Chad likewise won 3 Grabby’s and was sworn in into the Grabby Honors Hall of Fame in 2007.

The Sword had a chance to sit down with him recently for an honest, self-effacing conversation where he shared concerning both the ups and also downs of his pornography job right approximately his great place in life now.

The Sword: Looking back now, what is the scene you liked filming the most?Chad Hunt: The two scenes I loved recording one of the most work together. They are both from Scamp Video and also are a 2 part series: ORAL examinations and also ORAL EXAMINATIONS 2: DETENTION. When you are a free agent as I was, you don’t obtain a great deal of the very same opportunities as unique designs do. For example, I loved being able to display my acting capacities and in both of these films, I played the unclean perverted cleaning person of a young boys’ college. When I’m given the opportunity to really act, I feel that I succeed at it.

The proof being the truth that I won the Grabby as well as GayVN honors for Finest Supporting Actor for Dental EXAMS and Best Sex Scene for DETENTION. I had fantastic co-stars in Matt Summers as well as Tag Adams, one of the most effective, if not the very best, supervisors in gay porn background in Chi Chi LaRue, an enjoyable crew and also just a well-rounded pleasurable experience.

What’s your best market memory?For me, the very best memory of my time in the industry is just that: my time in the sector. If you’re not enjoying yourself, then why do something? I had such a fantastic series of experiences from filming and also directing flicks, carrying out at clubs, escorting, showing up on TV shows as well as documentaries and in art exhibitions and coffee table publications, participating in events such as honor ceremonies as well as fashion programs, meeting so many impressive people, such as the followers, directors, co-stars and various other models, celebs, sugar dads and several others, and also, of course, taking a trip throughout the globe along the way. As Eleanor Roosevelt as soon as stated, “No one can make you really feel inferior without your approval.”

Chad Hunt, Ben Damon, Gus Mattox, Jeremy Jordan, Dean Monroe in “Kept” Any type of favored co-stars and directors? We promise not to bear-magazine.com co-stars: Matt Summers, Nash Lawler, Carlos Morales, and also Brian McClaine.

I’ve discovered a lot from each of them and they constantly treated me well and with regard as I did my finest to treat them.

If you were to start your grownup again and can transform one thing, what would certainly that be?To be sincere, I ‘d change whatever that occurred behind the scenes of my last motion picture, ENDGAME from Dirty Bird Productions. The movie itself was great: it was very well composed and also acted. I was align for Ideal Actor that year however shed fairly honestly as a result of a specific studio primarily acquiring the honor show and also offering their flicks and also exclusives the majority of the awards.

Do not get me wrong, I love Ricky Sinz, yet in no sane cosmos did his extremely couple of lines vanquished an entire movie of me acting, dying, as well as crying on hint. I did win Ideal Group Scene, though.chad hunt gay What I would certainly have altered is, due to me having a meth trouble at the time, I treated my supervisor, Jett Black, my co-stars Nash Lawler and also Trevor Knight, as well as my partner all incredibly inadequately as a result of meth psychosis. I’ve because asked forgiveness to them all, but it was a definite black mark on what must have been, in my viewpoint, an impeccable job. It’s also worse when I take into consideration all of those discussed as close friends and also not simply associates.

What was your favorite scene of all?Probably my scene in SEX SESSIONS from Catalina Video Clip with Tuck Johnson. The reason being Tuck Johnson. I had a huge pornography crush on him and as much job as porn can be sometimes, that day was all for enjoyable.

Chad earlier this month (August 2022) Tell us regarding your post-porn bear-magazine.com I left porn, it was to tidy myself up from my formerly talked about meth problem. Since then, I’ve been spending the last couple of years rediscovering that Daniel August is and not fretting about that “Chad Hunt” was. My life was so captured up in representing a character I created for the pornography market that I failed to remember to be me.

Buddies intended to use my celebrity standing at clubs, restaurants, occasions; escorting customers wanted the person in the movies; men I dated wanted “Chad” as well as not Daniel; followers on the road expected me to be “Chad” when we ‘d fulfill outside of the sector. It certainly took its toll on me, so I require this time around to be me again.

I attempt to live my life rounds out with no remorses since if you’re going to be sorry for something, after that why do it? I’m still working on my teaching job or perhaps relocating right into something else I can do with my background degree. I’m a gay legal rights as well as equal rights for all political lobbyist. Most of all, I appreciate being a dad to my child, a member of my prolonged household, an enthusiast as well as buddy to my companion and also a “mother” to my 5 ornery as hell pet cats.

The Sword would like to give thanks to Chad for his time and also honesty. A more thorough interview is in the jobs. Enjoy this blog site.

chad hunt gay

If you are all of a sudden in the mood to go “Searching”… go to the Chad Search Cinema at NakedSword.

Wow!! Very clear and also straightforward solution to the meeting. Extremely wonderful and also really openminded person, bear-magazine.com time I saw something from Chad Search, before all this modern paraphernalia, it was a tiny photo kind of postcard printed with “CroatEscort”. From that time I constantly followed him. Unfortunatelly never ever in the U.S.A. and constantly as for Angola, North Korea or Congo-Kinshasa, I have actually never ever satisfied him directly what I would really adore.I still like Chad Hunter/Daniel August

Nah! His looks are just average if you ask me. Yet I understand, a lot of you men are looking at dick dimension. I like a pretty face.

He is my favored porn star. To me he’s aged Hunkily. Loved scene of him resting on bathroom in males’s toilet and the pupil drops on that particular beautiful penis as Chad talks dirty.I’m questioning if Mr. Search accompanies still cause I would certainly Love to reenact that scene with Chad and go additionally than that scene.Hopefully Chad is still readily available and also he can contact me through email.

Love it. Self recognize is important at any age.chad hunt gay You constantly have to be true to on your own before you can true to anybody else.

I was incredibly please to find out that Chad Hunter is well and living life totally. He is for certain among the best guy in the business. Hi his heritage Will certainly be always born in mind by his piece looks and also certainly his spectacular bear-magazine.com you The Sword for the upgrade on this hunk all of us enjoy.

Chad appears refreshingly truthful, not the normal self advertising BS we normally get from a lot of celeb interviews.

Chad/Daniel will certainly always be my # 1. If I had a hot body … My dream was to do a scene with you. You are my muse to my dream! I would like to satisfy you personally some day just to hug you and thanks for the many, andi imply positive dreams you gave me!

Thank you for your honesty Daniel. You were awesome as Chad Quest, and also even cooler currently as on your own. That recognizes perhapes we may fulfill someday as well as have a drink. You’re the very best, and also make sure.

Thank you for your honesty Daniel. You were trendy as Chad Search, as well as even cooler now as yourself. That knows perhapes we may fulfill eventually and also have a beverage. You’re the very best, and also take care.

As Chad Search you were a dream to me growing up that I knew I could never ever have.chad hunt gay But Daniel August is the individual I would like to truly recognize and also would allow him to do whatever he wants. And also it’s terrific he took control of his life.

( Yeah I recognize this article is aged yet needed to at least have a possibility to state something. Not that he’ll ever review it. )

Chad h u n t I rejoice you left part and also tidy yourself up from from drugs as well as returned to college got an university education located the love of your life your spouse be a great father to your son remain this way you seem like you very satisfied currently Delight your life as well as helpful for you wheelie p *** it’s far better you have a delighted life after it all the best to you as well as your family we followers are really happy with you

Why did Chad pick to address just a few of the comments? I would love to see his response to all of them– not just the ones he concurs with.

I’m gon na have to add you on Facebook and look you up when I return to the West Coastline. I have actually remained in New Orleans as well long. You were always my favorite grown-up movie star because I was like 18 (I’m 33 now) I still bring up details scenes of you that do the trick still to today. I have one follow up question; you only bottomed on screen when. However are you/were you a fan of bottoming off cam. I always saw you obtaining rimmed and also thought indeed.

All the most effective to you. You sound like you enjoying your life. Yes! I understand you needed to work hard in college as well as your life as a GAY performer. Should of maintain you busy. You have a History Degree and a Fk-in Huge-Ass White Cock.

chad hunt gay

Your good-looking as a younger man and older individual and also you have a son. You live as you can. You have a Can do Mindset. Please maintain your Mindset. IT will take you far. People are always trying to find positive individuals. Your a go getter. Much luck in life.

I enjoy he’s in a far better area in his life. Daniel, please maintain the great, and also remember you’re greater than what individuals desire you to be.

I would certainly love to see more of “Where Are They Currently” posts. I ‘d like to see like what Ryan Block, as well as others from the 90’s and also 2000’s depend on if you have the ability to.

Ummm … I am 11 u2033 inches long when you measure from the underside where your shaft as well as round sac meet and also I am 6u00a07/8 u2033 around at my thickest point in the center. Rather honestly I don’t remember ever before allowing any type of client, trick, or hook-up determine me however I am 44 and the memory did suffer because of my clinical depression euphoria years so there’s that.chad hunt gay LOL

Btw … you can add me on … Facebook at: bear-magazine.com @DanielCAugustInstagram: @RealChadHunt

Did you delete your old twitter account? I could have sworn I was currently following you

That’s an upcoming meeting I’m performing with the bear-magazine.com suffice it to claim I remain in a battle with twitter regarding my old account.

I’ve constantly enjoyed Chad Quest. This is a great, not fantastic interview. Good to recognize he’s well. I keep in mind watching him on Rickki Lake one time. Could we do Ken Ryker or Barrett Long following time?

I can tell you right now Ken is working in N. California however resides in North Dakota with his partner and also 5 children.

I measured his penis years back– it was either 8.5 u2033 or 8.75 u2033, I can’t bear in mind which however I recognize it had not been 9 u2033. I don’t remember the area but it wasn’t 7 u2033.

i think you.,,, a great deal of time you would check out a particular actor has a specific measurement and also you assume,,, where are they measuring from as well as to?

Love Love Love the ‘Where are they now?’ segments— yes, please, may I have some more?:–RRB-

It’s the same on loving this section!! Trevor Knight also please? Among my absolute faves!

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