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50 Tweets From 2022 That’ll Make Gays LOL

Gay society is being in unpleasant silence as your straight friends speak about stuff you can not relate to in all.

I asked this straight man what his skin care routine was and also he claimed he had not been gay.

I offer you: Man on Grindr indoctrinating me concerning Fairly Odd Parents gay tea. Honestly the best man also.

Have you ever had those days when you’re embeded a scenario like, „I’m too fucking gay for this shit?“

directly white young boys act like making it on their college’s barstool page is the equivalent of winning a nobel reward

Google Maps: It will certainly take 17 mins to stroll to your destination. A gay pedestrian:

no one: gays with one dangly jewelry:-LRB- u0361 u00b0 u035cu0296 u0361 u00b0)|||||||||||||||||u2022

being gay isn’t everything about homosexuality all right?? there is a huge percentage that is dealing with pet dogs and afterwards additionally anxiety

there wasn’t a single gay individual associated with the gatekeeping procedure on this item launch huh

Being gay isn’t a selection, it’s an uncontrolled thing that takes place when J.K. Rowling determines it’s your time.

my mommy when she was expecting with me:||||||||gay |catastrophe||/ |/ |/||

me in P.E when the coach would make my gay butt go to the boys side and play sports with them

if a person you understand bleaches their hair, EXAMINE THEM!! they are undergoing something!! both „around“ and also „ish“ qualifiers to your anticipated arrival time is gay society.

Why does every straight guy look mentally constipated and for God’s purpose why is that my fetish?

the woman using a skirt as a leading after Hilary Duff told her to quit saying „that’s so gay“

me: taking advantage of LGBT themed product during pride month is a superficial and apolitical effort at sustaining the gay community driven just by company greed. * garments store does not have a satisfaction section * me:

the PE instructors in my college flirting after their gay students have remained on their course for the 5th week in a row

Gay culture is a person presenting them self to you regardless of having fulfilled you 6 times

Gay society is utilizing wit at the office to attempt as well as distract people from the fact you’re always late as well as do not really do anything useful