WATCH: Episode # 2 of Black Gay Internet Collection “Freefall”

We had the opportunity to have an extensive meeting with Pierru00e9 about the collection (complete meeting coming quickly) and we were delighted to listen to that the upcoming episodes will have more than the usual stereotypes of gay gay series list While the very first episode seemed to oppose that suggestion, this brand-new episode does a full 180 u00b0 turn by offering us more background into the characters minds. Ideally the authors do not wander off also far into the melodrama territory in an effort to go against the “gay grain.” So far the series has potential but certainly still really feels unequal as well as trying to locate itself.

Regardless of where they take the series, its fantastic to see everyday gay characters on the display with day-to-day struggles and challenges. Watch for our unique interview with the showrunner Lamont Pierru00e9 where we went over the state of black gay movie theater, his collection Freefall and Cypher Method’s unexpected link to the show.

ha I see you Lamont. Ok ok really interesting. Some nice character advancement and I am sure some audiences available have actually experienced circumstances really similar. Nervous to see where this goes.

I am appreciating this collection, believed prompting storyline, solid characters, good acting as well as a vibrant cast that I wish to find out more regarding!

Roam if the actors ever heard of “Performing Classes?” “Routing Classes?” I’m not apologizing for coming hard. Just can not do it. Screen presence? yes. Video camera presence? indeed. Performing? SUX

Don’t say sorry, brother! There’s space for improvement with our show. Thanks for watching.– Program Maker, Lamont Pierru00e9

Lamont … Thank you soo a lot for creating this program. There has actually been such a gap to see regular black gay males on movie. I am really intrigued to see where this is going. I hope you have more tales such as this in the future.

Great, I found myself being pulled in. I want to know even more concerning the characters and also their circumstances. When is Ep. 3?

Even though the performing is somewhat amateurish, I find the story intriguing and can not wait till the following episode.

I like it. I’ve enjoyed it several times. The performing is what it is, but okay …black gay series list we’ve seen worse. I’m ecstatic because these people, these characters seem real. I’m delighted to get more information … nevertheless … please service the sound high quality lol. Kudos to the developers of this!

Congrats. Episode 2 is appealing. Some useful criticism … not everybody a follower of R&B, may want to wonderful more innovative in music options.

this is show is merely intriguing … not every little thing is about oscar performances or they wouldnt be a tyler perry people. extremely authentic desire it was longer … pushing men terrific task thus far.

Black as well as Hot TV’s “Challenging Love” Discloses What’s Missing Out On From Black Gay Internet Series

” Challenging Love,” a new non-gay collection released by Black as well as Hot television, reveals what’s been missing out on from Black Gay Internet Series for all these years.

To be straightforward, besides being well made, there’s nothing really initial concerning this collection by Caleb Davis as well as Roni Simpson. Have a look at the official summary:

Yo, it resembles they really did not even try. I might toss a rock out of any random brownstone in Brooklyn and also hit an arbitrary movie crew shooting a series/movie with the specific same plot.

I’m actually not also mad at it, though. Why reinvent the wheel if the goal is to just inform daily tales about everyday people in connections?

Personally, I’m a little bored with Black material makers adhering to the tried as well as real “relationship drama” tales. Yet these web collection are preferred for a reason: People like to see characters and also circumstances that they can understand.

It’s that simple. And also while seeing “Tough Love” I understood that is what has actually been missing from Black Gay Web Collection.

From “Around Him” to “Freefall” to “Triangle,” most gay web series do not have any type of depiction of normality. Everyday life.

Every gay tale appears to be concerning Sex, Late Night Hookups, Melodrama, Drug Use, Even More Sex, Shade and also Arbitrary Reasons For The Stars To Get Naked.

Not only are Black Gay Web Series not thinking about typical life, they continue the illinformed story that gay males are sexual deviants. True, some gay men are consumed with sex, much like the majority of males in general, but web collection like those developed by Black and Hot television program life beyond just “obtaining a nut.”

Now watch the trailer for “Around Him,” the existing most popular Black Gay Internet Collection:

See the distinction? Both series have to do with sex and gay series list However one reveals the the real world difficulties that featured keeping healthy and balanced (or unhealthy) sexual lives as young adults … the other shows what it would certainly be like to get a blow task from your older bro’s friend while he remains in the extremely following area.

The current success of the feature movie “Moonlight” need to be an indication to Black Gay Filmmakers that they do not need to resort to softcore pornography to get viewers and also the board, individuals have said they loved “Moonlight” due to the fact that they can connect to the personality of Chiron in numerous different ways. A great deal of followers have claimed they liked the 3rd act the most, which just features men on a day, no sex whatsoever.

Which film was made by a heterosexual guy. Gay males should be telling our genuine stories. This is no different than a White Director making Black movies, while appropriate, it would certainly behave to see a Black Filmmaker at the helm. Without the demand to turn to porn.

Inquiry to Black Gay Filmmakers: Which honor would they choose? An Academy Honor Election … or most checked out Myvidster Video? The last, it would seem.

Shows like “Tough Love” have their fair share of eye sweet and sex scenes, yet they are gained with strong personality development and also inspirations. We’re not simply waiting to see the next sex scene or when the actors will obtain nude. We’re waiting to see how they maneuver via daily life.

That is what’s missing out on from our Black Gay Internet Series: Everyday life. Relatable Personalities as well as Scenarios. Involving Dramatization not Melodrama. Romance not Foreplay. Credibility not Pornography.

I have actually been a fan of this internet collection for some time now. I locate that I delight in internet collection surrounding straight characters greater than the gay themed web series. It makes me wonder what the concern truly is. Is it the designers or the audience? If the audience simply wishes to see a lot of sex after that of course you’re going to have people following suit to try to maximize it. I; m not mosting likely to act as if I really did not enjoy Concerning Him due to the fact that I did. On the various other hand, I can confess that I wouldn’t have actually seen that if it weren’t for the sex. If gay guys can somehow step outside of their hormones for a moment as well as attempt to open their minds to various other points I believe the high quality of tasks would boost.

I should admit “Challenging Love” resembles a have to see web series. It’s most definitely interesting how they are both set up around a similar facility although only one appears to be telling a gay series list Yet reality be told it makes me ask yourself if the gay material developers are making this sort of collection due to the fact that they may truly think that’s all their gay male target market has an interest in? Since I don’t believe gay men value deepness but more so worth the surface area … However maybe if one internet collection material maker stepped outside the box to bring something various to the displays, it can show our fellow gay man seeing audience that there is worth below the surface area and offering them with different web content to understand.

Due to the fact that a lot of these web collection seem to be about closeted gay black man, that stay in Atlanta as well as party constantly with no deepness actually to their character. And as a millennial myself, I truly can not connect to that. One because I do not reside in Atlanta, et cetera aren’t daily facts for me.

However allow’s hope they change up their web content. I understand you men saw my article in the city young boys thread about a plot for a groundbreaking web collection … now I actually a suggestion like the one i proposed might truly transform the game.

I think about Regarding Him porn with a storyline. Usually when we watch normal porn we obtain the typical bs of two guys randomly running into each various other, or one man methods an additional guy, or both individuals are friends with a bicurious rate of interest. Concerning Him is the kind of porn I such as to see where there’s a legitimate story, and a sex scene that is nice to see, and collaborated flawlessly. Nonetheless, I don’t intend to identify Regarding Him as anything else, however porn.I concur with you that we require to test black gay material makers to provide us a show with even more depth to the characters as well as a more practical concentrate on the storyline’s development (i.e. passing by sex). This one web series called No Shade was close to doing this, yet this program fell short, in my viewpoint, because it felt like simply a repeat of Noah’s Arc with a transgender consisted of. I’m still waiting on that genuine, manly, black, gay, internet series.:/

Thething that got me about “About Him” is that it in fact started off really strong storywise. After that the pricks began coming out behind wastebasket and also there was no turning back. I can not state too much, however I believe a program centered around both lesbians and gay men in “normal” scenarios is on the means.

I like that you discussed that scene of the “pricks behind the trashcan” since that certainly was the transforming point for the most awful and also it was getting good prior to that and the intro of Rico Pruitt’s personality.

You people don’t believe that “Triangular” does an excellent work of portraying normalcy? They are even more of a soap opera however they actually dig deeply into family dynamics, relationships, business negotiations and also management/organizational conflicts. The side task “Davenport Diaries” discovers what it resembles to work in an organization where points are regulated by a family and also every person’s is vying for setting as well as to progress themselves. And also the opposite project “3siders” had entire episode concerning safe sex, testing, condom usage and also being educated. Among the brand-new major characters is POZ. As well as the thing that I believe collections “Triangle” apart is they feature lots of heterosexual stories and give the women characters solid storylines. It’s not like there’s a hatred between the gay and also straight personalities aside from the typical scenarios that might create remarkable conflict.

black gay series list

They could stand to boost their manufacturing values (noise, cam shakiness) and also the dramatic stress is occasionally abrupt without correct build-up what brought about it (affordable develop to a remarkable story arc?) yet it’s a rather dope program.

I actually claim the exact same thing regularly! There is very little material in the majority of gay films/web-series. The concentrate on character growth just– doesn’t appear to be the focus, lol. I enjoy how you placed both trailers side-by-side so we can all see the big difference right in our face. QUALITY is one more concern, like you quickly mentioned. Fantastic article!

Thanks for informing me about this brand-new web series. For some time, I just looked at black gay internet series. And considering that they did not fulfill me the method I anticipated, I opted for the straight black one. In between this moment, I watch a Lesbian web series and was absolutely disappointed as well as a mixed casts with a white manufacturer. This one was really fascinating actually. I believed I would certainly never view anything with a gay white man casts as lead. But since I lacked offered black gay content that appealed to me, I needed to take the dive. Although I will certainly continue to check out Black Gay content including black men, because that is who I am, I will certainly keep my perspective’s opened.

Anyhow, you are right regarding Around Him. It missed it mark. I was completely taken when that youngster put his hands in pants without thinking what the target market really felt concerning him. Now I considered it TRASHED. It took me several months before I might mustard up sufficient digestive tracts to enjoy future episodes. Although I was entertained by the sexual content, I was left empty concerning what was actual going on.

As you know, there is a fight taking place between the author and the producer of this series. Currently they are 2 period by 2 different production companies. To be straightforward, the producer has even more experience in the cinemas location, while they lack in creating much better web content. At the same time, the writer stories can be fascinating at times, however his cinema is off a fair gay series list All I can desire is these guys good luck. However there is no other way, the writer is going to gain a person with a record of producing cinema for numerous years.

That was tough to get into or comply with due to the fact that all those episodes are scattered on BallroomThrowbacks, it’s an unusual why to put out your material if you want brand-new customers if you ask me. But I think they have their own channel for it currently, perhaps I’ll attempt to binge someday. However many thanks.

Yeah they released the first 2 periods in a type of disorganized way but if you sign up for the website ($ 9.99 a month or the a lot more economical $50/year) everything is laid out on a VHX channel in a very well organized means. They also have a great deal of ballroom web content from years ago for those who have an interest in that kind of point.

I dislike to be dehydrated yet when I saw the scene when Darius (Devin Coleman) was cooking in the kitchen and they showed how thick he was from behind… JESUS Grace! lol: whew:: khart1:: be glad:: foine:

I despise to be dehydrated yet when I saw the scene when Darius (Devin Coleman) was food preparation in the kitchen area and they demonstrated how thick he was from behind… JESUS Mercy! lol: whew:: khart1:: be glad:: foine:

SEE: Episode # 1 of New Black Gay Internet Collection “Freefall”

Last week the very first episode of a brand-new experimental internet collection, “Freefall”, focusing on the lives of daily Gay men silently premiered online. We’re type of late sharing this one because since prior to its premiere we had actually remained in talks with filmmaker Lamont Pierru00e9 (My Sibling Keeper) on setting up an interview for Cypher Method. Well that meeting happened last night as well as it was a great one; filled with frank as well as straightforward discuss the series and also the state of Gay movie in the meanwhile (for those who have not seen it yet), take a look at the very first episode of the brand-new series (embedded below) that was filmed in Atlanta starring newbies Shamon Glaspy, Langston John Blaze as well as Joseph Fulton. Here’s the run-through:” An inadequately paced Black gay internet series embeded in Atlanta around males not doing anything yet thinking of making love with each other. Certainly they likewise happen to be roomies.”

Once more, not a surprises below so far. The episode features the same laundry list of characteristics, attributes and also stereotypes we’ve come to anticipate from Gay black cinema (unfaithful sweethearts, promiscuous sluts, hookups). Nevertheless we’ve seen sufficient of Lamont Pierru00e9’s previous work to hold out hopes for even more deepness and characterization within the series in the future.

Daily updates concerning the collection can be seen on Facebook ( and also on Twitter ( has capacity. Why does every little thing about being gay has to start off with a sex scene? Everything is always concerning sex. It didn’t even develop to an orgasm. It went from 0 to 60 in like 3 secs. That has to be the brand-new document. It opens with a fuck scene … essentially a “fuck scene.” Not love, but str8 up gay series list No love, just plays right into stereotypes– 2 canines met on the street and also began fucking. Calling it unrefined is an understatement. It made me want to wince, yet in some way I couldn’t. I simply wished to say is that all we can “write about?” There’s no creating skillz required to create a “sex scene”– just enter the bed as well as begin fucking.

Too soon for me to gauge the series. I will remain to see due to the fact that there is little else for the brothas. Atleast the characters are somewhat simple on the eyes, and not excessively effeminate.

Bad script, poor acting, zero creativity. We can already see where this is going. Attractive roomie moves in; drama and also sexual high jinks occur. I am not interested.

Something Noah’s Arc had going for it, regardless of its flaming womanhood, was strong writing. There’s no alternative to an excellent script. That cares exactly how fine the stars are if they’re refraining from doing or stating anything fascinating? Based upon what I saw, I could not care less what happens next.

One point they got right is the title. If this preview is any indication of what’s ahead, Freefall will also be its destiny.

I can not as well as will not negatively judge this specific web series from the initial episode alone. The personalities have actually fascinated me so I need to know extra. I’ll be seeking the following episode. And in my point of view, the initial scene being a sex scene really did not faze me. The writer/director apparently had factors for it. I require to see other episodes prior to I can make any determination for liking this internet series or otherwise. Today, I’m interested.

Acting was unstable. Manuscript was gay series list In some way though, I was captivated so I’ll continue viewing. It’s only the initial episode so it can constantly improve.

Inquiry: “What makes this internet series any different from the other hundred web series regarding young black gay guys?” Solution: Nothing at all, it was just okay, nothing to make me intend to see an additional episode, best way I can say it is “Those that can do as well as those that can’t intend to”, it’s no DL Chronicles and has a lengthy method to go, I would certainly give them an E for EFFORT. It was as well stereotyped and also foreseeable.

I rejoice that there is a brand-new offering of programs accommodating us brothas but I do not want to see a show with perfectly coiffed, fit, sexy semi-porn stars to make me seem like I’m being entertained. I’ll watch it to reveal my support, however just like any type of various other program as soon as I capture a whiff of some fuckery or a hackneyed story I’m out.

I believed it was great … not overacted … not stereotypish … authentic and also clean. I ‘d like to see more.

Models: ShaMon, Jody as well as Langston. Langston, one of the crucial actors in the original collection left for one more production that never ever got off the ground called within. I located this out talking with the prouder of that series. (It’s a pity it is not detailed here).

The series took a completely different direction hereafter. Season one featured Chad, TYson, Tony, Ray, Nico, and so on

I think TYSON personality was what allow FREEFALL to take a different direction, due to the fact that the story was focused around him.

I feel FREEFALL shed it instructions after the old man was fired and SEASON 2 brought in Saleem. At this moment, I wish they end this collection with TYson being caught, since that is what FREEFALL came to be.

In short, Xavier Recovery was never ever actually discovered. The concern with the rape that took place was not fixed as well. These are both really vital concerns and that was a missed chance. Way too much time has actually gone with these issues to be essential. My bro’s caretaker (where Freefall originated from) would solve matter in 2 episodes, but absolutely nothing here.

Now I see Webcam is an “Educator” as well as Tyson is looking for aid in obtaining his G.E.D. We have not also seen TYSON’s girlfriend and kid and also the circumstance happening with that.

Gay Is the New Black: The Best Gay Internet Collection You have actually Never Heard Of

Orange might be the brand-new black on Netflix, yet being gay is the brand-new black in America. From the popularity of Looking on HBO to increasing marriage rights in states all throughout the country, it’s a fun time to be gay. Nevertheless, even though there’s so much gay representation on TV, much of these characters are one dimensional. The criticism of Looking’s lack of diversity, Modern Family members’s camp, or the gay-as-the-victim character, locating nuanced gay characters can be rough.

black gay series list

Yet guess what? They were right under your nose during. Where are they ?! On the interwebs!

Below is a listing of gay artists creating web content on the net that is truthful, in some cases amusing, occasionally depressing, and also always original. That understands? If we support these outstanding net artists, we might in fact see some of this great work on TV. #FingersCrossed

These individuals are great (also I have actually collaborated with them). Chicago musicians currently working in New york city, Daniel Sears, Jason Jude Hill as well as Grady Dennis have been creating extremely funny sketches for several years! I also such as this one, oh, as well as this one. OK, this set also.

Not Looking From Funny or Pass away, featuring Drew Droege (aka Chloe), comes this hilarious spoof on Looking. Picking at the flaws of Looking, Not Looking shows an actual, and also constantly amusing, piece of actual gay life.

Lesbians are sorely underrepresented on television these days, yet The Spouse shows what it’s like to make a new lesbian connection job.

From It Gets Betterish, Haunting Renditions as well as Eliot’s Sketch Pad, Mr. Glazer is a sketch video clip master. Do on your own a support and also follow him, you’ll thank me when he’s extremely well-known.

Since Noah’s Arc finished, there’s been a severe absence of gay individuals of shade on television. Now in Season 3, My Brother’s Caretaker continues to check out crucial social issues, something that routine television is means as well terrified to go near.

Writer/comedian Michael Cyril Creighton produced Jack in a Box, an honor winning web-series that shows you truly should be a lot more nice to the person marketing you tickets.

Produced by Adam Goldman, The Outs adheres to the lives of young Brooklynites. Embarking on that success, Goldman has actually returned with a fantastic brand-new collection, Whatever This Is. Clearly this person has a lot to supply!

I imply, I can’t even tell you how great these two are! Developed by Jefferey Self as well as Cole Escola, Jefferey and Cole Casserole has grown to be much more than simply a web-series. The duo lately went to Australia for their live show.

ENJOY: Black Gay Vampire Internet Series— VAMPIRE G

A new black gay internet collection has actually emerged, this time around with a distinct spin: Vampires. From the manufacturers of the Atlanta based “down low” series, T.R.A.D.E. Everything comes what can be a narrative breath of fresh air in the realm of black gay media.

Not to be confused with Cypher Method’s very own upcoming audio Vampire collection, The Period, this new task by Writer/Director Dante Black seems an allegory for the ubiquity of HIV and help dispersing in the black gay neighborhood.

The series stars design Denerick Lindsey, Channing Harral (T.R.A.D.E ALL OF IT), Clayton Julian, EJ Peterson, Jevon Loving as well as Kayin Malik (Star) as Rashawn Dario.

From the Innovative Mind of Director/Writer, Dante Black. Executive Produced by Media Magnate, DiamondKesawn, Vampire G is a collection that encompases Uniqueness, Fantasy, Love, Understanding as well as Everyday Realistic Look.

Nick Antonov, An inspiring writer as well as helpless romantic seeking to discover his soulmate, locates himself opening the website to the supernatural world when he encounters Blaise Alessandro, whom he think’s to be the male of his desires after meeting by means of a gay dating application.

As we already understand in life, absolutely nothing is ever what it appears. This holds true as Nick is familiar with Blaise and also all the elements that include him. The significance of True love is taken to a whole new degree when Nick discovers what the Soul of Blaise is truly everything about.

Vampire G is a groundbreaking new web series created by the Director as well as Producers of T.R.A.D.E EVERYTHING.

Vampire G is wanting to go outside package when it involves LGBTIQ Film and also Television Material and also evaluate the restrictions of truth vs. dream vs. implementation.

Being the initial of its kind Vampire G is developed to increase HIV/AIDS recognition by utilizing the context of the program in comparison to the spread of the condition that is multiplying at a worrying price.

I won’t officially review the collection until a minimum of a couple of episodes are launched, nonetheless I should say that while I’m not blown away by this pilot, they have actually built up enough good will from the special facility to make me thinking about seeing a lot more.

Regrettably, however, the collection begins with a black gay male making use of an application to locate a connection and afterwards calls his flamboyant good friend to “spill the tea” regarding his new future boyfriend, so possibly this will not be all that new as well as initial after gay series list However, given that it appears that Vampirism is standing for sexually transmitted diseases, possibly the tales will teem with deepness and allegory. Just time will tell.

Given the special property, ideally the remainder of the collection improves and motivates other black gay internet series creators to try something new.

Why do these series need to have such remarkable femme men at all times? This is exceptionally reduced spending plan however I recognize why. The storyline to me is fascinating. With any luck it will certainly enhance down the line.

It has a fem character since its LGBTQ that includes all kinds of gays. I do not discriminate, there are enough masculine personalities in the series. We try to interest all target markets as well as we do recognize everybody isn’t going like whatever. I desire gay guys quit discriminating against one another. This entire masculine vs womanly is getting a little repetitive. Keeping that stated, thanks for enjoying and commenting.

I like the diverse personalities, and agree with Dante. I personally am 25% sugar and also 75% gunpowder in terms of my womanly and also manly characteristics, specifically. I figure we have both our moms and dads genes as well as our actions will show both to some degree, even if a narrow society like america will inhibit one and also urge the other depending upon one’s gender. Those people that are safe with ourselves value an additional who might have a lot more sugar than gunpowder or vice verds, I think. Anyway, good series and also cypheravenue site is kool as well.

Sooo … I like the suggestion of this. NONETHELESS, the acting is bad as well as the script is awful. Does anyone also chat like that? Did these individuals practice? Take an acting class? It is a begin, however compared to a few of the various other newbies coming out with their very own collection, it appears like they tried, obtained excellent criticism, and integrated the feedback into their job. I hope it improves. There is capacity below … I think

FIVE <b>BLACK</b> GAY WEB <b>SERIES</b> <em>RECAPPED</em> – <b>Cypher Avenue</b>