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To begin the quest, head over to Big Gay Al‘s House, where he’ll be seen standing outside smoking a cigarette. Interact with him to initiate the mission.

A short cut scene will then play, whereby Big Gay Al will state that his cats have all gone missing, suspecting that they might have been captured by the Sixth Graders. He mentions that his cats can be identified by their pink scarves.

There will be a total of 6 cats to be collected. Big Gay Al’s cats will be scattered across town, as mentioned the cats are identifiable by their pink scarves. You will need to have the ability acquired from the mission Medicinal Fried Fiasco first though, as the cats cannot be caught if you were to approach their location, they will immediately flee into hiding.

To catch Big Gay Al’s cats, quickly initiate Timefart Pause before they proceed into hiding, then approach the cats and collect them, they will be then stored into your inventory. If the cats were ever to escape into hiding though, use to place then back into their original position.

Big Gay Al will post messages on Coonstagram while you’re searching, giving hints to where his cats may be.

The locations to find Big Gay Al’s cats are as listed below:

Once all the cats have been caught, return to Big Gay Al and he will reward you with the sets, and you will also be able to take a selfie with him.


After obtaining the Pause TimeFart, this mission will become available. Go to Big Gay Al’s House and talk to him. He commissions you to retrieve all of his cats scattered around South Park.

If the cat you are looking for is not in the specified location, use the TimeFart Glitch to bring the cat back.

Once all the cats are found, bring them back to Big Gay Al. He’ll give you a reward and will take a selfie. Be sure to get one with Mr. Slave as well.


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