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Young, Gifted, Black, and Queer: 10 LGBTQ+ Celebs Paving the Way

Every day, more and more people are finding the courage to share their sexuality. Coming out is not easy for anyone and can be even more complicated for those already living in the spotlight.

Increasingly, celebrities have become outspoken about their sexualities — no easy feat, especially for people of color. By sharing their truth, they’ve inspired their fans to embrace their identities, while creating a safe space of acceptance within their own individual fandoms.

Particularly during Black History Month, we often focus on the contribution of notable people who are lending their voices to inspire, educate, and entertain within the Black sphere, but neglect to recognize the added pressure of being Black and queer — which is also a marginalized group.

But it doesn’t have to be February to celebrate brave people who are using their platform to shift the narrative and spread love and acceptance. Ahead, you’ll find 10 young, Black, queer people who are leading the way.

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