8 K dramas featuring the lgbt community


Korea is a conservative country. Korean society in general is yet to be more understanding of the LGBT (stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community. According to the "Society at a Glance 2019. A spotlight on LGBT people" by the OECD, "Korea is lagging behind compared to the OECD average regarding acceptance of homosexuality".

That means no representation on screen or in the worst cases a wrong representation. But Korean mentalities are changing!

The change can be felt with more and more characters from the LGBT community being featured in K-Dramas. There are good representations being non-stereotypical with minor or major role in the plot.

These characters are mainly appearing in cable dramas but not always. It is a start for change of mentalities and prejudices that the community is facing but sadly only a small step.

Here is a selection of 8 K-Dramas which featured characters from the LGBT community.

"Reply 1997" (2019) might be one of the oldest drama with a gay character acted by former . In the drama, he is a high school student in love with his best friend acted by Seo InGuk.

ASTROMoonBin acted as a supporting role in "At Eighteen" (2019). In the drama, he is a high school student who just realized his attractions to the same-sex. He is still confused about himself.

There were a few touching scenes tackling prejudices after his coming-out.

MoonBin: "I’m weird, aren’t I?" / Ong SeongWu: "No, that’s just your feelings" / MoonBin: "That’s true. I’m also confused as to how I feel, so."

Yoo InSoo: "Why is it weird? He just likes another person. You’re even weirder. Just go back to playing games."

In the Netflix Original drama "Love Alarm" (2019), the app tells people who like them in 10 meters surrounding them. To summarize what happened, one student from the same school of Jung GaRam made Jung GaRam’s Love Alarm ring because he has feelings for him.

Student: "Aren’t you offended I rang you Love Alarm?" / Jung GaRam: "What can you do? It’s not like you can control your feelings." / Student: "You’re so cool about it".

In the drama with Lee JongSukLee NaYoung, “Romance is a Bonus Book” (2019), there is a quick appearance of a same-sex couple. She is Lee JongSuk’s ex-girlfriend in the drama. The short scene received a lot of interest from international viewers.

“Love With Flaws” (2019) with Oh YeonSeo and Ahn JaeHyun had a relatively big part of the story related to gays.

Cha InHa was acting as a bartender of a gay bar. His character had depth and a solid background story. He went through huge hardship to make his coming-out to his family (including a suicide attempt) but in the end, his parents told him that this is not something he should apologize for.

He is now confident with who he is and loves himself. There is another important gay character acted by Jang YooSang who has a romance line with Cha InHa.

His character is struggling with his identity and was a victim of online bullying because of it. He is trying to tell his family but can’t. Cha InHa helped him in his struggles.

In "Hi, Dracula" (2020), Girls’ Generation’s SeoHyun took on the role of a lesbian. In the drama, she is expressing the weight and loneliness she is feeling by being not supported by her mother for who she is.

"Itaewon Class" (2020) is taking one step further in the good representation of the LGBT community with a transgender. Lee JooYoung is acting HyunYi who was born male. HyunYi is currently gathering money for gender reassignment surgery (GRS).

The drama addresses transgender issues in South Korea. As the drama just started more are to come. Park SeoJoon also had an impactful speech that confronts stereotypes.

In the Playlist web drama"XX" (2020), Lee JongWon is acting as a perfumer who is gay. There is not much spotlight on his love life but he was hurt by his ex who cheated on him.


i think you’re talking about Nevertheless but i’m not quite sure

There is a K-drama called Life is beautiful which aired back in 2010 and has a gay couple in focus. There is no main or side couple because it revolves around a huge family and their lives/struggles and one of the people in the family is in a same sex relationship. I really liked the drama and if you are interested you should definitely check it out!

I only remember this faintly but I’m positive that "You’re All Surrounded" also portrayed a trans character(minor character). This Kdrama was aired back in 2014. Do take a look if you’re interested!


DAMM THIS COMMENT SECTION YALL CHILL anyway i really recomend ‚color rush‘ i just finished watching it its amazing thats why i went here too look for more

Detectives of Seonam Girls High School also have lesbian couple even though it’s only for two episodes but it’s shocked the whole nation when they show same -sex kiss on national television back then.

I loved ! thanks for the indication, and that there will be a lot more LGBT + representation

i never knew an article comment section would b this funny💀💀

Asian Dramas are losing the integrity of health entertainment. Everyone do not applaud the life style that we see now on the Asian dramas.

I want you and your prejudice to be destroyed in your own misery of life, no matter what you accept or not as long as we exist we will fight for a better world without rotten people just like you.

it’s nice to know there are LGBT kdramas bc i’m pansexual and i never thought there were LGBT kdramas until now. I’m going to watch all these!!!!!!!

Been binge watching beautiful BL themed Kdrama on Netflix and LGBTQ short films on utube – very aesthetically classy script, screenplay, art direction etc so well directed eg. "Uninvited" shown at Asian American International Film Fest and few more filmfests. SK slowly but surely comingoutofthecloset!🥰👏👏👏

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Ok u might be misreading it. If she is just homophobic then I completely agree with u but she might be saying there are a lot of gay boy and boy relationships but hardly any girl and girl relationships, and if so then she’s not being homophobic and she pointing it out and she annoyed at it and I’m annoyed at it to so just saying make sure u understand what she’s saying

did you know that humans! not god his children in 1994 put that in the bible so people would believe that, and look where it lead, to people like you, you are just apart of the problem

you literally tapped on this article just to say that? no one fucking cares about your homophobic ass

Hey, I got the feeling she was angry for reasons other than you assume. I could be wrong of course, but it ready to me that she was saying why is there a boy love genre and not a girl love genre.. I dont think she’s phobic just angry because even in this wonderful age of change, the acceptance of gay women is still lagging behind the acceptance of gay men.

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Any good gay kdramas?

Hi all. I’m looking for kdramas that feature gay protagonists and are focused on their lives. It can be from any genre. Thanks in advance!

Damn, not to be a pessimist but this is gonna be tough. If you’re like me, part of the LGBT+ community and an advocate for representation, you’re gonna be disappointed with the constant queerbait (sometimes borderline homophobic), and there’s barely any representation for the main leads, at least, in the mainstream Korean dramas. And other times, it’s just quite hard to find the shows online, so………………………………..

Anyway, like one commentator said about the omnibus drama The Lover. Hoya (former Infinite) played a gay character who is one of the six main characters in Reply 1997. Heard Reply 1994 had gay representation too, but I haven’t watched it so I’m not entirely sure. Coffee Prince is arguably a bisexual show. If you’re patient enough to watch the entirety of Strong Girl Bongsoon, Kim Wonhae (who was in Player, While You Were Sleeping and a bunch of other shows this year) played a gay character, however he’s a side character, but a good and funny one, so why not just watch it?

And again, if you’re like me (I call myself gay instead of lesbian because I’m more comfortable with the term), there’s a web-drama called Lily Fever. Nana of After School played a bi character inThe Good Wife (haven’t watched it, but heard good things about her). Age of Youth 1 had Kang Yina and Jung Yeeun (played by Ryu Hwayoung and Han Seungyeon, respectively), both queerbaited, unfortunately.

These can be more difficult to find because they’re short films, but if you can find Just Friends (with Lee Jehoon from Signal and Where Stars Land), and Alone Together and An Algorithm (with Lee Jooyoung of The Ghost Detective and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bookjoo fame), please let me know!

This page has a long list of gay/LGBT+ dramas and films (it has lists of other LGBT+ Asian dramas/films too, btw), so you can check it out. Hope it helps!

Just Friends stars Lee Je Hoon and Yeon Woo Jin (Queen of Seven Days, Marriage Not Dating) as lovers.

I admire your post – so comprehensive in terms of what’s out there. I’m bi and I care about representation, too.

Please forgive me for quibbling with you about the gay character in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon:

Kim Wonhae (who was in Player, While You Were Sleeping and a bunch of other shows this year) played a gay character, however he’s a side character, but a good and funny one, so why not just watch it?

I actually loved a lot of things about that drama, but after it all sank in, I stopped recommending it, and even thinking about it, because I was so disturbed about humor around the gay character with him being physically hurt, because he was strident and mean, and because his makeup skills were terrible, unlike most gay men I know.

Do you have anything to add for me, so I can see it in a different way?

There is a little bit of gay action in The Lover. But they only hint at it. The show is really funny. You should still watch it.

I think the movie Night Flight has a gay couple. I’m not sure though

I second The Lover! I started watching for some lgbt scenes but I stayed for the humor and lightness if it 🙂

The movie night flight is 100% gay and the ending is one of the best i’ve ever seen. 10/10 would recommend it. Although, the storyline feels like its from the 70/80s and modern LGBT community might have a tiny problem with it.

In Prison Playbook, one of the prisoners (Looney) is gay and is in a relationship. He’s rather open about it and the other characters are accepting it well albeit their initial shock. Throughout the series, we see his struggles to fight his addiction to get back with his partner. His character is definitely an audiences’ favourite with his demeanours and wit.

Oh, I forgot about Prison Playbook! Absolutely to be recommended!

I’ve been watching kdramas for a long time and I’ve unfortunately never seen or heard of a kdrama that has a gay protagonist, even gay supporting character’s are rare and are often more of a punchline than a well fleshed out character. Maybe there are some more obscure dramas or movies out there, but I doubt there is much to choose from. I’ve personally never seen a Thai drama, but I see them pop up a lot on mydramalist, and the Thai dramas seem to be MUCH more lgbtq friendly. Sorry, I know that recommending Thai dramas isn’t really what you asked for, but those might be your best bet for finding something fun to watch that’s also got gay main characters.

Life is beautiful (2010) it’s family series but there’s gay couple in it. It’s really one of the first dramas that had actual gay couple. Also there’s a lot of family drama surrounding the couple, how their not accepted by their families. It was extremely controversial having the gay couple in the drama, but the writer stood her ground. I wish they showed more pda, but I know that would be pushing it. You should definitely look up this drama.

Personal Taste had a gay character that wasn’t a cliche, but not the main character.

Most of the previous dramas have tried to sell to China, where being gay is still illegal. Wives of gay men are being activists, so maybe this will change.

Currently China supposedly has stopped importing dramas from Korea and other countries, as they want to develop their own drama-industry, on the other hand Netflix is picking up kdramas, so maybe the kdramas will soon be more open.

What I heard, but I don’t know personally, is that you would have better luck trying Japanese (doramas or Jdramas) or Thai (lakorns).

The only dramas I can think of are dramas like Sunkyunkwan scandal where one of the protagonists maybe are gay, and where they male lead thinks he might be gay (but actually are not) and all his mental confusion because of it, and the same happens in Coffee prince. Not actually gay, just is afraid he might be gay. Quite stupid since we also have pheromones that depend on our sex, so our subconsciousness should know the gender of the person.

Good luck. Hopefully in a few years there will be more.

Yeah. Don’t watch this show for the gay character..

Long Time No See – it’s a 2017 miniseries. I really liked it, and I reccomend watching it on Vimeo to support the small company producing these diverse films. bear-magazine.com

If you’re wanting gay dramas, Thai dramas are the way to go. I haven’t seen any yet, but some of the popular ones are SOTUS:The Series and 2 Moons.

Late reply, but here I go. Ive seen a couple good Thai bear-magazine.com I just finished is about a bunch of couples, and one of the main guys is gay and meets a guy from his past that used to be in love with him! The other couples in the show are straight, couple of the guys got annoying but overall it was a really cute series with a happy ending. Its on Netflix, called Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence

Here’s a mini series, i think this is the closest you can get to korean BL, bear-magazine.com

Long time no see is a great one. Although there is only like five episodes that are like 15 minutes it still is really amazing. I recommend it; it has kiss scenes and fighting as well i think you’d like it.

i don’t know if you want it to be two boys and korean but there’s a movie on netflix called yes or no it is a taiwanese drama it was released in 2010 starring two girls: Sushar Manaying (pie) and Suppanad Jittaleela (kim) so basically Pie is taken aback when she discovers that her college roommate, Kim, dresses like a man (tomboy). As they grow closer, Pie begins to wonder if she’s actually developing feelings for Kim.

Okayyy, so I came to this post to find one myself but I figured I woukd bless all of your lives with the one season kdrama called Love by Chance. My god, I wish there was more episodes bc I dont like the ending bc of how blunt they leave it but overall its an amazinggg storyy. And if you looking for gay kdramas this drama focuses around not just the main characters being gay but there is maybe 3 little couples that are shown every once and awhile that are gay as well. Its beautiful..recommended it to all.

I’m pretty sure it’s a Thai drama. Kdrama’s too homophobic to make a masterpiece like that. Thanks though.

‚Method‘ is a really good kmovie; however, it may break your heart and make you fall in love at the same time.

Good gay kdramas ?

Looking for good Gay Korean Dramas. I have watched The Lover and it was good. looking for nothing too sexual…something cute i can fangirl over and ship. Doesn’t need to focus on the Gay couple/crush all the time in the Drama. Lol Thanks!

Going back a bit further, you can see Secret Garden, or Personal Taste

But the gay parts are rather minimal. LGBT stuff is really in the closet here. There was a drama that featured a lesbian kiss a couple of years back (and it was tiny…) and there was a huge fuss and mass of complaints about it so, sadly, there’s not likely to be too much in this vein any time soon. Movies, on the other hand, you can find more easily.

Well cool. Going to check them out! bear-magazine.com thanks!

There is a family drama that has a gay couple. The story doesn’t focus solely on them but also every family member related to one of the gay guys. So, if you’re looking for a story specifically focuses on gay relationship, you should look into this movie A Frozen Flower.

IF you are interested in the family drama, it’s called Life is Beautiful (Total 63 episodes).

Just a little summary since people tend to quit the drama early:

The eldest son of a family is a closeted gay. He is confused with his sexual preference due to society pressure (conservative society discriminates against gays and their families if exposed), and his responsibility/duty as the first son. He has been hiding this secret from his family as long as possible until one day, it gets out of hand (It will be quite a while for you to see that episode). Meanwhile, his family is dealing with different family issues such as annoying grandpa who abandons his children for other wives, his sister’s insecurity about being an adopted child to her step-father, his childish and close-minded youngest uncle, and others etc. There is a lot going on there. IMO, it’s worth your time to be patient with other annoying characters. It’s a very warm drama about what is meant to be a family.

See, you may keep wondering why the eldest son displays subtle emotions. It’s because he is a Doctor who acts on rational reasons. So, he doesn’t react often on emotions. Even so, he and his lover are the best couple. Sometimes, I think their relationship is better than any male+female love relationships in many Kdramas. BTW, there is NO kissing scene for the gay couple because it’s a family drama aired on National TV for general public. So, don’t expect any.

Don’t like History style Kdrama’s (Frozen Flower) but i’m going to check out Life is Beautiful. Woah it has many episodes. I like Kissing scenes T_T still going to watch tho. Sounds good. Thanks a lot!

Besides the ones which are mentioned. Coffee Prince did explore the subject but then again she was just pretending to be a guy

As previously mentioned, LGBT is not often seen in Korean dramas, and if it is, it’s usually shown as something to be ashamed of. For example that recent movie (forgot the title) where one teen confesses to his friend and the friend forces him to commit suicide. There really is room for improvement.

But if you’d consider Thai or Japanese series there is a much wider choice:

Bad Romance The Series is divided into the straight and gay couple’s plot, Bang Rak Soi 9/1 is all about finding your sexuality, a subplot in From Five to Nine..

Coffee Prince is on my list what to watch haha. Wish you knew the name of the movie T_T Sound interesting. I don’t like Japanese dramas. Idk why but they have never interested me. I have Watched Thai drama called Love Sick and i love the series. Then i have Watched Thai drama called Yes or No. Can’t find it anymore tho TT_TT …. Have you ever Watched Kdrama called: Boys Archery Club ? Idk if it worth to watch.

I like movies too! Do you know where i could watch it whit English subs?

gay kdrama BlSUCy

Korean dramas that deal with homosexuality or have homosexual characters.

I tried to google this, but the most lists I found about gay dramas. Listed dramas like a coffee prince.

Ones with main characters that are LGBT: Life is Beautiful (there’s a gay couple) The Lover (two male roommates develop feelings for each other) Hyena (there’s a gay character but the drama is old so it might be hard to find online)

Dramas with side characters who are LGBT: Jumong (has a trans female character) Personal Taste (there’s a gay CEO and the ML pretends to be gay) Secret Campus (deals with homosexuality as a side story I believe) Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra (has a gay character) Reply 1997 (has a gay character)

Seonam Girls High School Investigators has an episode that focuses on a lesbian couple. And gay couples appear for a bit in Cheese in the Trap and The Boy Next Door.

Cant think of many off the top of my head but one i remember is Your House Helper. He was a love interest of one of the sub characters.

Someone already said it but Life is Beautiful is amazing, not only because of the Gay Relationship but also the family itself. I rewatched it so many times because I just loved it all. It’s old but gold so to say.

There is also Long Time No See. It’s like a fan fiction that came to live with great actors bear-magazine.com

Edit: Since you said you were looking for a list, this is the best I know. As you can see there are quiet a few movies, TV shows are rare. bear-magazine.com

Her Private Life — ML is respectful of the relationship he thinks the FL and her best friend have. Also in one of the early episodes someone else’s relationship is respectfully talked about.

Secret Garden has a gay character in it. He’s a minor character but it does have an effect on the story.

There is a fairly minor lesbian character in Romance is a bonus book.

MOMENT OF EIGHTEEN FRICKING MOONBIN FROM ASTRO IS!!!!!! His character execution was right on point but it was not revealed till the later episode so sorry i kinda spoiled it a little bit.

For characters it could be Park Hyungsik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, he acted like one, in the beginning but he is actually straight. And its more of a misunderstanding between the ML and FL

History 1,2 and 3 are all boys love dramas. EDIT: Can be problematic bear-magazine.com

Boy next door. Its on youtube. Its awesome and hilarious.

(spoiler: the main two characters are not in a relationship, its more of a series of misunderstandings. Not in a mocking or homophobic way. BUT there are actual gay characters too)

Where can i watch gay korean dramas?

Hello everyone! I’m trying to find a website to watch gay Korean dramas. I’ve been using youtube mostly, but are there any other sites you can recommend? Please and thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

There aren’t any gay Korean dramas… there are some that have gay characters, but they are side characters, for the most part…

Yeah, if you’re looking for dramas focusing on gay couples, definitely should watch Thai dramas rather than Korean ones.

There’s a webdrama called Prince’s Prince that I think is on Viki

I don’t know why you are downvoted. Because you are overly optimistic, maybe? Anyway, the same question has been asked here repeatedly, so if you search you might find at least some web dramas and some pretend-gay and some gay side characters.

There’s a few studios making korean LGBT indie shorts mostly, a couple of movies and one 5 episode drama IIRC. I don’t think they’re anywhere online but they’re available on vimeo to buy or rent and they’re pretty cheap. (And it’s something worth supporting imho). Strongberry and Matchbox and Film99. And another (much smaller) channel for girls stuff. Some of Matchbox’s shorts aren’t translated to English, and some are mature rated so look for warnings or you might end up with NSFW scenes and sounds on your TV.

There’s a Taiwanese one called: Bromance, where a girl is raised as a boy till she’s 18 and the male lead falls in love, while maybe thinking she’s a male, but not really gay romance. That one was really great though….

Check out films by Kim Jho Kwangsoo – he’s an openly gay director and has made many films featuring gay characters and love stories.

There isn’t any one site for just gay dramas, it’s easier to search the gay relationship tag on mydramalist, find one that interests you and search for it online. Plus KDramas don’t really have them aside from the movie Method. Have you seen Dark Blue and Moonlight? It’s on youtube, but it’s Taiwanese. You’ll have more luck with Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese etc.

gay kdrama EN8rP23

Is s. korea ready for some bl series?

Thailand had numerous successful series for several years already, China/Taiwan is also following suit (with slight limitations in China). I know there are Korean BL Movies, but not prime time dramas were the leads are both actors.

Only thing close would be Life Is Beautiful and The Lovers. I know S. Korea is not that yet open minded when it comes to LGBT, but Thailand have been slaying so many series and making several new actors really popular.

I’m trying to remember that short series that Choi Woo Sik did where they spend the whole time trolling the audience that it’s a BL series. It’s actually quite cute. Is it called Boy Meets Boy?

I took a class in college (a million years ago) called queer pictures, and it went through the history of LGBT characters and plots in American tv and film. I think S Korea is about where the US was in the 60s/70s; there’s a decent amount of subtext if you are looking for it, and you miss it if you are not looking for it. And indie films seem to be tackling the issue.

If S Korea can skip over the whole US 1980s fad of making gay characters into comic caricatures (cough Strong Woman Do Bong Soon cough), that would be great.

Hello My Twenties/Age of Youth had a femme lesbian as a side character. The mention about her sexuality was so subtle though that it might have gone over some viewers heads.

As far as subtext, there was a lot of romantic chemistry between Kang Yi Na and Ye Eun. “She doesn’t know how good she is”, the kiss, the drunk fall on top of Ye Eun. I felt crazy for seeing it but eh. Hello my Twenties definitely at least broached the subject with the lesbian side character.

The series with Choi Woo Sik that you’re thinking of is Boy Next Door, there’s also a Korean short gay film called Boy Meets Boy 🙂

Totally agree about hoping they skip over the comic caricatures.

I’d say most likely no. Korea still has a huge stigma against LGBT and I think it would be hard for them to find actors and their companies who are willing to be in a show like that. I’d say give it a couple more years.

I kinda agree, just need new courageous actors. Perfect example would be Just Friends, Yeon Woo Jin (7 Day Queen) & Le Je Hoon (Where stars land) are lovers. They were newbies then, but look at them now.

Song Chang Eui and Lee Sang Woo were amazing as well in Life Is Beautiful.

Hoya in the reply 1997 portrayed a gay character and the revelation of it was pretty shocking in the drama.

There was a family drama a few years ago with a gay couple. I can’t recall it’s name, but it was written by a very popular writer. The couple was secondary, but they still gained a lot of fans AND a lot of hate. I remember one scene having to be rewritten, as the couple made vows in a church (after a wedding) and some older viewers were very angry. I think a LGBTQ+ love story could be good on a cable network – I think a group drama that follows several college age students or 20-somethings would work well.

That drama is Life Is Beautiful, Song Change Eui and Lee Sang Woo. One of my fave dramas! And yes, i still remember the backlash of that.

I hope TVN/Jtbc takes the leads! I wanna see some hot seme/uke in kdramaland

Prison Playbook? I have seen others also, only once a lesbian woman I think, but usually the gay character is a bit hidden and all is chaste. But there starts to be "I am not gay" when men touch each other (hugging, holding hands, whatever), that is the down side of there being more openly gay people.

Gay people are going to continue to be a minority, so to get the max viewers they are not going to have gay main characters often. This is also why they mostly have young main characters, because an older person can watch someone younger, but the opposite is almost never true, also the older people are more set in their ways in how they shop so are less interesting for the product placements that pays the cost of the drama.

BL Series doesnt only cater to LGBT, theres a term called fujoshi, or str8 women who fantasize on romance between men.

I can see it now starting with Kpop bands, anyone seen Gdragon being shipped?

China doesn’t allow BL dramas to be aired on television, dramas like Advance Bravely are release on online only/ are web dramas.

Oh yeah, was referring to Thailand reg the primetime tv. Im still angry at China to what they did with Addicted. One of the best, if not the best BL story.

I recently watched the Chinese version of Coffee Prince, and while I don’t speak Mandarin, I got the impression they changed the entire premise of the story from the female lead being in drag and the male lead falling in love with her as a guy anyway to he knew she was a chick but his hang up was that she was a tomboy. And I think it was all done in post too. It was a hot mess overall. But if the government wouldn’t let that story through, where the audience totally knows it’s a woman the whole time, I have no doubts whatsoever that they would straight up ban an actual m/m;f/f drama.

Personal Taste had a secondary theme involving homosexuality. People assume Lee Min Ho’s character was gay and he got the attention of a project director who was gay. They did not play it for laughs and I thought that part was handled maturely. Other aspects of the misunderstanding of LMH’s character might have been, but the director’s feelings and the reveal of the truth was not.

Other than that you had the character from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon that was clearly gay and waaaaay over the top.

I wish they were ready because I think korea could produce some pretty good BL series (and LGBT series in general). I think that even if they wanted to remake some already popular dramas they could easily make them better than the originals, but Korea’s just too closed minded for it right now.

It still baffles me to this day how Life is Beautiful had a supporting gay couple ten yeas ago and that Korea really hasn’t progressed at all since then. I’ll even take another supporting pair in a drama, but can’t even get that. Fingers crossed that in the upcoming years Korea will give us something. Something produced by netflix or a webdrama would be nice.

The boy/man living next door with Jang Ki Young was amazing, too bad the BL is just hinted. Would have been wonderful if they just gave it away str8 as romance. Its a webseries.

Secret Garden had a gay character and there was one called Lovers, I think, that had so much tension between two young men but it didn’t really go anywhere. They were my favorite couple in that show.

Im aware of the Lovers and havent really started yet.

Haha no . I wish. Definitely not for public tv shows . There can be gay characters on film or short film. I think some kdramas got away with showing LGBTQ characters but that might be money talking or they were on a special cable/internet or well loved to get away with it. Korea is ridiculously old school on many topics. I cant think of any gay kisses in korean drama done by gay characters only straight characters kissing/almost kissing by accident for comedic affect.

Could korean gay web series change anti-gay attitudes?

A new gay web series from South Korea is on the horizon, but will it reach Western borders?

According to Korean entertainment news source Soompi, Korean entertainment companies W Story and Energedic Company have announced a joint producing project in the form of a gay web drama. Specifically, the project was announced as a BL, or Boys’ Love, drama. The term BL is more typically used in Asian entertainment sources to imply gay content created for teen and female consumption. That said, this project seems to be inviting a larger viewer-base.

The web drama is called Where Your Eyes Linger and will tell the story of two late-teenagers named Tae Joo and Gook. Tae Joo, played by Han Gi Chan (a former contestant on Korean reality talent show Produce X 101), is the “black sheep” son of a successful family-owned business conglomerate. Tae Joo is protected by friend and bodyguard Gook (Jang Eui Su of Korean dramas Bad Papa and He Is Psychometric). As time goes by, the professional relationship-turned-friendship transitions again into something even more intimate.

Again, this film seems to be looking for recognition from audiences beyond the typical Boys’ Love demographic. The series’ eight episodes, each spanning only 10 minutes, will begin premiering online on May 22. The series will then have a director’s cut released in theaters in June. Speaking of the director, the series will be directed by Hwang Da Seul. Hwang Da Seul wrote the web drama Love As You Taste and won an award at the Catholic Film Festival in 2018 for a short film called Spring in Summer.

With that in mind, perhaps this BL web series is looking to potentially air on the festival circuit. If so, perhaps it has a chance of reaching Western audiences in indie/arthouse cinemas. If not, we’ll at least get to watch it in the web series format. In addition, the film may perhaps reach the ears of Asian LGBTQ streaming platform GagaOOLala, which is expanding its service to 190 countries worldwide. With GagaOOLala already expressing its desire to be a platform for queer web series and indie films looking for a wider audience, a partnership with Where Your Eyes Linger may make sense.

It’s also important to note the significance of a Korean BL web drama. While other Asian countries like Japan or Thailand are well-known for their live-action BL content, Korea is not as fortunate. The country has a booming BL web comic business, but movies, web series, and tv shows are less common.

Perhaps the reason for this is South Korea’s complicated atmosphere around LGBTQ life and representation. While nowhere near as hostile in censoring LGBTQ representation as neighboring China (like the canceling of popular web series Addicted the Series), South Korea still holds anti-LGBTQ policies like the arrest of soldiers found having gay sex. We’ve also reported on how military higher-ups conducted witch hunts for gay soldiers. One trans soldier was even infamous fired in January (with a weeks’ notice) after coming out. That said, it is legal to be gay in South Korea and the country is slowly accepting LGBTQ life. Though, that comes with some pushback like Christian protesters at LGBTQ parades/events.

Ultimately, this is to say that live-action content from South Korea is a great step in creating representation. On top of that, the series is planning to release both online and in theaters. If they push further, the production companies could reach even bigger audiences through the indie film festival circuit or streaming services. Hopefully so. And if so, a small story of a rich boy and his bodyguard could become something much grander than ever first anticipated.

gay kdrama Flm1lbG

Behind the myth: are gay koreans products of western culture?

Since gay culture has not been a public issue in Korea for very long, some people believe same-sex relationships are a cultural import of the West. This fallacy is seemingly supported by the fact that Seoul’s “foreigner district” of Itaewon is the only place where Koreans are openly gay.

However, if Koreans had no gay culture before the 1800s, then they are a very unique people in East Asia. All of Korea’s neighboring countries have had gay cultures for a very long time. To the West, the upper classes of ancient China painted (explicit) pictures and wrote poetry about love between men, which they called “the passion of the cut sleeve.” Eastward, Japanese society looked benignly on “the beautiful way” until the Meiji Restoration (1868), especially when the lovers were monks, soldiers or other men who could not easily find women. And yes, Korea’s northern neighbor Russia was once gay-friendly too: the historian Solovyov wrote in the 1600s that “nowhere in the East or West was [homosexuality] looked upon so lightly as in Russia.”

But the truth is that Korean history does not lack early examples of homosexuality either. At least three Korean kings are known to have had male lovers: King Hyegong of Silla (who reigned 765–780), King Mokjong (r. 997–1009), and King Gongmin (r. 1351-1374). King Sejong (r. 1418–1450) supposedly learned in 1436 that his daughter-in-law Pong was sleeping with her maid.

As in Japan, same-sex relations also occurred among Korea’s religious and warrior classes. The famous soldiers of the Silla Dynasty known as the (“flower girls”), the Flower Boys evolved into an order of fighting men known for their cosmetic-enhanced beauty.

Historical records about the lower classes are more difficult to find, since peasants did not write recreationally. We do know that Korea’s underclass of actors, the , often brought “beautiful boys” to openly inflame the passions of rural noblemen, even during the conservative Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910).

So why did Korea’s gay culture become less visible as Korea modernized? Ironically, some scholars think it was Western influence. In Russia and Japan, same-sex love only became socially shameful after Christian missionaries arrived. The slow transmission of Christian and Muslim attitudes across Asian trade routes may also explain why the Chinese philosophies shared by the Korean people eventually became more negative toward same-sex relations.

Regardless, public discourse in Korea about homosexuality should be informed by the fact that it is a fully Korean phenomenon, not a foreign one. Korea has had , or “same-sex lovers”, much longer than it has had Itaewon.

Words that are frequently used in korean lgbt communities?

I’m not sure where to look for resources on this topic so I’m asking here first. Thanks.

That’s really interesting – do you know how this came to be?

If i wanted to say "i am gay", how would i say it? (new to learning korean) Would i say "내가 이반입니다?". Sorry if this seems really cringe

I definitely don’t have a comprehensive list but I’m dating a bisexual Korean girl who is always around other LGBT friends, so I also made a number of LGBT friends. Here are a few I learned from them off the top of my head, but I don’t know if some of these are just regular slang that all young Koreans use or if it’s mostly just used by LGBT folk (also excuse me if I misspell anything in Korean):

일스 (ill-sseu): short for "일반 스타일" or "normal style," this refers to anyone who has a so-called regular "straight" look as opposed to, say, a woman with short hair sporting plaid.

부치 (butch): literally the same thing as the English counterpart with a Korean pronunciation. They also use "femme" but I am unsure if they sometimes use the ㅍ to replace the F sound or if they all use the F sound.

온기부 (only give): this refers to a lesbian who only gives in bed and generally refuses receiving. I am very unsure of my spelling and pronunciation on this one.

씩/노씩 (chic/no-chic): Having "chic" means to have attractiveness or charm. "No-chic" is not having any.

한남 (han-nam): literally short of 한국남자, but it’s specifically used as a derogatory term used to denote a Korean man who has traditionally sexist and Confucian views. So, they would not use this term against an ethnically Korean man who is a feminist or LGBT ally. This is the word you will hear thrown around most often in these groups, especially if they express grievances, seeing as these sexist men are at the center of the patriarchy’s oppressive effects on the LGBT community, but interestingly enough I have found that many unwoke Korean nationals are unfamiliar with exactly how feminists and queers use this term and think it literally just means "Korean man."

성소수자 (sung so soo ja): this means "sexual minority" and is an academic term that is also used outside of formal settings (though they would more often say "퀴어" or "queer" in most casual situations) to denote anyone who doesn’t follow the traditional heteronormative (and sometimes mononormative) narrative.

There’s definitely a lot more words than this. Maybe I’ll add more to this list later after talking to some people.

한남 is definitely not an LGBTQ slang. It’s just used in female dominated communities in general.

온기브 is probably the right spelling. although it would be funny it it was really 기부, since 기부 means donation lol

식/노식 <– that’s the right spelling 😛 Hi I’m the bisexual Korean girl mentioned by the person who wrote the other reply above… lol

식/노식: "식" is a term used widely in gay communities, it refers to one’s "style". If you find someone very attractive, you may say that someone is really "식된다". You should know though, "식된다" has very sexual overtone. In contrast, if you find someone not very attractive to you, you may say someone’s "노식".

A lot of the time gay guys (maybe others too) will say "이쪽" or "이쪽 사람" to refer to other gay people. This is used commonly between gay people in private, but also often used when trying to refer to gay people discreetly in public or to try to discreetly ask if someone is gay. I’ve heard stories of people asking others if they are "이쪽" and the other person assumes an alternative meaning and answers "yes" because they don’t know it’s euphemism for gay, which can lead to the person who is asking to accidentally out themselves.

Top and bottom are the same as english. But where we would say "vers" for "versatile" they say "all" (올). So instead of "vers top" it’s "올탑" (all top). To an english speaker it’s easy to interpret this as them saying they exclusively top, but really it means they prefer to top but sometimes bottom.

Also, the word 성향 is used to refer to whether someone is a top or bottom. So instead of asking "are you a top or bottom?" they ask "What is your 성향?"

On a gay dating apps, lots of guys sometimes will have "NSA"(no strings attached) hookups. The Korean word for these hookups is "번개"(lightning). I think this is sometimes used by straight people too (?) but these kinds of quick hookups are less common for straight people. Usually they say "원나이트" (one-night=one night stand) instead.

Bonus: sometimes 바텀 (bottom) is abbreviated to just ‚텀‘. I’ve seen this on gay dating apps, but never heard in IRL.

My Korean teacher has a Korean husband (gay couple), I’ll try getting some juicy info next Wednesday…

gay kdrama HNNwsiT

Bl / gay – new movies and dramas 2020-2021

Currently airing, upcoming and finished BL/Gay themed dramas and movies of 2020 and 2021.(China–Mainland China + Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand.) UPDATE: List was created early 2020, so I was pondering on whether to split this list in two, but decided not to, since quite a few series have a split air time 2020/2021.I’ll have to think about this a bit more and I might split it at the end of 2021.

***Titles included are ones where BL/Gay themes or (male) Gay characters characters, play a fairly significant role***My other lists already contain all these titles, but a quick-list might come in handy anyway–for an overview.

5 drakor bl wajib tonton di waktu senggang

2020 banyak drakor yang mengangkat tema Boys Love atau plot dengan alur cerita gay yang ceritanya seru-seru loh. Ini rekomendasi drakor BL buat kamu di waktu senggang.

Walaupun sedang dalam masa pandemi, tahun lalu industri drama Korea Selatan tetap konsisten merilis beragam genre drama Korea, termasuk Korea gay atau drakor Boys Love (BL). Awalnya, genre BL ini berasal dari Jepang dengan target pasar perempuan dan ditulis oleh penulis perempuan. Namun, seiring dengan berjalannya waktu budaya pop BL semakin populer dan merambah ke berbagai negara, salah satunya  industri drama Korea Selatan.

gay kdrama JdG0l9f

Ähnliche fragen

Sie sollte irgendwo kostenlos zu schauen sein und mindestens Eng Sub (Englische Untertitel) haben. Wenn es ihn irgendwo mit Ger Sub gibt wäre das natürlich noch besser aber Eng Sub ist auch in Ordnung

Gesehen hab ich: addicted (heroine), Love by Chance, Uncontrolled Love und Cross Line (Crossing the line/Cross the Line)

kennt jemand gute koreanische bl (boys love) Filme??

Könnt ihr mir sagen welche boys love animes man schauen kann?

Heyyy ich gucke sehr gerne und viel Kdrama (Koreanische Drama Serien ) und diese habe ich schon geguckt:

Und noch mehr aber die wurden aus Netflix rausgenommen, hat jemand noch welche für mich Bei Netflix und Viki (habe viki pass)

Hey! QwQ Ich suche nach guten BL/Boys Love Serien, Dramas und Filme die japanisch, koreanisch und thailändisch sein können! :3

Wo kann man das k-drama the Lover mit deutschen Untertiteln gucken?

Hii. Ich hab grade Why R U the series beendet soweit und until we meet again. Ich weiss jetzt nicht welche BL Serie ich als nächstes schauen soll?

Ich würde gerne anfangen Boys love K-Dramen zu schauen. Habt ihr Empfehlungen? Es wäre wirklich gut, wenn es sie auf Netflix Deutschland gibt! (Ergänzung: es stört mich auch nicht wenn es chinesisch oder co. ist)

geht das in manchen buchläden ? also kann man mit 12 trotz der altersempfehlung schon BL mangas kaufen?

kennt ihr gute japanische/asiatische boys love Filme? Suche einen ähnlichen wie Double Mints, also einen Film, wo viel drama dabei ist und nicht alles gleich bunt und romantisch ist (muss aber nicht sein). Wäre lieb, wenn ihr auch ganz kurz erklären könntet worum es geht.

Ich bin auf der Suche nach Shonen Ai/Boys Love/BL/Gay/Yaoi… Animes.

a) die auf Netflix oder Amazon Prime zu finden sind

b) die nicht nurRomance, Drama oder Comedy sind. Es soll auch Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery … dabei sein.

Theil a) und b) sind voneinander unabhängig, es reicht wenn eine der beiden Bedingungen erfüllt wird.

Wie oben erwähnt, suche ich nach guten boys love k-dramen. Am besten welche, wo sie so im teenager alter sind und auch noch zur schule gehen.

Die zweite Staffel kommt bald raus (wann eigetlich?), doch möchte ich gerne noch eine andere Serie schauen in der Zeit Hat jemand so eine ähnliche Serie perrat? Vorhanden sein muss Boys Love und eine gute Story xD

Hey, also ich stehe total auf BL filme (Boys Love, also schwulen filme) und suche zurzeit welche auf Youtube oder anderen plattformen (möglichst ohne anmeldung oder so.) Ich bin mit deutschem untertitel oder auch englischem untertitel zufrieden. Aber auch wenn die filme auf deutsch oder englisch sind. Falls ihr auch nur titel wisst, sagt sie mir bitte. Es ist mir völlig egal woher die filme kommen (also japan, amerika, deutschland usw.)

ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen und schonmal dankeschön im vorraus. glg positivseherin \ ^-^ /

Product description

This LGBTQIA gay rights Korean finger heart tee is the perfect gift to flaunt your queer side to the world and end bisexual erasure one sickening fashion statement at a time. Celebrating the beauty of sexual diversity, this tee is kpop & kdrama fierce! Features a bold and original South Korean finger heart love symbol illustration with the rainbow colors of the gay & lesbian lgbt flag to capture the self love everyone should feel about their own lifestyle.

gay kdrama KLdFpuz

one thought on “behind the myth: are gay koreans products of western culture?”

All humans are sinners, with or with out homosexuality. Anyone who reads the Bible in the original languages and context know that most passages used against gays is misinterpreted. MODERN Korea Christian’s greatest Sin is this idolatry of the Bible and lack of FAITH (ignoring Jesus’s Commandments and not allowing the Holy Spirit into their Hearts and Minds)

Dobrakan pertama drama korea bl di tahun 2020

Seperti negara Asia Timur pada umumnya, masyarakat Korea Selatan juga masih konservatif terhadap isu LGBT. Sebelum ini, belum ada drama Korea yang secara terang-terangan mengangkat tema Boys Love atau drama Korea gay. Namun, seperti dilansir South China Morning Post, Where Your Eyes Linger di tahun 2020 menjadi drama Korea gay  pertama yang mendobrak ketabuan tersebut.

Baca Juga: ‘Gaya Sa Pelikula’: Potret Kaya Kehidupan Gay dan Peliknya Persoalan Melela

Mulai dari situ, semakin banyak serial drama Korea gay yang muncul ke permukaan dengan cerita-cerita yang menggemaskan dan plot yang tidak membosankan. Berikut beberapa rekomendasi drama Korea gay yang bisa kamu tonton di waktu senggangmu.

gay kdrama LGdF8b

1. bl series: where your eyes linger (2020)

Sebagai drama Korea gay yang mendobrak industri drama  Korea, Where Your Eyes Linger punya plot sederhana namun mengena banget. Kita akan diajak melihat kehidupan Han Tae Joo (Han Gi Chan), seorang pemuda berusia 18 tahun dan pewaris konglomerasi bisnis TB Group. Tae Joo bisa dibilang super sempurna, sudah ganteng, kaya, populer, dan memiliki semuanya.

Ia mempunyai beberapa teman dekat, namun yang paling mengerti dirinya adalah Kang Gook (Jang Eui Soo) pemuda yang enggak kalah ganteng, super disiplin, dan jago bela diri. Saking dekatnya dengan Kang Gook, Tae Joo sangat percaya pada Kang Gook, dan selalu nyaman berada di dekatnya.

Baca Juga: Pelangi di Benua Biru: Strategi Kesetaraan bagi LGBTIQ di Eropa

Drama mulai menjadi intens ketika salah satu teman perempuan mereka, Hye Mi, mulai naksir Kang Gook. Dari situ Tae Joo mulai menyadari bahwa perasaannya untuk Hang Gook lebih dari sekadar teman dekat. Drama Korea gay ini bisa kamu tonton di layanan streaming WeTV dan Viki Rakuten.

2. bl drama: color rush (2020)

Drama Korea gay ini bercerita tentang Yeon Woo (Yoo Jun) yang buta warna sejak ia lahir. Sehari-hari hidupnya hanya berwarna abu-abu, walaupun ia tahu dunia ini sebetulnya  penuh dengan beragam warna yang indah.

Kehidupannya mulai berubah ketika ia bertemu dengan Yoo Han (Heo Hyun Jun). Seiring dengan berjalannya cerita ini, Yeon Woo menyadari bahwa dirinya mulai menyukai Yoo Han dan dunianya yang sebelumnya hanya abu-abu, entah mengapa mulai terlihat berwarna. Apakah memang Yoo Han adalah takdirnya?

Baca Juga: Lampaui ‘Love, Simon’: 7 Film Queer Bertema ‚Coming of Age‘

Sementara itu, Yeon Woo memiliki misi untuk mencari ibunya bersama dengan  Yi Rang, kakak perempuan ibunya. Yeon Woo pun mengajak Yoo Han dalam pencarian tersebut, dan seiring pencarian tersebut, terungkap cerita-cerita yang tidak terduga. Kamu dapat menonton drama Korea gay ini di layanan streaming Viu dan Viki Rakuten.

gay kdrama pmjQKDl

3. wish you: your melody from my heart (2020)

Kang In Soo (Kang in Soo) adalah seorang penyanyi jalanan yang sangat mencintai musik. Didukung oleh teman-temannya, In Soo berharap suatu hari ia bisa menjadi penyanyi profesional. Tentu saja perjalanannya tidak mudah.

Ketika In Soo tetap konsisten mengamen  setiap hari, teman baiknya, Choi Min Sung, merekam setiap penampilan In Soo dan mengunggahnya di Youtube. Video-video tersebut menarik perhatian seorang musisi dari label rekaman besar, Yoon Sang Yi, yang selalu mencari talenta baru.

Drama Korea BL ini berfokus pada hubungan antara In Soo dan Sang Yi, setelah In Soo diterima dalam label rekaman tersebut. Ketika mereka tinggal bersama di rumah milik perusahaan, hubungan mereka pun mulai berkembang. Namun, tentu saja hubungan itu banyak tantangan dan halangannya.

Apakah cinta keduanya akan tetap awet? Atau malah memudar seiring waktu? Kamu bisa menyaksikan drama Korea gay ini di layanan streaming  WeTV dan Viki Rakuten.

Baca Juga: Film Taiwan Tebar Pesan Toleransi Keberagaman Seksualitas

4. mr heart (2020)

Walaupun hidupnya sering kali tidak berjalan sesuai rencananya, Sang Hwa (Lee Se Jin) tetap dapat menemukan alasan untuk tersenyum. Ia menemukan kebahagiaan dari olahraga lari, sebagai anggota track team.

Ketika seorang pelari maraton di sekolahnya, Jin Won, mulai merasa kesulitan memegang rekornya, pelatih mereka memutuskan agar Sang Ha membantu Jin Won.

Drama Korea BL ini semakin menarik plotnya karena Jin Won berlagak seperti tsundere pada Sang Hwa. Tapi lama-lama keduanya mulai dekat, meski banyak tantangan.

Drama Korea gay ini bisa ditonton di layanan streaming  VIKi Rakuten. 

Baca Juga: ‘The Prom’ dan Problematika Gayface dalam Film

gay kdrama pMpkmY

Now i love k-dramas as much as the next person but the moment i hear there is any sort of gay, boy-love, bromance involved you can guarantee that i will watch it – wouldn’t you?

Recently, new BL drama (which is short for Boy Love) “Where Your Eyes Linger” (너의시선이머무는곳에) is taking the world by storm. The lovely web drama premiered just three days ago (on May 22nd 2020) and has already garnered a positive review from viewers. See the trailer for yourself and share your positive (or negative) thoughts about the drama in the comments below!

Featuring popular Produce 101 Contestant Han Gi Chan, alongside the handsome actor Jang Eui Sui, the story revolves around rich 18 -year-old chaebol who is in need of a bodyguard… who is also 18… (is this already turning into a cliche trope? Lord do us justice!), so the plot is already following a classic formula and laying out the elements for pure drama. If that wasn’t enough, a female lead also appears to make things complicated to boot.

Hang Gi Chan’s character is naive, appearing snobby at times due to his wealthy background and grows to be quite unpredictable in nature. Perhaps it is due to his confused feelings toward his bodyguard? Jang Eun Sui’s character is also quite powerful and dominant while exuding a mysterious quality and air around him. Despite this, he sticks to Hang Gi Chan like glue, it is his job after all!

Only three days after its release, the drama is seeing overwhelmingly positive results! Just check out some of the comments below!

Are you excited about the news and need to check out the drama for yourself? It is currently Rakuten TV Exclusive, so you can watch it here! If it is not available in your country, you may have to simply wait for some YouTube releases in the meantime!

What do you think of the BL Gay love scene growing in K-Dramas? I for one am certainly loving it! If you love it as much as I do, don’t forget to share the news with your friends!

7. 5 lessons in happiness: little man

Another one in the collection of five LGBTQ shorts. 

I loved this one. It seems others don’t seem to appreciate is as much as I did–but I think it’s great. The story is something you’ve never seen before, and it’s hilarious. Yet, it tells it without glossing over the fact that the issue is impairing to the life of the MC. Short movies need to be able to tell a big story in a short amount of time–and here we get a story fleshed out enough to make this guy and his life real. Everything is in place, the story is complete, and I, for one, loved the nutty theme.

A big plus for the entertaining fact that this series of shorts have open endings–and the audience gets to decide and vote for which ending they want–which will then be included in the final, featured version of the movies.

gay kdrama rH5Czq9

57. fly in shallow

Upcoming 2021. (Probably. No release date available as of now.)

I haven’t read the novel on which this is based, but if to judge from previous productions on a more serious note, to come from China–this could be good. However, I wonder how it’ll turn out due to the Chinese media ban on LGBTQ bear-magazine.com is a reason for most Chinese BL/Gay themed stuff being produced in Taiwan…

77. i told sunset about you

The insane ratings made me a little bit suspicious. I did think it sounded interesting when waiting for the release, but I’m always sceptical to crazy ratings, so I didn’t except quite this level of awesomeness. 

I was blown away. And THAT does not happen often. With BL–practically never. Sure, I can adore BL series and movies–but I seldom think they hold exceptional quality in terms of story and direction. This bear-magazine.com a BL–this is a fricking 10/10. No… it’s actually 11/10… (I kid you not.)

But thing is–this holds the quality of being close to flawless as a DRAMA. Not just as a BL such. I’m very restrictive with my 10s. But I can’t–just can’t–find anything to motivate anything other than a "masterpiece"-stamp of approval. The 0,5 point deduction is not really based on anything particular–more, like, a moderation in case I find some tiny flaws when rewatching…

This should finally convince those BL-fans who diss and label (all) Thai productions as "cheap", "commercial fanservice", "run-of-the-mill" and alike. There is true quality stuff in Thailand.

This is one of the most realistic, tender and engaging coming-of-age stories I’ve ever seen in the department of BL. Relatable to anyone who is, or once was, a teen–gay or straight. The insecurities, infatuations, search of self, impulsivity and intensity. 

Exquisite athmosphere, masterful direction based on careful script and planning, wonderful pacing, beautiful visuals, bulls-eye score and music (too cheesy for me, but always perfectly fitting). And the acting is absolutely phe-no-me-nal. From almost every single actor. Chemistry is outta‘ this world… 

(Btw – the reference to Oh-aew looking like actor Tor–I was flabbergasted from first appearance, about how similar they look, and laughed my ass off when they actually pointed it out… haha)

gay kdrama RkA8pXM