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Exactly How Celibate Gay Christians Deal With Desire

Between the intrigue of gay Christians who are happy with their sexual identity and also „ex-gays,“ who say they’ve removed their homosexual yearnings, is a 3rd group that gets little attention.

can a christian be friends with a gay person

These so-called Side B Christians identify as gay and also believe it’s not sinful to do so. Yet due to the fact that they see acting upon their positioning as ungodly, they commit to a life of celibacy.

Now, for the first time, a sociologist has actually taken an in-depth consider what makes Side Bs tick, particularly exactly how they navigate their same-sex wishes as well as their uncomfortable placement as embeded the center of ex-gay teams and also content gay Christians. The research study is tiny, but discovers that Side Bs experience both tension and also link with these two teams. (The origins of the „Side B“ term are foggy, but the terminology appears to find from the company the Gay Christian Network, which labels gay Christians that do not see their sexuality as wicked as „Side A“ and those who do as „Side B.“)

“ The networks overlap with these 2 teams really strongly, and also they did commonly really feel kind of caught in the center, certainly,“ said research researcher S.J. Creek, a sociologist at Hollins College in Virginia. [5 Myths Regarding Gay Individuals, Debunked]

The study of Side B Christians outgrew a bigger research task by Creek exploring the lives of ex-gay Christians. This activity, which centers greatly around the company Exodus International, claims that same-sex need can be suppressed which sexual preference can be transformed– hence the term „ex-gay.“ Numbers on ex-gay people are hard to find by, however Exodus International claims 3,000 people globally go to among its ministry occasions each week.

In interviewing people that had actually sought help from ex-gay teams and after that left, Creek found two distinct groups: Side As, who reconciled their sexuality with their faith and also believe being gay as well as Christian is not inconsistent; and Side Bs, that approve their orientation but commit to celibacy in order to remain in line with anti-homosexuality tenets.

For her new research study, published May 13 in the journal Symbolic Communication, Creek talked to 5 Side B Christians about their emotions and interactions. Four of the interviewees were guys as well as one was a woman; among the males was wed to a lesbian that also battled with her desires.

The interviews disclosed that desire was a complex issue for the Side Bs. „Allen,“ the 30-something guy married to a lesbian, noted that he ‚d also had gay buddies try to attract him to examine his limits. Such an experience is not uncommon among sober individuals, Creek wrote. [10 Turning Points in Gay Civil Liberties Background]

Admitting to same-sex desires is additionally an issue for Side Bs interacting with ex-gays, as the ex-gay viewpoint holds that also homosexual wish is not alright. Creek’s interviewees reported maintaining their sexuality and their celibacy closeted oftentimes.

“ I have a tendency to categorize myself as a gay, celibate Christian, however I am very hesitant making use of that [description] due to the fact that in nonreligious culture, the word ‚gay‘ suggests attracted to males, as well as in Evangelical Christian subculture, it implies ‚rests with everyone ufb01ve days a week,'“ said one interviewee, called „James“ in the report. Handling the undertones of the term was often way too much of a migraine, James said, so he frequently maintained the details to himself.

At other times, claiming a gay identity was a method to get in touch with various other Christians, both gay and also straight. „Erin,“ a celibate lesbian, informed Creek she discovered a connection with married couples in her Orthodox Church that additionally attempted to lead chaste lives. Allen narrated of a straight Christian retreat administrator who defended him, pointing out that Christian straight guys and Christian gay guys have comparable battles.

“ Each day, Allen awakens and also browses, and he sees individuals he wants to make love with– and also he does not have sex with them because he’s complying with Jesus,“ the male administrator claimed. „As well as daily, I wake up, and I see ladies I wish to make love with– and I do not have sex with them due to the fact that I’m adhering to Jesus. So, we’re both not getting any kind of since we’re adhering to Jesus.“

The research can not be generalised to Christian gays as a group, or perhaps to celibate Christian gays, Creek claimed. Neither can it answer the burning question of who is happier: ex-gays, Side As or Side Bs.

“ Ex-gays are always telling individuals why gays are deeply miserable.

can a christian be friends with a gay person

And also numerous gay activists are mosting likely to tell you why ex-gay protestors are deeply dissatisfied,“ Creek stated. „Every group appears to assume the various other group isn’t quite as happy as they are.“

However, the Side B Christians interviewed by Creek may position a different priority on their sexuality than outsiders might, Creek said.

“ Their Christian identifications are unbelievably vital to them, as well as they would certainly be deeply miserable if they felt they were jeopardizing those identities,“ she claimed.

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If I Have Gay Youngsters: 4 Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent

This attractive letter (of types) has actually been reprinted with permission of the writer, John Pavlovitz, who initially shared it on his very own blog site, is the very first and biggest organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and also queer (LGBTQ) people, their parents as well as families, and allies.

Just how can it be reasonable to say I can not be conserved by God if I’m gay?

From as early as the play ground video games of kiss chase at baby room school, I have constantly understood that I liked the same sex. I matured in a family where science was a constant point of discussion. Religion was never ever a part of my life.

The turning point was when my mommy passed away in my mid-teens. I had a significant reality check. Life was also short and also I should not be squandering days wishing I lived the life I want to lead. There was no running away the pink elephant in my wardrobe any longer. It was, nonetheless, the exact same minute that made me question my atheism. This could not just be the end, could it? One of the most important and also kindhearted individual in my life had just vanished? Weird experiences that I never had actually prior to begun to tremble my life; for example, I would certainly get up in the center of the night at least as soon as a week, and also still do, really feeling a warm presence in my area. Spooky? Could it have been an angel? I was unclear, however I needed to find out more.

I took redemption with a buddy of mine, that was a gospel vocalist, and her family accepted me with open arms. They were a solid Christian family, so eventually they would welcome me to their church efficiencies, their Sunday schools and prayer meetings. It was like a stunning, insightful, covert world that showed off love and acceptance, where everybody took strength from each various other’s confidence, together making use of God’s word, to not just inform the globe yet also to suffer precepts within such a crumbling society.

The strength that Jesus gave me made me feel confident sufficient to surpass my anxieties and tell the world that I was. I was told my option in way of living was from the evil one and they really did not want to be a part of it.can a christian be friends with a gay person I attempted to examine their anger, as I was still a kid of God and I had approved that he was my saviour. There were no responses. They pointed to Leviticus 18:22: „Do not exist with a guy as one exists with a female; that is horrific,“ and also they went on to stop the friendship. I felt as if everything they had actually revealed me, the commandments and the Lord’s love, was simply for show. Confidence during that time felt like a picked lottery game for Jesus’s love.

As I have actually grown, so has my love for God. Even though people who preached his word left and bowed out me, he never ever did. Do I punish Jesus besides he has done for me with ignoring his love entirely? (That definitely is the greatest blasphemy of all.) Due to the fact that others are as well active judging my life to focus on their own battles and also sins: „Allow he that is without transgression cast the very first rock“– John 8:7.

Can I discover a common ground in between my beliefs? Can I still go to Thursday evening’s Gay Girlz at Paradise and afterwards head to church on Sunday, fit and prepared to sing my petitions for my Lord Jesus?

I have actually attempted and also hoped to alter, but end up sensation lost. Argument after debate, I still discover myself being persecuted by both the gay and also Christian community. Every Sunday I walk into church to hope and get disgusted appearances from brothers and also sis. The main factors are for the clear verses in the Scriptures referring to homosexuality as transgression. I understand, I have actually studied the Scriptures.

It’s an uncomfortable and also complicated position a number of us are in. I do not believe it’s fair to declare that I can’t be an LGBT person as well as be saved. God made it clear that there is no sin that can separate us from him aside from the denial of Jesus Christ.

can a christian be friends with a gay person

Is the Bible just down to analysis? Are the 12 mentions of homosexuality in the divine book because of cultural and also historic mistranslations as well as misinterpretations? Lots of do argue that „sexual immorality“ refers to rape and also hooking, not those in a loving partnership.

As a Christian, I’ve really felt God and his visibility and understand what it seems like to feel the divine spirit. The scripture had not been part of my life from a very early age; I asked God ahead into my life. No person who is conserved can describe that abrupt thrill of understanding, that feeling of overall understanding that God exists. For this I live my life with respect, understanding as well as love for others just the method God instructed me. Absolutely nothing on the planet is ever black and white, and also no single person is excellent. If I know love, after that I know God, and also to share a constant connection with him with the battles as well as examinations of my trip is what I shall do. The sex of my partner will certainly not come between our bond, ever.

Do Ask, Do Inform, Allow’s Talk: Why Christians Must Have Gay Friends

Conversations on debatable concerns do not go well when the dialogue occurs community-to-community or figurehead-to-figurehead. Whether it’s race, religious beliefs, or national politics, teams do not chat well with teams. Too much goes to stake when we feel like our words as well as activities promote the cumulative whole. That is why the aim of this publication is friendship. Relationship is the level at which influence can be had due to the fact that the dialogue does not look for to represent a program however to comprehend an individual.

When it concerns the topic of homosexuality as well as same-sex attraction the approach has actually often tended to be a lot more belligerent or political than pastoral and also personal. Yet, Do Ask, Do Inform, Allow’s Talk intends to aid make a shift in this technique by encouraging a genuine need to have close friends who experience same-sex tourist attraction, and also with the structure of those relationships develop an appreciation for their experiences as people. Brad Hambrick’s desire is to show that it is with connections that Christians can really reveal the love of Christ and also reveal the Christian belief in manner ins which are a lot more significant for everyone included.

I’m the author/artist as well as I wish to examine Do Ask, Do Tell, Let’s Talk: Why Christians Ought To Have Gay Buddies.

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What Comes After the Ex-Gay Activity? The Exact Same Thing That Came Before.

Mike stopped moving his paintbrush as the words fell clumsily from my mouth.can a christian be friends with a gay person He was repainting the St. Louis house I called home in the summer season of 1997 as I started pursuing my PhD in historical theology.

He would certainly asked me concerning my schooling, and we reached discussing confidence. Mike had explained to me exactly how he felt he might never ever go to church due to the fact that he was gay.

“ I understand they claim that’s not supposed to take place,“ I went on, after going down the bombshell. „But that’s my tale.“ Mike looked at me with rate of interest as he set the paint can down, gently stabilizing his brush on its side.

Reviewing this encounter, I can see that it had all the trappings of what ended up being called the ex-gay activity, of which I was once an eager proponent. Most remarkable is my use of the ex-gay manuscript: „I used to be gay.“ The phrase suggested that I wasn’t gay anymore. I had a testimony, a story to tell about leaving homosexuality behind.

To be clear, my sexual destinations at that moment were attracted as specifically to other men as ever. I was still at the top of the Kinsey range that scientists considering that the 1940s have utilized to classify sexual orientation. What made me ex-gay was that I made use of the ex-gay manuscript. I was trying to persuade myself that I was a straight man with a condition– a treatable one– called homosexuality. A problem that was being recovered.

My terminological maneuver was an indispensable component of conversion treatment. Alan Medinger, the first executive supervisor of Exodus International, defined it as „a modification in self-perception in which the private no longer identifies him- or herself as homosexual.“ It was all about …

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A Gay Man and his Traditional Christian Pal

Depending upon where you live, resistance as well as acceptance can be evasive. In the heartland, where I live currently, religious traditionalists are plentiful, which suggests hostilities can style.

Do Ask, Do Tell, Allow’s Talk: Why and Just how Christians Must Have Gay Friends

Conversations on controversial issues do not to go well when the dialogue takes place community-to-community or figurehead-to-figurehead. Whether it’s race, religious beliefs, or politics, teams don’t speak well with teams. Too much goes to risk when we seem like our words and actions promote the collective whole.can a christian be friends with a gay person Systems as well as platforms will never ever achieve what can just be done around table and in living spaces.

2 individuals from those respective groups are a lot more likely to create an excellent partnership, affecting each other in different ways. Unfortunately, a person who pays attention well is commonly watched by his/her collective compatriots as engaging in compromise; at the group level, standing for each side fairly really feels excessive like arrangement.

That is why the aim of this book is friendship. Friendship is the level at which influence can be had, since the dialogue does not seek to represent a schedule however to comprehend an individual. Relationship is what safeguards good points from coming to be gotcha moments.

The topic for which this technique might be most crucial for the modern church may be homosexuality and also same-sex attraction (SSA). Yet our strategy has actually often tended to be more belligerent or political than pastoral and personal.

Churches have actually verbalized their setting on a traditional sex-related values. Churches have actually re-examined the crucial scriptural messages that are tested in defense of a modern sexual values. As important as these points are, nevertheless, they do not gear up day-to-day Christians to develop meaningful friendships with individuals who experience same-sex tourist attraction or have accepted a gay identification.

Numerous Christians are seeing that the church’s unwillingness to befriend people who experience SSA has blocked us from involving with the topic of homosexuality on a person-to-person level. We are reserved to involve partnerships where it really feels probable that there will certainly be awkwardness.

Unquestionably, this book is not as „cool“ as you could like for it to be. Several stress will be navigated; possibly not all contradictions will be prevented. Nevertheless, when it becomes salt as well as light for the sake of the gospel, it seems much much better to pick possible messiness over guaranteed inefficacy.

That implies we need to recognize that it benefits us to have conversations where we don’t know what to claim. This is part of the essence of being a growing individual. When we’re not having discussions that challenge us to consider brand-new points, we will certainly dedicate wrongs either of satisfaction or apathy. We must always be praying that God will certainly bring individuals right into our lives who will certainly give the possibility for us to ask new and important concerns.

The need of this book is to be a resource God utilizes to grow his people into outstanding ambassador-friends to their classmates, colleagues, and also member of the family that experience SSA.can a christian be friends with a gay person If this is what you want to do and also be, then God will certainly be faithful to complete this operate in you regardless of the strengths and also weak points, understandings and oversights of this publication (Philippians 1:6). Thanks for taking this journey with me.

10 Factors God Enjoys Gay Christians

1. The term „homosexual“ didn’t exist up until 1892. Some contemporary Scriptures translations claim that „homosexuals“ will certainly not inherit the kingdom of God, yet neither the idea neither words for individuals with special same-sex destination existed prior to the late 19th century. While the Scriptures declines lustful same-sex actions, that’s extremely various from a stricture of all gay individuals and connections.

2. Sexual orientation is a brand-new concept– one that the Christian practice hasn’t attended to. Lots of Christians draw on their faith’s customs to form their ideas, but the idea of sexual orientation is new. Till recent years, same-sex behavior was positioned in the same classification with gluttony or intoxication– as a vice of excess anyone may be susceptible to– not as the expression of a sexual preference. The Christian custom has never talked with the modern-day issue of LGBT people and also their relationships.

3. Celibacy is a present, not a required. The Scriptures honors celibacy as an excellent way of living– Jesus was celibate, after all– yet it also explains that celibacy should be a volunteer choice. Requiring that all gay individuals continue to be celibate is at chances with the Bible’s mentors on celibacy, which are grounded Scripture’s core affirmation that God’s physical development is good.

4.can a christian be friends with a gay person Condemning same-sex partnerships is hazardous to the LGBT community. Jesus showed in the Lecture on the Mount that good trees bear excellent fruit, while negative trees birth poor fruit. The church’s rejection of same-sex relationships has triggered significant, needless experiencing to the LGBT neighborhood– poor fruit. Those unsafe repercussions must make Christians open to reassessing the church’s traditional mentor.

5. Sodom and also Gomorrah entailed an attempted gang rape, not a caring connection. It’s commonly assumed that God damaged Sodom and Gomorrah out of his rage versus same-sex relations, however the only kind of same-sex actions defined in the tale is an attempted gang rape– absolutely nothing like a caring, dedicated partnership. The Bible explicitly condemns Sodom for its pompousness, inhospitality and also apathy toward the poor– not for same-sex habits.

6. The restrictions in Leviticus do not relate to Christians. Leviticus condemns male same-sex sexual intercourse, however the entire Old Testament law code has actually never related to Christians in light of Christ’s death. Leviticus additionally condemns eating pork, rabbit, or shellfish, cutting hair beside one’s head, as well as having sex throughout a female’s menstrual duration– none of which Christians remain to observe.

7. Paul condemns same-sex desire, not love. Like various other old authors, Paul defined same-sex habits as the outcome of too much sexual desire for people that might be material with opposite-sex connections. He really did not have long-lasting, caring same-sex relationships in sight.can a christian be friends with a gay person As well as while he explained same-sex behavior as „unnatural,“ he likewise stated men having long hair violates nature, and many Christians review that as a reference to cultural conventions.

8. Marriage is about dedication. Marriage usually involves procreation, however according to the New Testament, it’s based on something deeper: a long-lasting commitment to a companion. Marital relationship is also compared to the partnership between Christ as well as the church, and while the language utilized is opposite-sex, the core principles use just as well to same-sex couples.

9. Humans are relational. From the beginning of Genesis, humans are described as having a need for partnership, just as God himself is relational. Sexuality is a core component of what it suggests to be a relational individual, as well as to condemn LGBT individuals’s sexuality outright harms their capability to be in connection with all people– as well as with God.

10. Faithful Christians are currently accepting LGBT bros as well as siblings. Mainstream religions like Presbyterians and also Episcopalians now commission honestly gay clergy, and also there are seeds of adjustment in evangelical churches too. This November, the Reformation Project will certainly hold a training meeting for approximately 900 LGBT-affirming Christians in Washington, D.C.– and also the movement for adjustment in conventional churches is simply beginning.

Matthew Vines is the writer of God as well as the Gay Christian and is the creator of The Reformation Task, a Bible-based non-profit company that looks for to reform church teaching on sexual orientation and also sex identity. Matthew stays in Wichita, Kansas.

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Inquiry: „Is it a wrong for me to love my gay close friends?“

Taking into account the recent SCOTUS choice in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, I’ve been obtaining tons of inquiries relating to just how we as Christians ought to react to the Supreme Court’s affirmation of same-sex marriage.

Probably one of one of the most sixty-four-thousand-dollar questions I’ve been asked is exactly how a Christian that does not affirm the authenticity of these supposed „same-sex marital relationships“ ought to connect to and also treat someone who has picked to live as a honestly exercising homosexual.

We live in a society that is stressed with tolerance. An individual can escape being lots of points, however something that basically everyone in America today can not stand is a person that has been labeled intolerant.

can a christian be friends with a gay person

A chauvinist. Somebody that is closed-minded.

The definition of intolerance, nonetheless, has undertaken somewhat of a quiet revolution as of late. Men and women are no longer viewed as „tolerant“ if they merely enable somebody to hold a point of view that differs from their own. In order to not be a chauvinist, they should attest that this different belief is equally as good and right as their own.

This postures somewhat of an issue to Christians, particularly relating to something as emotionally billed as just how we associate with our homosexual friends and in some cases also family. We do not wish to be viewed as bigots, but after that we additionally can not overlook what the Holy bible needs to claim on the subject.

Below are 2 points that could be valuable in responding to the inquiry, „is it a wrong for me to like my gay close friends:“

Hopefully this has been valuable. Sin is not a condition that abrades on you when you come into contact with a sinner. Wrong is an illness that has currently contaminated us all. If it is a wrong to enjoy sinners, Jesus is the largest sinner of them all, due to the fact that „while we were still sinners, Christ craved us“ (Rom. 5:8). Jesus‘ love for sinners, nevertheless, was a call to repent. It was a phone call to die to the wishes of the flesh as well as to follow after Him. As you daily involve with people that believe in different ways on the issue than you do, remember to enjoy them as Jesus does: Love them in spite of their sin, call them to repent of their wrong, and also call them to find brand-new life in the Gospel.

Can You Be Gay as well as Christian? Responding with Love and Fact to Questions Concerning Homosexuality

Just how do we reply to gay people who tell us how much they like the Lord and experience God’s power? How do we answer them when they state that the greatest regulation is the legislation of love, and that love needs us to accept them as they are? What do we finish with the debate that the Old Testimony regulations (such as the prohibition against homosexuality and also the nutritional legislations) no longer apply?

Can You Be Gay and also Christian? answers these questions and also more with insight as well as biblical understanding, supplying useful support for all Christians who have gay close friends or relative or that deal with their very own sexuality. Softcover.

I’m the author/artist as well as I wish to evaluate Can You Be Gay as well as Christian? Responding with Love and also Fact to Questions Regarding Homosexuality.

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Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian

Composing with deep compassion and also with integrity to historic Christian teaching, Wesley Hillside obtains a rich understanding of friendship as a spiritual occupation and explains just how the church can cultivate relationship as a standard part of Christian discipleship. He helps us reimagine friendship as a robust kind of love that deserves honor as well as interest in areas of belief.

can a christian be friends with a gay person

This publication states a positive requiring celibate gay Christians and also suggests useful means for all Christians to grow more powerful friendships.

Should I Attend the Wedding of a Gay Pal or Relative?

All good pastoral theology begins with Jesus. The Gospels give us clear instances of just how Jesus engages with those who way of livings are not divine. He dines with tax obligation enthusiasts, hangs out with prostitutes, as well as attempts to talk with dirty immigrants. Jesus has definitely no worry doing points with sinners.

Based upon this thinking, after that, we may end that Christians need to have no problem attending a gay wedding celebration, even if they do not concur with it. Jesus in his pastoral engagements seldom evaluated. Undoubtedly as God’s salt as well as light, we are contacted us to go among unbelievers, deal with them, as well as wish them via their joys and also griefs in hopes of seeing for Christ.

Yet there’s one more point of view: Marital relationship is a God-given statute that talks to more than just the love between two people. Biblical mentor on marital relationship reveals us that the union of a males and female is the symbol of the union of Christ as well as his church. The Book of Revelation imagines the fantastic wedding feast at the end of time, the union of the Bridegroom and also his bride.

So doing marriage incorrectly is an act of idolatry. It’s a rejection of both the regulation God has actually offered as well as the meaning of that statute. Since the gender of the individuals in marital relationship is very important, mixing those sexes up damages the point marriage was meant to stand for. Just how can a Christian be associated with such a thing?

Like many Christians, I locate myself torn on this pushing problem. I explain my point of view as „postgay.“ Today, I have a wife as well as household. Years earlier, I chose that my same-sex alignment would not specify me.can a christian be friends with a gay person I contradicted the suggestion that same-sex attraction confirms same-sex habits. …

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9 Ways to Connect to a Gay-Identified Pal

A number of us know a person who determines as gay, lesbian or bisexual, whether a co-worker, neighbor, or pal. We are commonly asked, „How do I witness to this person?“

A number of us know somebody who determines as gay, lesbian or bisexual, whether an associate, neighbor, or pal. We are often asked, „Exactly how do I witness to he or she?“

We want your marital relationship to be thriving and healthy and balanced. Take the cost-free Marital relationship Assessment from Concentrate On the Family members to discover just how to enhance your bond with your spouse as well as get the tools to assist you require to grow closer together.

The Fruit of the Spirit Devotional is a complimentary series of 9 brief video clips to get you into God’s Word as well as motivate you to seek the Holy Spirit’s assistance in caring your partner.

Jeff Johnston works as an Issues Analyst for Focus on the Family, composing and educating regarding marital relationship, homosexuality as well as gender, in addition to motivating and outfitting Christians to involve the culture on these issues. He frequently shares his story of having a hard time as a Christian with same-sex tourist attractions as well as exactly how God brought healing and also modification to his life. Before operating at Concentrate on the Household, Jeff acted as the Supervisor of Regrowth, a ministry dedicated to offering resources and also assistance for men and women that experience same-sex tourist attraction, as well as for their enjoyed ones as well as for churches as well as ministries. He finished Phi Beta Kappa from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s in English as well as a Teaching Credential. Jeff and also his better half, Judy, have been wed twenty years as well as have 3 adolescent boys.

Single moms and dads usually locate that recognizing where to start with talking to your youngsters about sex can really feel frustrating. But these conversations can succeed when rooted in Biblical concepts.

Finding out that your teen little girl is making love can likely leave you with even more inquiries than responses. Complying with the preliminary wave of feelings as well as panic, you might ask on your own: How did I not understand regarding this? What do I do currently?

Man and woman are not what we feel we are, yet what we in fact are. Assist your kids arrange the reality from fiction regarding transgenderism due to the fact that transgenderism doesn’t literally exist.

After a pair has actually picked life, hear the heartwarming stories of children that society would certainly have cast aside, yet are making remarkable impacts in their communities. Whether the medical diagnosis was adverse or the situations were challenging, these stories will certainly inspire you ahead along side of family members who have actually chosen life!

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Will you pray for the pre-born as well as mothers that are encountering unforeseen maternities? We will certainly send you a 7-day petition guide that will help lead you along this journey with us !! You can also choose to receive this great resource by message!

Will you wish the pre-born as well as moms that are encountering unexpected pregnancies? We will send you a 7-day petition overview that will assist lead you along this trip with us !! You can also select to obtain this great resource by message!

<strong>Interacting</strong> With a <strong>Gay-Identified</strong> <em>Friend</em> – <strong>Focus</strong> on the <strong>Family</strong>