Billy stranger things gay

Billy stranger things gay 7kqqrx

The responses seem more like he is contractually obligated to not let that information out.

“… I don’t think it’s like this confused, homoerotic kind of thing. I think it’s literally he’s threatened by all these characters in his life.”

He seemingly avoids the question by directing the focus on the previous question.

Okay I will fight to the death on this – his ass is FLAT. When the high school girls were ogling his ass in his first appearance my only thought was "BITCH WHERE"

Sociopath’s a sociopath. He’ll behave in whatever way that’ll benefit himself.

I actually never took Bully to be racist, but rather that he was threatened that his sister, whom he was trying to control, was starting to hang out with someone who could take that control away.

Edit: Bully should be Billy, but I’m not going to change it: it’s fitting.

Clearly racist, but I don’t think gay. He just wants to dominate Steve. He gets off of making people his "bitches"

Link to that, because pretty sure, and this entire community arguing over it don’t match up to me. I’m not doubting it, there’s racism more prevalent now than in the 80’s. But, this gets argued basically everyday on here in comments or other. SO, if you found this magical interview, I would like to see it.

It’s a popular fan theory which I felt was not entirely without merit (although I personally never believed it). So I thought the article was curious.