Care Bears Gay Bear — The MoodyBear



Gay (The Treatment Bears Kids)

Gay is a personality of the tv program, Treatment Bears (Nelvana series).

care bears gay

She shows up in her own program, The Treatment Bears Kids.

She uses a white T-shirt, eco-friendly overalls, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and also pink footwear and a bow in her hair.

Gay Care Bears

A whole rainbow of bears: Natural leather bear, handcuff bondage bear (with “Father” tattoo), piggy bear, pink gay power hand bear (with black bandanna – maybe he’s celebration back bear?), pink triangular bear, Girl Bunny drag queen bear (appears like ze has tribal tattoos likewise.) Terrific information, anonymous artist! On Folsom Road near 8th in San Francisco.

Gay care bear

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Gay bear socks

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Pridebears: Lotsa-Gay Bear Pin

A Series of Queer Bears based on the Carebears franchise


She has blonde hair in a pony tail with blue eyes and also a pink bow. She puts on a white t-shirt as well as eco-friendly overalls with tennis shoes.

She has a thumb and only 3 fingers like the treatment bears, instead of No Heart who has a thumb and 4 fingers.

She is really miserable due to the fact that she thinks she is clumsy and also always messing points bears gay gay is tenderhearts friend; he always calms her down; she goes to school with alice and also anna; she always cries when she is upset; tenderheart exist to calm her down; he hugs gay as well as shush her; he is gays pet dog; an he constantly deal with her when she is ill

Tenderheart brings her to Treatment a Lot as well as she helps in the Huge Celebrity Assemble, assisting all the infant stars take place a journey to the Great Wishing Star so they can come to be large celebrities bears gay Gay isn’t really awkward she simply persuaded herself she can’t do anything right however she is the one who saves the Care Bears from a demon launched by No Heart.


Gay shows up in Care-a-Lot with Tenderheart Bear to overcome her constant clumsiness, and also learns that she will be participating in the annual Large Celebrity Round-Up, a “star drive” that moves other Celebrity Buddies to the Great Wishing Celebrity at Big Star Factor so they can take their area in the sky. While riding in the chuck wagon with Grumpy Bear, she has problem taking the reins not causing it to go out of control, but is encouraged to maintain it.

When bears gay Beastly shows up to put an end to their journey, he sets catches along Gloomy Gulch Route that Gay as well as the bears should avoid one by bears gay When No Heart’s brand-new demon is efficiently summoned back at his castle, he sends it after his blurry opponents to deal with them once and for all.

care bears gay

When points seem at their worst, Gay utilizes her new-found riding abilities to lure the satanic force into one of Beastly’s catches, which hides it under a heap of rocks. With her assistance, the Star Buddies are able to reach their bears gay The Big Celebrity Round-Up

Gay (The Care Bears Family)

Gay is a sustaining character that appeared in the 6th episode of Nelvana’s The Care Bears Family TV series, “The Huge Star Round-Up”.

care bears gay

She is a somewhat klutzy woman that is upset due to the fact that she constantly appears to mess things up. To aid her restore her self-confidence, Tenderheart Bear takes her to Care-a-Lot to join the yearly herding of the Starbuddies.

Care Bears – Gay Bear — The <strong>MoodyBear</strong>