Best gay dating apps in berlin


Cast the first stone who never met someone through a dating app or website. A decade ago, it was a taboo to reveal the truth, when friends, acquaintances – or mum and dad – asked you where you met your new boyfriend for the first time. Nowadays, nobody will judge you when you introduce your boyfriend or the guy you are dating, if you say you first virtually met him.

Like in other big cities, it’s almost impossible to find a gay guy in Berlin who doesn’t have at least one dating app on his mobile phone. Even though the traditional gay cruising is still a thing in the German capital.

What is the best hookup app/site in germany? is there a site that is really about hookups and not ltrs?

I know about the major ones like tinder and parship and so on. But I feel like nowadays these sites are mostly about LTR and not just about hooking up (even tinder) what is the best app or site in germany that is for people that are mostly looking for sex and nothing longterm. Is there something like that?

Eh, tinder is probably as close as it gets to something like that – even with all the profiles mentioning LTRs. It works good enough, ymmv. OkCupid would probably be in the second place. There isn’t a hookups only app afaik.

Yeah, you can try I’ve used it and it worked ok for me. Some fake profiles but after a few days you will learn how to avoid them. used to be a "hidden gem" for sex dating but I think it has gotten worse. I’ve also read some good user reviews on Privatsex69 but I have never tried it myself. Tinder is not a hookup app, even though some people use it as such.

In my opinion try see how it works for you.

I could tell you the secret, but if you couldn’t figure it out yourself there is no point.

But i will try Germany, there is no hookup culture because of you like each other on the first date, or even before, you usually sleep with each other.

There is no expectation to start a long term relationship either, because in my experience you see each other for a couple of months to half a year before you declare it a relationship.

Thought sleeping around with more then one person without informing them about it is a big no no,and can quite easily lead to social exclusion.

Excuse me, the actual f? That’s not even remotely true.

Never experienced it that way at all, quite the opposite actually, across multiple groups of friends from different ages and locations. It probably very much depends on age as well as social and educational background.

Edit: To clarify, I was talking about declaring a relationship only after months or a year of exclusive sex and also instant first date sex being the standard way to go.

Lovoo is like a dating site but people tend to meet for ONS there

Gay dating: diese singleb�rsen f�r schwule helfen allen suchenden

Neue Portale helfen dabei, sich durch den wachsenden Markt der Gay-Partnervermittlungen und einschl�gigen Dating-Seiten zu k�mpfen. Die Partnersuche im Internet ist f�r mehr als die H�lfte der User sehr gut vorstellbar. Dabei gibt es aber mehr Angebote f�r Heteros als f�r Schwule. Wie man sich als homosexueller Mann auch im Netz dem Gay Dating widmen kann, dass soll dieser Ratgeber-Artikel kl�ren. Denn wer nicht die Zeit oder die Lust f�rs Flirten in der Offline-Welt hat, der kann auch online nach dem richtigen Partner bzw. nach einem lockeren Flirt suchen � und vor allem: f�ndig werden.

Ein offener Umgang mit allen Menschen ohne Ansehen deren Lebensstils � das ist ein Ideal, das man im Alltag kaum vorfindet. Im Internet jedoch kann man sich auf einige Seiten verlassen, dass sie User so annehmen wie sie sind. Hinzu kommen jene Seiten, die auf spezielle Zielgruppen ausgelegt sind und ihnen eine Plattform geben. Dazu geh�ren nicht nur klassische Gay-Dating- Seiten. Selbst jene Plattformen, die f�r die Hetero-Partnervermittlung bekannt sind, haben sich schon der gleichgeschlechtlichen Partnervermittlung zugewandt � mit Angeboten wie gayPARSHIP etwa. Doch ist diese Singleb�rse auch etwas f�r jeden? Online-Dating-Portale stellen Singleb�rsen vor Welche Vorteile die einzelnen Angebote haben und welche Zielgruppen mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit ein passendes Match finden werden, das kl�ren Online-Dating-Portale. Unter anderem wurden die drei besten Gay-Dating-Seiten auf getestet Auf der verlinkten Seite gibt es zu diesen Dating- und Flirt-Angeboten jeweils einen Testbericht mit zahlreichen Informationen, welche die Entscheidung f�r einen der Services leichter machen. Hinzu kommt, dass eine weitere Rubrik Dating-Seiten f�r Lesben vorstellt. Sagt also auch eurer besten Freundin Bescheid� Die dort getesteten Seiten hei�en im �brigen lesarion, Venus7 und Tipps f�r die Partner- und Flirtsuche im Netz Zur�ck zum Gay Dating: Neben den besagten Tests und Erfahrungsberichten bietet das Portal auch hilfreiche Tipps f�rs Agieren und Reagieren. Gerade Neulinge werden hier hilfreiche Hinweise f�r ihr Profil und die weitere Handhabung des Online Dating finden. Zudem werden L�sungen f�r unterwegs vorgestellt � denn nur von zuhause aus auf die Suche zu gehen, das ist auf Dauer eher langweilig. Neben allen Tipps und Tricks f�rs Gay Dating im Netz werden aber auch Themen wie der Datenschutz und die Nutzerfreundlichkeit der Seiten angeschnitten. Ein umfassendes Angebot also � es ist zudem kostenlos und bedarf keiner Anmeldung. Also alles komplett unverbindlich! Partnersuche, Singleb�rse oder Casual Dating Zuerst sollte man sich nat�rlich dar�ber im Klaren sein, ob man den Partner f�rs Leben sucht, einen Flirt nach dem Motto "Alles kann, nichts muss" will, oder ob es bei einem einmaligen Treffen bleiben soll. Dann kann man die richtige Seite oder App f�rs Gay Dating aussuchen und diese nutzen. Hilfe bei der Auswahl bieten Online-Dating-Portale wie und deren Testberichte. Hier kommen echte Erfahrungen mit gut recherchierten Fakten zu den einzelnen Anbietern zusammen und formen ein Gesamtbild, das hilft, sich durch den wachsenden Markt der Gay-Singleb�rsen zu k�mpfen. (av)

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The 5 best dating sites in germany (what i learned)

German Television Presenter – Andrea Kaiser (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Here is the quick list of my top 5 dating sites in Germany. I’ll go into more detail in my reviews below.

When I first traveled to Germany way back in 2000, online dating really didn’t exist. There were a few sites, but none of them had enough members to make it worthwhile.

Since that time, dating via either your PC or smartphone has exploded in popularity. When I was in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Ulm, and Heidelberg, I would regularly login to these sites and apps to find thousands of users online at any given time.

While you can find good sites in pretty much any niche, the sites and apps I’ll discuss below are geared towards mainstream daters.

Oh, and a couple more things before I get into the reviews…a couple of these sites aren’t accessible outside of Germany. So, if you try to sign up, you will be blocked because of your foreign IP address. For best results, fly to Germany first and then sign up.

Also, although I won’t discuss Tinder in this post, it is worth downloading it to your phone even though I don’t recommend it for finding a long term relationship. You can definitely find some women (and men) on there interested in a real relationship, but in my experience, it is more geared towards 20 and 30-somethings who want a short-term fling.

German Model – Ann Kathrin Brommel (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Without further ado, here is my detailed analysis of the best dating sites in Germany. is the best online dating site in Germany if you are 35+ years old (if you are in your 20s or early 30s, continue on to the #2 site below). It is widely considered the most important dating website across all of Europe.

eDarling is another personality-test driven dating website for residents of Germany. eDarling is owned and operated by the same people behind the US website eHarmony. Therefore, a lot of the features you would see on eHarmony, you would also get on eDarling.

A site with more women than men, there is no specific type of single person for the site as people of all ages are on there surfing for dates, although a majority of the members are over 35, as I mentioned before.

eDarling is clean and professional, runs smoothly, has over 2 million members and employs a great matching system based on a lengthy, detailed personality test. The only drawback is that you’ll have to pay for a premium membership to do much of anything on the site.

Bottom-line, if you’re serious about finding a quality match in Germany, and you’re willing to pay, eDarling is a must-try site.

To start, select your gender and match gender, email and password. Next, complete eDarling’s personality test, which takes 30-40 minutes to complete and includes around 200 questions about your feelings, values, interests, passions and basic information. Once you’re done with the test, upload a photo if you like. Once eDarling is finished calculating your matches, you are free to browse around.

There remains quite a lot to fill out in your profile, however, including 12 sections to write about yourself (What my partner should know about me, etc.) and a section to select what habits and traits you would like and dislike in a partner, choosing 10 for each from a long list (e.g. “My partner should be gentle and friendly” and “My partner should not see themselves as a permanently pitiable victim.”).

eDarling takes a unique approach here, as there are no standard search or browse features. Rather, eDarling uses complex computer algorithms to compare your test results with those of others on the site, to recommend matches to you daily.

eDarling limits you to 7 new matches a day, and as a free member, you can view almost everything in the profiles of your matches, including their personality reports. Unfortunately, you can’t see their photos.

As a premium member, you’ll get to see 20 new profiles a day as part of the “What If…” feature.

Free members can add other profiles to their favorites and send Smiles and 5 Questions, which are chosen from 53 options. Example questions include:

Premium members can also send basic text messages to each other.

eDarling’s personality test is truly top-of-the-line. It was developed by expert psychologists to measure 29 aspects of your personality, and upon completion of the test, eDarling provides you with an in-depth Personality Dimension Analysis. This analysis compares your levels of Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness, Extraversion, Neuroticism to the average of other members.

I really enjoyed being able to read the personality reports of my matches. These reports, combined with their basic information and what they wrote about themselves in the available text boxes, give you a highly detailed look into what these people are like.

Even as a free member, without any photos to look at, I was amazed at how well I felt I knew some of these people, just from reading through their profiles.

Like I mentioned in the opening, if you have ever used eHarmony, the site is very similar except it’s in Germany. The site is really for those who are more serious about finding someone and not for a simple hookup.

The personality questionnaire is time consuming and can be a pain, but once you finish it, you feel better about the matches they give you, and it’s interesting to see what other members answered in comparison to yours.

If you’re in Germany or into German men or women, it’s definitely worth the investment, provided you want to find the future love of your life.

LoveScout24 is the second best online dating site in Germany. The site was started in 1997 under the name People United.

LoveScout24 is available to users in Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria, with around 1 million active members in Germany alone. This site is available in the native language in each of these countries, but is not available in English.

What’s more, the site uses advanced security features to check your IP address location and keep you from registering if you’re not in one of their supported countries. LoveScout24 also seems to repel Google Translator for some reason, which makes it difficult to navigate.

If you live outside of Europe, and/or only speak English, this site will be a hassle. But if you are located in one LoveScout24’s supported European countries, and you speak the language, this site is worth checking out, as it has solid features and thousands of quality profiles to look through.

Sign up is quicker than it seems. Enter your gender and the gender you’re looking for in a match, your birthday, username, password and email address to begin. From here you’ll be prompted a number of questions about yourself and your ideal match.

There are around 20 questions, which you can answer now, or later if you like. To start browsing profiles, simply click on the tab for searches and start browsing.

LoveScout24’s search function includes Basic and Advanced searches. Basic searches include 5 options:

For Advanced searches, you have numerous filters to choose from when creating your search, to ensure that you find that perfect match. Searches can be saved for convenient later use as well.

You can look through profiles who are looking for matches that fit your own criteria. You can also give the Shuffle feature a spin. This is basically a Tinder-like feature, in which you’re shown random profiles to like or dislike, and both of you are notified when there’s a mutual match.

To open communication with a potential match, you’ll first have to upgrade to premium. Then you can start things off with a “smile”.

From there, you can move on to actual messages, which unfortunately are text only. You can also start live chats with other online members, also text only. Users can also filter who they receive messages from, and block up to 100 members.

Two features stood out to me on LoveScout24. First, there is the once-a-week email you’ll receive, containing a statistic summary of your profile’s activity, including how many profile visits you received, how many messages were sent and received, etc.

If you’re a busy online dater, this will be helpful in keeping track of all your activities.

Second is the #LoveYourImperfections portion of the sign-up process, where you select two of your imperfections to stand proudly behind. Personally, I am a Night Owl, and I love to eat! This was a small feature, but refreshing to see because so much of online dating seems to revolve around trying to impress and seem as perfect as possible to attract the ideal mate. is a good third choice if you’ve run out of options at the site above. is the German version of Parship, a dating website that was originally launched in Germany in 2001 and went international in 2002. Parship is now available in many European countries (England, France, Holland, Italy, Spain and Sweden), and Mexico.

Parship is a serious dating website, built around a strong matching system. Signing up requires a lengthy personality test, and your matches are based on your test results.

While some may be turned off by the time commitment this test requires, I personally love tests like these. If you live in Germany, and you’re seriously looking for a partner, take a look at Parship.

Start with your gender, your ideal match gender, email and password. After this, it’s time for the PARSHIP Principle, a scientific questionnaire that will take you 20-60 minutes to complete, depending on how well you know yourself and how quick you normally are with personality tests.

This test is mostly made up of multiple-choice questions, but also includes more abstract sections like spontaneously choosing your preference between two abstract images, or picking a title for a dream-image. This test serves as a great barrier-to-entry, weeding out people who aren’t serious about dating. And shockingly you are only done with 35% of your profile after completing the test!

Unlike most other dating sites out there, Parship doesn’t have a straightforward search feature. While you can see who is online, or who last logged-in, and you can filter your matches by some basic information, the main focus is on Parship’s partner recommendations.

Parship compares your test results with other matches, and shows you a compatibility score for each profile. This score is summarized by “Matching Points”, of which my highest match had 113.

When browsing through matches, you’ll quickly notice that you can only see blurry photos to begin with. Users either have to explicitly give others’ access to their photos or upgrade to premium to see photos made public. You also don’t see names to begin with, just their occupation (e.g. Nurse, Marketing Executive, etc.), though you can take notes or give profiles nicknames to help you differentiate them.

To contact other members, you’ll first have to complete at least 50% of your profile. Once you’ve done that, you can add them to your favorites, release your photos to them, or send a compliment (small thumbs up button), a Smile, an “icebreaker” message (mini multiple choice questionnaire), or a text message.

Beyond these basics, you’ll communicate a lot to every profile that visits you without saying a word, simply because Parship’s profile compatibility reports are so detailed.

While matching systems can be found on many different dating websites, Parship’s shines as especially impressive. 40 years of research are behind their detailed compatibility test, developed by a Hamburg University Psychology professor. Premium members gain access to their full test results, a whopping 40-page psychological evaluation.

But even as a free member, I was pleasantly surprised how much information is available to you. I read through my test results and learned quite a bit about myself, how I work in relationship, and what kind of partner would fit me well. I also found the comparisons between my results and those of other profiles helpful, detailed and illuminating.

Parship is so confident in this matching system that they offer a Contact Guarantee: If you have not successfully made contact with another member within 6 months of signing up for a premium membership, you’ll be given another 6-month membership for free.

The Parship app is available on both Apple and Android platforms, making it accessible to just about everyone. The most powerful and unique feature of the app is the Parship test, which is proprietary and specific to this app. By working with this unique testing system, Parship can bring something new to the table that other sites can’t.

Finya is a dating site for residents of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The site launched in 2001, has over 1 million members, and is completely free to use. This can have both positive and negative effects on your experience of this site.

The positives are obvious: free is always in the budget! Yet, because it’s free, Finya tends to attract many fake and scammy profiles, and Finya keeps itself free by selling advertising space on the site, which many other users have reported as overly intrusive.

I saw hardly any ads in my time on the site, however. Overall, Finya is a great site with an inviting design, solid features, and a huge pool of users to search through. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for some German love, make sure you give this site a try.

Signing up is just two steps. First, enter your gender, preferred match gender, email, username, birthday and location. Second, check your email for a verification link. And you’re done.

When you’re ready, you can finish filling out your profile by sharing your education, occupation, appearance, what you like and don’t like, and your favorite brands. You can also define who you are looking for, upload photos, and answer up to 100 questions, in 12 categories, including Love and Relationships, Lifestyle, and Character.

When searching for matches, you have many filter options. There are all the basic filters you’d expect to see (age, location, photos, etc.) and a few unique options, such as whether they’re willing to relocate or their photo rating score.

Another option is the Gallery feature, a Tinder-like feature which shows you photos of profiles to like or pass on, and you are notified when there is a mutual match. You can see all the profiles you have liked, and all those who have liked you back, in the Matching tab.

You can also find profiles in the Voting section, detailed below.

Communication features are basic but solid. You can add profiles to your favorites, start instant chats with users that are online, and send messages, which are text only. Unfortunately, there is no audio or video support for messages or chat.

In the Voting section, you are shown two profile photos side-by-side, and you choose who you find more attractive. You can filter the profiles by age, and your selections are kept anonymous.

Finya will calculate how attractive each profile is on a scale of 1-10, based on your and other users’ selections when using this feature. Note that you need to have a profile photo uploaded for your selections to be registered.

A small feature I liked was the use of dots and dashes to indicate the activity levels of users:

OKCupid is known for relying heavily on user-provided data to find better matches for its diverse user base. This free service lets you answer as many or as few questions as you prefer, and it uses your responses to calculate good potential partners.

Although OKCupid targets a massive international crowd, some German users have complained about the low quality. For instance, although having around 30 million possible matches to choose from seems great, the service’s free nature means you’ll probably have to filter through scams to find your next dream date or casual fling.

I recommend you try OKCupid as a last resort if you have run out of options at the sites above (I’ve run into some crazy people on OKCupid).

OKCupid lets users register via Facebook or create completely independent profiles. Everyone chooses a unique username and password, and at the start, you’ll be given a chance to write your own witty description and answer five basic personality questions. From there, all you have to do is “Like” three profiles so that the site knows what you’re looking for.

Signing up doesn’t take long unless you really want to go all out. You can add photos, answer numerous questions and share in-depth personal stats or simply follow the default prompts to get to meeting people quicker. How to Locate Potential Matches

OKCupid has a pretty simple default interface that lets you browse through other users easily by photo, username, locations and age. Each profile listing also shows percentages. These numbers represent how well the site’s algorithm thinks you match or clash depending on the answers you’ve provided to the questions.

In addition to checking out how others described themselves, you can get an idea of what sort of issues matter to them by browsing their profiles in detail. After finding someone you fancy or dislike, you can use the Quickmatch function to indicate how you feel. If two people like each other, the site lets them know.

OKCupid makes it easy to communicate with someone by liking them, and those with Premium memberships can view their incoming likes. Or send a message using the free text feature. Bear in mind that people can see who viewed their profiles, so your subtle browsing is likely to attract notice.

Unique Site FeaturesIn addition to answering questions about your habits, preferences and sexuality, you can automatically filter out people who don’t fit the bill. For each question you answer, simply pick the responses you’d find acceptable from a potential partner.

Although there are thousands of available questions, many users report that answering as many as possible helps them find better matches. These answers also let the site get a better feel for your personality. For an interesting look behind the scenes of the OKCupid landscape, you can check out the site’s development blog to discover more.

As I mention in my , with all of the dating sites above, just like the real world, there will be women or men who you will not click with or who don’t respond to your messages (or just disappear). There will be women or men who might only be interested in helping you to part with your money. That is life. Just keep sending out messages and reach out until you find the person you are looking for and get success.

As is typical with online dating, expect a response rate of around 1-10%. This response rate will depend largely on the quality of your photos and how good your profile is. (response rate = people who will respond back to you to whom you sent an introduction message).

So there you have it. The best dating sites and apps in Germany.

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5 european apps to help you meet new people

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 65, chances are that you’re familiar with Tinder. If you’re a millennial, chances are good that you’ve ​used ​it, and enjoyed one of the many perks of living in an era when everybody is perpetually, mutually connected: randomly hooking up with strangers on the Internet.

What you may or may not know is that there are apps today to meet friends, neighbours and fellow introverts online – not just casual lovers. Contrary to popular belief, in fact, most people on dating apps are deadly serious about meeting other people, and many are looking for meaningful, long-term relationships or just innocent friendships. That is why Tinder itself decided to launch a spin-off of its popular dating platform, Tinder Social, which allows users to match with people that will only feel platonic love for them.

Here is a list of European startups that are following in the footsteps of the more popular Tinder Social, Meetup and Bumble BFF, and will quickly become your best assets in navigating the turbulent waters of digital interactions:

is a social platform dedicated to couples and families with kids looking for new adult friends and to be socially active again. The software ideated by Wetime uses a “dual matchmaking algorithm, combining multiple parameters like location, occupation, hobbies, children, lifestyle, personal interests and age”. Wetime aims to bring together all those couples that are open to new social interaction, such as those who recently moved or young parents that want to meet like-minded people with children of the same age. In addition to the matchmaking services, this Belgian startup offers its users the chance to collect virtual coins, redeem gifts or benefit from discounts with their partners such as restaurants, travel agencies or hotels.

Nebenan offers its users the opportunity to connect with their neighbours and to maintain neighbourly relations. The app is a social network specifically intended for neighbors, with over 800,000 users in more than 6,000 neighborhoods. The aim of the platform is to build functioning communities through a useful and secure online platform that can be used to unite locals through projects like activities for kids or community gardening. Founded in 2015, the startups has raised a total of €21.5 million in funding over three rounds.

Panion calls itself the “common interest app”. It’s a social app that helps people rebuild their social circle when they move to a new place, for instance students and employees moving between universities and companies. Panion allows users to match people according to their interests, values, and experiences, and to search for like-minded people nearby. The app also suggests ways to connect, like icebreakers activities, spontaneous hangouts and local events to encourage face-to-face meetups.

is the new app for group meetings. The platform promises that no swiping or chatting is needed in order to find your new group of friends. Instead, it arranges real life encounters for you at a restaurant! Go Crush brings people with the same interests together and brings the fun of meeting up back into the streets. The German startup was founded in 2017, and has secured a total of $285k in funding so far.

LemonSwan is not your average dating app. It was built with one specific group of users in mind: singles with serious intentions. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, the service has been developed with the help of expert psychologist Dr. Peter Michael Bak, expert psychologist. Because of its high standards, the platform is able to offer a secure and thorough matchmaking process. The strict guidelines of the platform include: pre-screening of singles, a balanced ratio of women and men, high quality photos, and meaningful profile content. LemonSwan also offers free services for students and single parents.

By the way: If you’re a corporate or investor looking for exciting startups in a specific market for a potential investment or acquisition, check out our Startup Sourcing Service!

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The best apps for gay dating, gay sex and gay romance

So your gay ass is looking for love. Or sex. Love or sex. Maybe both. Probably not neither, if you’re here, because you’ve come to an article about the best gay dating apps.

Gay dating apps are a scourge. They’re also a necessity. Guess what: that’s all technology. Homosexuality does not make you worse, or better, than the conveniences of modern society. The thing is, they do differ from the standard offerings, even when you are on the standard offerings: the clandestine nature of gay love and a decade of Grindr mean even in the most mundane of places we find a way to switch it up. It’s a wilderness out there and it can be terrifying if not demeaning. 

We’re also dealing with a time where a community, built on nightlife and safe spaces, is having to stick around at home: it might be that gay dating apps are now your predominant way of engaging with the community. The stakes are higher, the needs different. It’s never been a weirder time to be trying to figure out gay dating apps, especially now Grindr is becoming a place for conversations with men you may not get to touch for months. 

Take it from a sodomite who knows: I’ve dated my way across multiple continents, I’ve topped, I’ve bottomed, I’ve got into inadvisable threesomes, I’ve navigated saying no to the HnH crowd, I’ve lost ones that should have been LTRs and I’ve had LTRs with people I should avoid. I have met some of the most amazing men in my life on apps, and also some of the worst. That being said, some of the biggest dirtbags I’ve ever let into my bed were people I met in cafés and bars (and also some of the best men in the world). Nowhere is safe, nowhere is perfect, nowhere is all bad. No one is going to just show up on your doorstep: if you want monogamy, or polyamory, you’re going to have to work for it.

No one is going to just show up on your doorstep: if you want monogamy, or polyamory, you’re going to have to work for it

But depending on what you’re looking for, and where you are in the whole rigmarole, will change your experience. So here is a guide to the best dating apps out there for love, lust and everything in between.

20 gay hookup apps to try out on your next travel adventure…📱

What helps us with this is the wealth of gay hook-up apps that are available all over the world. But these apps are about more than just flings and friendship; they’re also completely necessary in some countries you’ll visit in order to find out more about the gay scene.

Sure, you might prefer to try out gay saunas while traveling, but in countries where homosexuality is seriously frowned upon or outright illegal and is pushed underground, there is no way of connecting with the gay community apart from gay hookup apps. Places like India, IndonesiaTurkey all have a vast gay network, but it’s almost impossible to find if you are just walking the streets.

Using apps like Scruff, Grindr, and Hornet is your way to tap into the gay scene of wherever you are and find secret gay bars, underground parties, and other events. As a word of warning, if you are traveling somewhere where LGBT rights are not great, make sure you get a secure VPN on your phone to protect your privacy (and, in some places, unblock these apps).

Even if it’s not your thing at home, you will definitely want to download one (or more!) of these apps when traveling to help you discover not just new people, but new things, on your adventure.

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the new breed of elite dating apps designed for wealthy singletons

Sign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Private wealth news.

Dating before the internet era is a fascinating concept to anyone born after 1985.

While it remains possible to fall head over heels in love with a like-minded stranger in a bar or club, the idea of finding a life-long partner by chance at a party today seems sweetly old-fashioned and somewhat unscientific.

Speak to any millennial about dating in the 1990s or before and they will look at you with amazement at the constraints singletons once faced without the help of mobile phones, social media, dating websites and apps. Finding love in the 21st century has arguably never been easier. Except, of course, it is not.

The huge growth of the online dating industry, which is estimated to be worth $2.5bn in the US alone, now means individuals are faced with a bewildering array of options when it comes to choosing their dating aid of choice.

Two of the most prolific platforms in the UK — Tinder and Bumble — have millions of users globally, which means users need to sift through scores of profiles in order to find “the one”, or at least someone they can tolerate the idea of spending an hour with at the pub.

This abundance of choice has become a headache for many single people and has ultimately spawned a new breed of dating app: elite platforms unashamedly catering to professionals, the wealthy, the highly educated and celebrities.

The most controversial of these dating services is Luxy, which touts itself as a “millionaires’ matchmaker” but described itself when it launched in 2014 as “Tinder, minus the poor people”.

The tagline has been described by several professionals interviewed for this piece as “horrendous” or “horrific”. One of its competitors, speaking privately, questioned whether it is an app that anyone would “want to be on”.

But Raffael Krause, marketing manager of Luxy, says the company’s business model has worked “from the beginning”. Luxy declined to provide figures on its profits or revenues, but Krause says it has been profitable since its first year of operation and now has more than 2m users.

Those who apply to be accepted on to the app, which is free at the basic level, must first pass a 24-hour process where they are vetted by existing members. Luxy’s staff then filter those applicants again “to check whether or not the user fits”, Krause says. Only 10-15 per cent of those who apply are accepted and the company claims that half of its active members earn more than $500,000.

Its website showcases photos of a handful of select members and their respective salaries: Irina in France who earns more than $350,000; Jason in Los Angeles who earns above $250,000; and Robert in Seattle who earns more than $750,000.

Krause readily admits the app, which is predominantly used by singles aged 30 to 49, is “not for everyone”. But he dismisses concerns about elitism.

“On Luxy you will find of course wealthy individuals, well-educated singles, successful people and high-class persons,” he says. “When it comes to love, money is of course not the most important factor. But many people wish to find an equally successful partner. Luxy is serving these needs by providing the platform.

“There are all kinds of dating apps, for Christians, for Ivy League graduates, even for Trump supporters. Why not a dating app for successful people?”

Other apps aimed at elite users have adopted a less provocative approach.

The Inner Circle, which describes itself as an “exclusive community” where users can meet “other inspiring singles”, was also launched in 2012 in the Netherlands.

When it comes to love, money is of course not the most important factor

David Vermeulen, its co-founder, says the idea for the platform came to him six years ago when he was single after spending a depressing evening trawling through dating websites. The sites were uninspiring, he had little in common with the dating profiles he came across and many of the women lived far away. So he decided to launch something different.

The Inner Circle is a cross between a dating app and an events company. It organises social gatherings for its members, such as polo tournaments, gallery openings or cabaret nights. It also has an app where users can organise dates and view the restaurant or holiday recommendations put forward by other members.

Vermeulen describes it as a “platform for professionals who are serious about dating”.

“People get fed up with endless swiping and think they can spend their time better and they don’t mind paying. We offer high-quality dating and it is something people are willing to pay for,” he says.

The platform is free to join, although users who want to access its full range of services, including the ability to send “winks” to other members, must pay an average monthly subscription fee of £30.

Members are vetted according to a range of criteria, including profession, age and the quality of the pictures they submit. “People need to put some effort into the profile — a selfie in front of the mirror is not the right picture,” he says.

He also declines to share the company’s profit or revenue figures, but says it is profitable, employs around 20 staff and has 1.3m approved members globally. The members, who tend to be aged 25-45 (the average age is 31), have included professional footballers, Game of Thrones actors, BBC executives, famous cocktail shakers and “a lot of finance people”, according to Vermeulen. Although he acknowledges that students, Uber drivers, cleaners and McDonald’s workers are unlikely to be accepted on to the platform, he bristles at the suggestion it could be considered elitist — particularly as the earnings of applicants are not a consideration.

It’s nothing to do with status or elitism, it’s to do with having some common ground

“We believe it offers a diverse platform,” he says. “I don’t consider the Inner Circle elitist. What we do is link people who are serious about dating. I encourage a diverse community, different kinds of people. Maybe ‘exclusive’ would describe it better. In Amsterdam it is not considered elitist — it is just another dating app that people use.”

More dating platforms aimed at the elite have since entered the fray.

The League, launched in the US in 2015, caters to professionals who are screened based on what industry they work in, their university education and how many LinkedIn connections they have.

The app, which has since been launched in the UK, states at the top of its website: “Are you told your standards are too high? Keep them that way. We’re not saying Tinder doesn’t have its uses but why not spend your time a little more . . . intelligently?”

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Welcome to mann-o-meter, berlin’s gay checkpoint!

Mann-O-Meter is located in the heart of Berlin’s rainbow quarter of the west: Directly near Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg.

Being found in 1986, it’s the oldest switchboard for gay and bisexual men in Germany and served as a model for other LGBT centers across the country.

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Kostenloser Chat mit M�nnern. Live-Gay-Cams. Kostenlose schwule Webcams. Sprich mit schwulen Jungs. Unzensierter Chat

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An honest review of gay dating apps

I’ve been gay and off-and-on single for too many years to count, so of course I’ve used every possible gay app under the sun. To help you avoid some of the many dating mistakes I’ve made, here’s an honest list of all the various gay dating & hookup apps that I’ve used – my personal experience and reviews of the best (and worst) gay apps.

Everyone has an opinion on the gay apps. They’ve become so ubiquitous and ingrained in our popular culture, they’re impossible to resist. I remember the first time I downloaded Grindr—shortly after it was released. Once The New York Times writers discovered it, the app world seemed to explode with location-based dating apps.

Gay dating wasn’t easy for a long time. I was lucky enough to grow up & come out during the iPhone generation when thousands of new types of apps seemed to be released every day. And the gays were instrumental to that digital boom.

The gay apps have fundamentally changed dating—for E V E R Y O N E, the gays, the straights. It changed LGBTQ nightlife, how we make friends & meet others. Of course there are positives and negatives. AA lot has been said about how gayborhoods around the world have changes; the fact that gay bars and clubs are closing with more frequency because of the changing community. Is it the fault of dating apps and the fact most of us meet online—rather than in a gay club?

Certainly that’s had an effect on the LGBTQ community, but so many of these gay apps have also helped to open up the world at large. It’s hard to fault them entirely for the demise of our community spaces, because I do passionately believe social media has helped to connect us in more meaningful and powerful ways.

And just as its probably kept us at home more often, it’s also allowed us to travel more freely and openly.

Personally, I’ve found gay apps to be extremely useful in making new connections in otherwise challenging situations. I’ve grown up on social media and that’s probably affected how I see (and use) online dating. I don’t think I’ve ever been afraid to meet strangers from the internet—it’s thrilling, exciting, interesting, and even when it’s not: it’s a good story.

So, here’s my honest and complete review of all the gay apps I’ve used. In no particular order:

adult gay dating site germany

Profiles in germany

One Scene is a great place to gay and lesbian dates in Germany. Join today and join the worlds biggest gay and lesbian scene! If you want friends, chat or free dating in Germany, then One Scene is the community for you! We have thousands of gay and lesbian members waiting to chat with you.

Older gay dating app lübeck deutschland

5 Best Gay Sugar Daddies Dating Sites and Apps; How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online, On Instagram And Craiglist; Male Sugar Baby – Is It Possible For Young Men To Meet Rich Older Women ; Online Sugar Daddy Without Meeting – Can I Be An Online Only Sugar Baby? Sugar Momma – 5 Best Sugar Mama Dating Sites; What Is a Sugar Baby: Meaning, Jobs, Rules & Sugaring Tips; About; Contact; .

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10 best gay dating apps in india 2021

Gay dating apps are getting bigger by the numbers. Most apps which were generic have now specialised windows for . Here we shall talk about 10 best gay dating apps that are being used in India but interestingly none of them were founded in India. To create the list, our team at AYA did a lot of research on the net on the various dating Apps. We also correlated the features they use with what the psychiatrists prioritise as needs for gay men — Loneliness is one aspect that most of these men have to deal with due to lack of spaces to meet the right partner. These best gay dating apps in and outside India helps the gay men to combat loneliness and feel one among many going

10 european startups that will make you fall in love (or in bed)

Valentine’s Day was last week. Yet, if you are single, chances are that you can’t shake off the memory of couples involved in blunt, undisturbed public displays of affection.

Its that time of the year when single people are encouraged to either hide in shame, or find themselves a galentine, and indulge in self care and generous amounts of chocolate.

Personally, I don’t think anyone should feel particularly miserable if they’re not coupled up for Valentine’s Day, nor do I think anyone really needs a survival guide to go through this consumeristic, diabetes-inducing holiday. I do think, though, that technology can come to the rescue if someone is feeling lonely and in need of meaningful companionship – any day of the year. Hence, the most effective way to cope with the spirit of festivity might be to get on the dating apps bandwagon.

Surveys show that over 13% of participants got engaged or married after meeting through an app. Other studies imply that dating apps have had a huge generational impact; 80% of Tinder users are millennials and the app has revolutionised their approach to romance for good.

One thing is for sure: algorithms that match you up with your significant other are more popular than ever. Also, in comparison to old-fashioned methods for researching partners such as personal advertisements or speed dating – which were awkwardly popular in the late ’90s – these digital surrogates are much safer and less time consuming.

Here is a list of 10 European startups that are incredibly invested in your love life and will get you hooked in no time: was founded in 2015 in Latvia. The startup can be best described as a location-based mobile dating app that helps you meet with people around you. The mechanism of matching with potential partners is similar to Tinder but with one exception: users don’t need a mutual match to start messaging. Instead, the app allows for a looser approach. In 2016, raised $1 million in funding.

Vieloco promises to match you with a partner based on your shared passions in life. With the app, you can fill your profiles with your interests and hobbies, from 23 curated categories and over 300 passions ranging from what kinds of music you like, to sports, types of food, books, and leisure activities – and you can search for matches based on the passions you have in common. Founded in London in 2014, VieLoco lets you explore other users’ profiles, with photos, personal videos, fun biographies, and interests. The app also allows chatting, live streaming, and lets users send each other gifts.

GoodOnes takes online dating to the next level in terms of security. The app in fact only hosts users that are verified through Bank ID. Founded in 2016 in Sweden, the platform makes sure its users are authentic people, with zero fake profiles and trolls. Those who cannot behave in accordance with the high standards of the app are simply banned forever. This ensures that users may decide to swipe right (or left) in a completely respectful and safe environment.

This Finnish startup has designed a dating app with which users can see more than a photo of the other person, namely videos. This makes Klip the world’s first quality video dating app. The people behind the idea insist that videos make users’ profiles more lively and fun to watch. Founded in 2016, Klip has 1,619 monthly app downloads. The young company has been acquired by Discotec Oy; the parent company is based in Finland as well.

SHAKN is a Spanish dating app founded in 2015. Its primary focus is to match registered users through the content they share and like. Users accounts looks like simple social media profiles, filled with personal contents such as photos, quotes, and music. SHAKN aims to disrupt traditional e-dating with a fresh approach to enriched profiles. The SHAKN dating app has raised a total of €2.6 million to date.

If you are tired of basing your love life on cold, digital interactions, you are the right match for Fuse. Fuse is the first dating app with real-life dynamics at its heart. Set to launch this spring, the Berlin-based startup is planning to shake up the dating industry by matching modern technology with your analog world. On Fuse can listen to someone’s voice, picture their world, and get to know their essentials – like what they love, hate, and want – before you match or meet. Fuse was founded in 2017 by Georg Gajewski, Mirthe van Popering, and Jaschar Vossoug – two Berliners and an Amsterdammer who set out to revolutionise online dating with an app that they would use themselves.

Move over, Grindr. Chappy is Bumble’s gay dating app partner, specifically dedicated to the male gay community. Chappy provides gay men with a safe, welcoming and high quality platform for connecting and dating online. Recently, Chappy partnered with GLAAD to raise money for the LGBTQ+ community and foster acceptance. For every new chat initiated on the platform, Chappy will make a donation to GLAAD throughout 2019! Based in the UK, Chappy was founded in 2016.

British dating app Lumen came to life just a year ago and is specifically designed for the over 50 crowd. The app offers its users a judgement-free environment: they utterly dislike the terms ‘senior dating’ or ‘mature dating’ and strictly avoid stock photos of 70 year-old retirees, snoozing together in hammocks. Promising to be the first modern dating app targeted at this age group, the app instead places a major focus on safety and honesty, because they “know that those are things their users value”, but they also understand that their community is still active and fun. This London startup with a fresh approach has already raised a total of £3.5 million in funding.

Breakupbuddy (abbreviated to BUB) is there for you. It’s not your average dating app, but based on 10 principles, called the “BUB code” – including “love yourself”, “let go of expectations”, and “be someone you want to be around”. The app uses details of your past breakups to connect you to like-minded people and create a community. In other words, BUB is all about you embracing the single life, getting out there and doing things, not just talking about them! “Be single together” is the app’s motto, and it encourages singles to find people with similar interests and enjoy love encounters lightheartedly.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to pick the same types of friends or partners? MeetRobin believes that this is due to a persons attachment type, which determines how they relate to other people. Through its quiz, MeetRobin determines your attachment type: are you an Island, an Anchor, or a Wave? Based on your type, MeetRobin introduces you to one new potential partner a day that they think you’ll be compatible with. There’s no need to register – MeetRobin is designed to be used directly through Facebook Messenger. Based in Berlin, the startup was just founded in 2019.

By the way: If you’re a corporate or investor looking for exciting startups in a specific market for a potential investment or acquisition, check out our Startup Sourcing Service!

adult gay dating site germany EfS9OF

Gay german boy marcel tells us about the gay life in berlin

Over the past few decades, Germany has evolved to become one of the most gay friendly countries in the world.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Schöneberg in Berlin was famous for being one of the first ever gay villages with a thriving queer culture. Sadly the LGBTQ community of Germany took a massive beating during the Nazi era, either being forced to flee or coerced into concentration camps where they were persecuted and beaten, usually to death. Fortunately, since the 1960s, the community began a great renaissance as they started to rise from the shadows, starting with the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1969.

Fast forward to today: Germany has started to reclaim its fabulous crown as one of the leading LGBTQ friendly countries in the world – a feat it once proudly held in the pre-Nazi era.

87% of Germans believe that homosexuality should be accepted by society

According to the , 87% of Germans believe that homosexuality should be accepted by society – the second-highest score in the world after Spain. In 2017, Germany legalized both gay marriage and adoption rights. In addition, it has an array of anti-discrimination laws and progressive transgender laws, making it one of the most trans-friendly countries in the world as our friend Finn Ballard explained to us.

Is it all rainbows and unicorns? We met up with the affable Marcel Danner in Berlin who was Mr. Gay Germany back in 2019. He told us what gay life is like in Germany as well as his tips for LGBTQ travelers.

Share your interests and play together

"I like that you can instantly see 4 pictures of the person and can learn more about their personality from cards. Kippo attracts more gamers and makes it easy to meet new people that share the same passion as me!"

"I’ve dipped my feet into the pool of dating apps but never felt attached to them until Kippo. I love seeing options to fill out fun quizzes and personality cards, rather than blandly tell your interests."

Constantly updating with improvements. If they find an issue they work hard to fix it. Great way to meet new people!

I love how it’s mainly based around gaming and personality, unlike the majority of dating apps these days

"Ugly stereotypes might tell you the online gaming crowd is never the world’s most socially savvy club, but the widespread proliferation of online games should put that nonsense to rest. Kippo is a way for socially active people who enjoy gaming to meet not a pressure valve for frustrated, homebound loners."

"Kippo is a fantastic addition to the ever expanding sea of dating apps, and with social distancing being so prominent, and Covid-19 still spreading, video games are a perfect place to get to know someone new."

adult gay dating site germany

American-german dating sites: meet your match here

Looking for German dating opportunities in the US? Try us. As the premium dating site for dynamic single professionals seeking long-term relationships, we boast thousands upon thousands of members right across the country. That means, if you’re looking for someone who appreciates both an American-German background, and your drive for success in life and love, we can help. Join us today!

Guide to lgbti dating in madrid

We all know that Spain is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to gay rights. Madrid is often crowned as the best gay destination in Europe, but just how friendly is it to the rest of the LGBTI community? In this guide, we’ll explore how you can meet LGBTI people in Madrid!

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Needing no introduction, Tinder has simply become a fact of life for Germany as much as in the US. Mostly used for casual hookups, although it has been known to launch relationships too.

Tinder is all business and keeps things simple. Install the app, add some photos from your Facebook profile, tell it who you’re interested in, and start swiping “ja” or “nein” on profiles that pop up. If you both swipe yes, you can pull out the chat-up lines (although these are best avoided).

Best used in well-populated areas for the largest number of potential matches.

The best-known native German dating site, Parship has been going for 13 years. It’s popular with users and has a lot of good reviews, as well as boasting a well-balanced male/female ratio.

It offers a fairly standard set of features, like personality tests to find people who would be a good match. But the big claim is that “every 11 minutes, someone falls in love through Parship”.

For the more discerning young professional, ElitePartner offers the promise of meeting only people who live up to your sky-high standards.

Most of the members are university graduates, and around 25 percent of profiles are rejected after being personally checked by the site’s hand-picked especially-picky staff.

On the other hand, if you’re all about the numbers game, you could go to Germany’s largest dating website.

From the people who brought you accommodation website ImmobilienScout24 – where you might just have found a flat – more than a million profiles are on offer here for you to comb through and find someone to get cosy with in that flat.

It’s not quite as feature-rich or specific as some of the others we’ve mentioned, but sometimes quantity is a quality all its own.

This site aims to turn the dating game around and give women all the power. Only they can decide whether to start a conversation – hopefully filtering out barely-literate chancers from their inbox.

Be warned, though: sending messages and other actions on the sites are paid for with credits, which you can earn through games or buy with money. For determined serial daters, there’s a monthly flat rate.

If you’re looking for an athletic partner – or just one who shares your passion for working up a sweat – then Sportdate might be the place for you.

As well as the possibility of finding that special someone, the site promises increased motivation and the chance to meet new people to train with – and offers exercise suggestions and helpful information about health and fitness.

Chances are that if you’re single and have a four-legged friend, it’s one of the most important relationships in your life. So why not find a partner who shares your passion for all things canine?

DatemyDog is far from Germany’s biggest dating website, but it might help committed dog owners stop barking up the wrong tree.

PlanetRomeo is the gay, bi, and trans dating website with the largest number of German users at around 300,000.

It started out as an amateur production built by a few friends in Berlin before growing to dominate the online dating scene. The helpful admins have kept all the most important features of the site free, so get chatting!

What started out as a site discussing lesbian literature has blossomed into the largest dating website for gay, bi and trans women in Germany.

As well as dating, members can still chat in the forums and join interest groups, meaning it can help find friends with similar interests as well as the love of your life.

If you’re a goth, metalhead, rocker, punk, darkwaver, LARPer, Viking, vampire or just about anything else that involves being pale and wearing lots of black (beard optional), Black-flirt is the place for you to find someone who shares your dark passions.

Any list of dating sites wouldn’t be complete without our own offering, which is aimed at you – our beloved Local readers here in Germany!

It’s free to sign up and offers detailed testing to make sure that we find exactly the right person for you. Given that you’re already here, we bet that you’d find that special someone.

1. grindr

We all knew we would start here. Miss thing is the standard, the OG, the black monolith that appeared before the chimps in 2001: A Space Odyssey and changed the face of man. Except in this case, all the primates are yelling “Got a dick pic!? Got a dick pic!?”

Grindr sets up the basic template of how all gay dating is or isn’t: everything is reactive to Grindr whether it wants to be or not, so if you like or dislike this app is going to formulate where you go from here. Grindr, fundamentally, is based around location: men appear in order of descending proximity and everything else goes from there. You can filter by various categories, but fundamentally, the nearer they are the more you will see them. Get used to seeing the same 30 faces and get used to running into them at Waitrose every Saturday, even after they turned you down.

The most blessed and cursed thing about Grindr is – because it’s so ubiquitous – that it really is a broad church. Here you will find the fetishists just trying to indulge their kink (totally fine!) the couples looking for a third (also fine!), the people trying to organise chemsex parties (slightly less fine!), the escorts trying to find clientele (should be more fine!), the straight boys without a pic on the hunt or dick (a very thorny thicket!) and maybe, just maybe, a G B or T person looking for a hook-up or a date.

Grindr has improved a lot over the years: you now have the ability to post multiple pictures, alert someone if you’re into them without having to say a word, and actually get bloody notifications without paying.

There are also some interesting additions of recent, including the fact profiles now allow you to mention your preferences about being sent, or receiving, NSFW. You can engage in all the usual conversational beats – “Hey, wuu2?”, “Got pix?”, “Top or btm?”, “Host or travel?”, “Into smells?” – or you can try to play it a bit different. No shade, all T: Grindr is the most economical and ergonomic of dating platforms and if that’s not your scene – if you’re looking for the nebulous, wibbly-wobbly badinage of human interaction – that’s not what this menu was ever designed for. That being said, you may find some people looking for conversation! That’s not impossible! But don’t judge people if that’s not why they’re here: Grindr has a very utilitarian role to play and it does it well. Nobody came into the digital world looking for the sexual prude police. Judge nobody and dox no one.

adult gay dating site germany FhXDz8

3. chappy

Known for: allowing you to filter out men based on your intentions

When I used Chappy back in the day, its main sell was the sliding scale at its top: slide in one direction and you could filter for men looking for “mr right”. Sliding the toggle in the other direction got you “mr right now”. As it was new, and late to the party, it meant that people flocking to the app were ones tired of the current market and looking for something new. I had a pretty high ratio of good dates, anecdotally. The scale has changed what it allows you to filter between and they’re still trying to settle on what exactly the two poles will be, but it can be useful for those who want – without blocking account after account – a way of find people who are looking for exactly the same outcome.

It’s from the people behind Bumble (and other apps) and was born out of a desire to provide an alternative to the Grindr-centric marketplace. It’s got, probably, a smaller pool, but a pool that has had enough of the rest of the options out there and is looking for something different. If that’s been your experience so far, you’ll probably find someone like-minded there.

Worth noting: as part of the Badoo and Bumble family, Chappy also has video dating services available for users if you want to meet the people you speak to but are still not comfortable meeting in person.

5. surge

Surge is… I mean, it’s… what is Surge? It’s… Well, it’s the exact same interface as Tinder, but for gay men. But here’s the thing: have you ever heard of Surge? Who is using Surge? What are people getting from this app? If you really enjoy the ability to swipe left and right because the gamification of human sexuality is a real thrill for you, Surge gives you all you want and more. Otherwise, there’s nothing to suggest this app is a home to any particular approach to dating, or demographic, that you wouldn’t find on more mainstream apps. 

adult gay dating site germany FXYi6A

6. growlr

A dating app specifically for bears, cubs and all men who fancy those aforementioned dad bods. Whether you enjoy the categorisation of gay men’s bodies or not, these apps exist and people use them. If you yourself feel a little bit more body-conscious and want to be in a space where being both sexual and thicc is praised rather than risky, Growlr might be an excellent starting point even if you move on elsewhere.

7. mr x

Formerly known as “Mister”, Mr X is designed for gay men over the age of 30. It’s not particularly competent, or especially jazzy, and when you get to smaller apps with less known niches it’s often just a smaller pool of the same people you saw on Grindr and Scruff. But Mr X does exist. Since coming back under its new, slightly sci-fi name, Mr X also works in the background to try and find you potential partners who match the type of men you’re already trying to date (a lot of apps keep track of the categories most of the men you’re trying to chirpse belong to: Scruff’s data I often found dangerously illuminating). In that way it’s not dissimilar to Hinge and is also available on desktop as well.

The founder of Mr X, Carl Sandler, also founded Daddyhunt – an app designed for meeting “daddies” – and Knki, an app for people in the fetish community. If either of those happen to be your particular taste, they also might be worth trying.

adult gay dating site germany GjDt3hE

8. adam4adam

Adam4Adam – a long-standing American dating website, predominantly used in the US and yet also sponsoring posts among the European thots I just happen to follow on Instagram – has now moved into the app game as well. Adam4Adam has somewhat garnered a reputation as a place where untoward types would find closeted gay servicemen and public figures and out them. This isn’t the site’s fault, but institutional homophobia’s, but it’s worth mentioning. The site is free and also offers live cams, pornography and a sex shop.

9. romeo

Known for: being the gay equivalent of the European Union

Otherwise known as PlanetRomeo and GayRomeo, this site and app are both huge in German speaking countries. If you’re in MunichZurich or Vienna, you may have more success using Romeo than other apps. That being said, usage in the UK is low – about 2 per cent of its total user base in 2016 – so it might not be your best domestic bet.

adult gay dating site germany HDBBqei

10. hornet

Known for: keeping gay men in dangerous countries safe

Never heard of Hornet? The likelihood is that you live in a country where homophobia isn’t a criminal offence. Although Hornet exists all over the world, it becomes a saving grace in countries where Grindr is banned or dangerous due to fake profiles being out to catch you and incriminate you (Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, etc, etc). For example, Hornet is the biggest gay dating app in Turkey, where you’re “safe” in Istanbul and Ankara but in danger everywhere else. The thing is that it’s also an app where people are being incredibly discreet due to the same dangers. It’s also not safe to use Hornet in some countries, like Indonesia, where it was banned in 2016, or the UAE.

13. the straight ones

Known for: being focused more on dating than hook-ups

The apps designed for heterosexuals have slowly but surely also become homes for sodomy, though with something like Bumble the purpose is different: as the fundamental sell is that women can initiate conversation. As we have actively exorcised them from said conversation, it’s basically just Tinder until Bumble decides that only bottoms can say hello.

However, while it might seem that trying to force our square peg into a round hole is the wrong way to go, they are worth the time. It’s less geographical, so the pool is wider and often gay, bisexual and trans users have come here because they want to date more than they want to hook-up, if that’s what you’re after.

In my experience, the apps have more selective and more exasperated user pools as you go from biggest to smallest: Tinder is basically the same as trying to get dick on a bus, Bumble is full of the people who are sick of Tinder’s shit, Hinge is for those who found Bumble too exasperating. I got to the Bumble level and then I found my boyfriend and love of my life, which is a shame in some ways because Hinge seems like a really great app for making strong connections and not a shame in the more important way that I’ve got somebody who I can use as an excuse to get out of social events I don’t want to go to.

adult gay dating site germany i986bV

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Since the height of the coronavirus pandemic in March, the German government has urged people to cut down on social contact and keep a distance of 1.5 metres from people they don’t live with.

So what does this mean for single people who are looking to meet someone or want to have sex?

Germany has not issued direct guidance on sexual relations with people you don’t know, unlike some Nordic countries, or the Dutch government, which advised single people to set up a ’sex buddy‘ arrangement in order to limit social contacts while meeting sexual needs.

In France things are a bit more restrained: intimate actions are not mentioned in the government guidance.

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, the sex workers‘ association published a list of coronavirus-safe sex positions, giving people a clue to the best ways to practice sex as safely as possible during a pandemic.

When it comes to dating, Germany’s Health Ministry, says: “People can still date, but social restrictions must be observed and contact with others should be kept to an absolute minimum. That means using online dating sites or video calls rather than meeting in person.”

This website is produced by BBC Global News, a commercial company owned by the BBC (and just the BBC). No money from the licence fee was used to create this website. The money we make from it is re-invested to help fund the BBC’s international journalism.

Dating in Sweden might conjure up dreamy images of candlelit dinners in minimalist Nordic apartments, or snowy hikes with well-toned nature lovers.

But international professionals — there are more than half a million foreign citizens of working age in Sweden according to national statistics — hoping to find a relationship face a challenge in a nation that boasts the highest proportion of singles in Europe.

adult gay dating site germany IZUwonC

People don’t like to say they’re ‘dating’ in sweden

“You’d think it would have become much more common for Swedes to form a family with a foreign-born citizen, thanks to freedom of movement and increased immigration,” he added.

Briton Michael Olaye, 31, who works in marketing and has been single for two years, believes Swedes value their independence more than many other nationalities.

Briton Michael Olaye says it is hard to find people his age who want to be in long relationships. (Credit: Michael Olaye)

“People don’t like to say they’re ‘dating’ in Sweden. There’s a huge amount of pressure that is tied to the word,” he said. “I’ve met a lot of beautiful women who want to hang out, but things tend to be very short-term. … I’m looking for something meaningful now.”

Dr David Schultz, an American psychotherapist who has lived in Sweden for 13 years, agrees that expat dating struggles may be tied to cultural differences that are broader than just the independent mind-set of Swedes.

Sweden’s more egalitarian norms benefit many expats

“It’s very different for me, coming from a more macho culture,” says Altoe. “I have no problem splitting the bill, but it can be confusing. Should I be more assertive here? Should I make the first move? Or do I still wait for the guy to make the first move?”

However Sweden’s more egalitarian norms do benefit many expats, including American divorcee Rachel Matchett, 36, who moved to Stockholm with her Bulgarian then-husband.

“We broke up [here] when my son was three and it was affordable for me to live alone in Sweden in a way it would not have been in the US, or in Japan, where we had lived previously,” says Matchett, who now has a boyfriend. She adds that the “practically free” day care is also a big plus for independent living.

Swede Djina Wilk, 39, co-founder of Swedish language and cultural communication business, Bee Swedish, advises expats who aren’t comfortable using websites and apps for dating to invest time in getting to know locals slowly at evening courses or through sport.

“Swedes can initially seem colder and less emotional than other cultures,” says Wilk, who has also lived in Germany, Ireland, the US and the UK.

adult gay dating site germany jEV6mwm

Swedes are usually warm and loyal once you get closer

“If you’re doing an activity, there’s less pressure to talk, and it’s something you’ve already got in common that you can do together regardless of your language or background,” she adds. “Swedes are usually warm and loyal once you get closer.”

Despite the challenges of dating, Sweden’s magnetism for international talent is evident in the fact that the majority of single newcomers do stick around in the medium-term. According to Statistics Sweden, two thirds of those in who arrived without a partner between 1998 and 2007 were still living in the Nordic country after five years.

Australian health economist and fitness entrepreneur Dan Paech, 32, got together with his Swedish girlfriend just over a year ago. He says they were both spurred on by “alcohol-fuelled confidence” after she started chatting to him at an outdoor music venue in Stockholm.

Dan Paech says not being Swedish is a disadvantage when dating. (Credit: Run with me Stockholm)

“But before I met my girlfriend I found dating quite hard. I felt I got kept at arm’s length quite regularly,” he said. "Not being Swedish, you are automatically at a disadvantage.”

One issue for expats in Sweden (and perhaps elsewhere), Paech believes, is the worry that you might miss home and want to return. “Now I am in a relationship that is [still] always an issue and we discuss it a lot.”

As for Altoe, she remains uncertain. “If I am happy at work and I’m having a fun life then I will probably stay in Sweden even if I remain single,” she says.

But after spending most of his twenties in Sweden, Olaye is not convinced.

“I’m not sure I look at life in the same way as many Swedes,” he says. “I’m louder, more of a creature of chaos. I want to settle down, but I’m just not meeting anyone who makes me want to sit and live my life here forever.”

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Toffee dating app

Toffee, a dating app exclusively aimed at the privately educated, launched in the UK this year. Its 7,500 founding members received a free six-month subscription at launch and additional members pay a £5 monthly subscription fee.

Lydia Davis, co-founder of the app, says this payment model has been useful for two reasons: “Even though it’s a minimal charge, it’s created a barrier for entry with people that aren’t going to take this seriously. We have to reject a large number of applications on verification and we know the number would be much higher if we didn’t have the charge. It also means as a business we’re monetised from the beginning.”

She says the app has “really taken off” since it launched in April and that her team has been inundated with requests from singletons in the US, Australia and South Africa about launching it overseas. Expansion plans are already under way in India and Nigeria, where a significant proportion of the population is privately educated. Davis estimates Toffee will register more than $10m in revenues in 2019 if the app is as successful overseas as it has been initially in the UK. Like her competitors, Davis brushes off concerns about the app being elitist. “There has been a significant amount of research to show that romantic attraction [and] successful relationships are strongly driven by a similarity in characteristics or background,” she says.

“With this being such an important reason for the foundations of a good relationship we knew it would be a successful niche dating market. It’s nothing to do with status or elitism, it’s to do with having some common ground that might help some people find a connection just like any other niche dating app.”

A London-based ex-banker, who is considering signing up to Toffee on the recommendation of a friend, admits that the concept is “crass”. But he adds: “It only really sets you up with people who you might have something in common with. Although it is of course possible to have some class-straddling romance, the likelihood of finding a compatible mate who didn’t go to a posh school or university is surely small.”

Not all privately educated professionals are sold on such concepts, however.

A UK-based advertising executive, who is privately educated and met her boyfriend on Tinder several years ago, says: “I definitely think [these kinds of apps] are elitist bullshit and I would not look for a partner based on whether they went to a good university or have a lot of money.”

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adult gay dating site germany KdC956R

Gay chat berlin – überwinde die anonymität der großstadt

Dabei hat Berlin unglaublich viel zu bieten, von Kultur, über wunderschöne Parks, hunderte Schwulenkneipen und etliche andere Möglichkeiten, seine Zeit sinnvoll und anregend zu verbringen. Suchst du jemanden, mit dem du Hand in Hand das Abenteuer Berlin erleben kannst? Oder sehnst du dich nach einem Menschen, mit dem du einfach die Wohnungstür schließen und in gemütlicher Zweisamkeit dem Großstadtrummel entfliehen kannst? Dann bist du auf Gay Chat Berlin goldrichtig. Hier treffen sich die schärfsten Berliner Gays, um sich auszutauschen und sich zu treffen-

Willst du jemanden finden, mit dem du dir gemeinsam einen schönen Abend machen kannst, dann registriere dich im Gay Chat Berlin und deinem Glück steht nichts mehr im Wege. Einsamkeit ade, Spaß ist garantiert. Im Gay Chat Berlin warten unzählige Homosexuelle nur auf dich, die Auswahl ist groß, fündig wird hier mit Sicherheit jeder! Also, lass dich auf das Abenteuer ein, überwinde die Anonymität der Großstadt und lass dir alle Türen in ein glücklicheres und zufriedeneres Leben öffnen! Die Anmeldung ist kostenlos – zögere nicht länger!

Haftungsausschluss: Die Gratis-Mitgliedschaft erlaubt dir, die Seite zu durchsuchen, Profile anzusehen, Flirts zu senden und dein Profil zu bearbeiten. Kosten fallen an, wenn du die Premium-Mitgliedschaft erwirbst, welche dir bei Vervollständigung deines Profils angeboten wird. Diese Seite wird von verrechnet

Alle Mitglieder und/oder Modelle, die auf dieser Webseite gezeigt werden, waren in Übereinstimmung mit den geltenden rechtlichen Grundlagen und Vorschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Bildübermittlung an diese Seite 18 Jahre oder älter. Weiters MÜSSEN alle Mitglieder dieser Datingseite 18 Jahre oder älter sein.

Gay Chat Berlin ist Teil des Dating Netzwerkes, das viele andere allgemeinen und gay Dating Seiten beinhaltet. Als Mitglied von Gay Chat Berlin wird dein Profil automatisch und kostenlos auf ähnlichen gay Dating Seiten oder an ähnliche Mitglieder im Netzwerk angezeigt. Für mehr Information klicke hier.

neuer glanz im chat

In Zeiten, in denen Online hoch im Kurs steht, hat die Deutsche Aidshilfe ihren Beratungs-Chat für schwule Männer überarbeitet und neugestaltet.

Frisches Design und sehen, wenn der andere grade schreibt: Der GAY HEALTH CHAT rückt mit neuen Funktionalitäten und höchstem Chat-Komfort auf in die Spitzenliga der Online-Chats und bleibt dabei sicher, kostenlos und anonym. Es werden keine Chats gespeichert, alle Chat-Nachrichten werden Ende-zu-Ende-verschlüsselt und er ist jeden Tag in der Woche zu erreichen.

Einrichtungen wie der schwule Checkpoint Mann-o-Meter, Berlin, liefern die Beratungskompetenz. Insgesamt arbeiten 49 Aidshilfen aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz an diesem Projekt mit. Alle Mitarbeiter werden von der Deutschen Aidshilfe für die Chatberatung ausgebildet und trainiert.

„Wie geht es dir?“ Der GAY HEALTH CHAT bietet alles, was ein schwuler Mann wissen will – zu Freundschaft, Partnerschaft, Einsamkeit, Sex, Substanzen oder zu Dingen, die Angst machen; wie man sich vor HIV und anderen sexuell übertragbaren Infektionen schützen kann oder ob man sich infiziert haben könnte.

Der GAY HEALTH CHAT ist ab sofort in neuer Form online, täglich von 17 bis 20 Uhr unter Er ist offen für alle Männer, die Sex mit Männern haben, egal ob cis- oder trans*.

adult gay dating site germany kdSZlf

Gay chat & cybersex: beste sex & dating-apps für schwule männer

In der schwulen Welt sind Gay-Dating-Apps mittlerweile so selbstverständlich, dass sich die gesamte LGBT-Szene dramatisch verändert hat. Fast jeder schwule Mann nutzt eine Smartphone-App, um schnellen Sex oder die Liebe seines Lebens zu finden. Nicht wenige Schwulenkneipen, Gay Clubs oder Saunen mussten schließen, weil schwule Männer lieber zu Hause am PC oder auf dem Handy chatten, anstatt sich auf einen Drink in einem Lokal zu treffen oder spontanen Sex in einem Darkroom zu haben. Auch Cruising Areas und Klappen werden nur noch sehr selten aufgesucht. Doch Chatportale und Apps bieten für queere Menschen natürlich auch viele Vorteile:

Gay dating: wo kontakt zu schwulen männern finden?

Egal, ob für Sex, Liebe oder einfach nur Freundschaft: Es gibt es für sämtliche Bedürfnisse und jede Zielgruppe das passende Gay-Dating-Portal. Doch auf welchen Internetseiten und in welchen Dating-Apps für Android-Smartphones und iphones sollten sich homosexuelle Männer für die Partnersuche anmelden? Hier sind die besten Gay-Chat-Apps, um online Kontakte zu anderen schwulen und bisexuellen Männern zu finden(*).

adult gay dating site germany kFU3OwZ

Kostenlose gay chats: noch mehr schwule dating- & sex-apps

Neben den oben aufgeführten Programmen gibt es noch weitere Dating-Apps für schwule und bisexuelle Männer im Google-Playstore und in Apples App-Store.

Mit diesen Gay-Apps habe ich jedoch leider noch keine Erfahrungen gesammelt. Viele Gay-Chat-Apps sind zudem überwiegend im amerikanischen Raum verbreitet. Sicherlich gibt es auch Apps, die hier in Deutschland nahezu unbekannt, aber in Südamerika oder Asien äußerst beliebt sind?

Mit welchen Gay-Dating-Apps und Online-Sex-Chats für schwule Männer hast du die besten Erfahrungen gemacht? Ich freue mich auf deine Empfehlungen in den Kommentaren!

Hallo, ich bin Mario. Mit meinem Reiseblog möchte ich Dir helfen, das passende Reiseziel für Deinen nächsten Gayurlaub zu finden. Hier findest Du gayfriendly Hotels, die beliebtesten Gay Bars, Clubs und Saunen, CSD-Termine, aktuelles News aus der schwulen Szene sowie wichtige Hinweise und Tipps für Reisen in weniger LGBT-freundliche Länder. Folge mir gerne auch auf Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest oder YouTube. Hier erfährst du noch mehr über mich.

Wer bin ich?

Hallo, mein Name ist Mario. In meinem Reisemagazin stelle ich die schönsten Urlaubsziele für schwule Männer vor.

Reisen kann leider für viele Touristen ein unangenehmes Thema sein: In vielen Ländern sind schwule, lesbische, bisexuelle und transgender Urlauber nicht willkommen. Mit meinem Gay-Reiseblog möchte ich anderen queeren Menschen helfen, das passende Reiseziel zu finden.

adult gay dating site germany lf3sp2

Die heißesten treffpunkte: saunas für schwule in berlin

Obwohl die Gayszene in Berlin stark vertreten ist und Schwule aus aller Welt nach Berlin reisen, um diese Szene zu erleben, sind Gay Saunas in unserer Hauptstadt leider extreme mangelware. Waren es vor einigen Jahren noch 3, gibt es inzwischen nur noch eine einzige Sauna, die sich explizit an (Schwule) Männer richtet – Den Boiler.

Er sucht ihn: cruising in berlin

Schwule Outdoor Erlebnisse gehören mit zu den aufregendsten Abenteuern, die man in Berlin erleben kann. Dank der großen und vielfältigen Gayszene in Berlin kann man, trotz der immer mehr auf kommenden Apps und Chats, über die man sich verabreden kann, immer noch viele andere Gays treffen. Dabei geht es nicht mal nur um Sex an sich, sondern auch um das Gefühl beobachtet zu werden – oder natürlich andere zu beobachten. Ob du mit dem Auto, oder mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs bist, hier sind die beliebtesten Cruising Plätze in Berlin:

adult gay dating site germany lIozGZd

Mitglieder nach stadt

Haftungsausschluss: Die Gratis-Mitgliedschaft erlaubt dir, die Seite zu durchsuchen, Profile anzusehen, Flirts zu senden und dein Profil zu bearbeiten. Kosten fallen an, wenn du die Premium-Mitgliedschaft erwirbst, welche dir bei Vervollständigung deines Profils angeboten wird. Diese Seite wird von verrechnet

Alle Mitglieder und/oder Modelle, die auf dieser Webseite gezeigt werden, waren in Übereinstimmung mit den geltenden rechtlichen Grundlagen und Vorschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Bildübermittlung an diese Seite 18 Jahre oder älter. Weiters MÜSSEN alle Mitglieder dieser Datingseite 18 Jahre oder älter sein.

Gay Chat Berlin ist Teil des Dating Netzwerkes, das viele andere allgemeinen und gay Dating Seiten beinhaltet. Als Mitglied von Gay Chat Berlin wird dein Profil automatisch und kostenlos auf ähnlichen gay Dating Seiten oder an ähnliche Mitglieder im Netzwerk angezeigt. Für mehr Information klicke hier.

Welche vorteile unsere gay dating community dir bietet: ist aufregend anders: In unserer Community treffen sich ambitionierte, stilvolle junge Gays und erfolgreiche schwule Sugar Daddies. Du erwartest mehr und gibst Dich nicht mit Durchschnitt zufrieden? Du möchtest herausfinden, welche Gays gerade in Deiner Nähe sind? Mit Deinem eigenen Konto kannst Du Dich schnell und einfach von überall aus anmelden und Dir die Profile von Gays in Deiner Stadt ansehen. Jedes Profil verfügt zudem über ein kostenloses und ein privates Fotoalbum: Zeige anderen Gays, wer Du bist, was Du gerne machst und finde einen schwulen Sugar Daddy oder Sugarboy zum Daten.

adult gay dating site germany LPHVR1

Eröffne deine eigenen gay-chat räume

Kostenlos. Gratis. Free. Unser Gay Chat steht dir in der gesamten EU zur freien Verfügung. Komm herein und überzeug dich selbst. Das Beste: Du kannst sogar eigene Räume eröffnen und andere schwule und bisexuelle Männer kennenlernen, die zu deinen Vorlieben passen.

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Treffen und f**ken heute nacht

In den “Er sucht Ihn”-Erotikanzeigen finden Sie attraktive homosexuelle oder bisexuelle Singles und Sexkontakte. Kurzfristige Gaytreffs und Dates lassen sich über die Erotikkontakte ganz einfach vereinbaren. Erklärungen für Gaybegriffe finden Sie in unserem Gay-Lexikon. Interessante Sextipps gibt es in unseren "Er sucht Ihn"-Ratgebern. Angesagte Clubs und Bars für Schwule liefert unser Gay-Guide.

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Gay berlin chat

gay chat up lines edmonton Other major cities may have big gay scenes but nowhere can quite rival Berlin. As a member of Berlin Chat City, your profile will automatically be shown on related general chat sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge In 2001 Berlin got an openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit from the Social Democrats. By combining the best gay chat sites on the internet, you won’t ever have to waste time again. To prevent his outing by opponents during the election campaign he outed himself on a party congress with the legendary words ›Ich bin schwul, und das ist auch gut so‹ (I’m gay and that’s just fine) Top Berlin Gay Clubs & Bars: See reviews and photos of gay clubs & bars in Berlin, Germany on Tripadvisor Sep 02, 2020 · Germany guest chat rooms is a place to meet strangers from Germany. Profiles in Berlin Only Lads is a great place to meet gay and bisexual guys in Berlin. Pišite na [email protected] Chatte und triff dich kostenlos mit interessanten Menschen oder aktualisiere auf Grindr XTRA für noch mehr Funktionen, noch mehr Spaß und noch mehr Chancen zum Knüpfen von Kontakten 💋 Der Gay Chat für schwule Männer Möchtest Du Gays oder bisexuelle Männer treffen? Schöneberg is the main hub. Gay Buzz. Marken. In 2001 Berlin got an openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit (born 1 October 1953) from the SPD (Social Democratic Party).

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Gay berlin chat

gay chat up lines edmonton Other major cities may have big gay scenes but nowhere can quite rival Berlin. As a member of Berlin Chat City, your profile will automatically be shown on related general chat sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge In 2001 Berlin got an openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit from the Social Democrats. By combining the best gay chat sites on the internet, you won’t ever have to waste time again. To prevent his outing by opponents during the election campaign he outed himself on a party congress with the legendary words ›Ich bin schwul, und das ist auch gut so‹ (I’m gay and that’s just fine) Top Berlin Gay Clubs & Bars: See reviews and photos of gay clubs & bars in Berlin, Germany on Tripadvisor Sep 02, 2020 · Germany guest chat rooms is a place to meet strangers from Germany. Profiles in Berlin Only Lads is a great place to meet gay and bisexual guys in Berlin. Pišite na [email protected] Chatte und triff dich kostenlos mit interessanten Menschen oder aktualisiere auf Grindr XTRA für noch mehr Funktionen, noch mehr Spaß und noch mehr Chancen zum Knüpfen von Kontakten 💋 Der Gay Chat für schwule Männer Möchtest Du Gays oder bisexuelle Männer treffen? Schöneberg is the main hub. Gay Buzz. Marken. In 2001 Berlin got an openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit (born 1 October 1953) from the SPD (Social Democratic Party).

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Who is adam?

I quit my job as a graphic designer to travel the world, writing this blog along the way. I’ve lived in Berlin, Tel Aviv, London, Sydney, Boston, and Dallas—but since early 2018, I live in New York City (Brooklyn, duh).

On my travel blog, you’ll find gay stories, nightlife tips, photos, and all-too-personal essays from my adventures around the world. Read how Iceland changed my life and set me on a path as a professional travel blogger & award-winning writer.

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Older gay dating app lübeck deutschland

While looking for a partner online for intimate relationship, to have a good and safe dating experience, the following advices. What are your qualities and your little flaws? What is your lifestyle? What are your goals and aspirations? What qualities are you interested in? What type of relationship are you seeking?

What are your criteria of age, location, common interests, etc.? Please contact administrator for this. Please provide the e-mail associated with your myTamilDate membership to reset your password. I am a Male Female Other. Totally Free to Place Profile and connect with hundreds of thousands of singles like you now! As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the online dating business for over 19 years!

The best lgbtq dating apps for android and ios

Chappy adds a number of security features, such as requiring you to upload a picture of your face, and alerting you if someone tries to grab a screenshot of your image. Like Tinder, you also have to be matched with someone before you can trade messages. Unlike Tinder, it features functionality devoted specifically to making friends, Chappy Friends.

In addition to providing the standard dating app fare, it also promises to provide a safe space for women to find love, friendships, and build community. Targeted toward bears and their admirers, Growlr boasts two million members and over , daily active users.

But what else do you know about appearance and lifestyle of German wives? Blood of ancestors made German brides real belles. You can meet those tall blondes with blue eyes or hot brunettes with a bit tan. German ladies with high cheekbones and full lips impress even when they just walk in the street. Girls here really know how to look after themselves: regular fitness trainings, healthy food and cosmetics.

In this country visiting cosmetologists is a common deal, and the other secret of any single German woman is that she always has enough sleep and goes for a walk in the fresh air. So in Germany girls for marriage smartly combine their natural qualities with good look after themselves. And any man can enjoy the fabulous look of his German girl for marriage. Just look at their profiles and see for yourself.

Culture of this country made these girls rather confident and proud of themselves. So they are very polite and know pretty well how to behave in public places and position themselves as noble German ladies.

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Gay dating pforzheim baden-württemberg

Gay Kreuzfahrt funktioniert nicht immer, aber wenn sie es tut ist eine der besten Dinge, die jemals passiert ist. Die Sorten von Gay Clubs sind völlig endlos, wie Leute wie und freuen uns über jede Art und freundlich und sind ganz über dem Platz. Jede Art von Dienstleistungen oder Unterkünfte Sie brauchen in den Bereichen, in denen Gay Sie sich aufhalten, indem er die Einheimischen und Wegbeschreibungen zu dem, was Sie suchen finden.

Freizeitveranstaltungen in Pforzheim. Kinderveranstaltungen in Pforzheim. Last-Minute-Tickets in Pforzheim. Sportveranstaltungen in Pforzheim.

Theaterveranstaltungen in Pforzheim. Wochenendtipps für Pforzheim.


Welcome to Taimi – World’s Largest LGBTQ+ Platform! Your Pride is our community is the first fully inclusive gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual dating app with more than 10,000,000 real users. Taimi started as a unique gay chat and gay dating app, but now we are more than the app for gay people – we are the community of open-minded and easy-going LGBTQ people who live their lives in all the colors of the rainbow. On Taimi you can chat for free, make calls and videos, create posts & stories, and last, but not least, find true Taimi best features:◾ Experience the best online gay dating app: swipe and match with more than 8 million queer folks from all over the world. Taimi is enjoyed by all shades of the rainbow: Lesbian chat and dating; Transgender chat and dating; Bisexual chat and dating – you name it, Taimi has it all!◾ Video and call messages;◾ Live Events;◾ Pets, Movies, Music, Memes lovers, Gamers… – a little part of our communities;◾ PIN, Face Recognition, those features are free to you want to improve your app experience, you can purchase an optional subscription package TAIMI the Premium Subscription, you will be able to explore the LGBTQ world much easier:◾ Like as many people as you want before matching;◾ Swipe up for a Rainbow like and you will get 3 times more matches;◾ Use extended filters to match with the RIGHT ONE;◾ Undo your hasty swipes;◾ See all of your visitors;◾ Hide your age and location;◾ Find Them quicker and easier!Taimi Premium consists of 3 levels:- Taimi Bronze – lowest subscription tier, which is possible to activate via Trial subscription;- Taimi Silver – middle subscription tier;- Taimi Gold – top subscription Bronze provides the same level for premium features for both trial and after-trial period. You can start with Taimi Bronze just for $4.99 per genuinely believe that the app will help to create a safe environment for LGBTQ people to show the brightest sides of their personality, to find true love, and spread awareness about equality, LGBTQ rights, and personal freedom!Our goal is to become the #1 queer Dating & Social Network in the world for lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities since we understand that everyone deserves to be loved. Meet someone brutal and edgy or someone very tender and gentle, young or mature, calm or active – we bring together the greatest connected with the LGBTQ+ community worldwide in Digest. TAIMI feed is a safe space for you to share your interests, hobbies, and artwork. Shine bright and showcase yourself on TAIMI!Interested to learn more? Please, check the following links:Privacy Policy: of Service: Terms: Community Rules: are continually improving the app, and if you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team at We are always here to help ;)Join us on our social media:Facebook: @taimiappTwitter: @taimiappInstagram: @taimiapp

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Gay dating apps — a much needed space in the virtual world

With the world going through several restrictions due to the pandemic and constraints everywhere as far as outings are concerned, more and more people are seeking respite with friends and family online. And in the same way relationships for millions of people including the gay community, dating apps are the only and the best means to meeting new people on a romantic, social or sexual level right now. The popularity of these apps have been in demand mainly due to social taboos and under the prevailing situation the demand has increased to new heights. A Pew Research Centre Study has revealed the fact that around half of gay, lesbian and bi-sexual people in the USA took to dating apps. The main reasons are because most such apps because it becomes easier to choose and make friends or seek partners there when everyone is confined at home.

Gay dating apps and sites give the users ample data on a potential partner’s sexual identity. This aspect saves a person from embarrassment that may occur if they tend to express interest in someone who may not share the same preference as we do. We do have gay bars, of course, but if you’ve ever been to one, you will know that they’re crowded with an indiscernible mix of gays, straights and very few people actually looking to date. This is much expected in a social scenario but the concern of looking for something long-term can remain unsolved in these arenas.

1. tinder

This app was created primarily for the straights; however, Tinder has recently, in 2019, turned app more queer-friendly. Tinder launched two new features, the first being “Orientation” which allows users to select their sexual orientation. The creators acknowledge that it took them a long time to include LGBTQs and have tried to make up for this delay by announcing that the App will “continue to evolve and change, just like sexuality.” A gay writer from the US writes on his personal blog about his own experience with Tinder, ‘But truthfully: it just wasn’t the best for making connections. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of swiping to even get to the “let’s meet in person” phase, and then from that it’s still a stretch to form a real bond.

adult gay dating site germany PdJ7I9

2. grindr

Another app that gives space for gay dating. One online survey mentions that Grindr, a pioneer among dating apps for LGBTQs: is the most widely used gay dating app on the planet as of now; three –fourths of single gay men are on there. It has reached this level due to good networking while resources are still scarce. This app has been extremely forthright and is for free but a user has to pay if they want to use the premium feature, Grindr XTRA or Grindr Unlimited — these two features allows a user to see unlimited men in your area (it supports geo-location) and thus gets more specific with the filter searches with no ad interference.

3. chappy

With certain add-ons as compared to other apps, this new app is getting popular gradually. What has attracted many potential users is the sliding scale at its top: slide in one direction and you could filter for men looking for “mr right”. Sliding the toggle in the other direction got you “mr right now”. As a result, it does not require much time to search for a date or partner while you are in there.

The Chappy app seemed to pop up in the gay dating world quickly — with a lot of cool events in the UK and America. They seem to be well-funded and the gay app’s interface is actually pretty sleek. A few design features make it awkward to fill out a profile, but once you get the hang of it, it does actually work.

Chappy’s most distinguishing feature is the fact that you can set your profile to show whether you’re looking for more of a relationship, or more of a hookup — and you’ll see corresponding profiles to your current interest.

adult gay dating site germany PXFtE0v

4. scruff

Scruff was one of the earliest to incorporate useful LGBTQ travel features). Scruff is almost as popular as Grindr. It was launched about ten years back in 2010. The name comes from the fact that it was initially launched the aim was to have an alternative to Grindr which is why they called out and appealed to the ‘scruffier types’. The intention was changed soon after and now the app hosts more than 15 million users worldwide. About 31 % of the users are gay men. Similar to Grindr, Scruff uses geolocation to source profiles and is free to use. The app, however, charges extra for PRO membership. This feature allows users to check out queer events in their location which is of great help allowing gay men to select and interact their own kinds safe spaces and connect in real life. Scruff is the first app that has an option for including members of the military and the transgender community.

5. growlr

This is again on the same lines as Scruff but is a more niche version of Scruff. As the name suggests it was chiefly targeting ‘bears and huskier, harrier men’. This app uses geolocation technology to source potential mates for whatever type of connection you’re seeking, as does Grindr and Scruff. The app does not claim to be having as many users as Grindr or Scruff makes this list because it has big plans for the future, with hopes of introducing live-streaming capabilities and others separate from dating for entertainment.

adult gay dating site germany pZOTXOX

6. mr x

Earlier this App was known as “Mister” and then it changed to Mr X . The space is exclusively designed for gay men over the age of 30. It is thus obvious that the App cannot be particularly competent as there are those members in bigger Apps who would perhaps not like to visit Mr X. This App is also available on desktop as well. MR X Gay Dating offers you a welcoming and safe environment to meet and connect. Above all, you’ll be meeting other people who are looking for the kinds of connections you’re seeking.

8. romeo

Earlier referred to as PlanetRomeo and GayRomeo, this site and app are both country-centric and their presence in huge in German speaking countries. So if you are in Berlin or Munich, Zurich or Vienna. northern Europe, especially among German-speakers you will be happy with it. So basically, it’s a local gay app which can be utilised when you live (or travel) in the countries mentioned. They do publish an annual list of LGBTQ-friendly places around the world each year because they do collect (and share) a lot of data, but that’s kind of the end of its usefulness.

Unfortunately, the app feels slightly outdated and even though they’ve got a corresponding website which you can also use — that’s even more outdated and difficult to use! In a lot of Europe, the app can be useful for getting travel tips or arranging dates and/or meetups, but there are a lot of language barriers as well.

adult gay dating site germany SIzcZA

9. hornet

This is one of the gay apps that’s been around for a while but seems stuck in a rut. I don’t think its gained much traction in the LGBTQ community outside of a few of its more popular regions in Asia and South America. Some of you may not have heard of Hornet. The likelihood is that you live in a country where homophobia isn’t a criminal offence. Although Hornet exists all over the world, it becomes a saving grace in countries where Grindr is banned or dangerous due to fake profiles being out to catch you and incriminate you (Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, etc ). For example, Hornet is the biggest gay dating app in Turkey, where you’re “safe” in Istanbul and Ankara but in danger everywhere else. The thing is that it’s also an app where people are being incredibly discreet due to the same dangers. It’s also not safe to use Hornet in some countries, like Indonesia, where it was banned in 2016, or the UAE.

10. squirt

Squirt has long been proud of being an uncensored online hub for using. Later it converted into being a slightly-more-censored dating app, Squirt Mobile. The crew behind the men-for-men site introduced a revamped mobile site, called Squirt Mobile, as they believe that, “users wanted more search options, especially for other cities they may visit in the future. If you’re in a new city, you can click on ‘Cruising’ and see the places that are closest to you.” The app is most explicit and the most body-focused as compared to other existing apps. Of course there are takers for this as well. The website is primarily a ‘hookup site.’ Attila Szatmari, Squirt’s digital business director, says. “We don’t sugar-coat that. Grindr is too chit-chatty,” he says. “When people want sex, they’ll prefer going to Squirt.”

adult gay dating site germany tDt8QE

Feel at home with aya– gay dating app made in india

Home is where the heart is; While Indian gay men have been visiting the Apps mentioned here, there is a good news for all you guys out there. Now you have a home-grown App — AYA (As You Are), launched in May, 2020. It is an Indian App exclusively created to give safe space for the LGBTQ community. So what’s stopping you? Do not lose your chance of finding friends and partners with similar backgrounds and from your very own country. The tagline of this App, ‘Find your person, easily, safely, discreetly’, tells you clearly the modus-operandi of the App — the main idea is to maintain confidentiality. Another very interesting feature it offers is matchmaking. So once you share your details including the kind of person you are looking out for, AYA will even matchmake for you taking guidance from a team of psychologists.

Which areyour favorite places in berlin to go for a gay night out?

Möbel Olfe in Kreuzberg is my favourite bar. It’s the first gay bar I ever went to so it will always have a special place in my heart. I love the cuddly pink fluffy bar called Roses, which is just around the corner from Möbel Olfe on Oranienstraße. Also, Bar Saint Jean in Mitte is another favourite of mine.

adult gay dating site germany vMv3JmJ

German dating in the us: dating sites are the way forward

Of course, tricky doesn’t mean impossible. All you need is to look in the right place! For those American singles who want to meet others who appreciate all things German, premium dating sites are this right place. Pick the right site and, not only can you make your dating dreams clear, you can be connected to highly compatible single men and women.

Meet compatible singles with elitesingles

EliteSingles is just such a site. As a company that was founded in Berlin, Germany before branching out into the USA, we have a deep and abiding love for German life. Yet, unlike some German dating sites, we also appreciate that true compatibility is about more than just shared heritage. Sure, you might want to meet German singles (or least those men and women who are happy to celebrate German ancestry), but if you want a truly lasting connection, you also need a partner who is in sync with your personality, lifestyle, and relationship goals.

EliteSingles understands this. Our insightful personality test is our way to really get to know you and what you’re looking for in a partner. Based on the results from the test, along with important compatibility factors like educational levels, income, and location in the US, we can bring you 3-7 potential partner profiles every day – suggestions made with compatibility in mind!

EliteSingles is a dating site designed for people seeking meaningful connections. Join us, and we can help you meet a suitable match – German dating minded or otherwise! Get started with us today.

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Being german and dating in the usa

American-German dating is a beautifully dual experience. The US is home, of course, and American identity is important, as is meeting singles who are deeply compatible with this American life. Yet, it can also be really nice to feel a connection with someone who also grew up with German words being spoken around the house, or who understands that having German roots is about more than just loving Oktoberfest and soft pretzels.

At EliteSingles we appreciate this duality. We encourage our members to put their dating desires – like meeting German singles – in their profile, yet, unlike some niche German dating sites, our matchmaking is based on more than just ancestry. It’s the perfect combination for compatibility.

Want to meet someone truly special? Join us today, and we can help you go from single to ich liebe dich – I love you!

As well as focusing on meaningful matches, EliteSingles aims to streamline the online dating process. With an average age of 30-55, many of our members are busy single professionals, and so we’ve created a sleek dating app, designed to help singles fit dating around their schedules, rather than the other way around.

Designed to work on both Android and iOS, our efficient dating app is the best way to meet singles on your wavelength (German or otherwise!). Simply download it to your smartphone and starting dating while in line at the store, between meetings, or whatever suits you!

We know that looking for love can feel like a daunting process, which is why we’ve designed our dating site with support in mind. To weed out casual daters, we check new profiles to ensure that the men and women who use our site are serious about finding a meaningful relationship.

We’re here to support your dating questions too. Our Elite Magazine offers up-to-the-minute dating advice, covering everything you’ll encounter on your dating journey, like how to write a great profile, how to prepare for your first offline date, and how to know that you’re in love.

Of course, all across the online spectrum; from niche German dating sites to broader free dating apps, dating platforms are only as strong as their members. We’re proud to say that, at EliteSingles, this makes us very strong indeed! Our members include thousands of diverse, interesting, educated men and women across the US.

As varied as our membership base is, there is one thing that unites the men and women who use EliteSingles. They’re all here because they are ready to find meaningful love and a lasting relationship. Sound like you? Join us today to start meeting your matches!

Meeting Iranian singles in America is one thing, but meeting singles who share your heritage and your relationship hopes? That’s quite another. Happily, EliteSingles can help you find the relationship…

Whether you specifically want to meet American-Italian singles, or whether your dating scope is more broad, EliteSingles can help you meet single men and single women looking for long term…

Single farmer or wanting to date one? EliteSingles can help. Find out how we can make country dating great – and what sets us apart from some of the more…

See more articles written by EliteSingles Editorial

adult gay dating site germany

Lgbti meetups in madrid

The LGBTI community activity is on the rise every single year in Madrid and you can find more and more meetups and groups where you can meet like-minded people. The best place to meet LGBTI people in Madrid is without a doubt Meetup. You’ll be able to find anything from a LGBTI Language Exchange groupGay Travel Junkies group and more.

As the LGBTI population in Madrid is nowhere near as big as in London, the groups might be smaller, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have a good time and find a new group of friends and, who knows, maybe even a soulmate!

Don’t forget to attend Madrid Pride, the world’s largest LGBTI Pride parade where you can definitely meet even more people and have a good time being you!

Lgbti clubbing in madrid

LGBTI cubbing in Madrid is alive and well. This city caters not only to gay men – lesbians can also enjoy plenty of bars where they can meet new people. Luckily for you, most of these places are located in Chueca, also known as Madrid’s LGBTI neigbourhood. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to meet new people just by stopping pretty much anywhere in this area. But if you’re looking to combine meeting people with good music, we got your back.

**These are the top 5 LGBTI bars and clubs in Madrid: **

adult gay dating site germany Xhin1p


Grindr became almost a synonym for gay dating app. Its 3 million users spend an average of 54 minutes a day connected! Operating with the GPS of your phone or tablet, it helps you find all types of guys nearby.

It may look perfect, but not so many guys can be visualized on the grid of the free version. The trick is to use the filter features to narrow your search. It removes the profiles that you are not interested. There is no push notifications either. You must go online to check your messages. Another tip: Grindr has an interesting website that offers quite an interesting array of “good reads”.


Best known for its former name – GayRomeo – is also called by the locals “die blauen Seiten”, or the blue pages.

You can sort the men by distance from where you are, those who were most recently logged in, or anyone who is new in your area. The plus is the funny compilation of footprints, with a special mention for the horny pig – geile Sau, auf Deutsch.

Users can set their location anywhere they want, which can be very useful before traveling and they can also keep their location totally private, which can be annoying, because you never really know if the guy you are chatting with is really around.

There is a web version, with a complete search engine that is perfect to find your dreamy German daddy.

adult gay dating site germany XTFXymK


While this app practically means hookup for straight people, for “the gays” it looks more like a Care Bears book. It’s one of the simplest dating apps: it uses your Facebook profile to create your Tinder one and your geographic location to find you the boy next door. You just need to swipe right and start a conversation. You can undo an accidental swipe if you subscribe to Tinder Plus.


Since 2011, Hornet has grown to 18 million total users and it can be defined as a “Grindr extended” app. You can see up to 4 uncensored profile photos and ask to unlock the XX ones. The nearby grid is endless, so you can scroll down like there’s no tomorrow!

Besides that, you can find guys anywhere around the world and get push notifications in the free version. Make sure to check out their website for some interesting and funny dating stories.

adult gay dating site germany YAJAskP


Its military name delivers what you will find on this app: Fetish, fetish and more fetish. From the classic ones, like sportswear, leather and rubber to the kinkiest ones, like fighting, gunge and sounding (google it if you don’t know what it means!). The users rate doubles during the gay festivals like Leather Week on Easter and Folsom in September.

Expect a lot of headless torso profile pics and, since the number of profile views is limited, be sure to train your intuition and know which one hides a great surprise.


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adult gay dating site germany yaPeOD8


Grindr is the most well-known and most-used gay app all over the world, which is why if you’re only going to get one, it should be this one! It’s a social networking app that picks up on your phone’s location to show you anyone who might be ‘of interest’ nearby (they have to be on the app too, of course!).

When you log in, your grid will show you pics of people nearby, in order of distance – so if you’re feeling lazy, you’ll know who to tap on first! Once you tap, you’ll see a profile and have the opportunity to chat and exchange more photos. It’s banned in some countries, like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, but where it’s available, there’s a good chance much of the gay community will be using it.


Elevating the game is Taimi, a newcomer designed for gay men seeking real connections. It’s the first app that essentially combines free gay dating opportunities with a gay social network to provide you with endless opportunities to effortlessly and swiftly form quality connections – so not just hook-ups, but something more substantial – or just friends and expanding your network. Because surely it’s not just us that occasionally pines to for new gay connections which don’t involve sex?

We also love that Taimi is focussed on the security and safety of its users with special verification and authentication systems to keep fake accounts out. There is nothing worse than a professional catfish, right? And there is also the possibility of creating groups where users can launch discussions, organize events, cooperate and collaborate with NGOs. This is the social network aspect, and we are obsessed with it.

There is also a collaboration with The Trevor Project, meaning users can contact Trevor immediately from their profiles and the possibility of making video calls, meaning Taimi is one of the best gay apps currently out there! So get downloading now to form quality connections, stay safe, and share without being judged!

adult gay dating site germany ybZaEM


As you might guess from the name, Scruff is the slightly rough-around-the-edges version of Grindr, developed for those guys who like a little, well, Scruff! It’s free and good if you want to filter down your options a little bit. The users tend to be that bit more masc and a little older than on Grindr, although, with its growing popularity, there are plenty to choose from.

Like its main rival, Scruff tends to be used more for hook-ups, although there is also a match option if you’re looking for a date. You can scroll for nearby and around the world, so you could always set up a meet-up in your destination in advance. It hasn’t got quite the same mass range as Grindr, but that does mean it flies a bit more below the radar in LGBT unfriendly countries, so it is less likely to be banned.


While there are a lot of similarities between Hornet and Grindr, the newer Hornet works much more smoothly, with less of the irritating ads that pop up on Grindr to get in between you and your new piece of eye candy. There are also more photos, so you can check that profile pic isn’t just an anomaly!

What makes Hornet so great for gay travelers is the community features that help users network beyond dating. You can follow people for updates, see events and stories, and search for things happening near you; it’s a good insight into the local gay scene. It’s getting bigger and bigger all over the world, particularly in Latin America, so in many countries, you might have better luck here than Grindr.

adult gay dating site germany yMX63a

Planet romeo (previously gayromeo)

It started in Berlin and has now spread around the world and, while heavy on the hook-ups, also enables users to find friends, dates, or learn more about LGBT issues. It aims to be a safe and friendly environment where you can live your queer life to the fullest.

The app is free, and it just takes creating a quick profile to get you in touch with tonnes of guys all over the world. You can filter down a lot, so your feed won’t get full up of people who don’t get your heart racing and save your favorites. It’s popular in Europe so next time you travel there, download this first!


Wait; what? This is the largest gay social network in the world? You’d be forgiven for thinking it was Grindr, but in terms of users, Blued pips it to the post. Why? Well, it was developed in China, and the majority of its 27 million users are there. Internet censorship is rife in China, and Blued is a way of getting around the banning of sites like Grindr.

Its founder is a former policeman and committed to LGBT rights, and we love that the network is now in partnership with Hornet. Like its partner, it’s all about creating a safe community, with verified profile features, the ability to go live with followers, and group conversations. For this reason, it’s great to tap into the gay community where you’re traveling, particularly if you’re in Asia.

adult gay dating site germany zDvYs9f


OK, we know that technically Tinder isn’t a gay hook-up app, but hear us out. Although it might have been set up as a Grindr for straight people, there are now lots of gays using it; just set your preferences and enjoy the wealth of choice there. It skews a bit more towards dating, but you’re not limited to that.

The clear advantage for gay travelers is that Tinder is less likely to be banned as it doesn’t have the association with homosexuality that triggers censors in oppressive regimes. You have to match with someone before you can message, but we’re sure you will – after all, you’re so cute!


Calling all bears, or fans of bears; this is the gay hookup app for you. The network stretches worldwide, so if you’re lucky, you can find local bears wherever you’re traveling, who might give you an insight into the bear scene there – especially if there isn’t a local gay Eagle bar. 

There’s private messaging, and you can also send pics, of course, and voice messages. We’re not going to lie, it is a little bit clunky at times, but there are up-to-date bear run and bear bar listings, so it can be useful for planning a night out when in a new city. Businesses might even use their Growlr HOT! Spot feature to give app users Pro features.

adult gay dating site germany ZM6CZa4


Surge is another like-Tinder-but-not app that proves useful when traveling again because it dodges the censors due to its generally low profile. It’s open to all and very easy to use, so it’s a good choice for a gay app novice! And on Surge, you can both like people to match, or ‘power like’ that extra-special someone!

It’s most popular in the big cities in the States like Los AngelesSan Fran but is growing worldwide. The app actively encourages people to use it when traveling and wants to create a community worldwide, so why not be part of that?


Marketed as the gentleman’s choice among gay hook-up apps, Chappy looks sleek and boasts features that rule out crossed emotional wires. On a sliding scale, choose whether you’re after Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now or Mr. Who Knows – you’ll then get matched with someone looking for the same thing.

Well, if you’re traveling, it’s going to be more about the ‘now,’ right? It’s also got added security like an alert if someone screenshots your image and a compulsory picture of the user’s face, so it’s a great choice for people looking for a safe space to hook-up. The disadvantage when you’re traveling? It’s not got the widest range, although if you’re heading to the UK, it’s perfect!


Recently redesigned, this is a mobile social networking app for gay/ bi/curious Daddies and those who admire them. Billing itself as a place for ‘real’ men with no attitude, there are over 3.8 million men on the Daddyhunt App.

The app seeks to help its audience connect both in and out of the bedroom, and provide a platform where you never have to lie about your age (or anything else) to meet other men. No more age filter or perpetually turning 39 – silver foxes can finally feel proud and valued as authentic, natural men rather than needed to put a ‘fake self’ out into the world.

We found a lot of the men on Daddyhunt are looking for more than a hook-up, but a real-world connection along with a hot steamy night isn’t exactly a bad thing. And to be clear: the sugar daddy/sugar baby transactional relationships (involving financial exchanges) are forbidden on Daddyhunt. This is a place to just be who you are, not have to pay for what you want. 

Adam4adam radar

Adam4Adam is one of the oldest online gay dating websites devised for men to meet other men “for friendship, romance, or a hot hookup”. And while they dragged their heels, they now finally have an app! 

Primarily used in the USA, many of us will be familiar with their website and its popularity with closeted servicemen or politician types – and we did find the app continues this trend. It isn’t Adam4Adam’s fault, but worth noting as in this day and age, many of us simply don’t have time for institutional homophobia’.

Yet another option to find a date, chat, friends, casual fun, or more with unlimited profiles in five different grids based on your location. We did, however, like their Plan-a-Trip feature, which lets you show your travel plans in advance. Perfect if you are the organized type and want a hook-up ready when your flight lands. Who knows, they might even meet you at the airport. 


BoyAhoy claims to be a global network for meeting gay men, but its popularity is definitely rather confined. If you are heading to spots like SeoulBusan in South Korea, Egypt, Nigeria, or Istanbul in Turkey, you’ll want to try it out, however, as it is the ‘go-to’ local app there.

Instantly meet like-minded men near you and expand your social network with the tap of a button. Find a party, make new friends, or look for a hot and steamy hook-up anytime, anywhere. Most features are available on the free version, but in order to use the wink bomb, which allows you to send multiple winks all at once to various users, you’ll need to go premium. Likewise, the travel feature does not seem to work particularly well on the free version.

This app is also a sister app to meet me. We say Anchors Away! 


9monsters is a very unusual gay social app arising in Japan with a limited central focus on the Asia-Pacific. Like many things from the land of the rising sun, 9monsters is just a little weird and bizarre. Something like Grindr meets Pokemon. 

Mainly, the app has three unique functionalities – a breeding system, auto-translate messaging, and spot-jumping. “Breeding” is a straightforward social system where you find a guy you are interested in, then select “Breeding” to find your type, which category/monster other users think you belong to, and who likes you.

You can then use the auto-translate feature to chat, or the spot-jumping to appear anywhere in the world without GPS being required. This means that before heading to places like OsakaTokyo, you can connect with other monsters there beforehand. Download it now and give it a go. What have you got to lose? 


The most primitive of gay hookup apps, and honestly – that often all you need. Open HOLE, and you are literally one tap away from an insanely hot experience. Just publish precisely what turns you on, and the Hole will help nearby people match with you who have the same desires and kinks.

It’s gay cruising for the modern era, and easy to set up meetings anywhere, anytime. Once someone is interested, the app gives you one hour to get to know each other (or each other’s needs) and determine where to meet. No back and forward. Quick, simple, effective. 


The world’s most popular gay hook up app specifically focussed on fetish. Recon was originally just an online website and has now added this app that is entirely free to use. It’s one of the best ways to approach like-minded men wishing to indulge in fetish – something which can be difficult on other gay apps.

There is also news and articles related to fetish play, fetish events in popular cities, and a cruise function to let a guy know you’re into him. 


Not a gay app, but worth a mention for couples who are looking for a third. Or vice versa. Previously named 3ndr, Feeld is a location-based app that offers a space for the ‘open-minded couple and singles’ interaction’.

We did love how inclusive the app was to all sexual & gender identities and were surprised to find it had over 2 million members worldwide. If you are looking to dabble in this kind of hook up, Feeld makes it easy.

1. – schwule partnervermittlung auf hohem niveau

Laut eigenen Angaben ist Deutschlands führende Gay-Partnervermittlung. Auf diesem Portal basieren alle Partnervorschläge auf der Grundlage eines wissenschaftlichen Persönlichkeitstests. Bei den Mitgliedern handelt es sich zumeist um selbstbewusste Singles ab einem Alter von 30 Jahren. Wer einen schwulen Partner mit gehobenem Bildungs- und Einkommensniveau sucht, sollte sich unbedingt ein Profil bei dieser Dating-App anlegen. Das Besondere: Die Akademikerquote ist hier sehr hoch! Laut einer Nutzeranfragen fanden 38 % der Premium-Mitglieder bei Parship einen neuen Lebenspartner. Wenn Du also kein schnelles Sexdate, sondern ein anspruchsvolle Beziehung für die Zukunft suchst, ist genau das das richtige Portal für dich!

Durch einen Klick auf das Banner kannst du dich direkt anmelden und verlieben:

2. – dating-portal für schwule männer

Eine weitere Top-Plattform für Männer, die Männer lieben, ist Bei einer Auswahl von mehr als 250.000 schwulen Männern hast Du große Chancen, deinen Traumtypen zu finden. Mit der praktischen Umkreissuche kannst du auch ganz einfach Männer aus deiner Region finden. Die Gay-Dating-App ist kostenlos nutzbar. Jedoch bietet sie einige interessante Premium-Features, die das Chatten mit anderen schwulen Männern noch aufregender machen.

Hier anmelden: – Für Männer die Männer lieben.

3. gayheaven – geile männer kennenlernen

GayHeaven ist ein erotischer 1:1 Flirtchat, in dem Du andere schwule Männer kennenlernen kannst. Auf ein umständliches Matchingsystem wird auf dieser deutschsprachigen Plattform, die erst 2019 gegründet wurde, verzichtet. So kannst Du völlig anonym Kontakt zu anderes Kerlen aufnehmen. Egal, ob Du Flirt, Sex oder Liebe suchst: Hier ist für jede Vorliebe ein passender Mann dabei!

4. – online dating mit heteros und bisexuelle kerlen ist eigentlich ein Datingportal für heterosexuelle Männer und Frauen. Doch hier kannst du auch viele Bi-Männer und sogar Heteros finden, die es zur Abwechslung mal mit einem anderen Mann probieren wollen. Du bist selbst bisexuell? Umso besser für dich! Denn du findest bei auch viele heterosexuelle Paare, die einen zweiten Mann für einen flotten Dreier suchen. Ich habe bei schon viele geile Sexdates gefunden!

5. gayromeo (planetromeo) – kostenloser klassiker unter den gay-chatportalen

Gayromeo heißt mittlerweile eigentlich Planet Romeo. Im iphone-AppStore von Apple und Anroid-Play-Store von Google heißt die Gay-Dating-App schlicht ROMEO. In Deutschland ist Gayromeo/Planetromeo immer noch die am weitesten verbreitete Dating-App für Schwule. Im Volksmund wird die App auf „blaue Seiten“ genannt. Neben der Smartphone-App iphones und Android gibt es Gayromeo immer noch als Website. Die Internetseite bietet sogar deutlich mehr Features als die App. Der Grund dafür sind die strengen Einschränkungen der App-Stores: Die Kunden von Google und Apple dürfen keine sexy Bilder unter der Gürtellinie präsentieren. Auch Clubs und Foren gibt es nur auf der Website-Version.

6. tyte (gayroyal) – schwule sexdates mit geilen kerlen

Gayroyal ist der zweite Platzhirsch unter den Gay-Dating-Portalen in Deutschland. Hier findest du überwiegend ältere Männer, schwule Bären und ihre Fans. Genau wie Gayromeo gibt es auch Gayroyal sowohl als Website, als auch als Dating-App für Smartphones (Android und iOs). Die App findest du unter dem Namen TYTE in den Stores von Google und Apple.

7. grindr – finde schwule sex-kontakte in deiner nähe

Die Chat-App Grindr hat das schwule Onlinedating revolutioniert: Mit Hilfe der GPS-Funktion des Smartphones ermöglichte es Grindr als erste Dating-App, andere Gays in der Nähe zu lokalisieren. Grindr etablierte das geosoziale Mobile Dating lange bevor dieses durch Hetero-Apps wie Tinder zum weltweiten Siegeszug antrat!

Mittlerweile ist Grindr in den meisten Ländern die führende Gay-Dating-App. Leider ist jedoch nur die kostenpflichtige Version unbegrenzt nutzbar. In der kostenlosen Variante siehst du nur eine begrenzte Anzahl an schwulen Nutzern in deiner Umgebung.

8. scruff – schwules chatten & verabreden

Der Erfolg von Grindr hat zur Entwicklung von weiteren Dating-Apps für schwule und bisexuelle Männer geführt. Viele dieser Chat-Apps sind auf eine bestimmte Zielgruppe spezialisiert: So ist Scruff eine Gay-Sex-App für schwule Kerle mit Bart und alle Männer, die auf solche stehen.

9. growlr – gay bear social network

GROWLr ist eine Dating-App, wie wie Grindr funktioniert: Hier tummeln sich vor allem schwule Bären (also stämmige, behaarte Kerle). Das Portal zählt weltweit mehr als acht Millionen Mitglieder. Neben der klassischen Gaychat-Funktion bietet GROWLr seinen Nutzern auch besondere Dienste: So findest du hier spezielle Clubs und Bars für Bären weltweit, eine nützliche CheckIn-Funktion für die Locations, Fotogalerien, Notizen und vieles mehr.

10. grizzly – gay dating und chat

Wie man bereits unschwer am Namen erkennen kann, ist Grizzly eine weitere Gay-Dating- und Chat-App für schwule Bären. Allerdings kann man sich nur mit seinem Facebook-Account bei Grizzly registrieren. Außerdem lässt sich mit einem kostenlosen Account nicht viel anfangen: Alle wichtigen und interessanten Funktionen sind nur mit einem kostenpflichtigen Zugang möglich.

11. disco – schwule männer chat

Die Disco-Community zählt laut Angaben des Anbieters über 50 Millionen schwule und bisexuelle Männer. Angeblich sollen täglich über 100.000 neue Nutzer dem Gay Dating-Netzwerk beitreten. Jedeoch ist die App in der kostenlosen Version kaum nutzbar. Für die miesten Funktionen muss leider bezahlt werden.

12. surge – gay chat & gay dating

Die Flirt-App Surge gilt als Tinder für Schwule: Zwei Nutzer, die sich gegenseitig gefallen, können hier ein Match bilden. Für alle, die nur Bilder angucken möchten, mag die App vielleicht ausreichen. Für die meisten anderen Funktionen muss man aber Geld bezahlen.

14. instagram – gay-online-dating auf neutralem terrain

Vielleicht wunderst du dich, warum die Foto-App Instagram in einem Artikel über schwule Dating-Apps auftaucht. Die Erklärung liegt auf der Hand: In vielen Ländern der Erde ist Homosexualität leider noch immer illegal. In diesen Ländern sind Websites und Apps mit sexuellen Inhalten gesperrt. Viele schwule und bisexuelle Männer suchen daher auf Instagram nach gleichgeschlechtlichen Sex-Kontakten und Partnern. Tatsächlich präsentieren sie sich auf ihren Profilen sogar ziemlich offen als queer.

Ich habe auf Instagram schon viele interessante Typen aus DubaiLibanonTürkei kennengelernt.

15. & 16. lovoo & badoo – hier daten heteros (und bi-typen)

Du hast bereits alle interessanten Gays in deiner Stadt getroffen? Oder hast du Lust, mal einen Hetero zu verführen? Dann solltest du dir ein Profil bei Lovoo und Badoo anlegen. Mit Hilfe dieser Dating-Apps lernen sich heterosexuelle Männer und Frauen kennen. Mit ein paar einfachen Tricks, jeder Menge Flirt-Erfahrung und ein wenig Glück kannst du hier auch als schwuler oder bisexueller Mann willige Typen treffen!

24 kommentare zu „gay chat portale & dating apps: schwule sexdates kontakt online finden“

bin auch Schwul wie alt und woher bin 70 j. und komm aus Schermbeck

Bin nicht schwul aber wùrde gerne mal einen schwanz blassen

ich bin bi 63/166/64 sehr verschmußt und suche einen freund im raum karlsruhe für alles schöne ,gerne älter

Ich suche einen dicken schwanz zu blasen in Leipzig hbf auf WC. Bei Sympathie auch mundbesamung

Ich bin Bi und suche einen jüngeren Freund zum gegenseitigen Guttun im Raum Düsseldorf/ Duisburg/Krefeld

Hallo Roman, vielleicht wirst du ja bei einer der hier genannten Gay-Dating-Apps fündig. Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg! 🙂

Hey ich m suche junge geile Boys die Lust haben auf alles was Spaß macht bin in Bayern zuhause und Mobil LG Dietmar

Ich bin gerade auf der Insel Mallorca und suche ein Treffen. Bin 50, 75kg, 1,85 schlank, gepflegt und mit dem Auto unterwegs 🙂

ich bin geil und versaut—und sehe auch nicht schlecht aus…scheiß coconer

Am Black guy, am Top only and seeking for bottom, am from Ghana , anyone who is serious for relationship, should contact me on hangout, email,

Ich bin nicht Schwul….! aber Sehr sehr Schwanzgeil… liebe es schönen große Schwänze zu Lutschen und ihre sahne zu schlucken…..!!! gerne lasse mich geil in doggy stellung duchficken mit Besamung.!!!ich bin 60 176 75kg und dov,und AV/p ich komme aus 45711 mich gerne beim geilen dreier Ficken und dabei ran an die

Ich bin schwul, geschieden und 4 Kinder, suche jüngere schlanke unbehaarte Sexpartner. Wenn es passt, auch gerne mehr. Ich wohne im Berliner Norden, bin 59 Jahre alt

Interessant, me gustaria contactar hombres que quieran follar. Estoy en Hamburg.

Merhaba,seks için türk bir erkek ar? 58.170, … temiz.

Sorry…Ich möchte mich gerne mal in der Szene etablieren. Ich möchte Männer mit den richtig großen dicken Schwänzen haben,die einfach nur Ficken wollen. Gangbang wäre geil!!! …Sorry, ich bin versaut. Öl ist immer gut ?und vollspritzen auch und Sperma schlucken beim Kehlenfick macht echt Spaß… Ich will einfach meinen Arsch aufreissen lassen.!

Warum ist berlin für schwule so spannend?

Berlin gilt bereits seit Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts als einer der wichtigsten Städte für Schwule (Abgesehen von der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus natürlich). Dadurch ist Berlin inzwischen auch zu einem Hotspot der schwulen Sextouristik geworden, der auf der ganzen Welt bekannt ist. Dadurch kannst du in dieser Stadt Schwule verschiedenster Art kennenlernen. Egal ob du eine Sommerromanze, eine langfristige Beziehung oder einfach nur einen schnellen Fick suchst – Berlin bietet für jeden Gay das passende Erlebnis.

Du fragst dich, wo du als Schwuler in Berlin neue Kontakte & Liebschaften finden kannst? Neben der Möglichkeit der Kontaktaufnahme über unsern Gay Chat haben wir für dich auf dieser Seite einige Hotspots aufgelistet, an denen du viele andere Schwule treffen kannst. Natürlich eignen sich die Locations auch perfekt für ein erstes Date mit jemandem, den du über unseren Gay Chat kennengelernt hast.

Berliner schwulentreff nr. 1 : saint jean bar

Die Saint Jean Bar ist eine beliebte Szenebar. Die Gay Kneipe ist immer gut besucht und bietet dank des gemischten Publikums (Alter häufig zwischen 20 und 40) sehr viel Abwechslung. Besonders in Erinnerung blieb uns das zurückhaltende, aber trotzdem ausgefallene Innendesign der Kellerkneipe. Vielleicht ist nur das Licht etwas zu Dunkel.

Die Kosmopolitische Schwulenbar unter französischer Leitung ist eine super Anlaufstelle, wenn du nach einem Ort zum Abschalten, Trinken und Kennenlernen neuer Leute suchst. Dank der guten Drinks, der coolen Leute und der nicen Musik kommt garantiert keine Langeweile auf. Zu Trinken empfehlen wir dir vor allem den Moscow Mule – aber auch die Gin-Auswahl ist nicht zu verachten.

Roses bar: die nr. 2 der berliner gay treffpunkte

Von außen ist die Roses Bar mit ihren schwarzen und gelben Kacheln eher unscheinbar. Sobald du einen Fuß in diese in Berlin legendäre Schwulenbar setzt, kommst du dir vor wie in der Villa Kunterbunt. Wenn du es hell, kitschig und pink magst dann bist du hier genau richtig. Die mit rosa Plüsch verkleideten Wände und die gesamte Inneneinrichtung steht in einem krassen Kontrast zur Saint Jean Bar. Doch das Konzept dieser Gaykneipe scheint aufzugehen, denn im Roses bist du in der Regel nie allein und kannst Feiern bis die Sonne aufgeht.

Auch wenn das Roses seit langem als Schwulentreff-punkt gilt, hat sich das Publikum in den vergangenen Jahren stark gewandelt. Die Berliner Gayszene versammelt sich hier immer seltener. Dafür finden sich jedoch immer mehr schwule Touristen aus aller Welt in der kleinen aber feinen Kneipe ein. Wenn du ein Multikulturelles Publikum bevorzugst, solltest du hier unbedingt mal vorbeischauen.

Berliner gaytreff nr. 3 : capture

Adresse: Wühlischstrasse 32 im Stadtteil Friedrichshain

Selbst für eine Hochburg der Schwulenszene ist diese Kneipe etwas ganz besonderes. Denn das Capture ist die erste deutsch-türkische Schwulenbar der Stadt – und das ist selbst für Berlin nicht alltäglich. Allerdings überzeugt diese Gay Bar nicht nur durch diesen kulturellen Hintergrund. Super freundliches Personal, eine ansprechend designte Einrichtung und die fairen Preise machen das Capture zu einer beliebten Anlaufstelle für Schwule aus ganz Berlin. Wenn du in der Stadt zu Besuch bist, darf diese Schwulenkneipe auf keinen Fall auf deiner Besuchs-liste fehlen!

Berliner schwulentreff nr. 4 : heile welt bar

Die Heile Welt Bar bietet eine unverkrampfte Atmosphäre, die sich ideal zum Flirten eignet. Dank des freundlichen Personals, der schmackhaften Cocktails mit hohem Alkoholgehalt und die ansprechende sowie stilvolle Einrichtung machen es einem leicht, hier den ganzen Abend zu entspannen. Dank der zentralen Lage eignet sich die Gay Bar auch als guter Treffpunkt, um nach ein paar Getränken ineinen Club weiter zuziehen – oder zurück nach Hause, falls du dir jemanden abgeschleppt hast (oder abgeschleppt wurdest).

Schwulentreff nr. 5 : the coven

Adresse: Kleine Präsidentenstraße 3 im Stadtteil Mitte

Das The Coven ist eine weitere Gaybar in Berlin-Mitte und zeichnet sich durch einen edlen Stil bei der Einrichtung aus. Dank der dunklen und maskulinen Farben kann man sich hier als Schwuler direkt heimisch fühlen und in entspannter Atmosphäre Flirten und Feiern.

Berliner schwulentreff nr. 6 : betty f

Auch das Betty F findest du in Berlin-Mitte. Das Publikum der Bar ist bunt gemischt und umfasst nicht nur schwule, sondern alle aus der LGBTQSzene – und das vor allem zu späterer Stunde. Hier versammeln sich vor allem all jene, die es Nachts nicht in die Clubs zieht. Seinen besonderen Charme verdankt das Betty F neben dem hervorragenden Service auch seiner bewusst trashigen Einrichtung. Jeder Schwule (aber natürlich auch Lesben, Transgender & Co.) sollte diese Szenebar in Berlin zumindest einmal besucht haben.

Nr. 7 : möbel olfe

Adresse: Reichenberger Straße 177 im Stadtteil Kreuzberg

Sich selbst bezeichnet das Möbel Olfe eher als Trinkhalle, statt als Bar und ist definitiv eine eher alternative Szenebar, die in einem ehemaligen Möbelhaus untergebracht ist. Unweit vom Kottbusser Tor empfängt das Möbel Olfe seine Besucher mit offenen Armen, freundlichem Personal und einer zurückhaltenden, aber trotzdem schicken Einrichtung.

In einer entspannten Atmosphäre kannst du hier entspannt flirten, ein Feierabendbier genießen oder dich mit den unterschiedlichen Besuchern aus aller Welt unterhalten. Dank regelmäßig wechselnder Veranstaltungen und vielen verschiedenen DJs ist dabei kein Abend wie der andere. Im “Olfe”, wie die Gaybar liebevoll von den Kennern der Szene genannt wird, erwartet dich definitiv ein Abend feuchtfröhlicher Unterhaltung.

Die einzige schwule sauna in berlin: der boiler

Ein heißer Aufguss, eine sinnliche Berührung – und du mittendrin. Der Boiler, ansässig im Bergmannkiez in Berlin Kreuzberg, ist eine bekannte Männersauna. Auf 1.500 m², verteilt über drei Etagen, überzeugt die Gaysauna mit einer modernen Einrichtung, geräumigen Sauna-Bereichen und fairen Preisen. Das Personal ist sehr freundlich und reinigt die komplette Anlage regelmäßig – Sauberkeit ist hier ein wichtiges Thema. Das Angebot des Boilers umfasst Massagen, Kurse (bspw. Yoga), eine finnische Sauna, eine Dampfsauna, ein großes Warmbadebecken und natürlich zahlreiche Kabinen, in die man sich zurückziehen kann.

Da der Boiler die einzige Schwulensauna in Berlin ist, ist hier meistens auch relativ viel los. Dabei variiert das Publikum von Jungen Hüpfern bis hin zu alten Hasen. In der Sauna kann man nicht nur Schwitzen (und zwar auf verschiedene Arten), sondern sich auch entspannen, etwas trinken oder essen. Dank des großen Angebots eignet sich der Boiler daher auch für einen längeren Aufenthalt.

Ein Tipp: Die Dampfsauna ist die ideale Kontaktfläche für sexuelle Erlebnisse. Aber auch wenn die Sauna definitiv auf Schwule Gäste ausgelegt ist, sollte man eine zurückgeschobene Hand oder ein “Nein” natürlich respektieren.

Der Boiler sollte bei jedem Schwulen, der Berlin besucht, ganz weit oben auf der Liste stehen!

Berliner cruising platz nr. 2: berliner tiergarten am goldfischteich

Der Tiergarten in Berlin ist ein beliebter Outdoor-Sex Treffpunkt. Sobald die Dämmerung einsetzt, beginnt der Spaß. Dank zahlreicher Gebüsche und anderer Möglichkeiten zum Verstecken kann man sich hier mit Männern jeden Alters ohne Probleme vergnügen. Da der Tiergarten auch international bekannt ist, findest du hier Gays aus aller Welt.

Berliner gaytreffpunkt platz nr. 3: grunewald

Unweit vom gleichnamigen S-Bahnhof liegt der Grunewald, eine beliebte und stark frequentierte Gay Cruising Area. Hier kannst du fast immer jemanden für ein bisschen Spaß finden, egal ob Jung oder Alt. Orientiere dich am Parkplatz neben der Baumschule und schlendere einfach in den Wald hinein.

Berliner gay cruising platz nr. 8: plänterwald

Wenn du in der Nähe vom Eingang zum Spreepark links in den Wald hinein gehst, gibt es im Plänterwald zahlreiche Büsche und andere Möglichkeiten, die sich ideal fürs Gay Cruising eignen. Der Spot ist noch relativ neu, wird jedoch immer häufiger von Schwulen besucht.

Gay cruising nr. 10: siegessäule berliner cruising-platz

Direkt an der Siegessäule, einem der Wahrzeichen von Berlin, gibt es einen perfekt für das Gay Cruising geeigneten Wald und WC-Häuschen, in dem man Tagsüber und Nachts auf andere Schwule treffen kann. Das Alter variiert und ist bunt gemischt.

Der christopher street day in berlin

Nackte Haut, viel Lack und Leder, auffällige Perücken und Federboas: Der Umzug zum Christopher Street Day in Berlin ist nicht nur einer der größten Straßenumzüge der Stadt, sondern auch in ganz Europa. Zum ersten Mal fand der CSD in Berlin am 30. Juni 1979 statt. In den ersten 10 Jahren war die Beteiligung am CSD eher schwach. Seit 1990 steigen die Teilnehmerzahlen jedoch stetig. Im Jahr 2000 nahmen zum ersten Mal 500.000 Menschen am Christopher Street Day teil. Der Berliner CSD lockt jedes Jahr Besucher aus aller Welt an. Auch Politiker beteiligen sich am CSD und fahren teilweise mit eigenen Wagen beim Umzug mit. Dieses klare Zeichen der Politik für Akzeptanz und Toleranz ist ein wichtiges Signal an die Bevölkerung.

2019 sprengte der Berliner Christopher Street Day einen beachtlichen Rekord: Zum ersten Mal nahmen mehr als eine Millionen Menschen an den Straßenumzug teil. Dabei geht es beim CSD nicht mehr nur um die Rechte von Schwulen, Lesben, Transgender & Co., sondern hat auch etwas politisches an sich. Mit Plakaten wie “Kein Sex mit Nazis” und dergleichen setzen die Teilnehmer des CSDs Zeichen für Gleichberechtigung aller Religionen und Gruppierungen.

Berlins erster schwuler bürgermeister

2001 gab es einen starken Ruck durch die Deutsche Politik. Klaus Wowereit kandidierte als Bürgermeister für Berlin und bekannte sich bereits vor der Kandidatur offen zu seiner Homosexualität. Bekannt wurde er vor allem durch den Ausruf “Ich bin schwul – und das ist auch gut so!”. bietet dir eine bunte Vielfalt an verschiedenen Gay Kontakten an. Du findest bei uns die angesagtesten Gay Saunas, Gay Cruising Plätze und vieles mehr. Treffe direkt einen der 90.000 aktiven Gay Kontakten

Gay Kontakte diskret und sicher kennenlernen. Bei uns stehen Qualität so wie Sicherheit und die Seriosität jedes einzelnen Users an erster Stelle. Finde noch heute ein Date, Abenteuer oder schwules Treffen.

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Melde dich 100% kostenlos an und knüpfe kontakte

Haftungsausschluss: Die Gratis-Mitgliedschaft erlaubt dir, die Seite zu durchsuchen, Profile anzusehen, Flirts zu senden und dein Profil zu bearbeiten. Kosten fallen an, wenn du die Premium-Mitgliedschaft erwirbst, welche dir bei Vervollständigung deines Profils angeboten wird. Diese Seite wird von verrechnet

Alle Mitglieder und/oder Modelle, die auf dieser Webseite gezeigt werden, waren in Übereinstimmung mit den geltenden rechtlichen Grundlagen und Vorschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Bildübermittlung an diese Seite 18 Jahre oder älter. Weiters MÜSSEN alle Mitglieder dieser Datingseite 18 Jahre oder älter sein.

Gay Chat Berlin ist Teil des Dating Netzwerkes, das viele andere allgemeinen und gay Dating Seiten beinhaltet. Als Mitglied von Gay Chat Berlin wird dein Profil automatisch und kostenlos auf ähnlichen gay Dating Seiten oder an ähnliche Mitglieder im Netzwerk angezeigt. Für mehr Information klicke hier.

Site de rencontre webcam gratuit

Thousand of guys are chatting …. With thousands of users online at any given moment, it’s easy to …. Jun 12, 2019 · LGBTQ+ Berlin – the city’s best gay bars, clubs and saunas. Whether you’re searching for gay random chat sites, gay dating sites or even a way to watch free gay cams, we make it happen. gydoo is a free and anonymous gay chat where you can chat with gay guys from around the world.

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site de rencontre jeune ado gay We have searched all of the internet to bring you the best of the best, the cream of the gay chat industry 💋 Der Gay Chat für schwule Männer Möchtest Du Gays oder bisexuelle Männer treffen? Wir haben über 50 Millionen Mitglieder und es melden sich täglich 100.000 in unserem Dating-Netzwerk an. Thanks to a queer scene that’s been thriving for years, the best gay bars, clubs and saunas in Berlin really are all that. The southern German state is set to get rid of several test centres, enforce new face mask rules and allow bars and pubs to …. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Pop super star Ricky Martin says he was miserable while living in the closet and that coming out as a gay man has made Read more. From parks to cruising clubs and cinemas. If you’re looking for gay chat or free gay dating in Berlin, then you’ve come to …. There is no registration required to join in the servce and meet more people. Conference by David Clark, Jun 22, 2019 6:23 AM. If you believe you’re likely to need plenty of assistance, Zoom is a fantastic. Marken. With a strong and diverse gay culture, Germany has some of the world’s best gay venues, gay Pride parties and festivals.

Svet srbija region scena sport kolumna art & s-he-istory coming out zdravlje queeropedia queer filmovi muzika priče teorija prikazi i recenzije religija porno antibiotik intervju istorija sociologija psihijatrija & psihologija putovanja linkovi.. 5) you’re able to incorporate Zoom with almost all e-mail systems, customer relations systems (CRM), and landing pages. That influenced my. It has the most hedonistic gay scene in the world. It has the most hedonistic gay scene in the world. Grand Slammerz in the online community for guys to connect, pnp, share photo and videos as well as chat face to face. RingCentral unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform.

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Site de rencontre webcam gratuit

Thousand of guys are chatting …. With thousands of users online at any given moment, it’s easy to …. Jun 12, 2019 · LGBTQ+ Berlin – the city’s best gay bars, clubs and saunas. Whether you’re searching for gay random chat sites, gay dating sites or even a way to watch free gay cams, we make it happen. gydoo is a free and anonymous gay chat where you can chat with gay guys from around the world.

site de rencontre sérieux gay

site de rencontre jeune ado gay We have searched all of the internet to bring you the best of the best, the cream of the gay chat industry 💋 Der Gay Chat für schwule Männer Möchtest Du Gays oder bisexuelle Männer treffen? Wir haben über 50 Millionen Mitglieder und es melden sich täglich 100.000 in unserem Dating-Netzwerk an. Thanks to a queer scene that’s been thriving for years, the best gay bars, clubs and saunas in Berlin really are all that. The southern German state is set to get rid of several test centres, enforce new face mask rules and allow bars and pubs to …. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Pop super star Ricky Martin says he was miserable while living in the closet and that coming out as a gay man has made Read more. From parks to cruising clubs and cinemas. If you’re looking for gay chat or free gay dating in Berlin, then you’ve come to …. There is no registration required to join in the servce and meet more people. Conference by David Clark, Jun 22, 2019 6:23 AM. If you believe you’re likely to need plenty of assistance, Zoom is a fantastic. Marken. With a strong and diverse gay culture, Germany has some of the world’s best gay venues, gay Pride parties and festivals.

Svet srbija region scena sport kolumna art & s-he-istory coming out zdravlje queeropedia queer filmovi muzika priče teorija prikazi i recenzije religija porno antibiotik intervju istorija sociologija psihijatrija & psihologija putovanja linkovi.. 5) you’re able to incorporate Zoom with almost all e-mail systems, customer relations systems (CRM), and landing pages. That influenced my. It has the most hedonistic gay scene in the world. It has the most hedonistic gay scene in the world. Grand Slammerz in the online community for guys to connect, pnp, share photo and videos as well as chat face to face. RingCentral unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform.


The first of the gay apps, Grindr is rightfully at the top of every list. You can hate it as much as you want, but there’s no denying it was the original game changer. And even if it’s been slow to adapt to changes in the LGBTQ community, it’s still the most important of the apps.

Grindr boats millions of active users per month/week/day/minute. It’s the gay app I’ve used most reliably over the years; and the only one I ever paid a pro subscription for (but not anymore). Most of the other apps have launched better features faster, but it didn’t matter because every gay guy in the world has been on Grindr at least once.

How effective is it? In my personal experience, Grindr is the app I’ve used the most to meet people—and not just for sex! Because it’s so ubiquitous in the community, Grindr serves as a vital tool (and especially for travelers) for building connections. Despite all of its problems, it’s 10 out of 10 my favorite gay app.


Tinder is cute. When it launched the swipe feature, they jumped up to the top of our dating lexicon pop culture. Swipe right; swipe left—it was fun & flirty. I only used Tinder most recently when I was single in NYC last summer and I found it…challenging.

It wasn’t hard to match with others on the dating app, but for some reason, almost all my connections flaked out. And many of them flaked before even a first message was exchanged. I managed a few dates in New York City through the app, some were nice enough and others were forgettable.

But truthfully: it just wasn’t the best for making connections. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of swiping to even get to the “let’s meet in person” phase, and then from that it’s still a stretch to form a real bond.


It’s one of the largest gay dating apps and most gay guys seem to fall in either the Grindr or Scruff camps. Not a lot of guys use both. Scruff has also been at the forefront of a lot of the latest dating app features (and they were one of the earliest to incorporate useful LGBTQ travel features).

Because Scruff has a huge share of the gay app market, it’s one of the apps that makes it easier to meet people and make connections. Of all the dating apps besides Grindr, it has been the second most useful when looking for hookups or sex.

There’s a perception that Scruff is only for “scruffy” manly men—and while its social media & marketing definitely emphasizes that, I’ve found that a lot or the “gay tribes” are actually represented there.

Related: 6 Best Travel Apps – You’re Using Them Wrong!

Planet romeo

The Planet Romeo app (also previously called Gay Romeo) is most popular in northern Europe, especially among German-speakers. It was *the* app to use in Berlin (and Germany) and therefore, I had a lot of chances to use it.

Unfortunately, the app feels slightly outdated and even though they’ve got a corresponding website which you can also use—that’s even more outdated and difficult to use! In a lot of Europe, the app can be useful for getting travel tips or arranging dates and/or meetups, but there are a lot of language barriers as well.

Honestly, it’s a local gay app I’d recommend using when you live (or travel) in its most popular regions. They do publish an annual list of LGBTQ-friendly places around the world each year because they do collect (and share) a lot of data, but that’s kind of the end of its usefulness.


One of the largest and most successful of the kink apps, truthfully, I found it confusing and difficult to use, so never actually managed to even finish completing a profile. Still, those that use it regularly, swear by it.

And with the Recon app regularly promoting parties and events around the world, they’ve only helped to cement their standing at the forefront of the kinky side to gay dating & hookups.


I only recently tried out Hinge and actually kind of enjoyed it. Of the newer gay apps, it’s one of the ones that seems to be better at inciting conversations. There are conversation starters throughout and it just generally seems to be a more communicative community of users.

While I never managed to make a date through using the Hinge app, I did get a few Instagram followers! That’s a win for me.


I’ve used OkCupid off-and-on for nearly a decade. It was always one of my favorite dating apps because I just loved the interface and the fact it can be used on both a desktop and through the mobile app.

Their most distinguishing feature are all the questions & answers you can submit to compare yourself to potential matches. The % compatibility rating is a surprisingly useful indicator of how you might get along with a match. I probably rely on it too much, but I do love snooping on other people’s answers. Plus: answering the questions are fun.

As for an actual review of the OkCupid app, in the past year, I had less than a handful of dates through the app. I also found a lot of the gay men using OkCupid were more often looking for sex rather than relationships—which I found surprising since so much of the dating app’s interface is built around more meaningful conversation topics.


This is one of the gay apps that’s been around for a while but seems stuck in a rut. I don’t think its gained much traction in the LGBTQ community outside of a few of its more popular regions in Asia and South America. Personally, I’ve never so much as managed to even have a conversation with another user on Hornet.


The Chappy app seemed to pop up in the gay dating world quickly—with a lot of cool events in the UK and America. They seem to be well-funded and the gay app’s interface is actually pretty sleek. A few design features make it awkward to fill out a profile, but once you get the hang of it, it does actually work.

Chappy’s most distinguishing feature is the fact that you can set your profile to show whether you’re looking for more of a relationship, or more of a hookup—and you’ll see corresponding profiles to your current interest.

But while the app has a lot of contemporary features, I never managed to have more than the occasional brisk conversation with other users. And never snagged a date, either. Got a few compliments on my Instagram, but that’s all.


Another one of the location-specific dating apps (and I’m sure there are many other for other regions of the world), Atraf is a local gay chat & dating app from Israel and while much of the app is in Hebrew, it’s also in English. The dating features of the app include the stereotypical grid of faces (or torsos), but you can also buy event and nightlife tickets through the app—so it’s incredibly useful for locals and tourists alike.

When I lived in Tel Aviv, the app was incredibly useful for connecting with locals because the other gay hookup apps really were dominated by tourists—and I was looking to meet locals. Plus: the Atraf community does a great job of curating Tel Aviv’s LGBTQ nightlife.


One of the gay dating apps that’s been on the app store for a while, but also never seemed to reach too far beyond its target regions. The app is more popular in Asia which makes it useful for travelers to the region, or locals living there—but the most I ever had on the app were short conversations, and nothing meaningful.


Billed as the dating app for “influencers,” Raya is an invite-only app and requires a monthly fee. I’ve read a lot about it, but unfortunately for most of the time I’ve been single, I’ve used Android phones so I’ve never used the app myself—just on my friends’ phones.

For review purposes, the Raya app works well enough, but its most interesting feature is its ability to connect you with interesting people. My friends have met and matched with a surprising variety of people—from the social media directors of *other* gay dating apps (the irony!) to international musicians and C-list celebrities.

Because the Raya app is tied to your Instagram, it can be a cool way to connect digitally—if you can snag that initial interest.


Okay, you might wonder why Twitter is on a list of gay dating apps, but that’s just because you’re not in the know! Hashtag Gay Twitter (#GayTwitter) is a real and true community. It’s dominated by quick-witted, celebrity-obsessed, somewhat-obnoxious media gays who are all friends with one another in the real world, but the mix of verified & anon accounts, plus a whole gabble of stans, makes it a fun place to connect with others that share your interest.

Stories of #gaytwitter hookups and flirty, suggestive, or downright-NSFW photos (#gaytwitterafterdark) make up most of the scene, but I’ve had plenty of long-distance connections through the app and community.


There’s an Instagram hashtag I like to search every now and then: #InstagramIsTheNewGrindr because (1), it’s funny, and (2) it’s actually kind of true. The image-obsessed app has taken over the image-obsessed gay community to a point that I feel is 100% toxic, but also: it just seems to be how the world works now.

Flirty DMs (and dick pics) show up regularly enough, and the thotty pics that Insta-celebrities post only incite an already flirtatious online community in the app. If you’re looking for a local date, there are plenty of stories of connections made through Instagram private messages.

So many of us already check out Instagram profiles from each of the other dating apps, so why wouldn’t we skip the middle man and just go straight to the source?

• • •

Dating has never been easy, and when many of these gay apps came into the picture, things certainly changed. In my experience, many of these dating apps have made it easier to connect with other people I may not normally been able to encounter—whether because of distance or our own comfort levels at interacting in person.

There are so many gay dating apps in the market today. And besides all the specific apps, there are websites and forums as well—ones used for connections with like-minded individuals, ones for sex workers, for sharing nudes, for purposeful dating, or any other manner of online connections

My list of dating apps above isn’t meant to be a complete collection of them all—just my personal reviews of the ones I’ve actually used or experienced in my own dating struggles as a gay man. And the funny thing? I’ve had plenty of connections through a lot of these gay apps, but my most meaningful relationships have all started offline.

But hey: that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to connect online.

Have a suggestion for another gay dating app I should review? Leave a comment or slide into my Instagram DMs.

Looking for a place to stay? I use where you can easily compare hotel room rates and prices. Please note some posts do make me some money but I never sacrifice my integrity in exchange for a favorable review. Read the full disclosure policy.

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Live Support. First Date Ideas. Gay Blogs. Launched in , Chappy is one of the newer dating apps to come along. Chappy allows guys to chat with other men without all of the stigma attached to gay dating apps.

Transgender date | high quality date for serious persons

17/09/ · LGBT dating apps offer a rainbow of romantic opportunities for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, and questioning folks. Adventurous singles and polyamorous couples can use these dating services to find same-sex partners and love interests from all walks of life. Whether you want to explore your sexuality, get in a long-term relationship, or just have some fun, you can join a popular dating . 11/07/ · About the App: Available via the App Store and Google Play, Match is a fantastic app for dates and relationships. With a user base of 30 million singles, Match is where you’ll have a high chance of success. It’s free to download, create a profile, search for and receive matches around the corner and across the world, find missed connections, "like" people, as well as send and receive winks.

At home your German mail order wife can relax and become a pretty girl, who smiles sincerely and wants to share everything with her husband. And she really has something special to share it with you.

Single pforzheim mitglieder mit interesse an italiener-dating

PleidelsheimGay dating Pforzheim Baden-Württemberg. Gay Kreuzfahrt ist eine der besten Möglichkeiten, um eine schleichende oder pikante Begegnung mit den anderen auf der Suche nach eine gute Zeit zu haben. Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Hi Jungs, suche jungen Mann bis maximal 24, schlanke Figur und Du solltest wie ich auch vorzeigbar sein, noch fragen dann haue in die Tasten. TübingenBaden-Württemberg I’m top Looking for. Merkelsches Schwimmbad. Die Anzahl der verfügbaren Aktivitäten ändert ständig, sodass Sie sich in dieser Stadt nie langweilen werden. BruchsalBaden-Württemberg. Colombi Park Freiburg kann einer der besten Orte sein, um die Nacht zu verbringen. Mineraltherme Böblingen. Bretten, Baden-Württemberg Man with black hairwith shaved hairwith brown eyes. MühlackerBaden-Württemberg. Piet, 31 years. Bildkontakte für iPhone App herunterladen.

Alle Deutschland. Alle Länder. Finden Gay Menschen in Deutschland Land ändern. Friburgo District. Bei uns ist nur noch Streit zu hause und man kann sich auf nichts anderes mehr konzentrieren als nur an die Probleme.

Das möchte ich schleunigst ändern und meinen Kopf von diesen Problemen frei kriegen und mich mal wieder auf die schönen Sachen im leben zu freuen. Am liebsten würde ich dich jetzt sofort treffen damit du mir helfen kannst aus dieser ausweglosen Situation zu heraus zu kommen.

awesome app! totally recommended!

I just want to express my great satisfaction with this app. I’ve been single for quite awhile and have tried several different dating apps. I never really had any luck. Then I would end up seeing tons of ads about Taimi. Honestly I was very skeptical to download it as I thought it was just another hook up app and I wanted something serious. So it took me several months of being haunted by the ads before I actually conceded and downloaded the app. I read several reviews before hand and how people were complaining about the subscription but I guess they did not read the fine print that the automatic renewal needs to be cancelled before the trial ends to avoid getting charged. The app was definitely free to use. It was easy to use and has the same swiping mechanics as the other apps. The only difference is you can tell the people who liked you and also it works like a social media app too with it facebook-like scheme. I am very satisfied with it because I finally able to find someone that I really like, we’ve been dating for more than a month now and recently became official too as we were hitting off really great. I’m so happy right now. Thank you to the Taimi Team. I definitely recommend this app to other people to use.

be ready to get banned for no reason

I was banned for no reason and cannot make a new account of any kind; ever, because of violating a rule that I didn’t know was a rule. To be clear, they do NOT have a valid terms of use or list or rules that clearly defines what the rules are, and among the “violations” that can get you banned for life include things like: having an only fans, simply having one, even if you don’t promote it within the app; crossdressing (which infringes upon LGBT rights of self expression and is completely unacceptable on the app developers part); and looking for a younger/older partner in a sugar daddy type of way. Other behaviors they don’t like will also get you kicked despite the fact that there is NO list of rules anywhere on the site for you to go over ahead of the ban, and you receive no advance warning. I want to know from the developers, why do you run such a hostile, hateful and non inclusive environment? You are targeting the LGBT community with hate tactics and you are showing your true colors as an enemy of the community, not an ally, and you need to answer for your wrongdoing. You don’t want us, and we don’t want you either.

so far so good

I’m enjoying this app so far and I can tell you that I have tried many apps like this and I haven’t been this satisfied. I’m getting more attention than any other app. Although I do wish they were offering a deal for the one month subscription because I’m considering a monthly subscription after my free trial ends. I would really enjoy seeing where we can change our location. Location is very important even knowing where people are that we are looking at. You can like and match all you want but isn’t it important to meet as well? Doesn’t really help if you connect with someone states away. Other than that I think this app could still keep it’s potential as long as they don’t mess up and keep their same mentality. On second thought, I just updated my review because I’m not unhappy. I cannot get this stupid app to update my location. It’s saying my current location is from when I was out of town but I live in San Diego and my location setting is on. I’m now learning the Transwomen are just as bad as the guys from the other dating sites. They talk to you then ghost you for no reason. I was chatting with one before I left for thanksgiving and all of a sudden gone. Someone else reached out then same. Guys seem to be a little better on here. I guess. Maybe. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I just don’t understand how the hell you create an app that lacks the most important thing. Location!

Stefan arestis

Stefan is the co-founder, editor, and author of the gay travel blog As a travel nerd, he has explored more than 80 countries across 5 continents. What he loves the most about traveling is discovering the local gay scene, making new friends, and learning new cultures. His advice about LGBTQ travel has been featured in Gaycation Magazine, Gaycities, Gay Times, Pink News, and Attitude Magazine. He has also written about gay travel for other non-gay-specific publications including Lonely Planet, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. Stefan is also a qualified lawyer, having practiced as a commercial property litigator in London for over 10 years. He left his lawyer days behind to work full time on Nomadic Boys with his husband Sebastien. Find out more .

If I were a lot younger and met Marcel, I might be his Mr. Right. I grew up in the ’70s in the USA and there were classmates that made fun of me for being bad in sports. When AIDS came about in the ’80s, there were homophobic people saying "F*****s die of AIDS" and "Vampires wouldn’t bite fags because they’d give them AIDS". Lesbians are less likely than other people including heterosexuals to get AIDS but violence against them increased as well.

The things people used to say! So amazing to see how far our LGBTQ family has come since those days eh?

Is there was (or is right now) any changes at schools from your time period about gay/feminine people?

Very much so! When I was growing up in 1990s and early 2000s, Section 28 was very much law in the UK. This was a law passed by Thatcher in the 1980s which made it illegal for teachers to promote "homosexual content"! Not too dissimilar to Russia’s awful anti-gay propaganda law 🙁

Fun article and best of everything to Marcel. I would like to have a ‚hard copy‘ of gay news mailed to me. I’m of that generation who loves to read but I get tired at the computer. Better to relax with good coffee. Thanks

Thanks Tom. Sadly access to a printer is a challenge for us…!

Hello, Bonjour and Welcome to our travel blog. We are Stefan and Sebastien a French/Greek gay couple from London. Together, we have been travelling the world for over 10 years. Nomadic Boys is our gay travel blog showcasing all our travel adventures as a gay couple.


Tinder is without a doubt one of the most well-known and quite controversial apps around. Although it was essentially created for everyone, many LGBTI people use this app to meet and date those from their own community. As Madrid has a large population of expats, they’ll most likely know Tinder before they use any other app.


Escape is a place where gay women can meet and mingle. It’s always full over the weekend and it’s definitely one of the most popular lesbian bars in town. Although small, the bar is extremely lively and welcoming. Don’t forget to catch one of plenty boisterous shows this club has to offer!

Bears bar

As the name might suggest, Bears Bar is a place for bears to meet and hang out. If you’re not familiar with LGBTI lingo, a bear is a usually heavy-sat gay or bi-sexual man who usually gets mistaken for a straight guy due to his stereotypically rugged masculine look. Bears Bar provides a safe and fun party space for bears as well as any other members of the LGBTI community.

Address: Calle Pelayo, 4, 28004 Chueca, Madrid, Spain

See also on the local:

There is some guidance on sex in general during the pandemic. The Ministry says: there is a “high risk” of getting coronavirus during sex “because the probability of transmission increases if you are closer than 1.5 metres to a person who is infected with the new coronavirus.

“There is also a high risk when kissing, because saliva is exchanged.”

The Local asked the Health Ministry press department if more detailed advice for single people, such as that issued by Dutch officials, would be considered in Germany.

A press spokesman said the Ministry does not on comment on advice given by other governments.

So are people really not meeting IRL (in real life) at all?

LIEBESLEBEN, the umbrella organisation for HIV and STI prevention run by the Federal Centre for Health Education, offers some tips for dating during coronavirus times on its website.

It says that you can still meet possible romantic interests “at a distance and also make use of online dating”.

The website also advises attending virtual concerts together, watching a series together from afar, or having a video date.

When it comes to meeting in real life, the website advises people to follow the distance rules (1.5 metres) and go for a walk or meet in a facility that’s open in their area (such as a museum or cafe).

Traditional first-date venues like bars, restaurants and cinemas have been off limits recently because they were closed due to the shutdown to limit the Covid-19 spread, although many are reopening again with rules.

Hamburg-based couples therapist and dating coach Eric Hegmann, told The Local that intimacy can still be created without meeting in person.

“Although we may not meet as quickly anymore, and the first date in the café is not possible, emotional closeness can also be created online,” he said.

“That means concentrating on face-to-face communication: listening carefully, asking questions, talking about feelings – superficial small talk does not help you to get to know one another nor does it help against loneliness.”

Hegmann added that he believes single people in Germany had “listened to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute as well as to the rules of the federal government and were taking precautionary measures even in moments of loneliness”.

READ ALSO: Love in the time of corona – how couples in Germany can connect in a time of flux

Many have been turning to online dating apps and sites such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble.

“The apps have been very busy because everyone’s been at home on their phones more – it can be a bit overwhelming, but does seem to be getting me more matches than usual,” a 29-year-old woman in Berlin told The Local.

The copywriter, who’s originally from the UK, said that dating during the pandemic posed a bit of a moral dilemma.

“On the one hand, you want to be as careful and responsible as possible to limit the spread of the virus,” she said.

“But on the other hand, you haven’t so much as held anyone’s hand in over three months! I’m not really sure how to reconcile these two things – I imagine it must be particularly hard for people who live alone.”

The 29-year-old has turned to a combination of video calls and social distancing dates.

“It’s forced me to be a bit more creative – instead of just going to a dark and smoky bar of an evening, now I’ve had to try other, maybe more old-fashioned-feeling stuff like walks along the river, picnics in parks, and visits to museums.

“Or having a phone date that’s all about the conversation. I’m sure there’s a fair few people saying “f*ck it” and continuing to hook up like nothing’s happening, but I for one am enjoying the slower pace of socially distant dating. It forces you to put emotional connection before the physical stuff.”

READ ALSO: ‚Germans are brutally honest‘: How hard is it to date in Germany?

A 35-year-old man in Berlin told us he’d experienced some rule breaking.

“On one date, the other person kept flouting social distancing measures and went in for a huge kiss at the end, despite me resisting,” he said. “It felt weirdly romantic, a little intrusive but mostly sweet intentioned.”

On another date I was very relieved as I could use distancing measures to enforce a boundary, though I think people are struggling not to touch or get too close.

“I think the German government has given clear advice but people are fed up after some months, and I think it’s giving people cabin fever. So many are fed up with having to abstain from contact.”

Experts have repeatedly talked about the importance of social distancing in ensuring the spread of coronavirus remains at bay.

The latest contact restriction rules remain in place in Germany until June 29th, and after that we don’t know what will happen. However, it’s likely social distancing in some form will be in place for a long time.

Hegmann said it could, however, be a good time to create strong connections. He also said people are tending to focus more on one person if they have a connection, rather than dating several people at once.

“I’ve been hearing from singles that their conversations are currently becoming deeper, that there is more demand to get to know people’s feelings, their fears, their thoughts,” he said.

Park am buschkrug

Tagsüber trifft man die meisten potenziellen Kontakte direkt am Rosengarten, gegenüber dem U-Bahnhof und am Eingang der Blaschkoallee. Ab Einbruch der Dunkelheit finden sich die meisten Gays auf dem Hügel an der Buschkrugallee Ecke Blaschkoallee und Teterower Straße.

Top-städte in brandenburg

Haftungsausschluss: Die Gratis-Mitgliedschaft erlaubt dir, die Seite zu durchsuchen, Profile anzusehen, Flirts zu senden und dein Profil zu bearbeiten. Kosten fallen an, wenn du die Premium-Mitgliedschaft erwirbst, welche dir bei Vervollständigung deines Profils angeboten wird. Diese Seite wird von verrechnet

Alle Mitglieder und/oder Modelle, die auf dieser Webseite gezeigt werden, waren in Übereinstimmung mit den geltenden rechtlichen Grundlagen und Vorschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Bildübermittlung an diese Seite 18 Jahre oder älter. Weiters MÜSSEN alle Mitglieder dieser Datingseite 18 Jahre oder älter sein.

Gay Chat Berlin ist Teil des Dating Netzwerkes, das viele andere allgemeinen und gay Dating Seiten beinhaltet. Als Mitglied von Gay Chat Berlin wird dein Profil automatisch und kostenlos auf ähnlichen gay Dating Seiten oder an ähnliche Mitglieder im Netzwerk angezeigt. Für mehr Information klicke hier.

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*Article by Domingos Lepores. Edited by Tulio Edreira.

If you are looking for more Gay related tips, check out The Best Gay Festivals in Berlin and browse our entire “Gay Berlin” section.

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Die apollo sauna

Eine der bekanntesten Gay Saunas in Berlin neben dem Boiler war die 1981 eröffnete Apollo Sauna, später als Apollo Splash Club bekannt. Fast vier Jahrzehnte lang war diese Gay Sauna eine bekannte Institution in Berlin. Schwule aus der ganzen Stadt und aus dem Ausland versammelten sich hier, um gemeinsam zu schwitzen, zu entspannen und natürlich um zu Vögeln.

Für viele galt das Apollo als äquivalent zu den großen Sextempeln in New York City und San Francisco. Während die dortigen Gay Saunas jedoch im Zuge der Aids-Krise geschlossen wurden, florierte das Apollo bis zum Mauerfall 1989. Nach der Vereinigung eröffneten immer mehr Saunas für Schwule – und langsam verblasste der Glanz des Apollos. Nach der Jahrtausendwende wurde der Ruf des Apollos nach und nach schlechter, wobei die Sauna nach wie vor gut besucht wurde.

Anfang 2017 kam der Schlussstrich für die einst so glorreiche Gay Sauna. Kurz nach 22 Uhr am 5. Februar bemerkten Besucher einen Brandgeruch. Schwarzer Qualm breitete sich im ganzen Gebäude aus, ausgehend von einem Brand im Keller. Aufgrund des, wofür das Apollo berühmt war,Labyrinthartigen Aufbau der Sauna im Untergeschoss wurden die Löscharbeiten enorm erschwert. Drei Besucher der Schwulen Sauna schafften es nicht aus dem Gebäude und starben an einer Rauchvergiftung. Da nach einer Untersuchung klar wurde, dass das Apollo seit 2009 enorm gegen Brandschutzbestimmungen verstoß, wurde bisher keine Wiedereröffnung des Gay Sauna Clubs erlaubt.

Die gate sauna

Die Gate Sauna eröffnete 1994 in Berlin und folgte dem Vorbild der Apollo Sauna. Die Sauna gehörte zu den beliebtesten Gay Saunas in Berlin und war bekannt für eine angenehme und lockere Atmosphäre.

Die Gate Sauna wurde nach über 20 Jahren am 30. November 2016 geschlossen. Grund hierfür war der auslaufende Mietvertrag, der durch die Vermieter – eine Immobiliengesellschaft – nicht mehr verlängert wurde. Trotz Medienwirksamer Versuche des Betreibers und der Mitarbeiter der Sauna konnte keine Verlängerung der Mietzeit erwirkt werden. Der damalige Geschäftsführer Wolf Dietrich Kuppe äußerte sich zu dem Thema mit den Worten “man will uns da einfach nicht mehr haben.”

Die treibhaus-sauna

Auch die Treibhaus-Sauna gehörte zu den beliebtesten Gay Saunas der Stadt Berlin. Sie wurde 1993 eröffnet und befand sich im Stadtteil Prenzlauer Berg. Genau wie die Gate Sauna war auch für die Treibhaus-Sauna ein auslaufender Mietvertrag der Henker. Das Gebäude, in dem die Treibhaus-Sauna eingemietet war, wechselte während des laufenden Vertrags den Besitzer. Der neue Vermieter hatte kein Interesse daran, weiterhin eine Sauna für Schwule in seiner Immobilie zu beherbergen. Dadurch musste die Treibhaus-Sauna 2013 für immer schließen.

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